What impact your character may create?

What impact your character may create?


Once I was on my way to the hostel. I saw an older man crossing the road, and there was a young boy who was probably wearing a branded suit, I guess. The older man's stick hit the child's glass of juice. The child shouted at that old Baba. Even his father supported him. I kept watching all these things as the old Baba walked his way.

When I reached the next turn, I saw an innocent child carrying lots of things in his hands, which was not his own but of his poor neighbor.

What do you think is the reason behind this entirely different behavior of the child?

Who is responsible for this?

What insists the child react differently?

It's nothing but the character that was built in him.


It is defined as seeding some good values and virtues in a person's character.

Values like kindness, fearlessness, punctuality, etc.


Let's talk about this.

Do you feel that what degree you carry is more important than anything? If you think so, it's definitely fine. Because this is something that was and is being taught to us.

But, believe me, this is not true!

It's just ten to twenty percent of what you owe and what you deserve. Other eighty to ninety percent is the values and virtues you have in your character.

So, it is one of the important tasks of building a child's or one's character.

I heard somewhere: It is true that your degree certainly plays a crucial role in opening a gate or path for you, but only and only your character will keep it open.

Let's understand this by an example.

Do you read daily newspapers? I am sure you do! Have you read an article about a social worker or an entrepreneur? This sort of article generally has one name in focus, don't they?

Does this mean that other members of his or her company or group are not working hard?


Actually, the reason is something else. That one name you read in a newspaper owns a good, or you can say the dominating character, which makes him come on the front page.

On the other part of the coin, I am sure you must have read about one bad person too in the newspaper, either a robber or a murderer.

What do you think who is answerable for their behavior? It's their upbringing or the character that was sown in him.

Hence, it is our major responsibility to build a good character in our children and ourselves.

This is the rationale to build a good character in your child or yourself.


⭕ Our minds and body are beautifully connected by the character we carry.

I am sure you must have heard about Pavlov's experiment. Through which we can understand that external stimulus or the thinking process of our mind can merely change the state of mind.

And, this thinking process develops our character, either good or bad.

⭕ Have you read about the placebo effect? It is a drug that does not have any action; it's just a neutral thing. But when given to the patients by a doctor, it can relieve the symptoms for which it was prescribed. This is nothing but the signals from your brain, which make it happen.

So, if you want to have a healthy life, it is important to have a healthy mind. Of course, to have a healthy mind, it is most important to have good values and virtues which are nothing but a part of a good character!

⭕ A good character makes us a positive minded person. This results in the release of various good hormones that make us stress-free.


The life of mankind is infinite. We have to bring out the beauty of our soul. We are not that bad as we think; we are beautiful. The only need is to bring the real beauty which you can bring with good character!

◆ Having good character is having good virtues, which means having happiness in one's life.

And, happiness is of utmost importance!

And only a happy person can live life to its fullest

◆ Character counts!

In order to have a virtuous bonding with anyone you want, you have to be fair and carry selflessness in you, which is part of our character building.

◆ A good character teaches us to keep our commitments! And, this is the secret of a successful person's life!

Never commit if you can't carry it.


● Good parents and children relationship have a great impact on one's life.

If there's a boy who did not get physical or emotional support from his parents or if he is an orphan and there was no one to support him. This boy will develop a character with low self-esteem.

It is necessary to have a good and supportive or stable relationship.

For example, if a mother of a 10-year-old girl never appreciates her daughter's work, don't you think this is going to hurt a little girl's mind, and this will create an impression on her character too?

● Stop giving excuses! Even this is one of the best qualities of a successful person. And, this can be surely attained by a good character.


◆ I read somewhere that Head, Heart, and Hand are the salient features to build a character.

Firstly the character influences a person's mind. Our mind processes the information and creates a unique signal. Our body receives these signals. And hippocampus gets stimulated and gets emotionally attached to a particular thought. And then your brain decides what sort of action is supposed to be taken.

There are various researches available that proves the importance of character building in a person. And how a good character can have an impact on one's behavior.


If you want to build a character in your child, then first inculcate it in yourself. Because a child learns what has been taught to him or her, but he or she owes it if observed. School is one of the places where a child experiences good and bad! Grab this opportunity and instill an amazing character in a new mind.

Students must be taught about responsibility, truthfulness, and sincerity in a way that they get stuck deep in their character. These are the main or salient points of good character.

● Honesty

What do you think, how a girl must behave who just saw her teacher lying on the call that he is not in the city?

A girl will develop a character such as it will be normal for her to lie.

Now, who is responsible??

Child or a teacher?

Think and respond!

● Self-regulation

A student must be taught to regulate their work, emotions, etc.

This can be done by playing some games or asking them to make a time table and try to follow it accordingly, at least for seven days.

● Healthy mind

Keep a child in a healthy environment, not only physically but also an emotionally healthy environment.

Play fun activities. Tell them the importance of knowledge, not of the grades they achieve.

Even if you are felicitating a topper of your class, never underestimate or scold the one who fails. This may develop negative thinking in a child's mind. Rather try to motivate him or her to do better. Help them to do so!

Let them gain values and virtues!

● Moral values

Ask a boy or a girl to help an old or needy every Sunday. Discuss this in the class.

Appreciate their work to it's best!


Inculcate an attitude in you that it is not over until I win!

It is quite difficult to do this but surely not impossible.

As an adult brain is a mature brain, it is crucial to understand the importance of positivity in life. You can better get the idea of how important it is to feel gratitude about whatever you have.

Believe me; the world owes you nothing until you are ready to accept everything in your life. Let it be success or failure. You have to decide whether you will feel sorry about it or want to take what you want!

◆ Focus on positive aspects of life.

◆ Be kind to everyone.

◆ Be honest.

Try to tell the exact reason for your boss about why you are late today. If you lied, who is responsible for your behavior. Believe me, your boss is going to appreciate your truthfulness, and even you will try not to make a mistake next time. This will make you not only honest but also punctual.

◆ Be punctual

◆ Be creative, confident, and always ready to accept the failures in a positive way.

◆ Keep moving no matter what circumstances you face in life. If you can't run, walk if you can't walk, crawl but never ever stop.

◆ You must have the ability to say "NO."


Once I read that " Man in his ignorance identifies himself within the material sheaths which can compress his real self. "


I actually mean to say lack of good character!

That's true that you can't make everyone happy. There will always be some who might be bitching about you.

Don't worry; just be on the path of honesty and kindness.


It is necessary to instill a good character in our young ones. Also, if we are on the wrong path, it is our responsibility to overcome it and be the real and great personality. Because children learn from our behavior!

Let's start step by step!

Let's be one, whom people can say that they have an amazing character!

Get, set, and inculcate!

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