Understanding Self-Centered Behavior: A Balanced Perspective

Understanding Self-Centered Behavior: A Balanced Perspective


Most of us are taught right from a very young age to be selfless and share. It's one of the basic lessons taught to a kid. Kids are always taught to put the needs of others before their own. Selflessness is a virtue. But is that true? Like, can a person be selfless all the time? Being too selfless can end up being bad in the long run. We may end up neglecting our own needs in favor of helping others. When our wants are not met, we become upset and unfulfilled.

Is being self-centered a good thing?

A balance is needed between doing things for others and thinking of ourselves. The reality of this world is that everyone looks out for themselves first. But another reality is also that we are the only constant in our lives. In time, friends, parents, children all come and go, only we remain. So focusing on ourselves regularly is healthy for our mental, physical and emotional health. Let us look at further reasons why being self-centered is a good thing.

1. Better health:

It's important to place ourselves first on the issue of physical health. When we take time to exercise and eat nutritious food, we remain healthy.

● Our immunity is good, and we are protected from diseases.

● Such people also live longer lives.

2. Life has more meaning:

When we are selfish towards our goals, then achieving them brings us happiness. Our self-esteem gets a boost, and we also learn to keep a good work ethic. This makes life more meaningful. When we focus selfishly on our own life, we make them better. Then, in turn, we can make the lives of our loved ones better. This brings even more satisfaction.

3. Enables true selflessness:

When a person is full, only then will he happily fill the stomach of others. On fulfilling our dreams and becoming independent, we have the means to help others too.

● When we are weak and dependent on others, we cannot truly think about doing good for others. We may not even have the means to do so.

● Once our desires are met, we truly feel happy in fulfilling the dreams of other people.

Builds self-esteem.jpg

4. Builds self-esteem:

You must have noticed how self-centered people have great self-esteem. They believe in themselves and their ideas. This makes them very successful in their work too.

● When we block out the negatives and put forth our ideas, it can be a great advantage at the workplace.

● Believing in your interests and your abilities in a self-obsessed way can even make you successful. You focus completely on your goals, and in time they come true. This is great for self-esteem.

5. Healthier relationships:

Being self-centered is like walking a fine line. If you are too self-absorbed, you may end up losing relationships. Too little, and you will end up as a doormat. The right amount of selfishness also makes it easier to say no to people when you are uncomfortable.

● When you think of your own life, there are schedules set to make it better. No one can misuse your time.

● We all have a limited time on this earth. Prioritizing oneself also ensures that you remain focused on your goals and use your time well.

6. Increases self-worth:

Self-worth is what you feel about yourself rather than what you do. It is important to have good self-worth. When we are self-obsessed about having good health, we contribute to our well-being. This increases self-worth a lot.

7. Happier living:

Doing activities that we enjoy or getting things that we want makes us very happy. Self-absorbed people make this their priority and so are always happy. This makes them more giving, productive, and determined.

Attractive to others.jpg

8. Attractive to others:

Self-absorbed people work on themselves and are hence pretty successful. They even remain healthy and fit. Being successful and healthy makes any person appear attractive.

● When we are in control of our lives and ourselves, we come across as strong to others. Many people find that attractive.

● Self-centered people direct the path of their lives and set and achieve their goals. This makes them confident, and people love achievers.

9. More advantage as leaders:

The role of a leader is to take care of others. But if we ignore ourselves, there is no way we can be happy handling others. Leadership requires a person to be driven and selfish about attaining goals. Only a self-absorbed person can pursue goals so ruthlessly.

10. Better self-respect:

Self-respect is when we make decisions that better ourselves and build our self-worth. When we have a good amount of self-respect, we set standards on how others treat us.

● People will call us slobs and disrespect us if we behave like one. Self-absorbed people take care of themselves and their surroundings. They are rarely slobs.

● Self-respect also gives a sense of responsibility. We are careful to conduct ourselves properly at work and home.

● We even manage our work and money well. This makes us appealing to other people.

11. Become less needy:

Self-absorption is a double-edged sword. When we are too self-absorbed, we ignore the needs of others and become too independent and selfish. But too little also makes us needy and dependent on others.

● While taking care of ourselves and our needs, we become less needy. People tend to stay on in our lives.

● Needy people slowly push away their friends and family because of their behavior.

12. Increased self-love:

Self-love is one of those things that everyone must have. It boosts your self-esteem and makes you confident. When we practice self-love selfishly from time to time, our lives change. We look better, we feel better, we are healthier. It also improves mental and emotional health a lot.

● Pampering ourselves regularly with spa treatments or at the hairdressers.

● If we don't take care of ourselves, no one else will. So remember to take care of yourself every day. You are your own best friend.

13. Better compassion to self:

When we are very involved in our lives, we live better and are successful. This success makes us feel good. We tend to have a lot of self-compassion and kindness in whatever we do. We look at the world through rose-tinted glasses, and our compassion flows to others.

Develop self-actualization.jpg

14. Develop self-actualization:

When we manifest our goals over time, our self-worth grows. We realize our potential and grow more confident in our abilities. We explore deep into our thoughts and are clearer about ourselves. We also learn a lot about our nature and how we can improve it. Thus we move towards self-actualization.

15. More time for things you love:

The more self-obsessed you are, the better you can say no to others. When you go after what you like and do activities that you love, others cannot waste your time doing their work. It becomes difficult for them to demand unnecessary activities from you. You are happier, on the whole, doing things you love.


Self-centeredness, when done with a balance, is a good and useful trait. We build many inane qualities such as self-esteem, self-respect when we apply a lit bit of selfishness in our lives. When we are self-centered, we take care of ourselves better. This leads to longer, healthier, and happier lives.

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    A self-centered person is a person who is excessively concerned with themselves. They are highly concerned with their needs only. These people are kind of egocentric and egoistic.

    Somehow, they try to balance everything in their life. When we learn to live for ourselves while growing with age, some become self-centered. Many people live for their loved ones like for parents, siblings, and animals.

    Self-centered people are of two types.

    a. Negative self-centered.

    Negatively selfish people start making use of other people. They love to make others trouble and do their work. They do not complete their work by themselves. They love to pursue attention from everyone. They are not self-centered mind. They start spreading negative vibes and also distract others from their work.

    b. Positive self-centered.

    Positive self-centered people do not make use of others of their work. They also think for others. They do not care about negative people. They make their willpower well enough so that no one can make their use. They believe in helping needy people.

    benefits of being self-centered.jpg

    There are so many benefits of being self-centered, few are as follows:

    1. You can give more time to your choices.

    When you become self-centered, you are just focused on yourself. So, you can give more time to yourself. You need not think of anyone. You are focused on your choices, goals, and achievements. You can build yourself according to your choices.

    2. You will be able to play any role in your life.

    A self-centered people can raise themselves well in leadership roles. Because when they have control over themselves, they know the way to control others with better behavior. On the other hand, Self-centered people are more likely focused on themselves and do not give up on their goals easily.

    They don’t afraid to compete with others. Not only a leadership role, but you can also play any role in your life. The self-centered person is bitterly selfish, but they serve others well rather than normal people.

    3. More Practical.

    A self-centered person is more practical than a normal person. They believe in doing rather than imagining things. They are highly active for themselves. They do not stop their work for others. They also believe in relationships. But they do work for it without even making realizing their partner. They do not believe in dreams. They live their dreams.

    4. Highly insecure about their success.

    They got highly insecure when they get fail in their rising. So, they practice hard for their success. They do not feel complete without success. They become over-possessive for their success which is a positive point. Because when we are possessive of something, we give our best at every point in time.

    5. You can balance your life.

    Self-centered meant to be admired. Admired people can balance they are overall schedule. Every successful person has a balanced life. As they are more scheduled and stricter to their work. Hence, they are more balanced in their life than normal people.

    You become independent.jpg

    6. You become independent.

    When you become self-centered, that means you become independent. You do not have to ask for things from others. You do not have to wait for someone to decide for you. You become selfish, so you make the right and accurate decisions for yourself.

    7. You Inspire others.

    You become an inspiration for others when you become self-centered. You start motivating others. When you become selfish, you gain so many qualities in yourself. Other people start following your steps to become successful. They start marking up your steps.

    8. You get to meet your inner soul.

    Self-centered people love to take their decisions by themselves. When they support every part of their life, they get to meet with their inner soul. If they make mistakes, they learn lessons by themselves. They become self-less for only themselves, not for others. When we start caring for ourselves, we get to know about our inner strengths and weakness.

    9. You stop becoming material for others.

    In this era, where everyone started becoming self-centered. Some become selfish in a positive way and some in a negative way. Negative people start using others for their work. But positive ones, not only think about themselves but also, they think about others. They do not use other people, and they stop becoming material for others. So that others can not use them for their profit.

    10. You can start meditating easily.

    You can start meditation easily. Because a self-centered person does not distract their mind. They can focus on their work smoothly. You can make a flow to the work which needs concentration and a highly focused mind.

    Everyone should be self-centered with a kind and nice attitude towards everyone. Self-centered can gain everything in their life.

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