Soulmate and love - how they are the same? The ultimate secret of soul mate.

Soulmate and love - how they are the same? The ultimate secret of soul mate.


"Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reason to stay." -Dalai lama

Yesterday I was passing through a street and saw a couple with their fifteen-year-old granddaughter, I guess.

They were looking super happy. I start guessing like how do two unknown humans become so close?

What connection is this?


Today, let's talk about this.

● ‌What is a soul mate?

What does soul mate mean?

It is not like this is your soul, and this is mine. It is about a single person. By this, I did not mean that it is just related to one person only.

If you take you and your soulmate to be a different part, then you can love him or her only till both of your beliefs match.

But what if your interest did not coincide?

How will you define soulmate?

Actually, it is damn easy to give a definition of soulmate.

Let's discuss about it.

If you really want to know what a soulmate is, then I think you must understand the concept that you can not hate yourself, obviously, until and unless you have depression. If it is so, then you must seek medical treatment.

So, yes!

A soulmate is one who is not someone else to you. He or she is your inner part or say soul to you!

This is what soulmate is!

When you start seeing your own part in almost everything and especially those you love a lot, then do you feel like you are capable of hating it?


If you start believing someone to be your own part, then only he or she can be your soulmate because you can not hate yourself!

What is the soul?

It is yourself!

It is important to know that your soulmate is not necessarily your romantic partner; it may be your friends or brother or sister. One with whom you can connect!

Being with your partner gives you a different level of comfort and peace that you can not find anywhere else.

● ‌‌Soul mate signs

How to identify your soulmate?

How do you know when someone is your soulmate?

How to find your soulmate?

A soulmate is someone who shares the same liveliness as you and therefore has the same spiritual connection!

Soulmate helps us to know the importance of our life and guide us on the right path. Soulmates have a beautiful connection that can not be changed.

How do you know if someone is your soulmate? Let's talk about this.

Let me tell you some signs that he is your soulmate!

1. Attraction

You feel attracted to someone. When you feel pulled towards a person whom you may know or not.

2. Peace

You will feel the presence of peace in your mind. You actually have a positive mindset!

3. You don't bother

You do not bother with any situation or any difficulty in your life when that person stays around you. We feel like everything is going in exactly the same way once we wished for.

4. Start loving almost everything

Being around that special person indulges you in an aroma where you do not find anyone or anything which you can hate. You start loving everyone who comes in your path.

5. Start enjoying every moment

When he or she rome around you, you enjoy everything that is going on there. You will start loving that one thing which you once hated in your own life.

Just like those filmy scenes...Hahaha.....

Jokes apart, but it is damn true!

● ‌How to find your soul mate?

Well, this is one of the most important questions that arise in almost everyone's mind, I guess.

Actually, I do not think that there is anything that can be perfectly right. The thing is that if you really love someone or something, it automatically becomes the most essential or the day the most auspicious part of your life.

Any relationship comes into existence for various needs. There might be physical needs, emotional needs, psychological needs, or mental support you need from one who is very special to you.

1. First of all, stop thinking that you are perfect in almost every way.

Once you understand that even you have some nuisance in yourself, you will start accepting people along with their bad habits.

2. Do not try to change a person!

Because if you do so, you are actually losing him or her. This can't be love, ut maybe desire.

3. Involve yourself.

If you involve yourself in your relationship, it will turn out to be fantastic. Be the way you are!

4. Stop thinking about another person like you.

If you start believing this, you will start losing your soul mate.

● ‌When you find your soulmate?

Knowing about when you will find your soulmate is not any rocket science. It is something that may happen as of a sudden.

It is not like you will meet him or her at a particular age or something. You might have gone through lots of couples who met their beloved ones only in school life, and they are still together.

And, some who met each other just a month before and now they are happily married. You may see a couple or two who got separated after a very long relationship of about a decade. So this is something which depends on your way of managing a situation.

1. When you stay positive!

You may laugh at this, but it is true. When you remain in a positive mindset, you attract some beautiful things in your life. Thus, in turn, it helps you to be happy. When you are happy, you always love things around you and feel more connected to a person.

Now you can relate I guess that you will find your soulmate only if you are happy.

2. When you start believing and following the voice of your inner soul.

● ‌Does soulmate exist?

If you are searching for the answer to this question, then you are at the right place! You know what, answer to this doubt will be subjective.

A month before, I read about a couple who filed for divorce in a family court after two years of marriage. That marriage for which they fought with the society. What would have happened had they had to take this step?

Weren't they made for each other?

Or was their decision wrong? Should they have accepted the point of society?

So can we say that something like soul mate does not happen?


Yes, sometimes you may be wrong, but it is not right to believe that there is no soul mate at all. They exist completely in the same way that an Earth has a moon. Soul mates do exist!

● ‌How to know if you found your soul mate?

You will feel an instinct connection with a person as if you already know him or her. You may feel a state of confusion in your mind.

Just be ready to say to someone that you are my soul mate! I found my soul mate; this is something which every one of us wishes to say knowingly or unknowingly.

● ‌At what age do you meet your soulmate?

Well, there is no actual age at which you will find him or her! But yes, there might be some special moments! When you got this inner voice of I think, I found my soul mate, that's all!

Soul mate love is true love. Here you do not show-off; you just go with the flow. A spiritual soul mate is also damn true, just like Romeo & Juliet!

● ‌Facts about soul mates!

There are some psychological facts about soul mates which I think is important for you to understand.

⭕ He or she will never ask you to change yourself.

⭕ Your soul mate will accept you as you are, not as he or she expects.

⭕ Soul mate will always be happy in your choices.

⭕ He or she can go through any circumstances for your happiness.

Finding your person is a great task if you start thinking about this. But is super easy if you listen to what your inner voice is telling you.

God has created amazingly different and beautiful people, and there are some with which you feel connected by a soul.

So, what are you waiting for!

Be happy, be positive!

You will get your soul mate soon.

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