Ultimate List of the character flaws

Ultimate List of the character flaws


A character is made up of both good and bad habits. The good habits become the strength of a person, while the bad habits are considered the flaws of character.

25 character flaws

There are many common flaws in human behavior. Here is the list of character flaws in human life.

1. Greedy nature:

Some people don’t have enough. They always show greedy behavior. Greed is known as a character flaw.

2. Remain conscious about looks:

For some people, looks are everything. They remain obsessed with their beauty and appearance. They want to look most beautiful. To remain always conscious about looks is a character flaw.

3. Worry:

To remain worried all the time is a character flaw. People with this flaw remain in a worrying mindset about each and everything of life. They even react to something in a very fearful way. The worried nature of these people also affects their relationships.

4. Being lazy:

There are plenty of quotes that encourage us to leave the laziness and get active. Because laziness is a character flaw that does not let you have success in life.

5. Desire to become powerful:

The person with this character flaw wants to rule the world. There were many emperors in ancient times who attacked the other nations so that they can become more powerful. This is a character flaw as it makes the person cruel and selfish.

6. To have jealousy:

Jealousy is an in build character flaw. People get jealous of the success of their neighbors, friends, and relatives. The people with jealousy have double standards. This flaw makes people indulge in some crime or harm other people.

7. Having the coward nature:

Some people are very weak in their hearts. They can’t face even the least difficult situations. The cowardly people are fearful and get easily manipulated by others. These people can’t stand for their rights. Being a coward is known as a character flaw.

8. Being pity on your own self:

It is also called a habit of self-pity. The people with this habit are the people with the lowest confidence level. They are not able to uplift themself. Their social life is also very pitiful. Everyone else also has pity for them

9. The messy habit:

Some people have no relation to cleanliness. They have a messy life inside and out. Their room, space, or cupboard is never organized or proper. This habit is very irritating, and it is a character flaw.

10. Anger:

The habit of being angry is a character flaw. Some people lose their temper very soon and start shouting at others. Their angry behavior is also damaging their relationships. Many people go for meditation to mend their habit of anger.

11. Being selfish:

We meet many people who seem to be good and friendly but turn out to be selfish in the end. Yet, this habit is valued much on personal levels, but it is a character flaw. People with this flaw only think about their own good at any cost.

12. Lack of sincere nature:

Some people do not have sincerity. They remain in their own world of attitude. They do not know the manners of how they should talk to others and behave. This is a character flaw we can see in many people.

13. Not being honest:

To remain honest, enhance the value of our character. But lack of honesty becomes a character flaw. In our social system, honesty has a great value, and a dishonest person is always avoided by society.

14. Being cruel:

There are many famous names who were in the higher positions of their careers but very cruel. There are many rulers of history who made and followed cruel laws and rules.

Cruelty is a character flaw that everyone should avoid.

15. The unfair nature:

Some people use unfair means to get to the top of their career success. The unfair means may feel good in the beginning but has adverse effects in the end. Being unfair is a character flaw.

16. Hate for a person because of his caste or religion.

Some people have a very strong belief system. They think that only their caste, religion, or race is right and good, and they don’t like others. This is a character flaw to think of their self-superior from others.

17. Hypocrisy:

When people pretend to be forward or open-minded, but in reality, they are very narrow-minded, then it is called hypocrisy. It is the character flaw. There are many people who have this character flaw, and it should be avoided for a better life.

18. Childlike nature.

The naïve people are the easiest to make a fool of. This is the reason that childlike or naive nature is called a character flaw. People with this behavior are most innocent and sometimes immature. It becomes very difficult for these people to deal with the harsh realities of life and survive in difficult times.

19. Habit of argument:

This habit is very common in women. Either in shopping or in regular life routines, women tend to be nagging and does argument with others. Some people can go to any extent to win the argument. This habit of argument is a character flaw.

20. Nature of abusing others:

Some people are there who talk less and abuse more in their life. They say anything is starting with abuse and even ending with abuse. It is not a good habit, and even it is a character flaw. This habit of abuse makes the person very negative, and people usually avoid talking to an abusive person.

21. Any time of addiction:

Addiction is something that makes a person dependent. There are many addictions to which people are prone, and these addictions cause ill effects to health. The most common addictions are drugs and sex etc. Addiction is a character flaw that makes a person weak.

22. To ignore others:

Some people have ignoring nature. They keep on ignoring things and people. They ignore other feelings towards them. They ignore what others say to them and many such things. Being ignorant is a character flaw.

23. Revenge:

There is a human nature that says tit for tat. It means that if someone is hurting you, then you wish to hurt them in return to have peace. This nature of taking revenge is a character flaw. People forget their limits in order to fulfill their desire to take revenge. Sometimes revenge costs the risk of many lives.

24. Being nervous:

The nervous people remain in worry and always thinking about the negative things all the time. They hesitate and fumble while talking to others. It becomes very difficult for nervous people to deal with difficult situations. It is a character flaw.

25. To be perfect:

Perfection seems to be a good thing, but it is a character flaw. Some people work extremely hard to become perfect in everything. They do not get satisfy anything less than perfect life and perfect work. The habit of being a perfect lead to stress and depression. That is why remaining conscious of being perfect is a character flaw.

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