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Learn From Blogs – Who are we?

LearnFromBlogs is an online platform for aspiring writers and bloggers. LearnFromBlogs is the right place to showcase your niche for writing without any second thoughts. At LearnFromBlogs we encourage bloggers and writers to bring well-researched, to-the-point, and easy-read posts to online readers.

In recent times, Google readers are becoming more skimmers than long-readers. Keeping that in mind, we have designed our blog and articles in such a way that you get worthy articles that only take a few minutes of your time. Most of all, shorter crisper posts will help you remember what's important when compared to the lengthy reads. We are pretty sure that the micro-content from us will be of macro impact to you.

Our Motto:

At LearnFromBlogs we believe in three primary things that contribute to success in any field. They are "Grasp, Learn and Grow". This motto is the reason behind the design and build of our blog. We write as well as encourage bloggers to give summarized, crisp and to-the-core posts. In this way, the techniques and ideas we share are easy to Grasp, worthy enough to learn, and gives a solid foundation for you to Grow. We strive every day at LearnFromBlogs to never deviate from our motto of 'Grasp, Learn and Grow'. We make sure that the articles from our blog do the same!

Platform for Bloggers and Writers - Learn From Blogs

At LearnFromBlogs – What we do?

We at LearnFromBlogs believe that success is more than a single leap. It takes multiple steps, works, and foundations that cover every aspect of our daily lives. Be it your personal or professional life, success, happiness, and wellness are contributed by multiple factors like time, decision making, attitude makeovers, etc. This core is what we like to explore through our posts. The principal areas that we cover in Learn From Blogs are what make the basis for a solid development for an individual. We share ideas, techniques, and tips that help you become a successful and complete personality.

Share your Story with us at LearnFromBlogs

Behind every success and failure, there's a story. Share with us. Define the success and failures in your terms and write with us. It can reach and help people across the platform. Learn From Blogs welcomes writers and bloggers to share their inspirational and success story posts. Failure can teach the best lessons in life and which is why we welcome posts that hold a story behind failures and the lesson it has taught. Share all your stories with us.

Share Your Stories With Us At Learn From Blogs

LearnFromBlogs helps Bloggers:

If you are a blogger, LearnFromBlogs is a great place to reach a wider audience. Your profile with LearnFromBlogs will give you a chance to bring your Blog link with us. Viewers and readers of LearnFromBlogs will get the chance to see your blog when they read your "to the point" posts. It's a win-win for you. You get to showcase your writing as well as gain more audience for your blog.

LearnFromBlogs for Learners:

Besides Bloggers and Writers, LearnFromBlogs is an excellent platform for learners. You learn something meaningful every day through LearnFromBlogs and we assure you that. For people who are looking to learn professional, personal and other life skills, LearnFromBlogs is a great place. You get to learn about the A-Z of good interpersonal skills that you need for moving forward in life. Everything from having a positive thought to start your day to that of solving a problem, LearnFromBlogs has got all the answers you need. Learning is done easily, and quickly.

Just spend a few minutes of your time in LearnFromBlogs and you can learn so many good things out of it. Even though our posts are a crisp read, the depth and research that goes into each one of our posts remain unaltered. All under one roof, LearnFromBlogs is a great place for young people to learn all the life skills it takes to be successful.

LearnFromBlogs for New Writers:

If you are an aspiring new writer, LearnFromBlogs is a great place to start. The reason is we bring our readers a short, crisp, to-the-point post. If you are a new writer then writing short posts is a good way to enhance your vocabulary and topic structure. As a new writer, you will get good knowledge over how to write an article that readers will be interested in shortly.

If you condense and write short, you will become good at grasping the core of any topic. As a new writer, you need this tip. By interacting with other writers of your niche, and analyzing the articles you will learn new ideas. New writers will find LearnFromBlogs a good advantage. LearnFromBlogs is a great platform for new writers like you to learn, grasp and grow in your niche writing. Start Writing with Learn From Blogs!

How Learn From Blogs Works

How LearnFromBlogs Works?

If you are a Blogger or Aspiring Writer, LearnFromBlogs works in the following ways for you:

  • Sign Up with us
  • Enter your Blog Link (optional)
  • Select the Niche writing category of your choice
  • Start writing your post within 300 Words
  • Make sure the post you write is “To-The-Point” and Concise
  • Make sure your post is well-researched, highly informative, visual, and learnable.
  • Submit your post.
  • Wait for moderator Approval

Once approved, your content appears on the LearnFromBlogs Main Page.

LearnFromBlogs's Credit Scores:

We give credit points to cheer your writing up! That's right! For every post, you write we give credit points for you in recognizing your wonderful writing. For every comment and interaction, you make our posts even more interesting.

To reward your interactions, we give credit scores and points to cheer you. We introduce 'Tags' based on your 'Credit Score'. If you have '100 points', then we automatically give you the Tag of 'Rising Star' which is really cool. Writers and Readers get to know your good efforts and writing through Tags. The Higher points will lead you to higher tags and other premium features.

The reason for the credit and tag system is to encourage our writers. Most of all, by encouraging and giving you the recognition, a wider audience and writers can get to see your talent, efforts, and writing skills. We take pride in recognizing and supporting our writers. Your Shine is our Shine!

Have a look 

1. Rising star         100

2. Quick learner 200

3. Creative 300

4. Motivator 500

5. Master             1000

6. Awesome Writer         1500

7. Leader             2000

8. Expert         2500 

9. Critical thinker          3000

10. Achiever 3500

11. Counsellor             5000

12. Problem Solver             6000

13. Explaner         7000

14. Pundit                          8000

15. Mind blowing Author              9000

16. Scholar 10,000

17. Guru         15,000

Where LearnFromBlogs stand different from other blogging platforms?

We like to make LearnFromBlogs a wider platform. LearnFromBlogs will be a platform that covers all aspects which will give a wonderful learning experience for our readers. If you are a travel writer or blogger, you can share your experience through LearnFromBlogs.

It will be a wonderful base for you to showcase your writings, your blogs, and experiences as well as gain the audience. Share your travel experience with us. Even if it's a short trip write and share with a wider audience through Learn From Blogs. Moreover, if you are someone who likes to keep things interesting and tell stories through pictures and other media the welcome to LearnFromBlogs. We invite Infographics, images, audio (like a podcast), and videos.

What Topics can you write in LearnFromBlogs?

Lifestyle articles in LearnFromBlogs will add more sheen to us and to our readers. So bring on your articles, posts, and even Infographics style posts related to lifestyle.

We invite bloggers and writers to write and share ideas about:

Communication Skills

Good Communication is a key to achieve many wonderful things in professional and personal life. Communication skills are essential to everyone starting from young people in school, colleges to that of working professionals. We welcome articles that focus on explaining about good communication skills and different branches of communication skills.

Communication skills for success - Learn From Blogs

Business Strategies

Good Business benefits, not just the person who runs it. It is beneficial to everyone working with the business and even extends into benefitting society. Business strategies, growth techniques, promotions, marketing, and other techniques will help in improvement and growth. Do write to us about business-related posts. In this way, you help a lot of people with ideas.

Business Strategies - Learn From Blogs

Problem Solving

Share your ideas and other experiences about problem-solving. It is a great skill that is important for an individual. Problem-solving skills, techniques, and other strategies are welcome here at LearnFromBlogs. Write your ideas.

Problem-Solving Ideas - Learn From Blogs

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking can solve many problems that are at hand as well as avoid problems that could come in the future. Write to us about critical thinking, its importance, and other techniques so that a wider set of the audience would get the benefits.

Benefits of Critical Thinking - Learn From Blogs

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a skill that everyone should learn about and put forth in life. Share and write about emotional intelligence, skills, strategies, benefits, and other essential techniques. When you explain a serious topic through simple points, the reach is bigger as well as beneficial. Feel free to share your experiences and what it takes to have good emotional intelligence in life.

Emotional Intelligence Skills, Strategies and Benefits - Learn From Blogs

Goal Setting

Without a goal, it becomes difficult to move forward in life. No matter if it is short-term or long-term, a goal is important. Write and share articles about goal setting, goal-achieving techniques, strategies, or plans so that people will get benefits out of it. Being a concise post, the articles will stay longer in people’s minds. We welcome users to write and share their thoughts and ideas on Goal Setting through which people will understand its importance.

The Importance, Benefits, and Value of Goal Setting - Learn From Blogs

Exam Preparation

Exam prep is a smart and easy-to-attain skill that will be useful for students and people in college. If you have wonderful and easy ideas to share about exam preparation, write to us. If you have some interesting and easy-to-follow tips and techniques to better prepare for an exam, definitely write to us.

Exam Preparation Tips - Learn From Blogs


Getting focus and staying focus will help achieve your things in an easy quick way. if you are a blogger/writer who has a keen interest in ‘Focusing’ then write with us. People are looking for ways to stay focused and achieve well in their work. With your articles, Focusing can become easy for people. So, write to us about this topic.

Focusing On Your Goal - Learn From Blogs

General Informative Categories

We at LearnFromBlogs like to cover articles about all general categories that benefit your personal and professional life. General categories should cover responsible, informative, and respectful topics.

Language Learning

Learning different languages is always an added advantage. If you are a teacher or tutor interested in languages, then share your ideas. Language learning tips, language learning skills, easy ways to learn a language, to write in good languages are few essential categories that we like to cover here. We welcome innovative articles in this category too.

Language Learning Tips and Skills - Learn From Blogs


Leadership skill is a balance between who you are on the inside and how you sharpen yourself on the outside. Leadership skill is a wide topic to be covered. People are looking to know leadership skills that are easy to cultivate. If you are a manager or team leader or user interested in writing about what leadership skill is and what it takes to be a person with good leadership, write with us.

Leadership Skills - Learn From Blogs

Time Management

Time management is a topic that we like to emphasize due to its importance. Being a professional or expert, you can easily understand how important time is. We welcome you all to express your thoughts on good time management.

Write your thoughts on practicing good time management skills and share them with us. Moreover, easy-to-follow tips, techniques, and strategies regarding time management will be extremely useful to young people and adults too. We value your articles about time management so do write about it.

Time management techniques - Learn From Blogs

Memory Management

It’s an interesting topic where we welcome viewpoints from different users. Memory management is different for every individual. Hence, posts about good memory management are highly welcomed. Readers at LearnFromBlogs will get to know valuable information via Memory Management tips. Do share your memory management techniques.

Memory management techniques - Learn From Blogs

Personal Development

Nothing changes when you don’t change from the inside. Personal Development is always the key and second, comes your talents and skills. Personality development is where people need to concentrate. If you have a niche for writing about personality development, and grooming a person’s attitude along with its related topics, feel free to share your ideas here.

Personal Development Skills - Learn From Blogs

Interpersonal Skills

Good Interpersonal Skills guarantee trust, confidence, and goodwill. If you have so many ideas to share about good interpersonal skills, do write to us. At LearnFromBlogs, we welcome ideas, tips, and techniques for good interpersonal skills. We chose this interpersonal skill more importantly because this skill is key to solve problems and bring success. Young people with that of adults require good interpersonal skills. So do write to us.

Interpersonal Skills - Learn From Blogs

Stress Management

The need for good Stress management is becoming more and more needed in recent times. Articles and related posts on Stress management will get a huge welcome from LearnFromBlogs. Readers will find it helpful and useful in reading stress-management-related information which they can apply in their life.

Stress Management - Learn From Blogs

Study Tips

For college and school students, Study Techniques are a big area. To tap into good study techniques to improve themselves is what many young readers are looking forward to. If you are interested in expressing your thoughts and sharing your ideas on Study techniques send your articles to us.

Overall, good study tips, techniques to break huge studies into easy units, how to make your study meaningful, and how to study properly are essential guidelines needed for young readers.

Study Tips and Techniques For Students - Learn From Blogs

Skills and Careers

If Personality Development, Skills, and Careers guidelines are your forte then help readers at LearnFromBlogs through your articles. Let readers gain knowledge about Skills & Careers and other developmental areas to help them.

The above categories are few important areas we concentrate on. But we welcome all good informative and productive posts and categories that help people.

Skills and careers - Learn From Blogs

LearnFromBlogs for Facts Enthusiasts:

We can see people who like to get their facts straight and right in everything. LearnFromBlogs invites bloggers/writers to share and write:

Factual Posts

Good, and Valid Facts will always be an interesting read to readers. Especially, Facts related to health, medicine, education, HR, Travel, Tourism, Food, Places, Countries, and other areas are well searched by readers online. If you like to share ideas through facts, then LearnFromBlogs is the right place for you. You can make the ‘Facts’ interesting to our readers through our Infographics, images, Audio, and Video facilities.

Comparative Posts

Pros and Cons are part of everything. Help our readers find the difference and see the best through your Comparative posts. It can be in any category. Interested users or bloggers/writers can feel free to share your ideas through Pros and Cons type posts.

Logical Posts

If you are interested to write posts on Logical reasoning, logical thinking, and logical skills then LearnFromBlogs is a good place for you.

Analytics Posts

Analytics is a good way to express complex ideas and methodologies in an easily understandable way. Analytics is also a great way to learn concepts for school, college, and young readers. If you have ideas about analytical posts, write to us.

Explainer Posts

If you could explain the core idea of any concept in a simple easy-to-understand point, LearnFromBlogs is always open to welcome you. We like to have our Explainer-Posts in such a way that readers find it easy to grasp and learn the particular concept easily.

The Explainer Posts will be beneficial for school students, college students, and to that of adults who like to learn. Through Explainer Posts you can teach to a wider audience. Moreover, anything that is easy to grasp and learn stays in memory for a long.

Q&A Posts

An idea reaches memory even better through discussions, questions, and answers. Q&A is always an interesting choice of expressing ideas. LearnFromBlogs welcomes good Q&A posts. Bloggers/writers or users who are interested in engaging their audiences through Q&A-type posts are welcome at LearnFromBlogs.

Checklist Posts

Checklists are a quick and easy way to remember things. Checklists are also a great way to plan, schedule, and execute things. If you have exciting checklist ideas, share with us at LearnFromBlogs so that it reaches young readers easily.

Write and share - Learn From Blogs

Research Result Posts

If you are an educational writer/blogger or learner and interested in writing Research Result type posts, we like to hear from you. We like to share your posts through our LearnFromBlogs platform. Write to us about Research-result type posts in various fields that are useful to young readers.

Reports type Posts

Report-type posts will be an interesting read to almost all types of audiences from young to adults. If you have interesting reports to share or are interested in giving report-type posts, publish your work.

Case Study Posts

Case Studies are an interesting way to understand the concept. Case studies work with live results and examples. If you can write Case Studies or summarize a case study (in any genre) in a crisp condensed way, submit your posts.

Information Posts

LearnFromBlogs invites posts that engage and educate. Feel free to write educative and informative posts at LearnFromBlogs. Share your informative ideas through different mediums.

Best informative posts in one place - Learn From Blogs

LearnFromBlogs invites Educational Posts:

LearnFromBlogs welcomes educational posts. If you have a niche over education-related posts, come write with us and share your articles with a big audience.

We welcome:

Educational Posts in different subjects

Educational posts on different category subjects will be useful for young readers especially of school and college. If you have interesting ways and ideas to express educational concepts through engaging articles/posts, we welcome you to write with us.

Case-Study Posts

Every concept in every subject can be easily made understandable to young minds through case studies. If you have engaging ideas to write that can help our young readers, kindly share them with us. Case studies in crisp posts will be welcomed by our young readers heartily.

Good Writing tips and techniques when it comes to Projects

If you can share useful writing tips and techniques through engaging easy content, we welcome you to LearnFromBlogs. Easy writing tips and techniques will help students do their work easily and fruitfully.

Study Tips & Techniques

You can study hard as well as study smart. Either way, if the concept stays solid, it is good else any method becomes invalid. Learn From Blogs brings the Study Tips and Techniques category of posts to help you solve this problem. If you are a leaner or blogger/writer interested in sharing your ideas, tips, techniques, and strategies to study well, share with our readers.

Summarized points of subjects

The main aim of LearnFromBlogs is to make every concept easy to Grasp, Learn and use for your Growth. Our motto very well applies when it comes to learning a subject. Write articles that convey the summarized idea of any particular subject and its concepts in an easy-to-read and easy-to-grasp method. In this way, you help many young readers out there looking for a way to easily learn a subject or concept. It will be of considerable use to school and college students.

Easy to read post - LearnFromBlogs

Topic-Explainer Posts

Send us Topic-Explainer posts covering all aspects including studies, education, health, personal skills, or any other categories. LearnFromBlogs readers will find it useful if the topics are explained to them in a crisp condensed way.

You can make your article or posts in any engaging way like Infographic, audio, images, video, or any other interesting way. A topic explained engagingly reaches the mind easily and stays. LearnFromBlogs like to give articles that are not just quick reads but also want articles to stay in people’s minds.

Crisp Explanation of Tough concepts and subjects

Tough concepts when explained clearly and easily can become the easiest ones to grasp and learn. Being a blogger/writer or active user you will understand the need to express your thoughts in an easy way to reach people. In the same way, write us posts that cover tough subjects and make it interesting in an easy way for young people to learn.

Easy to grasp - Learn From Blogs

Q&A related posts on different topics

A Q&A-type post on a subject makes it interesting, knowledgeable, and easy to grasp. We are happy to welcome writers who can explain subjects, concepts, and ideas through Related Q&A posts on different subjects or concepts in wider categories.

When it comes to education, the simpler and easier it is the wider it reaches young people's minds. This is the reason why we support education posts in LearnFromBlogs. By writing short, condensed, and east-to-understand topics, people studying will find it easy. If you have a niche for writing subjects and educational areas, we welcome you warmly to write with us!

LearnFromBlogs welcomes Lifestyle Blogging:

Lifestyle plays a considerable role in improving ourselves starting from health. At LearnFromBlogs we welcome lifestyle bloggers and writers to contribute their share of ideas, tips, and techniques that will be of help. We invite posts in Lifestyle areas like:

Health & Diet

Leading a healthy and diet that is suitable for you is important. Write to us your posts that cover a good diet, the importance of health, a mindfully healthy lifestyle, and other good health plans and tips. Young readers, both men, and women are starting to switch to good diet plans and healthy eating as a lifestyle. It’s the right time to share your valuable knowledge of health, nutrition, and diets. We welcome bloggers/writers who have an interest in ‘Health and Nutrition.


Good food is not just healthy. Good food is a lifestyle. If you like to create awareness to readers about the importance of good food, good eating habits, and other healthy lifestyle changes, then LearnFromBlogs is the right place for you to reach a wider audience.


Fashion is a predominant part of today’s world. If you have a wonderful eye for fashion, then help our young readers at LearnFromBlogs get Pro Fashion Ideas, tips, and other trends. If you are a fashion blogger/writer, you can gain new visitors as well as showcase your fashion view through writing. Share your fashion ideas with us.


There’ll always be one favorite quote that everybody can relate to in life. Share meaningful quotes with us on all categories such as positivity, goal-reaching, success, failures, life-changing situations, impactful, relationships, friendships, and other emotions. Let readers at LearnFromBlogs find your quotes aspiring.

Inspirational Posts

People need inspiration now and then to never lose focus on their goals. Inspirational posts and articles from your writing can impact a good number of people. LearnFromBlogs welcomes inspiring posts that can help our readers get a stronghold mentally.

Tips related posts

The ‘Tips’ are the best way of telling people to do things the right way. When it comes to lifestyle, the idea and tips are considerably high to share with people. Tips can vary depending on everyone’s experience and also based on how well you can utilize them. So feel free to share Tips on any Lifestyle-related topic at LearnFromBlogs.

Personal Journal Posts

Share ideas about journaling and express emotions through it to people. Journaling is an art that can de-stress, and detangle the hard emotions you are going through. Help our readers with tips and techniques on journal writing, maintaining a journal, the importance of journaling, and other benefits. Share your tips for art journaling which is like a good mood-lifter. It will be interesting when people realize the fun of journaling.

About Bucket Lists

Tell our readers the joy of having Bucket-Lists. Following your Bucket-Lists is a great way to lead a happy easy life. If you are interested in sharing your Bucket List of ideas, do write with us. Bucket lists will be an engaging and self-analyzing area for our readers.

Positive affirmations

Positive Self-affirmations can do well during tough times in life. It can help people start their day well. Help us feel better through your positive affirmative posts.

Affiliate & Sponsor Posts at LearnFromBlogs:

LearnFromBlogs supports good affiliate and sponsor posts. We make sure that the posts fall under our motto of 'Grasp. Learn. Grow'. If you have ideas about good affiliate and sponsor posts, write with us. If you are a 'registered website' with LearnFromBlogs you can promote it through Ads. Follow our guidelines for registered-website so that we can verify your site. Once done, at the footer you can see 'Approved Website'. You get to reach a wider audience and writers through LearnFromBlogs. In addition, We support affiliate and sponsor links and posts for premium users.

LearnFromBlogs strictly stays No to the following:

We encourage good writing. At the same time, we like to keep LearnFromBlogs free from certain things so that we get to maintain our credibility. That is why we say NO strictly to:

  • Plagiarisms
  • Other bloggers contents
  • Irrelevant and Un-Informative Contents
  • No more than one link in our post or opinion to avoid confusion.
  • No advertisement-related content.
  • No Spam contents
  • No Hate, Irresponsive Contents
  • No News contents

We hope that you agree with our ideas too. To gain trust and credibility as a writer, we are sure that you agree with our ‘Strictly-No’ policies.

Who can Join LearnFromBlogs?

Anyone can join LearnFromBlogs! We take pleasure in welcoming everyone to LearnFromBlogs. You don't have to have a blog to join LearnFromBlogs. Join us if you like to write and contribute your ideas. Sharing your knowledge with people is a good thing so join us.

LearnFromBlogs Pointers

Important pointers are simple in Learn From Blogs. Just a few things for you to keep in mind which is:

  • Keep your post to the Point
  • Register your Blog in your LearnFromBlogs Profile
  • You can interact with other bloggers who write in your niche and learn
  • Share your thoughts and experiences. Make sure they are respectful and optimistic
  • Write your posts in such a way that people can learn with the few minutes they spend
  • Keep your posts original
  • You can comment and discuss it with other posts, opinions and groups. Make sure it is respectful.
  • Make sure that your posts, and opinion are readable and understandable easily.

Why support us?

We like to play our part in helping individuals to tap into techniques and tips to improve themselves personally and professionally.

If you get to browse through our categories of posts, we are pretty sure that you can understand what we mean. Keep supporting us. For bloggers and aspiring writers, keep writing with us. Together, we can share ideas and support people through writing.

Share ideas through writing - Learn From Blogs