Emotional Immaturity vs Emotional Responsibility

Emotional Immaturity vs Emotional Responsibility


What is Emotional Immaturity?

Emotional immaturity is when a person does not give up the desires of childhood. These desires or fantasies sum up their world. Additionally, such people bend reality to achieve these desires. It is a known fact that maturity starts when you start thinking about others. In fact, it is also known as Little Princess or Prince syndrome. In simpler words, it is a condition where an adult behaves like a child. So, let's have a look at some traits of a person with emotional immaturity.

1. Emotionally Immature people are egocentric

We grow up knowing the fact that the world does not involve us. A small baby does not know this. In addition, this is the reason why babies cry in the middle of the night. They aren't worried if they wake their parents up. Similarly, emotionally immature people don't mature with age. Their behaviors are always similar to a child. Additionally, they live in their own perfect world.

2. They struggle with feelings

Each person, regardless of age, has feelings. Some talk about them openly, whereas others struggle with them. Individuals who are emotionally immature struggle with opening up. Additionally, it becomes very different for them to deal with it. This can result in complicated feelings. Moreover, it can lead to troublesome relationships.

3. They find it difficult to talk about the future

These kinds of people usually find it difficult to commit. In other words, they are never sure of the future. Be it from camping plans to birthday parties, and such people never make promises. Additionally, they are yet to come to terms with committing. They do not plan their life ahead. Moreover, they are the kind of people who live in the moment.

4. They are never open about their real self

Such people are always held back. Additionally, they never open up with anyone. In other words, an emotionally immature person is unsure about what they want to be. Similarly, they don't know themselves on a personal level. Besides, they never connect on a deeper level with anyone. For a fact, they like to be in your own world.

5. They can not deal with stress

Emotionally immature individuals cannot deal with stress the right way. Additionally, whenever they face emotions, they pull away. In other words, they try to escape from the situation.

What is Emotional Responsibility?

Emotional Responsibility is the feelings, beliefs, and behaviors which are experienced by the person. However, it may involve other people who activate the event. In simpler terms, it owns emotions. Additionally, it also includes identifying them. For instance, your friend says something rude. However, it is decided by you if you are affected by it or not.

Moreover, it is responsible for your actions. In addition, it also includes behaviors, feelings, and thoughts. All through our lives, when we talk to others, we project ourselves. In other words, our conversations are the display of ourselves. Our opinions and behavior showcase our characteristics. The readings of other people show our personality.

The majority of our observations are based on our being. This is how we project ourselves in a group of people. In addition, when we give opinions, we display our personalities. For a fact, the way we read others is a reflection of ourselves. Similarly, if someone is not comfortable around you, it is your responsibility. Try to do things that make them feel comfortable. This is what is called emotional responsibility. On the other hand, if we feel a surge of emotions, we force them on others. This way, it becomes their responsibility.

What does emotional responsibility actually mean?

Taking responsibility for how others feel is a huge responsibility. Additionally, when you are responsible for others, you are also responsible for taking the blame. Therefore, it is best to look at ourselves and turn our attention to reality. If we are not responsible for our emotions, who should? It is totally you who are responsible for every action. Similarly, it is completely okay to express yourself. Your wellbeing is under your control.

Once you are aware to observe yourself, you unravel better opportunities. Similarly, when you discover yourself, you become aware of your potential. Hence, you continue to evolve and grow. Additionally, you become aware of your actions and behaviors. When you take complete responsibility for yourself, you also commit to things as a whole. That includes thoughts, actions, feelings, and consequences.

The basic types of Emotional Responsibility

There are multiple types of emotional responsibility. Some of them are:

- We are responsible for how we feel. That additionally means food, drugs, or alcohol. In fact, these are ways to combat pain. Additionally, they take away feelings of emptiness.

- The next one is being responsible for how we spend time. It could be simply watching tv or reading books. Moreover, these too are methods to make you feel better.

- The next is to be responsible for your finances. In other words, how you define one's worth with money. Similarly, how do you deal with monetary issues?

- The next type is to be responsible for how you love and respect others. It shows your dependency on others for their love. Additionally, it displays your need for respect and needs to feel worthy.


The moment you are aware of your emotions, your half battle is won. Once you learn how to regulate or manage them, you will learn a new skill. However, these skills come with determination. Usually, these are inbuilt characteristics that define a person. Therefore, you, too, can learn to manage your emotions.

Similarly, that will help you in changing your future. The more responsible you get with yourself, the better. There is a vast difference between emotional responsibility and emotional immaturity. Both have unique traits and characteristics. However, you are the anchor of your life. It is up to you how you would like to progress in life. These are the qualities that have the power of turning your world around.

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