Hey, do you know the secret guide to be a good person?

Hey, do you know the secret guide to be a good person?


Hey, how are you, people?

Today I am going to talk about one of the most important topics. Many questions may arise in your mind and you might try your hard to get answers to them all. But the main question is that

What does it mean to be a good person?

How will we realize that we are good ones?

Are there any traits or signs so that you can recognize them?

Why is it so important to be a good person?

Yesterday I met a person on the railway platform. She was really cute and beautiful. I started talking to her. As our train was quite late, we got a good time sharing our views with each other.

In between the talk, she told me that today she broke up with her boyfriend. I console her and asked her not to be tensed for such silly boys. She looked at me and smiled. I was a little confused about her behavior, so I asked her the reason behind it.

She replied, "A person is not good or bad, it is time or say situations that makes one good or bad. He was a good boy, and he might be having some other problems in his life for which he dumped me."

I just did not understand how to react to it!

Is it that a boy was really good or the girl next to me was good?

Well, I guess the girl was!

People who are good think of everyone as good!


Good character is something that defines our happiness and us. It also defines our values and disciplined nature which is based on our punctuality and reflection of ourselves.

Also, it expresses how brave we are to live our life the way we want not what people wish. Character is the reflection of our identity.

Believe me, developing a good character can solve most of our social problems. You may not have social phobia if you have really good self-confidence which can be achieved by a motivating and strong character.


Now, this is something crucial to know I guess. To behave in an appropriate manner it is very important to know the important points to follow or say traits to follow.

So, let's begin.

1. Honesty

Being honest means living in the true world. Be straightforward if someone asks you your opinion. This develops the trust of people in you.

2. Rectitude

It will give a strong moral to your life. It is the core for having a good character. You must do something as you wish. No matter whether somebody else is watching you or not, you stick to it.

3. Loyalty

It is nothing but, to be honest, and faithful towards your beloved ones, your friends, or anyone who has full trust in you.

4. Respectfulness

Behave with full dignity and respect with others. This will create a beautiful impact on society. And also on your own mental status. You will feel good too.

5. Responsibility

It is very important to take and accept your responsibility even if it is difficult and uncomfortable to accept. If something bad has happened then also be ready to accept it. And promise yourself to be better next time.

6. Humility

It is being confident while expressing your ideas or opinions to the public.

7. Generosity

It is understanding other's problems, difficulties, and situations. This is something which will develop your inner self and will help you to be the best in society.


◆ Learn to empathize with others.

This will help you greatly to be a good person. If you understand the suffering of others you will definitely learn to behave in a correct manner in a particular situation.

◆ Learn to have patience.

You might get some condition where you may lose your temper. But you have to learn to control your emotions. If at all something wrong has happened then also always remember that always people around you might not be responsible for it.

◆ Sacrifice

I am not asking you to sacrifice your life but you can surely adjust some of your stuff for someone who is beloved to you. This much you can do for the survival of your good relationship.

◆ Politeness

Listen....Listen..... Be polite to people.
People love to talk to one who is sweet-spoken and polite towards others. This will have a great impact on others.


◆ Believing others are always wrong
◆ Never accepting own mistake
◆ Speaking in a harsh way
◆ Shouting at the person
◆ Taunting and laughing at others

These are some things or behavior that can make you a bad person.
Never try to be a king. Try to be a good person and you will automatically become a king.


Being a good person will keep you happy. And when you are happy your body starts secreting happy chemicals like dopamine which further helps in better growth of your body.

So, be honest and polite with others. A healthy mind will definitely have a healthy body and hence a healthy and happy life!

"A truly good person will speak truth, act with truth, and stand for Truth. A truly good person is not afraid to think from their heart; therefore, allowing nonconformist decisions, viewpoints, and perspectives to lead their life. By following their heart, they stand with their conscience, and only with God." - Suzy Kassem

● Never stop being a good person because of bad people. You will come across many different situations but never give up!

Imagine you have two seeds, and you planned to show them in the ground. One seed is of a fern, and the other is of a bamboo tree. Now you put it in the ground. Within few months you will observe the fern plant coming out of the earth. But what about the bamboo trees?

You keep on watering and watering for years and years but no growth has been observed. For like five years there nothing. But then you see a plant, bamboo popping out of the ground. And within six months you can see a huge bamboo tree.

Now if I ask you that what was that plant doing for five years then what will you answer? Is it true that it was doing nothing?


That plant was deepening and strengthening its roots because bamboo has to grow so tall.

Similarly, with us human beings it is extremely important to strengthen our roots. And then only you can achieve something great in your life. But will this happen all of sudden? No!

It will require some time. In between this if you face any sort of difficulties then take it as an opportunity to learn. The world may call you a failure but never step back.

Even when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and presented it to the mainboard members, they said "take this toy off my table, I am not interested".

You might have heard about many well-known authors or others who were rejected by society. But later on, they get success.
It is a constant learning process.

So, never accept that you are not good! To be a good person first you have to believe that you are a good person.

"Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws." ~ Plato

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