Personality and character

This topic underscores the importance of understanding how different personality types affect the dynamics of relationships. It will delve into the crucial aspect of compatibility, discussing how specific personality traits can impact it. Moreover, it will shed light on the challenges and benefits of interacting with individuals who have contrasting personalities, emphasizing the relevance of this topic.

A Guide to signs of true love at any age
'Life is the flower for which love is the honey,' this famous quote by the brilliant author Victor Hugo sums up the meaning of true love beautifully. Love can be in many forms, be it a lover's touch or a mother's warm embrace. But when we often take true love in the context of romantic love. It's very easy to mistake infatuation or lust as true love. While one is of an innocent kind, the other can be purely physical with no true affection or care. But true love means feeling safe and cared for by them always.What is true...View more
Dealing with a Self-Centered Girlfriend: Practical Tips
Have you ever experienced moments in your relationship where you felt your voice wasn't being heard? For instance, you open up about a tough day to your girlfriend, only to have her brush it off and shift the focus to her own challenges. Or perhaps you share news of a promotion, only to have her downplay it in comparison to her own accomplishments. It could be that your girlfriend tends to prioritize herself over others.Here are some strategies to address this behavior without negatively impacting the relationship:1. Communicate your needs:MFT therapist MoAndra Johnson highlights that self-centered individuals may not fully...View more
Understanding Self-Centered Behavior: A Balanced Perspective
Most of us are taught right from a very young age to be selfless and share. It's one of the basic lessons taught to a kid. Kids are always taught to put the needs of others before their own. Selflessness is a virtue. But is that true? Like, can a person be selfless all the time? Being too selfless can end up being bad in the long run. We may end up neglecting our own needs in favor of helping others. When our wants are not met, we become upset and unfulfilled.Is being self-centered a good thing?A balance is needed...View more
Dealing with Self-Centered Individuals: Effective Strategies
Life is a journey where we encounter a variety of individuals: kind, intelligent, crafty, and carefree. Among them, the most challenging are the self-centred ones. These individuals are excessively focused on themselves, often standing out in a crowd as they boast about their accomplishments. Dealing with them can be quite difficult.So, how should we handle such individuals? Should we avoid them or run away? Before answering that, let's explore why some people become so self-absorbed, disregarding everything else as insignificant.What causes a person to be self-centered?The roots of self-centeredness are often planted early in life, typically driven by feelings of...View more

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

The Ultimate Guide to Signs of Negative People
Yоu рrоbаbly wоnder hоw оne рersоn саn survive with аll thаt inside them! Yet, these negаtive рeорle exist аll аrоund us аnd аre imроssible tо аvоid.This is nоt tо sаy thаt yоu will never hаve mоments оf desраir, аnxiety аnd disсоurаgement. But аs а роsitive рersоn, yоu never let these thоughts tаke оver yоur life. Yоu lives the fоur-tо-оne rаtiо: Yоu generаte fоur роsitive thоughts fоr every negаtive оne, tо keeр situаtiоns frоm getting оut оf hаnd.Whаt is negаtive рeорle?А negаtive рeорle оften hаve а hаrd time reсоgnizing this behаviоr in themselves. Sо we've рrоvided sоme аssistаnсe by rоunding uр...View more
21 signs of a self-centered and self-absorbed people
Often when we are at a party or gathering, there is always a person who boasts about achieving a lot in life. Such people always need to be the center of attention in public places. These self-absorbed people are energy vampires who suck the life out of events or even people.21 signs of a Self-centered person Some sure-fire signs let us identify such people so that we can stay clear of them:1. Don't compromise on opinions: Self-confident people are sure about their views. They always stick to their viewpoints. They back their opinions with suitable proof. Self-absorbed people are quite...View more
Hey, do you know the secret guide to be a good person?
Hey, how are you, people? Today I am going to talk about one of the most important topics. Many questions may arise in your mind and you might try your hard to get answers to them all. But the main question is that What does it mean to be a good person? How will we realize that we are good ones? Are there any traits or signs so that you can recognize them? Why is it so important to be a good person?Yesterday I met a person on the railway platform. She was really cute and beautiful. I started talking...View more
Good Character Traits: Building Blocks of Integrity
Character traits are what you are as a person. It defines you in society. It is your mental and moral qualities that are different from others.You can change your character if you think it isn't the "right way" to act. Adults change their characters when they see that their acts are hurting others.They may be motivated to change their character to a new way of thinking.A good character trait is someone who acts and thinks that matches some common good traits that are accepted. Such as being honest, respectful, and caring.They may also be called good values or good morals.What...View more

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A Guide on How to Deal With Your Narcissistic: Mother, Husband, Boyfriend and How to Beat Them
Narcissism is something most people have within them. Narcissism is a personality disorder that is sometimes hard to deal with it. People with this disorder are egoistic. Narcissists are not just people obsessed with themselves. Instead, it is an illness. It is always a mistake that narcissism is a choice to have. Although, dealing with them could be difficult, mainly if it is your loved one or a family member. Definition of Narcissist  What’s the definition of a narcissist? a narcissistic behavioral condition, NPD, is a mental sickness It is named as a pattern of a sense of greatness, a...View more
What makes a champion- Cultivate a champion mindset
“I’ve never tried to hide the fact that it is my intention to become the best,” said Cristiano Ronald, the great football champion who is considered to be the greatest player of all time. Having a mindset like this could lead any person with a set of goals to achieve the pinnacle of success! What sets a champion apart from a common man? His/her wins? Achievements? A wardrobe filled with medals? Bank accounts in every country? No! It is self-belief to achieve the goals set no matter what! It is also the mental toughness behind human achievement. Champion’s Mindset“I really...View more
Soulmate and love - how they are the same? The ultimate secret of soul mate.
"Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reason to stay." -Dalai lamaYesterday I was passing through a street and saw a couple with their fifteen-year-old granddaughter, I guess.They were looking super happy. I start guessing like how do two unknown humans become so close?What connection is this?SOULMATES? Today, let's talk about this. ● ‌What is a soul mate?What does soul mate mean?It is not like this is your soul, and this is mine. It is about a single person. By this, I did not mean that it is just related to one person only. ...View more
Comprehensive Understanding of Human Character and Personality: The Negative and Positive Traits
Your character and personality differ from one to another. Personality shows your outer personal traits. Whereas character shows what you are inside. These two words might confuse you. But, Personality and character links with personal characteristics and traits. Personality and Character with the definition: Personality is your moral behavior, traits, or qualities. Qualities of personality are thinking, feeling, and acting. It is your habit to think, feel, and behave in different situations. Personality traits examples are your attitude, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The main characteristics of personality are the BIG Five. They are introverts/extraverts, openness, carefulness, goodness, and concern. Character ...View more

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What impact your character may create?
Once I was on my way to the hostel. I saw an older man crossing the road, and there was a young boy who was probably wearing a branded suit, I guess. The older man's stick hit the child's glass of juice. The child shouted at that old Baba. Even his father supported him. I kept watching all these things as the old Baba walked his way.When I reached the next turn, I saw an innocent child carrying lots of things in his hands, which was not his own but of his poor neighbor.What do you think is the reason...View more
Some common signs that you are a type-A personality
Did you heard someone saying that you so type A? Or you just feel it because you are too different from others. Anyway, it's a matter of curiosity about how your behavior matches a trait type that is defined previously. So, here are some signs which will help you with your type. If these types relate to you, you may predict that A is your personality type.1. Your colleagues define you as a workaholic or overachiever kind of person:If your colleague says that you have an addiction to success at your work or remain busy with the work overload all...View more
Reasons you must be proud of your type B personality
People remain very obsessed with their personality type. Many people think that type A people achieve more than type B because type A remains workaholic, and this makes them favorite to their bosses, while people with type-B lack in their career because of their chilled out behavior. But you know that there is always more to life than just being successful in the work-life. Here are some celebrities who have the type B trait, such as John Mayer, Stephen Colbert, Andy Warhol, etc. There are many good enough habits, and if you are a type B, you must be proud...View more
Know yourself in a better way - discover your true self
Have you ever thought about why each one of us reacts distinctly to the entirely selfsame circumstances?Have you ever had this thought stuck in your mind that why Mr. X easily get emotional and why you never saw Mr. Y slacking off? Why Mrs. A is a big mouth and why Ms. B is shy?If yes, then you are at the accurate place!As someone said, " The secret of national health lies in the mind of the people! "I am going to discuss about PERSONALITY.Personality is something that lets you stand out along the million. It's your identity that bent...View more

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Ultimate List of the character flaws
A character is made up of both good and bad habits. The good habits become the strength of a person, while the bad habits are considered the flaws of character. 25 character flawsThere are many common flaws in human behavior. Here is the list of character flaws in human life.1. Greedy nature:Some people don’t have enough. They always show greedy behavior. Greed is known as a character flaw.2. Remain conscious about looks:For some people, looks are everything. They remain obsessed with their beauty and appearance. They want to look most beautiful. To remain always conscious about looks is a character...View more
How character differ from personality?

The character and personality of a person do seem to be so related to each other. They both play a great role in identifying a person. How a person behaves? How useful he is for society? Is he a good person or a bad person?

To answer these questions, we notice the character and personality of a person. Yet these both seem to be one in a broader way, but when we study deeper, then we find that they are quite different from each other.

So, let's know in this post that what are the main differences between them both.

1. Personality:

It is the overall setup of our dressing sense, way of talking, attitude, and how we behave in a particular situation.

• When you go to an interview, the interviewer judges your personality to know about you more.

• It is that what people know about. It can be their prediction about you by noticing your style, dressing, and general information about you.

• It is a set of general qualities a person has. These qualities are about behavior and attitude towards life.

• It is the behavior you show off to other people. People can learn to improve and develop their personalities.

• It keeps on changing with time and situation.

• It is about his public appearance. Its focus is on the outer world.

• It is a way of telling society about yourself.

Six most common characteristics of life

This earth has living things and nonliving things. Living things have life and show some characteristics which differ them from non-living things. Yet, there are many traits of living things that are different from non-living things. But we will know about the six most common traits of life as follows:

It knows how to adapt:

Whatever having a life is considered as living things. And living things know how to survive in the conditions of the earth. Living things know very well that by doing the change in their habits and habitat, they can easily live in eat. They can change their bodies, eating habits, living places, and much more with time.

Awesome qualities of magnetic personality
The quality of a person to attract other people towards him is a person of the magnetic trait. Some people have that aura that everyone around them become fond of them, magically. It’s the way they speak, their behavior, and their knowledge; the result comes that they rule over others. When a person is in such a profession where he has to lead others, then a magnetic personality is required. So that people willingly follow him, and he can become the leader. After reading all these good things about magnetic people, there would be a lot of questions coming into...View more

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