Reasons you must be proud of your type B personality

Reasons you must be proud of your type B personality


People remain very obsessed with their personality type. Many people think that type A people achieve more than type B because type A remains workaholic, and this makes them favorite to their bosses, while people with type-B lack in their career because of their chilled out behavior. But you know that there is always more to life than just being successful in the work-life.

Here are some celebrities who have the type B trait, such as John Mayer, Stephen Colbert, Andy Warhol, etc. There are many good enough habits, and if you are a type B, you must be proud of yourself.

1. You are the favorite of all:

While type A people are overpowering, type B is the favorite of all. Even in the office, they become the favorite colleagues because of their nature. Type B people are not goal-oriented, but they simply enjoy the work-life. They do not aim to finish work before the deadline, but they know how to balance work with their life and enjoy it too. You know how to be calm and patient with work. You know how to deal with the overload of work smartly. You are always a helping hand if your colleague trouble with the overwork.

2. Lucky are the people who got you as a friend:

Being type B, you are a good friend. You know how to keep your friendship strong and enjoy it. You have great care and emotional attachment to your friends. Your friends know very well that you are always there if they are stuck with some problem. This is the reason that people say that it's good to have a friend with a type B personality.

3. For you, the journey is more beautiful than the destination:

Type B is the people who live in the moment, either its life or work. They know that every moment of a life worth living, and they thoroughly enjoy the journey of life. Type B people believe that to achieve every goal in life; there is a need to take small steps daily rather than take long, difficult jumps, which are more stressful.

4. Your way of living is healthy:

As you are not a workaholic and always create a balance in life makes you way healthy than the people of other types. Type A people remain prone to heart diseases and high blood pressure because their lifestyle is more stressful and workaholic. While type B is the calm people and rarely get angry. These habits of type B protect them from many diseases like heart problems, cancer, and depression.

5. Creativity defines you better:

If someone asks you what makes type B special? Then for sure, it is their creativity. People with type B spend more time in creative thinking than dwelling in the past. Their creativity plays a bigger role in achieving the goals in their work life. When they see a workload, they shift to their creative mind and deal with work pressure more effectively.

6. Overwork does not take a toll on you:

While many of your fellows complain about the workload and overwork, they get in your job. You deal it with it smartly. Overwork never becomes an issue for you to deal with. Either you are way better to tackle this problem with your creative mind.

7. You are clear about what is important in your life:

The day life frustrations don't take a toll on you because you are very much clear about what is important in your life. They remain focused and do not waste their time thinking about other less important things in their life.

8. You remain satisfied with what you have:

Some people run after the things which they can't afford and remain unsatisfied. But thankfully, the type b people are all opposite. Type B people know it better than it's better to enjoy what we have than to cry over what we do not have. If your friend is having a car or a smartphone better than you, then you don't get jealousy but remain happy with what you have.

9. You are more real:

You hate to be in dilution or live a fake life. You remain positive in life and accept that the situations in life may also go wrong sometimes. You do not get overexcited because of your success, but you take life very naturally. You remain ground to earth either you get success in life or get a failure in life. Success doesn't make you egoist, and the failure doesn't let you down.

10. You support others:

People feel light and support with you. You have a positive flux, which helps others to come out from their problems and feel light. Your natural way to help others, either they are strangers or just colleagues, makes everyone love you. People take it more comfortable to approach you for any kind of help.

11. You have a diverse approach to life:

You know it better; everything in life is important and worth living. Either it's emotions, people, relationships, or career, you better care for everything and everyone. Your diverse approach to life makes you a better person, and when it is about the overall success in life, surely type-B rock it.

12. You seem to have a cool nature:

Type A people are considered as highly tempered and angry people. While type B people are totally opposite. Type B people are mostly calm, sorted out, and cool in nature. It's easy for you to relax than just go on a high temper mode for no reason. This makes your work life easy. You can balance your emotions, and that is the thing most loved by your friends and family.

13. Type B people are very good at admiring others:

It's not about competition every time, and type B people know it very well. That is the reason type B people do not think that their classmates, teammates, or colleagues are just their competition. They take time to appreciate and enjoy the success of other people. You make other people feel good about themselves by praising them, which they deserve. On the other hand, people with type A traits find it very difficult to appreciate others.

14. You are an open-mind person:

You don't judge others or direct them to like what you like. You know it better than everyone has his/her own set of likes and dislikes. You remain open to listen to others and understand their way of life. In short, you live your life and do not interrupt others to live the life they love.

15. Your work-life matters to you:

Though you are not a workaholic like a type-A, your work life is very important for you. It's about balance life, which is your major concern. You also don't want to be laid back in getting success in your life. You pay attention to the continued growth of your career.

16. You see good in other people:

In this world of jealousy, betrayal, fakeness, and show off, you still manage to think that people are good. When you meet someone, you always seek their qualities and note the positive points in their personality than just see the negative about themselves.

17. You do not beat about the bush:

A time comes in life when you know it better, that it is over. So, you do not keep on beating about the bush. You know it better than somethings in life are not meant to work out no matter how much you try. So, you just do your hard work, take the experience, learn the lesson, and move on. This policy helps you to reduce stress and live a happy life.

18. You follow a healthy lifestyle:

For type B people, any kind of addiction is just a big No. You know it better than, a healthy lifestyle is a must. So, you keep yourself away from addiction like drugs, alcohol, smoking, eating junk, etc. You do exercise to be fit and healthy in life. This habit keeps you physically active and mentally fit.

19. Failures doesn't break you from inside:

You are good at enjoying success and deal with failures. You know it much better; failures and success are just two aspects of life that go hand in hand. Everyone gets failures in life, and it's completely a normal thing. Type A people are very poor in handling failure while you keep calm, and failures don't affect your mental stability. Instead, you learn from your failures and consider the failure as the base of your success.

20. You analyses yourself:

While you remain positive about others, you keep on analyzing your actions every now and then. It helps you to have a better idea of your weakness and what you can improve in yourself. This makes you keep a better understanding of yourself and keep on growing with self-analyzing.

21. You go slow when you need to conclude anything:

You never jump to a decision before analyzing deeply about what about and facts of something. You don't want to make a decision for which you have to regret in the future. So, you keep it slow when you have to make some decision in life. You only take a decision or give your verdict when you are sure about something completely.

22. Type B people are usually known as dreamers:

If you are a type B person, then it is sure that you daydream about various things in life. This habit of daydreaming makes you special. You dream about goals, life, and some big things you wish to do in life. This makes you positive and does not allow you to indulge in any kind of negative thinking. First, you make a dream and then work hard to make your dream real. Some dreams come true, while some do not work out, but that doesn't bother you much.

23. Type B is not workaholic:

Your work or job is very important to you. But a career does not mean everything in your life. Your life is much broad than going to work and meeting the deadline. You are the person who likes your workspace the whole process of working and not only concerned about the goal. That's how you are different from type A people.

24. No one can fool you:

You take everyone positive and remain calm in disturbing situations. But it does not make you a fool. These all qualities make you emotionally strong and, above all, wise. So, the fool is those people who underestimate your capabilities and tries to make fun of you.

25. You keep on improving yourself:

You admit your mistakes and weaknesses as well as keep on improving them. That is why you keep a check on yourself by self-analyzing. You know that to have constant growth in your life, you need to keep on improving yourself.

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