10 Life hacks for feeling great

10 life hacks for feeling great.png

1. Write a love note to someone

2. Make a list of your accomplishments

3. Clear and organize your desk

4. Find 10 things to give away

5. Dance to your favorite song

6. Write your life vision

7. Plan an adventure or fun trip

8. Change your self-talk

9. Do something out-of-the-box

10. Write down 3 goals for your day


    ● Vegan foods and recipes avoid processed foods, processed sugars, too much oil, fries, and high-fat food items.

      ● Vegan diets are naturally high in fiber, low in calories, and low in fat.

        ● Certain restrictive nature of the vegan diet also contributes to reducing weight.

          A 2016 Harvard University Study “vegetarian diets and Weight Reduction” by Ru-Yi Huang et al. concluded that Vegan/vegetarian dieters lose more weight than non-vegetarians after 18 weeks of monitoring.

          Know some fun facts about the best rimless glasses

          If you are a consistent eyeglass wearer, there is no way that the thought of wearing rimless glasses hasn't crossed your mind. In spite of the perpetual modifications in style and fashion, Rimless glasses have always been archetypal. But wait a second.

          What exactly is the Rimless glasses?

          These are the glasses in which the lenses are straightway inclined to bridge. They are designed in such a manner that the frame is less intruding as possible.

          Still confused about whether to get one for yourself or not? Let's check out a few cool and interesting facts about Rimless glasses.

          1. A Timeless Classic

          Gone are the days when glasses made you look seriously geeky and highbrowed. In present times, it is more of an accessory that one likes to boast off. If you want to have a vintage and classic look, definitely go for the Rimless glasses.

          They have been in fashion since late 1800 when some fashionable French ladies started its wind as double trendy jewelry. It also has embedded its mark on the red carpet when glamorous Hollywood celebrities like Jenifer Garner, Patrick Dempsey and Kate Beckinsale were spotted flaunting it.

          2. Prices Are Actually Rock-Bottom

          It is usually a misconception that these glasses are upscaled and high-end accessories since affluent folks are wearing it more often. Even about 2 decades ago, it was considered as a thing being available to wealthy mobs only. But the times have changed, and so does the technology.

          3. Gives You a Minimalist look

          If you prefer to keep things sleek and plain-vanilla, you should go for these glasses. They will almost go with every clothing to try on, appealing to your aesthetics with simplicity. It gives your eyes a bare and sophisticated look due to a lack of rims.

          Stop cyberbullying

          Courage is fire and bullying is smoke -Benjamin Disraeli

          "Cyberbullying" this word has many more aspects than it seems to be. This is something we should take in a very thoughtful way. Even though cyberbullying existed during the old days, it has become more prevalent and serious nowadays, serious means uncontrollably serious. It's like a new trend.

          So what is "Cyberbullying." Every person who uses the internet or uses social media should have experienced this even once in their lifetime, which is a sad truth. Cyberbullying contradicts bullying through any kind of electronics like mobile, computer, etc. But it is not something that can be reduced to just one sentence. Cyberbullying is as important and crucial as any other bullying.

          Cyberbullying mainly includes insulting through words like online comments, offensive text, stalking, trolling, offensive messages, etc. This can affect the person more than you think. The worst scenario of this is the person bullying you won't even know who you are, and you don't even know that person sometimes, not even their face.

          Most of the cyberbullies are just a bunch of people who hides behind a screen without any identity. So we may think that "what is there to worry about something a faceless man tells." Human beings are provided with emotions, thinking capacity, and the ability to respond to their surroundings.

          So when there is chaos in the stable surroundings, humans will respond to it. This bullying can be considered as such chaos. And the response to it will be in different ways like rage, anger, emotional damage, suicide temptation, becoming pessimistic, self-doubt, trust issues, depression, etc.

          We may not be able to digest the fact that cyberbullying causes worse problems. But for the victim, the scene will be different. So "Cyberbullying" is a legitimate offense, and the bullies should be brought down.

          Just remember to live and let live.

          Take action today.jpg

          Students & Politics

          Students participate in politics have always posed a great problem. At times, their participation becomes necessary. But mostly they should be kept away. Let us argue the case in detail. The supporters hold that students are the members of the society.

          They are to become a citizen of tomorrow. They are to shoulder the responsibilities of running the countries affairs.

          Second, the students are an impartial community. They can work with vigor and patriotic zeal. They can speak against corrupt GOVT. They can check it from malpractices.

          Third, great deads require daring steps. The students having young blood can put life and soul into politics. Elderly people are cool minded. They can't run politics on smooth grounds.

          Fourth, the students are nation builders. To do their job well in the future, they should gain experience by taking part in politics.

          BAD EFFECTS:

          The opponents assert that students are immature. Politics is the job of mature persons. In their hands, politics itself is misused.

          Second, students are highly emotional. Some fortune seekers find the students their best catch. The students are easily exploited by those people.

          Third, politics is a dirty job. The student's indulgence in it mostly causes more violence and revolutions.

          Fourth, Taking part in politics affects their health, discontinues their studies, and diverts their thinking channels.

          Fifth, Sometimes, they create disturbance even in educational institutions. In this way, they pollute the atmosphere of the college.

          The arguments of both parties are weighty, but we should discuss the matter impartially. The students should take part in politics but with some limits.

          They should be neither too furious nor too passive. They should be allowed to take part in politics only in the time of emergency. Normally, they must stand aloof.

          Effect of social media on youth.

          In present-day life, online life is growing quick. It is utilized by numerous individuals everywhere throughout the world. Internet-based life is famous among youth. Be that as it may, there are numerous youngsters who can't control themselves and are dependent with web-based networking media.

          Online system administration effects:

          At first, reliance by means of online systems administration media makes the immature have horrible assessments in considering. Because of web-based life, various understudies who were wonderful understudies have become awful understudies. Reliably, these understudies come to class, yet they don't focus on considering. While their teachers are educating, they are using cellphones to surf Facebook, Instagram, or talk with mates on Messenger. They, for the most part, check their cellphones at normal interims to see what's going on by means of online systems administration media.

          Beside just blending, the casual associations have become edges for the corporate world to announce their items and undertakings. They may either do it honestly or pay renowned individuals to advance their things for them. Along these lines, online life offers an assortment of chances for youth. Popular adolescents can be enrolled by undertakings to be their picture representatives on the web.


          An evaluation from a number of studies done by various scientists show that social isolation can cause a number of effects such as

          · physical

          · emotional

          · mental

          · psychological issues

          This can, in turn, lead to

          · Depression

          · anxiety

          · weakness

          · poverty

          · examination propensities

          · living ceaselessly from the real world

          · lawful wellbeing.


          Electronic life is hazardous just if you misuse it. By limiting your usage of online life, you can keep away from experiencing the negative effects related to electronic life, and may even end up benefitting by it.

          Coronary Artery Disease among the aged people can be prevented

          In the modern world, coronary artery diseases fall under the main causes of mortality out of all cardiovascular diseases. The percentage of death is more than 80%. Most of the deaths are because of the sedentary behavior of the people and the level of daily physical activity.

          A particular number of deaths also result from Myocardial Infarction (MI) all over the world. The hospitalization rate of cardiac patients has increased in recent times, and it is a grave concern that despite hopes in the reduction of mortality, the increase in patients’ admission is growing day by day.

          Somehow coronary artery disease impacts negatively on their ability to perform daily living activities and their independence. The results of physical activities amongst older patients to prevent cardiovascular disease should be estimated. A cross-sectional design and a convenience sampling technique can reduce the prevalence rate and risk of mortality.

          Lifestyle has a dense impact on the progression of any common disease. Any positive approach to those will be the correct decision to change the pattern of diseases from acute to chronic. In this case, an exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation (CR) program must be taken into consideration to improve the functional capacity of the patients. This will also help them to maintain independence.

          Performance-based physical activity measures can help a lot to find a qualitative content analysis regarding this active matter. To date, no study has used this performance-based objective measures in cardiac patients older then 65 years who are at different recovery stages after following any cardiac event.

          How to Be Prepared for Anything?

          How to Be Prepared for Anything : A Scenario Plan.png

          Here are some methods that can help you face any situation

          Be positive

          Always have a positive state of mind. Focus on positives but also be ready to learn from the adverse outcomes.

          Keep your finances in order.

          Save for a rainy day. There is a lot of truth in that statement. You can face any eventualities, especially health issues or losses in business or funds for a new enterprise if you maintain some savings.


          Another important way to be prepared for all types of situations is to be fit and healthy because if your health goes down and the issue becomes complicated.

          Practice mindfulness

          Being mindful means to focus on the present moment,

          Understanding your thoughts, feelings, and sensations such as breathing.

          Being prepared is the best way to mitigate any eventuality. For foreseen situations, you can use your experience and advice of others to be ready. For unforeseen eventualities, you should guess or cover using Insurance.

          Whatever be the outcome of a situation, one should keep calm, be positive, be financially sound, and practice mindfulness. In case you are not able to handle it yourself, it is better to seek the help of a professional person to do so.

          Rewrite your story.png

          How can I get Internships?

          How can I get Internships?.png

          Before you go looking for internships, let’s get some things straight. You need to sit somewhere without disturbance and gather information such as:

          Write down your interests

          Be ready with your Resume

          Have a Good Profile


          Considerable Grades

          Gather all required/related information before applying

          Can seek Help

          Skill Set

          Try Local places first.

          Being a student, internships can play a vital role in adding the credentials you need. Being an employee, internship programs can help you gain more knowledge and expertise. As a job-seeker, the internships programs that you have completed could make you stand out from the rest. On the whole, internships are becoming important. Look for it, and before that, prepare yourself for it.

          What is a Vision Board?


          It is a collage of your visions, your goals, and your aspirations. It displays images that represent what you want to achieve in your life ultimately – a tool on the ways to get your focus and attention on to your life goals.

          Here is how you can discover your purpose with a vision board.

          1. First, create a board and write words, phrases, sentences, and extracts of words that you think you may need to achieve your goals on it
          2. Cut and paste pictures that you like from different sources that you think are important to remember to keep your focus intact on those goals
          3. Write your daily affirmations for a while

          Once you complete the above activities, you will see a new image of a goal or a purpose that transpires. The new image or route map that you see now may be in line with your current thinking or something you never seriously thought was your goal, but which was buried in your subconscious mind.

          Advantages of Vision Board:

          • Keeps you focused
          • Shows you the roadmap towards your purpose
          • Inspires you to move on
          • Retains and enhances confidence.
          Main factors contribute to Good health

          There are a number of positive lifestyle factors that can encourage good health if you want to live a long and healthy life. Making the right choices related to diet, activity, and sleep can reduce your health risks. Some of the factors of good health are:

          Eating a well-balanced diet: Diet plays an important role in maintaining good health. The quality of the food we eat and the nutrients it contains determines whether we simply survive or thrive

          Regular Physical Activity: The key to overcome our lazy lifestyles is doing more physical activity, by sitting less, standing and walking more, housework, and gardening, and finding opportunities to move whenever possible.

          Getting an adequate amount of sleep: Scientists told us several times that people need 7 to 8 hours of sleep to function properly. Yet many of us are now getting less than 6 hours of sleep every night. Not getting enough sleep is linked with every disease from obesity to diabetes to autoimmune disease to Alzheimer’s.

          Maintaining a healthy body weight: Obesity is related to a shorter lifespan and it also increases the risk of many other chronic diseases. A normal range of body mass index is between 19 and 24.

          Benefits of Pets

          Are you wondering can pets help you in improving your mental condition or health? Will pets help you in socializing or interacting with other people? Yes, they can. Pets can help its owner in many ways, especially dogs as known as “Best Friend of Human Beings”. Pets can help you in improving mental health, improves health, and help you socialize.

          Physical Health:

          There are a lot of activities that add up in your daily routine when you keep a dog, that maintains your blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy like walking and playing with your dog etc, which ultimately improves your health.

          Mental Health:

          When you keep a pet, it helps you a lot in; releasing your stress, removing tension, and filling up loneliness, etc which are some of the most common factors that cause mental illness. When you play with your pet after a whole day of stress and tension from work.

          Social Interaction:

          Pets open a lot of new opportunities for you to meet people and make friends. You are most likely to meet with a lot of people when you are walking with your pet or playing, as pets usually attract people.

          How to BUILD FRIENDSHIP that last


          Friends have a great impact on our happiness, whether it's friendship from partners, parents, or siblings, or to any people you have known for a few years or since you were a kid. It is incredible how these people can be brought us joy and sorrow at the same time.

          So I would like to share some points on how to build meaningful and lasting friendships match with powerful quotes from known personalities.

          1. Be yourself - don't put on an act just to get the person to like you.

          “A a real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” - Walter Winchell

          2. Ask open-ended questions.

          “Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is a conversation.” - Oscar Wilde

          3. Listen to the other person's heart, not just to the words.

          “I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people do not listen.” - Ernest Hemmingway

          How to give constructive feedback
          7 ways to give valuable and constructive feedback to staff
          1. Be problem-focused and specific. As well as telling the employee what they need to do better, tell them why.
          2. Talk about the situation, not the individual.
          3. Give praise where it's due.
          4. Be direct but informal.
          5. Be sincere.
          6. Listen.
          7. Make it timely.


          Being an entrepreneur is as hard as being a leader. Below are 25 traits an entrepreneur must have to successfully lead his empire.

          1. DRIVEN

          2. COURAGEOUS

          3. VISIONARY

          4. KNOWLEDGEABLE

          5. GOOD HEALTH

          6. HONEST

          7. OPTIMISTIC

          8. SOUND JUDGEMENT

          9. RECEPTIVE

          10. ENTHUSIASTIC

          11. RISK TAKER

          12. DYNAMIC

          13. ENTERPRISING

          14. PERSUASIVE

          15. OUTGOING


          17. ADAPTABLE

          18. PERFECTIONIST

          19. HUMOROUS

          20. VERSATILE

          21. CURIOUS

          22. SELF-SUFFICIENT

          23. REALISTIC

          24. IMAGINATIVE

          25. COMMUNICATIVE

          Which of these qualities do you have? It's okay if you only have three or a few of them. Now, here's how to improve your personality to make you succeed in your leadership.

          First, PRACTICE DISCIPLINE. People will judge you by the amount of discipline you put in your work.

          Second, DON'T BE AFRAID TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. No matter how menial it is, take responsibility.

          Third, LEARN TO FOLLOW. Anyway, a good leader is a good follower.

          Fourth, DEVELOP SITUATIONAL AWARENESS. Learn to foresee what will happen and plan ahead to obstruct the problem.

          Last but not least, EMPOWER YOUR TEAMMATES. Be inspired and show examples through yourself to keep the fire blazing.

          4 tips to improve your judgment


          Paul Valery quoted judgment this way: "Our judgment judges us, and nothing reveals us, exposes our weaknesses, more ingeniously than the attitude of pronouncing upon our fellows" while Mark Twain says "You cannot depend on your judgment when your imagination is out of focus."

          This is all true because judgment plays a critical role in successful leadership. Before we give tips on how to improve your judgment, which you may use to your path of discovering success, let us define first what judgment is. Sigma Assessment Systems.com defines judgment as similar to air traffic the controller that regulates how you navigate challenging situations, and whether you dial up or dial down on a dimension to arrive at an effective decision.

          Hence, to improve your judgment, follow these tips:

          1. Reminisce when you last made a judgment. Does it serve you well? Acceptance is the key to successful judgment. Acknowledge your ability to judge before you can fix something else.

          2. Avoid flip-flopping. Stick to what you said.

          3. Never judge someone as less to make yourself feel like more.

          4. Consult a senior first of how he sees your opinion before you make your potential judgment.

          How do you appreciate the little things in life?
          Here are the simple ways of enjoying the small things can make you more grateful:

          1. Keep Track Of The Small Things.
          2. Thank Someone For The Small Things.
          3. Compliment Someone For The Small Things.
          4. Appreciate Yourself For The Small Things.
          5. Live in the Moment And Appreciate The Little Things.
          6. Enjoy the little things at home.
          What you want for yourself



          What you want is the primary point of your success.

          If you want to be a poet and end up writing content for websites, then how you would find the passion for pushing yourself beyond your limits.

          What you want for yourself is important to recognize. Because when passion becomes your work, you don’t even have to push yourself beyond limits. Then you just go that extra mile for your happiness. You can do anything positive that you want to do because there is no limit being any good in life.

          small changes make a big difference



          You can’t make your life overnight successful. You can’t change to another person in just a single year.

          I find it hilarious when people make a New Year’s resolution like these. Some say, “I will change the theme.” Some other people say, “I will be a completely different person.”

          This is just not right because goals have to be small enough to be achievable. The whole you is something that has been building over the past years.

          How can you change it over a single year? Instead of that, you should start small. Set small goals. You can say, “I will quit smoking and drinking.” You also can say, “I will go to the gym regularly.” Not keeping works pending can also be your goal.

          These small things contribute to a lot of changes in your regular life. If you maintain these changes over a year, then you will get surprised by witnessing a new you.

          How do I become happy?
          How to Be Happy: 8 Ways to Be Happier
          1. Give yourself a confidence boost.
          2. Fuel your progress by learning how to feel better about yourself.
          3. Create balance and overcome burnout.
          4. Build a growth mindset for happiness.
          5. Make positive memories.
          6. Find those silver linings.
          7. Take breaks from social media.
          8. Spend smarter for more happiness.