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Habits that make you an introverted woman?

Women are said to be difficult to understand. And more on this, the introverted women have the world within themselves. Even at a party sitting with her friends, the introverted woman would be thinking of endless things. She may think of the books she could read if she had not come to the party. If you are also confused about yourself and thinking about the habits that can make you an introverted woman, then read this post.

• Women talk so much, but you prefer to keep quite:

Yes, this could be the one habit that can turn you into an introverted woman. When we talk about a group of women, then a picture of women talking and chirping comes to mind. If you cannot imagine yourself in such talkative groups of women, then hopefully, you are an introverted woman.

Qualities of defender personality

Defenders are very caring people. They are also called ISFJ, which means Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging. Defenders are the one type among 16 personality types describe in MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). They remain worried about others' safety.

These people are very reserved in nature but also have a deep sense of care for other people. They try to understand everyone and care or the feelings of others. Some of the qualities of defender type of people are:

1. They are keen observer:

They are very quiet in nature but good at observing what is happening around them. These people take a good interest in what is happening in the life of other people.

2. They excel in a career that involves caring for other people:

The nature of defender people is caring, so these people like to choose a career that involves caring for other people. ISFJ love their job as a teacher, nurse, bookkeeper, and counselor. Nun Mother Teresa had ISFJ traits.

3. They are very good at understanding the feeling:

When it comes to understanding the feeling of others, then ISFJ does it very well. These kinds of people know how to take care of other emotions. These people also know their own feeling very well. Yet, they are not very open to sharing their feeling with anyone. This is because they have an introverted nature.

Do you have a passive-aggressive personality disorder?

Passive-aggressiveness is a very famous behavior people opt-in their workplace. This behavior makes shows their anger towards someone but indirectly. When people can’t say straight about their anger and frustration to their bosses or team leaders, then they find some indirect ways to pass the message of being angry.

This behavior is very common in work culture. People with mental illness also develop the habit of this disorder. This kind of behavior doesn’t yield any kind of mental illness.

Here are the signs are given below that this disorder has become your behavior style.

Signs that you have this disorder:

➤ When some of your teammates approach helping with their project, you say yes. But after some time, make excuses like you are busy and do not have the time to help them.

➤ Firstly, you praise a friend for losing weight and soon make your friend feel low by saying that he is looking weak.

➤ You say yes to your friend to complete his work, which you do not want to do. But later make a lot of mistakes in that work.

➤ You have a habit of criticizing other people behind their back. You usually praise a person when he is in front of you and criticize him with others.

➤ You start an argument with people when someone does not agree with you.

➤ You do not praise other people because you feel that you do not get the praise in return.

How different is it to date an introverted woman?

Introvert women are the ones who remain less in the outer world and more in their inner thoughts. They explore their inner self more than the surroundings. They love to be alone, lost in their thoughts, and doing their own things.

So, the actual story starts when they fell in love with someone and come into a relationship. In this post, you will get to know how different is it to date an introverted woman. Here are few points which you must keep in mind when your lady date is an introvert.

Strength and weakness of ENFP type personality

This personality trait is also called a campaigner. The ENFP stands for Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting. These people have big ideas about like. They always show their goodwill to other people. They are active and energetic. They get attracted to various fields of life. These people are full of life and like to live a worry-free life.

Their life is like a party, full of people and full of excitement. The ENFP people are an explorer by heart and extrovert by nature. They hold a charm in their persona, which attracts others, and they show deep emotional relationships with other people. Here are some major strengths and weakness of these personality type:

Qualities of ENFP type of personality

ENFP is a type of 16 types of personalities. The alphabets of ENFP stands for Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, and prospecting. They are emotional and very hopeful in nature. They are full of ideas and have good communication skills to impress people with their ideas.

They live the moment and always remain excited about life. They think that life is a combination of various moments, and every single moment counts to make life special.

Qualities of ENFP:

1. They are very thought full and has efficient ideas:

They are good at reading between the lines and understand well what is not even said. They have ideas for life. This type of person can fix a puzzle with their ideas. They think that life a puzzle that needs to be handled in a systematic way.

They look into the deeper meaning of the emotions. They need space for their ideas, even in the workplace. They can’t do a job that does not welcome their ideas or does not give them the chance to explore. Their innovative minds always look for something new to create.

2. They have a great flow of energy:

They bring the flow of energy to their work or any conversation. The spark they hold is enough to lighten up the moods of people. Their positive energy and greatness make them an instant favorite among their peers.

How to know about your character flaws and mend them

We think that we are very good by heart or our character is very good. But in reality, every one of us has some character flaws. We human are very good at finding the flaws in others and doesn’t accept that we also can have character flaws.

We must understand first that every person has some character flaws, either it is anger, dishonesty, or being naïve. We must start accepting the fact that just like others, you also have character flaws that need to be mend.

When you know that there is some kind of character flaws in you which you need to curb, then you should know its types. The character flaws are of two types; one is the major flaws such as addiction, hypocrisy, and taking revenge. Another one is a minor type of character flaw like laziness or being nervous.

The minor flaws are easy to change, and you can improve minor character flaws by yourself. The major character flaws are difficult to deal with. You need to go from a complete process to overcome the major character flaw.

Now, when you are motivated enough to overcome your flaws. The first step you have to do is to know about your character flaws. Here are some ways which would help you to find out about your character flaws.

10 signs that an introverted woman has a crush on you
Facts about ESFP Entertainer personality

ESFP (entertainer) trait of people makes funny and full of life. The entertainer people do not like to think much and just go with the flow. They are most interested in the art and entertainment field.

These people have a great sense of humor and are very helpful in nature also. ESFP are also known to have an easy-going life and can’t think much about life.

There are some other facts that are also associated with ESFP personality people.

Interesting and fun-filled facts about ESFP personality:

1. They can change their mood and nature according to the situation.

2. They are active and full of energy.

3. They are emotional fellows.

4. They are very talented people. They are either performers or artists.

5. They can’t handle serious work. Choose a job which can give them a chance to have fun.

6. They usually end with having a lower-income among the other personality.

7. They value their family and friends the most.

8. They become popular among their friends and co-workers.

9. They note others' moods and try to make their day with their sense of humor.

10. They have a great love life and usually remain happy in their marriage.

Overview of ESFP Entertainer personality

Often called performers, The ESFP entertain the people. They have the potential to tie up people with them through their talent. They are truly the go with the flow kind of people. Always full of energy and love a fun-filled life.

ESFP has a deep interest in things around them. Either it is music, nature, people, or animals, they make an instant connection with everything. ESFP knows how to find happiness in the common day to day life.

The entertainer personality people stay excited about their life and said to be the most talkative people. In a crowd, ESFP is most likely to be found on stage and becoming the center of attraction.

They are witty and funny. Their sense of humor makes them more popular among peers. ESFP holds that aura that their presence makes the moment a well-spent time.

What is ESFP?

The mother-daughter pair naming Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers gave 16 personality traits of people. One among them is ESFP, commonly called the entertainer personality. Where the alphabets of ESFP stands for Extrovert, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving. Each word holds a wider view of a person’s behavior.

Extroverts: The people who have a big social life. Meeting with people is like an energy booster for them. They refresh and recharge their energy by socializing.

Sensing people: They notice the facts and other major details to make decisions. They do not believe in instinct, or inner ideas can play a role in decision-making.

Feeling people: Their feelings are more important to them. They make decisions based on what they are feeling.

• Perceiving people: These people are going with the flow kind of people. They do not plan much or organize their life. Rather they stay very casual and easy-going with their life.

10 qualities of Charismatic Personality

People who gain the high in their career and prosper in personal life are charismatic personas. A person just entre and the whole of the crowd start paying attention to that person of charisma. They make you start liking them with little talk or with their way.

Some people have God’s gift of charismatic persona, and others learn to be charismatic people. It is not that difficult to develop such qualities in you which can make you charismatic. It is all about you know the qualities and starts working on yourself.

Here are some qualities that you can follow to become a charismatic person:

1. They have that love and joy for life. You can see the spark in their positive attitude for life

2. They have the quality to handle their anger. Even in their most hyper moods, they can talk calmly.

3. They know their self-worth and move out of a toxic relationship to save themselves.

How to deal with controlling personality people

There are people in our family, friend circle, or office who want us to do everything of their wish. They keep a check on our whereabouts and what we are doing. They are always ready with plenty of questions about our personal lives, and they motivate us to share our secrets with them.

The people with all the habits mentioned above are known to be controlling people. They tend to have control over other people's behavior and life. It people hard to deal with this kind of people because of the relationship we hold with them. Either it could be your boss, spouse, parents, or friend, they start planning your life and make you do what they planned.

How character differ from personality?

The character and personality of a person do seem to be so related to each other. They both play a great role in identifying a person. How a person behaves? How useful he is for society? Is he a good person or a bad person?

To answer these questions, we notice the character and personality of a person. Yet these both seem to be one in a broader way, but when we study deeper, then we find that they are quite different from each other.

So, let's know in this post that what are the main differences between them both.

1. Personality:

It is the overall setup of our dressing sense, way of talking, attitude, and how we behave in a particular situation.

• When you go to an interview, the interviewer judges your personality to know about you more.

• It is that what people know about. It can be their prediction about you by noticing your style, dressing, and general information about you.

• It is a set of general qualities a person has. These qualities are about behavior and attitude towards life.

• It is the behavior you show off to other people. People can learn to improve and develop their personalities.

• It keeps on changing with time and situation.

• It is about his public appearance. Its focus is on the outer world.

• It is a way of telling society about yourself.

Six most common characteristics of life

This earth has living things and nonliving things. Living things have life and show some characteristics which differ them from non-living things. Yet, there are many traits of living things that are different from non-living things. But we will know about the six most common traits of life as follows:

It knows how to adapt:

Whatever having a life is considered as living things. And living things know how to survive in the conditions of the earth. Living things know very well that by doing the change in their habits and habitat, they can easily live in eat. They can change their bodies, eating habits, living places, and much more with time.

5 qualities of type 2 personality

Type 2 people are often known as the givers. The givers are known to be the kind people who help and care for others. You will always get help and support from type 2 people because they never say no when someone asks for some help from them.

They get so much love from people around them because of their caring nature. Very opposite to introverts, they have a great fear of being left alone. They can’t deal with the pain of being unloved and unwanted.

So, they help others to become everyone’s favorite. Here are 5 other major qualities of type 2 personalities, which are mentioned below:

1. Always wear a smile on their face:

A smile on the face always beautifies the face and person. They know to use their smile very well. They put on a smile on their face so that people feel easy and good at talking to them. People feel it easy to ask the help from that kind of person who has a smile on their face.

2. Their way of life is smooth and easy-going:

They are not very serious kinds of people. They are easy-going and not too hard with life. This quality helps them to deal with the problems of life smoothly.

Behavior Traits of ISTP Personality

Commonly called as the craftsman, these people are very skilled and technical. They are known to work with machines. You may see them in repairing the machines or creating the new machines. ISTPs works well to fix the machines by making use of their creative minds.

Here are some common behavior traits of ISTP people:

1. They go with the flow:

If you know the ISTP, then you must be aware of their cool behavior. ISTPs are not the ones who carry a rule book. They can change their reaction according to the situation. Either in work or a new environment, these people are very quick to adapt and go with the flow.

Basics of MBTI personality

The full form of MBTI is Myers and Briggs Type Indicator. The MBTI indicator is based on the theories of famous Swiss physiatrist Carl Jung. A mother and daughter naming Isabel Briggs Myers (the daughter) and her mother Katharine Briggs defined the world's most promising trait indicators in 1960.

There are four main scales on which the trait of the person is accessed. The indicators are as follows:

1. Introvert or extrovert: The introverts are more likely to be alone and enjoy their time. While the extrovert life is about socializing, making friends, and be in public. These two habits are opposite to each other.

So, people are often judged by this method that either they get happy when at a party or when alone. An introvert is supposed to be the thinker, while the extrovert gives more time to talk to other people.

Ten habits of controlling people

Everyone loves to be free and enjoy life according to them. But, there are some people who want to control other people. They spy on others and don't let them live their life. Controlling people make any relationship toxic. It would be best if you keep a distance from these types of people.

To identify these specific people, here are some habits of controlling personality people listed below:

1. They think that other people are stupid and know less than them. So, everyone must go with their idea. They can't accept it when someone doesn't agree with them.

2. To manage things and people is their favorite thing. They can direct others and can manage others' life. They even decide about other's work, relationships, and life goals.

3. They don't trust others. They behave as head of a family or group. They think that they are right and others are all wrong.

4. Many people who suffer in a toxic relationship admit the worse effects of controlling people. One partner starts controlling the relationship and makes the other partner's life hell.

5. These people behave as spies and try to know everything, and they even don't respect others' privacy. They scoop on social media accounts, phones, and laptops of their prospect.

6. No one is allowed to go against them. They can harm others or even themselves.

7. These kinds of people are usually seen as depressed or abusive in nature.

8. Live and let live is not their cup of tea. They have a keen interest in what others are doing. They try to give suggestions about anything and everything,

9. They get jealous if they get less value than other people.

10. With time, the behavior of these people become loud and intolerable. They stake their health due to this controlling personality.

A brief introduction to adventurer (ISFP) personality type

The adventurer is an ISFP type of personality. ISFP is Introvert, Observant, Feeling, and Prospecting. This type of person is full of life. They tend to enjoy their life and live in the moment. They are said to be the most colorful and excited bunch of people.

They never miss a chance to make any moment special and exciting. Yet, they are the very simple heart and ground to earth people. They least show off and have a simple way of living. There are many famous names from the art industry who belong to this type.

Well known singers like Michel Jackson, Britney spears are an example of this trait. ISFP personality people mostly become musician, interior designer, fashion designer, chef, jeweler, or artist.

The behavior of adventurer personality type:

❖ They like to imagine things. First, they make a scene in their head and then live it later.

❖ They very well predict the taste of other people. Either it is in food, music, or art, they are perfect for satisfying the needs of their followers through their work.

❖ They like to spend time alone as well as take an interest in social life. In other words, that they process their thoughts when alone and enjoy life with people.

❖ They feel so much and are sensitive kind of people. Get hurt very soon.

❖ These people soon lose their temper and try to win the argument.

❖ They become good friends and value other people also.

❖ They are very creative. Love to use their creativity in new things.

❖ They keep on recreating or reinventing old things. This makes them the best at their work.

❖ They are romantic and love their partner. This keeps their love life fresh and alive.

❖ They live in the moment. They try to make every moment special.

Characteristic of A, B, C, D personality type

There are four types of personality which are well known to everyone. Each personality is different from others and has different features. If you want to know your type of personality among the A, B, C, and D types, you can easily find out from this post.

The characteristics of all four personality type given below:

1. Type A: Likes to take control. They are very practical people. Their work habit is also practical and focuses on their goal. They come forward and take charge. They order and lead others. The best career for these people is police, CEO, and manager.

2. Type B: Fun-loving people. They are full of life and have a big social life. They are often seen in public and with friends. These are very friendly people who motivate others—also called dreamers. They value their social life and friends, and they love public attention. Awards and social value makes them confident and happy. Career-wise, they excel in the fields like a salesperson, event manager, politician, etc.

3. Type C: The creative nerds. They are mostly known as creative and intelligent. They are the thinkers and do not depend on other people. Their approach is to solve the problem. They pay attention to the details of work and do the work with full accuracy. They become Forecasters, engineers, game designers, etc.

4. Type D: Very caring and kind heart people. They live a stable and peaceful life. They are shy in nature and get hurt soon. These people like to follow their routine of life. They do not like to change. Their way of life is calm and fair. They treat all people equally and give importance to others also. They choose to become HR managers, teachers, or nurses.


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