A Guide to signs of true love at any age

A Guide to signs of true love at any age


'Life is the flower for which love is the honey,' this famous quote by the brilliant author Victor Hugo sums up the meaning of true love beautifully. Love can be in many forms, be it a lover's touch or a mother's warm embrace. But when we often take true love in the context of romantic love. It's very easy to mistake infatuation or lust as true love. While one is of an innocent kind, the other can be purely physical with no true affection or care. But true love means feeling safe and cared for by them always.

What is true love?

True love is like the strong soothing flame that may not burn very passionately, but steadily and it lasts. It is a love that consumes the soul from within and brings you peace. In true love, you open yourself up to the other person slowly as you get to know them. You begin to love them for who they are and not how they look. You understand and accept that neither of you is perfect.

15 signs of true love:

1. You don't fight, but talk:

Fights are a part of any relationship. But it's how you deal with them that counts. Would you rather talk about it like sensible adults or keep fighting?

● You know it's true love when you are ready to sit down and work out your differences.

● An immature couple would get into constant fighting matches and name-calling over the same issue over and over again.

2. You don't play games:

People who feel lust or maybe infatuation towards someone would always keep themselves first.

● They constantly play mind games with the person of their interest just for pleasure. They do not take the other's feelings into consideration.

● If a partner constantly feels the need to lie or play games like pretending to be suicidal or pregnant just to keep their better halves in their life, then it's not true love.

3. You accept their flaws:

We all have flaws. But for the most part, we can be pretty unforgiving about others' flaws. When you are truly in love, you tend to overlook these quirks. You may even find them adorable and accept the other person just as they are warts and all!

4. There is complete respect:

In true love, mutual respect is a given. You will see the good in them and respect it. They will, in turn, do the same.

● When we are in love with someone, we love and respect them for who they are what they do in the world.

● We view them as our equals and treat them with great compassion as one human to another mutually.

5. You see a future together:

Being with your partner, sometimes you imagine a mini him/her running around you. You imagine building a home and annual family vacations with them. Does that make you really happy? Well, my friend, that's true love! When we love someone, we imagine spending the rest of our lives with them.

6. They know everything about you:

In true love, you are not afraid to open up to your other half. You know that they will accept you no matter what.

● They know all your dark, deep, and embarrassing moments and secrets.

● They love you and accept you in spite of it. You feel safe and comfortable telling them anything about you under the sun.

7. You keep your promises:

Promises have a huge weight in a relationship. And keeping them makes your relationship that much stronger.

● When we fulfill promises made to our partners, we show them that they can trust us. Broken promises often show that we do not value our partner's needs and disregard them in favor of ours.

● Someone who breaks your promises also breaks your trust on some level. Someone who truly loves you will tell you beforehand when they can't keep one.

8. You're true partners in life:

Neither of you dominates the other, and you face all obstacles together head-on. That sounds like true love!

● When one of you is down, the other stays strong and vice-versa. You behave like a team of two always.

● There is an equal balance of giving and take, and you both work hard to keep the relationship solid. You don't keep a score because you know that one is contributing as much as the other.

9. Make secret sacrifices for them:

In true love, both partners are givers. You make small sacrifices for them even when they may not realize it. Most of us are self-centered and look out for our own interests. But in true love, we put our partner's needs before ours and sacrifice for them.

10. It is uplifting:

When you are in true love, being near your partner increases your vibrations at once. You do not need external stimulation to be happy around them.

● Because your energies are so similar, you raise each other's energy to higher frequencies.

● Two similar energies also make a relationship that much stronger. The relationship is naturally uplifting!

11. It feels natural:

True love slips in seamlessly in a relationship, and in time you grow to be fond of each other naturally. True love is never forced. There are no buts or what-ifs in the relationship, and deep down, you know that this is the person I was meant to be with forever.

12. They are humble:

True love makes a person selfless, even when it comes to his pride. Your partner will keep their ego aside while you are at the peak of your pride.

● Even in a fight, you both end up saying sorry first even though it isn't your fault, just to save the relationship.

● Their fear of losing you is greater than their desire to prove you wrong.

13. Do not compete with you:

When a person is truly in love, they don't mind if their partner is more successful than them. They readily encourage you to fly and do not compare achievements with you.

● They celebrate your highs and lows with you, be it your career, hobbies, or life.

● You become an inspiration for each other to work hard for your goals.

14. Looking at the big picture:

Your partner may annoy you sometimes, but in true love, you are ready to put that aside and look at them as a whole. You know that you have someone great going on for the long run and don't want to lose it. Especially not to something small.

15. Biggest cheerleader:

Being in love, you support them with every major decision they make. You are their biggest cheerleader.

● Whenever they are down or sad due to a setback, you manage to bring them right up!

● If either of you doesn't do or feel any of these, maybe what you have isn't true love.


True love starts slowly, but when it hit, it hits hard! Being with someone you truly love is blissful. It is peaceful, encouraging, and makes you feel safe. Most people rarely find it in their lifetimes. So, if you have it, grab on to it tight and keep it safe!

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