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Writing is my hobby, and I am working hard to make it my profession. I write more about the lifestyle, and I love to express my thoughts.


I read somewhere - "You are the artist of your life. Don't give the paintbrush to anyone else."

Everyone has a different definition for their happiness. Someone tries to find his joy in tiny things, and someone needs an occasion. Let's check whether you are happy or not? If you follow the items listed below. You can say, Yes, I am so glad.

- What other think of you is none of your business.

Many of us have spent most of their time thinking about what other people think. It is an impossible and time-wasting task to please everyone. You shine when you start to give attention to yourself and not to others.

- Detach yourself from your past.

What is the past? The past is which is gone by in time and no longer existing. So, if it does not exist, then why you are stacked with it? Whatever was the thing, it is now gone by and does not live in the present anymore. Your present actions are not going to change a bit in your past. But yes, your current activities will be going to change your future.

- Self-acceptance

Accept yourself the way you are. Don't compare your life with others. You are the only version of yourself. Don't try to copy someone by any aspect. Someone already exists, be yourself. Compete with yourself and find better within you. Nobody wants to see a copy. See others as your inspiration and not as a competition.

- You are the boss.

Be hopeless. Expectation breaks the foundation of your joy. As much time you depend on somebody for your happiness, you'll surely get disappointment. Everyone wants to become a boss. Then why not starting From yourself. Own your joy. Start running the business of yourself.


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