Compare and contrast

Compare and contrast related topics discuss the similarities and differences of things such as ideas, opinions, concepts, items, points, etc.

Walking and running are both good for your health. And are both excellent forms of cardiovascular exercise.People who regularly exercise have healthier hearts, stronger bones, and lower weight.Running is considered to hurt you as it is more open to injuries. While walking is a safe route if you want to burn calories.If you are walking for weight loss, your weight and the distance you walk matter. It is the biggest factor in how many calories burned walking.There are several arguments as to which one is better. But it all depends on your goals. And which one is right for you...View more
You must have noticed people who are in a relationship or have been in one, declaring their love to each other by those loving words. The most common one is obviously an "I love you." But you also have noted that more often than not, they say this by dropping the 'I' and ending it with "Love you." Both the ways are alright. But somehow feels different, right? The absence of the word 'I' makes it seem less personal and casual, isn't it?Mostly you will notice that this is said during a hurried situation like leaving for work. But it...View more
Love is a word that we will always be surrounded with. It is the most common topic we will hear about throughout our lives. This is also the most favorite topic for poets, writers, singers, musicians, or basically, any artist loves. For most of the people, it is their whole life. Some people feel that it is the only reason for their existence. Their only purpose in life is only to love. Take Rumi, the famous 13th-century Persian poet, and scholar, for instance. He was also a Sufi philosopher. For him, love was everything. But his love was for God...View more
I am catching some strong feelings for a person, but I don't know if it is really love or not?Do I really love them? Or is it just the attraction speaking? Am I with them because I really love them or because I just want them? How do I know if it is actually love and not otherwise?These questions surely had twirled in your mind or something similar if you have been in a relationship. Or are you still in one?There is a very thin line between both of them, and these feelings are often misunderstood. Or one does get...View more
We all think and feel. However, there’s a fine line between these two. We think when we want to solve a problem. And we feel when we are having an emotion such as anger, sadness, or joy.Feeling and thinking are two vital things we need in our everyday life. It helps us to solve our problems and aid us in decision-making. It’s the “I think” VS “I feel” tool.Thinking or feeling is both how we decide: through logic or people.Thinking VS FeelingThinking is based on logic. You make your decisions based on facts. And focus on seeking the truth. And...View more
Logic vs emotion is an old debate. It is what you think vs what you feel. Logic and emotion are our everyday challenges in decision making. It creates tensions within us.  And we make choices based on our logic or emotion. We make countless decisions every day. Such as; whether to sit on the sofa or chair. Even decisions like asking someone to marry, or Accepting a job offer. These choices may seem small, but they are making our destinies. Logic VS Emotion Each time you make a choice, your left-brain battles with your right brain. The left-side tells you...View more
We all have been in love once in our lives. No matter how brief. We are keen to feel the love in our lives. However, there’s a big difference between love and infatuation. You are either infatuated with someone or in-love.Infatuation vs LoveWhat is infatuation?The infatuation definition is that you are wildly attracted to someone. Infatuation love is passion. You are excited to see that person. You have a strong interest in them.An example of infatuation is your junior high school crush. It is often short-lived.What is love?Unlike infatuation, love is long-lived. It is a mix of emotions, behaviors, and...View more
We all feel anxiety and fear in our lives. It is with us in every situation. They get worse when we worry too much. Fear is linked to a known or understood cause. While anxiety is from an unknown or expected cause.Both anxiety and fear produce a stress response. Though, they are much different. They depend on how we react to these stress responses. Muscle tension and increased heart rate are symptoms with a response to danger. These changes we feel are from the fight or flight stress response. It is necessary for our survival.Anxiety VS FearAnxiety is your response...View more