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LFB is an online marketplace for bloggers who want to share “to the point” learning information from blogs. Users can quickly post informative learningTo the point posts from learn from blogs.png lessons and share learning experiences about a particular topic. There are many in-depth blogs available online to read and learn. LFB allows bloggers to publish long blogs in a more shorter or summarized type of posts. LFB is a platform where bloggers can quickly sign up and connect with other bloggers as well. LFB is the best place for learners to grasp, learn and share knowledge all in one place.

Our mission is to provide bloggers a platform or an arena where one can join and explore the best world of knowledge via micro or short to the point type of posts. The main activity is to quickly inform online users about your particular blog or main points of a particular section in your blog. LFB helps you to build your blog credibility in front of many users. LFB provides lots of short blogs summarized to the point and are distinct and provide informative blogs you can learn from.  

Our motive

Our main motive is to learn something new and quick every day. LFB is a great web portal to find learning-related posts from various bloggers. LFB provides flexibility to read and create informative posts easily. LFB is designed to help learners to figure out the best informative information in one place. 

How it works

The posting process on LFB is very simple to use for users.

First, you need to sign up and enter your blog link.

Next, create your post within 300 words and submit it.

Keep your post to the point and concise.

On each post and comments, bloggers will get some points.

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What you can do 

Users can post main points from their blogs

Share learning experience with users

Post key points of your learned course

Register your blog with LFB

Find out other bloggers in your niche

Post comments on other posts and shares your thoughts 

Keep your post to the point or use bullet points

Keep your post within 300 words

The post should be informative and valuable for learners

Keep your post original with content from your own blogs or write some new concise posts.

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What you can not do 

Do not post other bloggers content

Do not post links on comments

Do not post content that is not informative related

Do not post more than one link

Do not post advertisement related content

Do not post news and spam contents

What kind of posts can you submit on LFB

Any informative post which helps learners to learn something quickly. You can post educational, business strategies, study tips, critical thinking, exam preparation tips, focus tricks, goal setting, habits, language learning, memory management, motivation, positive attitude, priority, problem solving, procrastination, productivity, success, time management, general knowledge, books summaries and many more. 

Who can join

Anyone can join LFB! From those who are educational bloggers or someone who is just a life long learner to others who simply want to learn and share informative content. Whether or not you have a website or not, you still can join and share your knowledge with other users. 

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