Good Character Traits: Building Blocks of Integrity

Good Character Traits: Building Blocks of Integrity


Character traits are what you are as a person. It defines you in society. It is your mental and moral qualities that are different from others.

You can change your character if you think it isn't the "right way" to act. Adults change their characters when they see that their acts are hurting others.

They may be motivated to change their character to a new way of thinking.

A good character trait is someone who acts and thinks that matches some common good traits that are accepted. Such as being honest, respectful, and caring.

They may also be called good values or good morals.

What are good character traits?

As mentioned, a character is what we see in a person. Your every experience in life builds a character within you. Such as when you get ignored or dumped by someone you love, or you endure loss in your life.

It all leads to building a character within you. For instance, hard work builds character. Conflict builds character. Parenting builds character. Leading builds character. Each builds characters.

Oftentimes, a bad character is more linked to common criminals. As well as, politicians and leaders make the front page with several bad character encounters.

Though good character also knows no boundaries. Oftentimes, it gets unnoticed.

A good character trait includes loyalty, honesty, integrity, and courage. If you are a good character, you choose to do the right thing. Because you believe it is morally right to do so.

When you have good character traits, it is shown through your words and actions. It is shown in the good choices you make and the bad choices you avoid.

A character is more than visual. Character is all the good and positive traits we think it is. You need good characters to get the opinions and respect of others. And to build a happy life.

Building good character traits helps in;

- Build respect and trust from others

- Motivate and inspire others

- Build confidence and self-respect

- Reflect leadership role in personal or professional work

- Initiate a framework for making important decisions and choices.

Good character traits consist of moral values and integrity based on principles and self-reflection.

So how do you improve your character?

25 Good Character Traits that impact your life

Here are 25 good character traits that you need to begin working on;

1. Integrity

Integrity is a strong personal trait with core values and moral principles. It's the quality of being honest. When you have integrity, you base your appearance on it.

2. Honesty

Honesty is a good trait to have. It is more than just telling the truth. It is living the truth. It is being blunt and trustworthy in your relationships, thoughts, and interactions. Being honest requires authenticity and self-honesty.

3. Respectfulness

With this trait, you treat yourself and others with courtesy, kindness, and dignity. You give basic respect as a sign of your merit for the worth of all people.

4. Responsibility

This quality accepts personal, relational, career, community, and social duty even when they are difficult. If you are responsible, you commit to your problems or accept responsibility for your behavior and choices.

5. Loyalty

Loyalty is an ethical trait to devotion and faithfulness towards your loved ones, friends, or anyone with a trusted relationship. Loyalty is a good quality to possess. It can extend to your employer, organizations, your community, and even your country.

6. Humility

You are humble and have a modest opinion of your self-importance. You do not see yourself as "too good" for other people or situations.

7. Compassion

You are compassionate towards other people. You feel deep sympathy and sorrow for the suffering of others. And you have a desire to do something to diminish their misfortune.

8. Fairness

Fairness strives to make decisions and take actions fairly as in what you consider as the best course or outcome for all the people involved.

9. Forgiveness

You are easy to forget or forgive any resentments and anger toward someone. Whether or not that person has forgiven you.

10. Authenticity

With trait, you can see your true self. Without any pretend or insecurities masking yourself. You can show your flaws and self-awareness.

11. Brave

Despite the fear, anger, or pain, with this trait, you can carry on with a plan and a decision. Knowing that it is the best course of action.

12. Generosity

Generosity is willing to offer time, energy, and effort to someone without expecting something in return.

13. Perseverance

This is a character trait that is steadfast persistent in continuing with a course of action, belief, or purpose even if it's difficult to reach a higher goal.

14. Politeness

Politeness offers you good manners, common kindness, and etiquette. You desire to learn the personal skills of politeness to enhance your bonds and self-esteem.

15. Kindness

Kindness is one of the most positive attributes you could have. It is being kind, helpful, and caring to others. It lets you have warm and pleasant interactions.

16. Lovingness

This trait allows you to be loving toward those you love. It can either be by your words, actions, and expressions. It includes your willingness to be open and vulnerable.

17. Optimism

It is a moral example of having a sense of hopefulness and confidence about the future. It is a positive mental attitude in which you have an optimistic view of life, people, and situations.

18. Reliability

This character trait is your dependency to follow through with your commitments, actions, and decisions. You are persistent in your words and do what you say you will do.

19. Conscious

This trait has the desire to do things well and to the best of your ability. Conscious means you are thorough, careful, and efficient. As well as organized and attentive in your efforts and have a sense of what is right.

20. Self-disciplined

You will override your urges and desires using good habits or willpower to pursue the right course of action. You maintain self-control to reach your desired goal.

21. Ambitious

When you are ambitious, you possess the utmost desire to achieve your goals. For instance, whether you seek to find love, build a business or excel in your career, your ambition gives you the motivation to make it happen.

22. Hopeful

You offer hope and strength to others when you are encouraging. You give others support and confidence. This trait reveals your ability to understand emotions and care for others. Because of this nature, others are attracted to you naturally.

23. Unselfish

You aren't selfish when it comes to people or things. You easily contribute and share your ideas with others. And you do not expect anything in return.

24. Considerate

When you have this trait, you show an ability to think of others as well as yourself. You show you care for others and seek to understand their emotions.

25. Thoroughness

When you possess this trait, you make sure things are done correctly. And you put extra effort into it. Others can also count on you to fulfill what you promised with great care.

This 25-character traits list is a perfect way to begin building your good character. And what some good character traits offer can even change your life.

Top character traits of a good employee

Both soft skills and technical skills are important to quality as an employee in a company. Though, other than that, good work character traits also play a major role in a good employee.

Honesty and integrity:

Telling the truth about workload, difficult customers, or work-mates. This makes you a good employee as you will be trusted by others.

Work ethic:

Being polite in a working environment has its benefits. Being calm and presentable is all part of being professional at work.

Eager to learn:

Openness to learning new ideas are one of the attributes of good character traits. You share your thoughts and personal insights with the team.


Good employees coach those around them. You are willing to share your work and experiences.

If you are applying for a job, these good character traits are always what most companies look for. You can even display these good character traits for a resume. This allows you to be looked at as a good character person.

Good and bad character traits

Good character traits are many. You can possess them and learn how to improve your character. There are six traits of a good character that you must build and are known to be the "six pillars of characters."

1- Trustworthiness: be honest towards others and in your actions.

2- Respect: accept the differences and treat others with respect.

3- Responsible: responsible for your actions and words.

4- Fairness: making decisions fairly and not blaming others

5- Caring: kind to others and show empathy.

6- Citizenship: being a good person in a community and volunteering.

A character can be improved over time. Though it is up to you sometimes which characters you want to improve. Some bad characters you want to stay clear from are;

1- Arrogant: having an attitude that you are better than everyone else.

2- Dishonest: not saying the truth or living life dishonestly.

3- Bad-tempered: often in a bad mood that causes others to feel uncomfortable.

4- Awkward: clumsy and lazy.

5- Pessimistic: negatively viewing everything.

6- Selfishness: doing things just for your gains.


Character traits are both good and bad. You can improve your traits into good ones to live life much happier.

Character is something that is within you and can be seen by others. Good traits are beneficial for your work life, personal life and it serves good to others.

Bad character traits are just something not accepted socially, and it even harms you in a way. So it's always better to lean towards good character traits.

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