Some common signs that you are a type-A personality

Some common signs that you are a type-A personality


Did you heard someone saying that you so type A? Or you just feel it because you are too different from others. Anyway, it's a matter of curiosity about how your behavior matches a trait type that is defined previously. So, here are some signs which will help you with your type. If these types relate to you, you may predict that A is your personality type.

1. Your colleagues define you as a workaholic or overachiever kind of person:

If your colleague says that you have an addiction to success at your work or remain busy with the work overload all day in the office, and this does not frustrate you, you might be type A. People with A-type can't get enough work then keep on asking for more work. Moreover, they think that their work-life is all about achieving the goals and getting promotions fast. Maybe some of your colleagues don't like this habit of yours.

2. You have a bad habit of biting your nails by your teeth:

Studies say that it is very common in type A kind of people that they keep on biting their nails. As type-A people remain busy with a load of work which may give them a lot of pressure. Say it the work pressure, or they just get nervous, but the type-A people bite their nails so that they can keep themselves calm.

3. You can't listen to someone quietly; always interrupt while others are saying:

No one can expect that you will listen to them without saying a word during the whole communication. It hardly matters to you that what others have to say. You just jump into the conversation and make your point. It makes you irritating for some people who don't find the space to complete their sentences. But if you annoy your friends with this habit, then surely, you are the type A personality.

4. Your career is more important for you than anything in life:

You keep your work-life first. You can even skip having a relationship or getting married because you need time to grow in your career. When in school, the grades matter the most to you, and when in a job, promotions excite you much more than anything.

5. You like it to have your type of people around you:

You are quick-tempered if you do not get the people with whom you may be comfortable. You have very little tolerance for the people who don't seem to have your kind of needs and work habits. In short, you type A and find only your kind of people to get settle with peacefully.

6. You get stressed very soon:

If stress has become your lifestyle, then you are a type A. Many studies on type A personality show that people of this type take more stress, either due to personal reasons or some work-related. But stress does make your life hell. Type A people are more likely to have diseases like high blood pressure and heart disease because of their habit of taking much stress in life.

7. Resting is not your kind of thing.

For some people, having some rest becomes a boring thing. They like to have an active lifestyle, which makes them keep away from having rest. They always remain in the mode of finishing the work before deadlines and keep their life much oriented towards the goals. The funny part is that going on holiday is also a part of the goal them.

8. You are favorite to your boss:

Because you are particular about achieving the goals and love to do a lot of work, it becomes very easy for the bosses to choose you among the rest. Many companies try to hire employees who are type A. if you are such a person who can stake anything just to finish the work even before the deadline, then you are a true type-A person.

9. You can't afford to waste time:

For you, every moment of life is worth it. You can deal with the frustration you get while stuck somewhere, which makes you waste time. Either it is the traffic signal or waiting for someone to arrive. Wasting time is not just your thing. That is the reason you keep the work in bulk with you so that you do not get short of work anytime. Wasting time by sitting idly can make you super angry sometimes.

10. You remain anxious:

You have the habit of being on top, and above all, you care for everything and everyone. You want everything on time. Wasting time irritates you, waiting for someone to frustrate you, delay for a project also make you worry and above all not meeting with deadline gives you a headache. So, these all little worries make you anxious all the time. If you are relating to this, then you might be a type-A person.

11. The worry of the future is your constant habit:

You can't help to think about the future. You keep on thinking about the possible failures of the future, not meeting deadlines, or even getting any loose. This negative thinking of yours about the future also creates a headache for you, and then it proves that you are a type-A person.

12. Sleeping on time is very difficult for you:

You get frustrated when you need to sleep. Because while sleeping, you may have stuck in the thoughts of some old disturbing thing or worry about the work you need to complete, and that makes it difficult for you to sleep in time. That's type A.

13. People avoid talking to you:

If you have observed that people do not have an interest in having a conversation with you, you so type A. It may be because you overpower any conversation and make your point by neglecting what others have to say.

14. Pre plans are very important for you:

You are not the person who goes with the flow. You need your future tasks sorted out. A to-do is something that always remains with you. That makes it easy for you to organize life as well as the future. You do not want to waste time thinking, and everything you have to do must be well defined in your to-do list.

15. Your work life is very serious for you:

You take your job very seriously. Doing work perfectly and finishing work before the deadline is very important to you. That's why you do not remain chilled at your job and always like to take serious everything at work. This is the reason that type A people are very favorable to their bosses.

16. Waiting for someone irritates you so much:

You don't hang out with such people who are not punctual. Even you can trouble your relationship just because you do not like to wait. Even if it is waiting in the bank's queue or queue at the airport, waiting to get something is not your type of thing if you type A.

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