Know yourself in a better way - discover your true self

Know yourself in a better way - discover your true self


Have you ever thought about why each one of us reacts distinctly to the entirely selfsame circumstances?

Have you ever had this thought stuck in your mind that why Mr. X easily get emotional and why you never saw Mr. Y slacking off?

Why Mrs. A is a big mouth and why Ms. B is shy?

If yes, then you are at the accurate place!

As someone said, " The secret of national health lies in the mind of the people! "

I am going to discuss about PERSONALITY.

Personality is something that lets you stand out along the million. It's your identity that bent upon your behavior, attitude, and your responses to various situations. And off course, you are going to get answers to your questions too!

Are you excited? I am sure you are!

Come on; we will understand it bit by bit.

So, let's read between the lines and try to find out the actual meaning.

First, have a look at what actually personality means.


1. Personality is defined as the peculiar presence of conducts, learning, and psychological patterns that progresses from a different component.

2. It is nothing but a trait that prognosticate the person's nature.

3. It is something which we develop through our upbringing.

Well, there are many more theories on the definition of personality; each one of them are quite stable! As it is related to psychology, it's difficult to be 100% sure about anything.

●● What I believe is that our personality actually depends upon the environment we were born and brought up!

>Type of people we meet, their nature, their thoughts or view influences us a lot.

>Which get stuck in our head, and we continuously think about the same.

>And so our brain starts processing in a similar manner.

Let's see about it with an example!

◆◆Imagine there's a little 10-year-old son of a ragpicker who saw an officer shouting at the civil citizen in his remote area, and no one refused him to do so.

How do you think this can influence a boy?

A young boy's mind will develop a belief that if he wants people in his pocket, he has to shout.

◆◆And he will start developing an arrogant behavior.

◆◆Whom do you think is responsible for his development?

◆◆Young boy, civilians over there, an officer or the situation he observed?

I strongly believe that our personality design according to the external environment we get!

But off course, there are various scientific definitions.

Yes, that's a different talk; no one says this with surety.

I am giving you a bit of my mind, and your opinions are most welcome!


1. Because it's your personality that guides your nature or your behavior in the public sector and private places. This is something which helps you in interacting with others.

Your personality is one that tells you how to react to your boss and how to reply to your colleagues.

Let's take an example over here. So, you never shout at your boss, do you? Not all of you love to talk non stop, do you? No!

Some of you are always on very good terms with your partner/friends and some of you are moody.

Some lose their temper easily, and a few are just cool like water! For one thing, your personality elucidates your character.

2. Your personality is the reason for the fact that you are different from many.

3. Personality plays a very crucial role in the relationships we have. No matter which relation either with husband/wife/siblings or even friends.

" People with the same personality trait can hang out for a long! " This is what I read somewhere.

But, do you think it's correct?

I don't feel like it!

Yeah, this might be true for two extrovert person, they can surely stay for long and enjoy the company.

What about two introverts?

They can enjoy it too, but to what extent?


4. Even if you are in a job, your personality type matters! Like poetry, philosophy, artistic works best suits INFP personality.

While an intj person may love to work in a software company or in the area of marketing.

Extrovert best suits in politics, debates, public speaking competitions, and more.

This will be quite difficult for introverts, yet not impossible! So, do what makes you feel good!

5. Your health also has an effect on your personality.

Like type A personality are more prone to heart-related diseases, whereas type B personality is easy to go to people.

This may be because type A is competitive in whatever they do, always want to win the race, which results in mental stress. This further leads to the development of many diseases.

On the other hand, type B people are the king of their heart. They do things only if they feel like doing it. They are always happy with what they have!

It's not like they will not give their best in any competition, they will!

6. To know yourself. It's important too to be aware of self!

One should know his/her personality type so that we can rule out what job we can prefer or with whom we may enjoy the company.

Then only you may get through with your work with flying colors. You must do your job to the gills and succeed.


Environmental stimuli

What person observe in society have a great impact on his personality.

The stimuli like sight, smell, touch, etc. reach his/her cerebral cortex through various pathways.

This information is then processed by our brain, and we get the order to behave or react in a particular situation.

Emotions and feelings

Our personality also depends on the feelings and emotions we carry.

Thus is something which arises from within the body.

If a person is blind with rage, then it implies that he is a victim of his own emotions.

Our emotions are managed by the thalamus shiv is further under the control of the cerebral cortex of our brain.


An Individual's personality is also influenced by his needs.

Don't you think a poor 20-year-old boy who is the only child to his mom and who lost his father in a car accident will develop a responsible personality, taking all the possible decision to feed himself and his mom.

On the other hand, a 25-year-old boy to a well settled and rich family will have an entirely different personality.

Thus is how our needs influence us!


It is a force that comes from within, and it insists on an individual to complete a certain task. This also determines a human personality.

Intellectual perception

The manner in which a person thinks, the views he carries, and the reasoning of the individual also have a great impact on one's personality


As we all know, none of us are similar, not even the identical twins are absolutely identical! This here is millions with billions of personality types.

Let's see the various types of it.

There is a total of 16 personality traits.

--> 1. Architect (INTJ) is an individual with an Introvert nature, Instinctive, intelligent, and determinant personality type.

--> 2. A Logician (INTP) is a person with Introvert behavior, spontaneous, and exploring personality traits.

--> 3. A Commander (ENTJ) is someone with Extrovert, inborn intellectual, and strong personality traits.

-->4. A Debater (ENTP) is a person with extrovert, subconscious, talented, and scouting personality traits.

-->5. An Advocate (INFJ) is someone with an Introvert nature, spontaneous, emotional, and happy personality traits.

-->6. A Mediator (INFP) is someone who possesses the Introvert by nature, spontaneous, creative, and art-loving personality traits.

--> 7. A Protagonist (ENFJ) is a person with the Extrovert, intellectual, bound by their emotions, and determinant personality traits.

--> 8. A Campaigner (ENFP) is someone with Extrovert, loving, love their feelings, and spontaneous personality traits.

--> 9. A Logistician (ISTJ) is someone with the Introvert, keen observer, planner, and focussed personality traits

--> 10. A Defender (ISFJ) is someone with the Introvert by behavior, love to enjoy the moment, emotional by heart, and determinant personality traits.

--> 11. An Executive (ESTJ) is someone with Extrovert, spectator, and sensible personality traits.

--> 12. A Consul (ESFJ) is a person with Extrovert by nature, viewer, spiritual, and spontaneous personality traits.

--> 13. A Virtuoso (ISTP) is someone with introvert people, on look personality, logical, and inborn personality traits.

--> 14. An Adventurer (ISFP) is a person with introvert, keen observer, quite emotional, and searching personality traits.

--> 15. An Entrepreneur (ESTP) is someone with Extrovert, viewer, intellectual, and exploring personality traits.

--> 16. An Entertainer (ESFP) is a person with the Extrovert person, spectator, spiritual, and scouting personality traits.


▶️ Infancy=

The first one year of life is infancy. An infant is hardly a social creature. There is rapid physical and mental growth at this stage of life.

An infant is totally dependent on the mother for all his or her work. After one year, the infant is able to stand up for a short while and tries to walk with little support. At this age, he or she enjoys tricks and games.

▶️ Preschool child=

This stage is marked by complete growth of the brain, well not actually complete but the maximum or the considerable growth! A child may feed himself by his own, speak, love his home, fears dark, love to listen to stories, and wants to assume responsibility. He begins to mix with people or small children.

▶️ School-age child=

At this stage, a child is active all the time. Mental power is fully developed. One begins to reason.

▶️ Adolescence=

A turbulent period in one's life. One has rosy dreams, adventure, love, and romance. They strike for independence.

▶️ Adult=

Mature and more balanced.

▶️ Old age=

A decline in physical power and acuity of sense organs occur at this stage of life. And, now we can definitely say that our personality plays a major role in our life.

So, are you excited to know your type?

I am sure you are!

Stay tuned for it!

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