The Ultimate Guide to Infatuation Vs Love: Definition, Differences between them, and Signs of Infatuated Love

The Ultimate Guide to Infatuation Vs Love: Definition, Differences between them, and Signs of Infatuated Love


We all have been in love once in our lives. No matter how brief. We are keen to feel the love in our lives. However, there’s a big difference between love and infatuation. You are either infatuated with someone or in-love.

Infatuation vs Love

What is infatuation?

The infatuation definition is that you are wildly attracted to someone. Infatuation love is passion. You are excited to see that person. You have a strong interest in them.

An example of infatuation is your junior high school crush. It is often short-lived.

What is love?

Unlike infatuation, love is long-lived. It is a mix of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs. Love defines the affection you have for someone. It’s the feeling of warmth and respect for another person.

Romantic love is infatuation but mixed with friendship and trust. And support. If you are in love, you love the bad and the good side of that person.

An example of common love is your love for your sister or parents.

Difference between love and infatuation: is it love or infatuation

- It is infatuation: if you badly want to be next to the person.

When you are infatuated, you always crave to be next to that person. You can’t stop smiling. However, it is just the excitement and lust. You physically want to be near the person. It is not love if you are afraid of calling them and talking to them about your problems.

- It is love: if you feel safe around the person.

If you are in love with someone, you feel supported. You want to talk to them about your fears. You feel comforted when you are with them.

- It is infatuation: if you overthink your relationship with them.

Whereas love is two-sided, infatuation is often one-sided. If you are infatuated, you always wonder if the other person is into you. You overthink the little things. You always question whether or not they are going to leave.

- It is love: if you could count on them when you have a problem.

Love always stays with you during a crisis. For instance, if you are in danger, would you call the person you want?

If you would call, and you know they would be there for you, it is love. Whereas in infatuation, you do not want to burden the person.

- It is infatuation: if your relationship is only physical.

Physical intimacy should always be a side thing in love. But, in infatuation, physical intimacy is the main thing. You would rather be physical with the person than talk to them.

Instead of going out and meeting friends, you would prefer to have physical intimacy. With love, it is not the central focus. Instead, it is just an exciting way to show love to your partner.

- It is love: if your relationship is both intimacy and friendship.

Romantic love is a mixture of friendship and intimacy. There are trust and support between you two. You would rather spend time with them talking and going out. If there is no friendship and intimacy, then it is not romantic love.

Comparison of love and infatuation

Symptoms of love:

- Confidence

- Loyalty

- Selfless

- Faithful

Symptoms of infatuation:

- Need

- Intensity

- Anxiety

- Desire

These symptoms affect your daily life if you are infatuated. There many physical signs of infatuation. Below are 12 signs of infatuation that you cannot miss.

1- You lose focus; it takes you time to finish a simple task. You are not listening when others talk to you. And you find yourself making small errors.

2- You always remember them. When you are infatuated, even small things remind you of them. The song reminds you of the way they smiled. Everything has some connection to them. When in reality, there is no connection. You always want them in your mind.

3- You always want to talk about them. If they are the only person you can talk about, then you are infatuated.

4- You get defensive if someone else knew them before you. If you know someone that knew the person before you did, you are highly defensive. Maybe they tell you that they are a liar or a cheater, but you still defend them.

5- You change to match with them. For instance, you used to love kids and wished to have one day. But the person does not want kids. So suddenly, you do not want kids as well! Willing to change your wants and dreams for this person is not love.

6- You just met them. Being infatuated with someone you barely know is trouble. You think you love the person when you just met. In reality, it is more of a desire towards them than love.

7- It feels as if you know everything about them. It feels like you have known the person for a year. When in reality, you do not know who they are. Unlike infatuation, love is when you start to see who they are. And accept both the good and the bad.

8- You are afraid that they will leave you. You always think that they will cheat on you. It is this sudden panic in your head. And you start building trust issues. Whereas love is confidence and, you trust them.

9- It feels like the best thing has ever happened to you. You feel like this is better than when you graduated college. But it is not the best thing that will ever happen to you. Loving someone shouldn’t be the main focus of your life. Instead, it should be the support and comfort you need.

10- You look up to them. You see the person as the best-looking person you have ever met. By doing so, you feel insecure about yourself. You start questioning yourself as to why are they are with you. Love isn’t supposed to be like this. Love is mutual. You see them as your equal.

11- You always jump into the next step. You still don’t know the person for long, yet you want everything with them. You are willing to spend your entire life with them. Instead of living in the moment, you think far ahead. In love, all these moments come naturally. Love is patience.

12- You lost interest. Suddenly you don’t find the person the most attractive. You are no longer ‘obsessed’ over them. If it is love, you find all their ugliness beautiful until you are old. Infatuation leaves as quickly as it comes.

Now you might wonder, why do I become infatuated so easily.

The reason you get infatuated so easily is that you deny the most beautiful parts of yourself. You display all your hidden love onto them. You forget who you are and believe they hold all the magic.

You might also question; can infatuation turn into love?

Infatuation happens very quickly and tends to become an obsessive infatuation. It is usually short-lived and does not lead to love. When you are in love, you experience intense love. And connect with them through body and soul.

Difference between love and affection

You might wonder, what is the difference between love and affection as they sound the same. Love and affection are similar, yet very different.

As mentioned, love is a mix of emotions and beliefs. It is physical and spiritual. Love is ahead of affection. Affection is a step towards love.

When you love someone, you feel affection for that person. But, we do not love everyone for who we have affection for. The intensity is different. Love is much intense, deep, and strong. While affection is less intense, it is a mild feeling.

Love does not need a reason. You could fall in love for no reason. However, affection needs reasoning and attraction.

Love and affection comparison


Love: a feeling of deep affection

Affection: a feeling of liking and attraction for someone or something.


Love: deep and strong

Affection: less strong


Love: included

Affection: not included

Feeling For

Love: a person exactly

Affection: a person or thing


Love: More attraction

Affection: Less attraction

Love VS Obsession Comparison

Love is an emotion that builds when you get to know the person. You put your time and effort into knowing them. Obsession, on the other hand, is unhealthy. If you are obsessed, you can’t be without one another.

Obsessive love is when you need to know everything about your partner. Where they are and who they are with. Negative feelings, such as jealousy, begin to show.

If you are obsessive, you spend all your time trying to impress the person. You are ensuring that they do not cheat on you or leave you.

Often, obsession can turn to verbal or physical abuse. You constantly blame the person for doing the wrong things. In obsession, you make the person helpless into leaving you.

Whereas love is pure. It is natural. With true love vs. obsession, true love is fondness and devotion. It is deep and strong. While obsession is all the negative feelings.

Being in love with someone is a beautiful thing. You look forward to using your time with that person. You help and support each other. We all want to be loved. And give love.

Though often, unhealthy infatuation occurs. It leaves us tired and lonely. If you are infatuated with someone, try to overcome it before it turns into long-term infatuation.

How to know if your feelings are real?

If you are always looking forward to seeing them. And you know that they will be there emotionally, then you are in love. You know you want to spend as much time with them. You feel secure and happy with the person.

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