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We often go through many experiences in our life that make us feel like life is too difficult. These can be anything from minor challenges like being stuck in traffic to major losses like losing a loved one or being fired from a high paying job.

If it were possible to just get rid of problems, everyone would have done it. We would all just have chosen an easy life over these difficulties. However, this is not realistically possible.

However, it does not mean you have to suffer and lead a difficult life. Although you can not make the problems go away, you can certainly learn better ways to deal with them.

Simplify things instead of complicating them

Often when we go through life, knowingly or unknowingly, we end up complicating things for ourselves and others around us. This can make life more difficult than it needs to be. One way to deal with this is to start simplifying things. The more you keep things simple, the easier you will find life as a whole.

One way to start simplifying is to keep your homes and workspaces clean. Even though it sounds totally unrelated, our physical environments are often a reflection of our internal experiences. A clean, uncluttered space is known to boost productivity and give us the much-needed peace of mind.

Not only that, but a well-organized space also makes it easier to find things when you need them instead of having to tear the whole place down when you can not remember where you kept it. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress and panic. This commotion can be avoided by keeping things in their designated place so when you need something, you can know exactly where to find it.



“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your Voice, Your Mind, Your Story, Your Vision. So Write and Draw and Build and Play and Dance and Live as only you can”

- Neil Gaiman

You are Unique. Like you, every individual is a unique piece of life put on earth. There’s nothing more exciting and striking than ‘you’ and your ‘uniqueness’.

Circumstances and People can take everything from you. What they can’t take from you is your voice and your soul.

We get inspired by people for their ‘uniqueness’. We tend to admire people who have their own ideas and traits.

Folks who are being themselves attract more loyal people around them. Being 'who you are' gives more freedom than pretending to be someone else.

Same way, following your vision, goals, dreams, and life-needs will bring more happiness instead of comparisons. People who built themselves up from scratch had one thing special.

Similarly, happy people have the same special thing. Wondering what it is? They never stop being themselves. They value their voice.

Listening to your soul can make your life easier and happier.

Finally, everything you achieved will become meaningless when you don’t do it from your soul.

As the quote says, the one thing that nobody else has is you. Nobody can take away your vision, your mind, your heart, and your soul.

Nobody can live your life! No one can take your place! Your voice and vision are unique. Go write your own story!


“No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself”

- Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

There’s a wonderful thing about being oneself. You get freedom. Honesty becomes a part of you. What you want in life becomes clearer. Recognizing your good and bad, flaws and perfections become easy.

By being oneself, there comes no need for acceptance, validation, inclusion or any other. The reason is, when you begin to search for validation and acceptance from outside, you lose a piece of your soul inside.

I use to admire some wonderful people who are themselves in spite of life’s happening. I never see a hurry in them. Being at peace comes easily to them.

Being oneself is what all life’s philosophies are about if you ask me. It’s the easiest and noblest thing you can do. Honoring oneself brings self-respect, peace, and value to your heart, mind, and soul altogether.

Ever seen how people are so genuine and humble that it makes us inspired instantly? It’s because they are happy being themselves.

Inspiration is different. But the intention to be somebody is different. If you like being somebody else, it means you find yourself insufficient.

Don’t give much pressure on yourself. To pretend and to fake can seem good for the time being. Once it comes out, people can lose their hope and trust they had on you.

Don’t lose good people in life by not being yourself. Life’s value lies in having good people around you. Being oneself is the best way to achieve it.

By being yourself, you show the world a chance to see who you are really. Let good people stay. Until then, no need to sparkle. No need to prove. No need to hurry. Just Be Yourself!


“The Weak Can Never Forgive. Forgiveness is the Attribute of the strong”

- MK Gandhi

Do you think it’s easy to forgive? The answer will be a ‘No’. It’s not easy to forgive people and things that put us down.

That’s why forgiveness is considered a strong attribute in building a character. Only the strong can forgive. It sets them free. Weak can never forgive.

They hold on to it and suffer. Forgiveness comes when you want to move on in life instead of staying down.

Forgiveness comes when you value and respect the goodness of relationships instead of people who abuse it. It applies to personal as well as professional life.

Most importantly, people forgive to make themselves at peace. Once you start forgiving the negatives people did to you, your heart becomes peaceful and happy.

Forgiving people who did you wrong is the best punishment that you can give. It will not be easy. Practically, it’s too difficult to forgive. With time, you will learn to forgive.

By holding on to your negative-happenings, you can see how miserable life can be. Forgive! Forgiveness liberates your soul from emotions that try to bring you down.

Forgiving is for ‘yourself’ too. Forgive yourself when you have to. If you can forgive people, it means that you have the best power and great character that life can offer you. I don’t mean to let go of all things happened. Just, learn the lesson. Forgive and Don’t Forget.

Most importantly, Forgive people!

Forgive yourself when you have to!


“Do what you need to and enjoy life as it happens”

- John Scalzi

Set aside all your success, failures, money and dreams for a while. Earth rotates. Life still happens. Happy people can see how life happens every day.

They do what they do and what they need to do. That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less! Why don’t we try it? For once, let’s clear our mind from all the worries, commitments, burdens and stress for the day.

We can see clearly how life blooms. The next thing we do is we plan life. Plans don’t work all the time. Life has its own terms and conditions that don’t fit with us all the time.

Let life happen. Go with the flow and see how peaceful life can be. At times, that is the only possible solution that you can use to solve life.

The part where we say ‘Do what you need to do’ covers everything in our life. It involves our work, our personal life, our dreams, and our goals. Do what you have to do to.

Work hard. Have Fun on the way. Celebrate even little things that bring you joy. Don’t stress over the results.

Do what you need to do with all your heart. Set the rest aside. Be in the present. Do things to make your ‘Present’ right. Let life happen.


“I can be changed by what happens to me. But, I refuse to be reduced by it”

- Maya Angelou

Bad things happen. Don’t let it get to you. A real achievement for you is to not let all the bad things happened to affect you.

Of course, it changes you. But, don’t let bad experiences reduce who you are. Allowing failures to change who you are is different from changing who you are.

Take the lessons only. Don’t change the goodness you have. I can see people justify who they are now because of bad experiences happened to them.

I also see people who are happier, humbler and clearer in what life is right after all the bad things happened.

Which one are you? To stay in character and growing the goodness you have in the middle of life’s failures is the true accomplishment. That is where the true spirit stays. Nothing else matters.

It’s easy to say ‘They did Bad. I became bad’. The hardest part is ‘They did badly. I’m still better than them’. The moment you do 'good' to the people who did you 'bad', you become a true beauty.

Nothing shames the bad people than the good you do to them. ‘Forgiving’ hurts them more than you can imagine. Be the better person here.

Don’t ever let failures, bad experiences and negative people around to reduce you. Don’t let them kill your goodwill and soul. Let all the challenges you face make you stronger!

Failures are always temporary. Change by what happened to you. But, don’t change your good.


“It took me 17 Years and 114 Days to become an overnight success”

- Lionel Messi

Is there a thing called ‘overnight successes? Definitely No! Success doesn’t happen like that. It takes a lot of work.

This quote is a good reminder of what it takes to achieve success. Nothing is ever achieved overnight.

If you look around, we only see people who work and work. Eventually, they succeed. For those who think they can achieve success shortly, well, think again.

Temporary short routes for success are more like a dead end. You can travel but you cannot go further than a point. You will be forced to stop somewhere. It becomes difficult to get past after some time.

True success will never be overnight. for instance, An invention can become an overnight success. But, the hard work and dedication involved with it will be for months and years.

Scoring a perfect goal can make someone a sensation. Behind the perfect goal, there will be years of training, dedication, and practice. Running a big business empire or a humble home setup is not different. They are the same when it comes to attaining success. It’s achieved through sincerity, commitment, honesty, skill, and efforts.

True success is all the above. It applies to everything in life. An honest fruitful success is what everyone wants. For that, all you need to do is work, and work. If the thing you do is what you like, then, accomplishing success becomes a fun ride for you.

Work! Work towards what you like!

Nothing comes overnight, Especially Success!


“Talent you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours of work”

- Usain Bolt

You probably now understand what’s it’s all about. Talent is natural. Only with dedicated hours of work, you develop it into a skill. Finding talents can sometimes be hard.

Even harder is to make the talent evolve into a skill. Talent is natural. Skill is the ‘dedication and discipline’ you put in perfecting that talent.

There is a misconception that people with skills are natural. In reality, that’s not true. They are people with talent just like you and me. They become this skilled achiever with hours and hours of work and practice.

Most importantly, they enjoy what they do. By spending their focus, hard work, mind and body into perfecting the talent, they become this skilled achiever whom we celebrate.

Another question that comes to your mind would be ‘Do I have a talent? What is my Talent?’. Most often, things that people enjoy doing is a way to find their talent.

For instance, it could be anything from cooking, studies, researching, writing, drawing, sketching, arts, games, playing, sports, etc. Your favorite hobby is another form of talent.

Talent is from your heart. It comes naturally. Through dedication and hours of practice, training and work, you make this talent a bankable skill. Only by spending your mind and soul in perfecting your talent, the skill you wish to have can be achieved.

Don’t forget this life quote. You become skilled through hours of hard work. Talent is natural. The skill is not.


“Don’t quit. You’re already in pain. You’re already hurt. Get a reward from it”

- Unknown

Quitting is easy. Finding reasons to quit is easy too. What’s hard is, to get up and resume. Life’s not always a flower shower. Life throws bricks and stones unexpectedly.

At times when everything seems like a troublesome challenge, don’t quit. Life can force you to do so. But, what life sees is whether you are getting up or staying down.

This quote is a practical reminder to resume your life amidst all the troubles you are facing. You are already hurt. You are already in pain. Nothing can be done to reverse it. So, embrace the pain. Make the best out of it.

Take this time of life to see what’s real, what’s true and what life means. A most difficult time in life is where people crack open a new version of themselves. They run faster and work harder towards what they want in life.

Pain and suffering is a good motivator to achieve good things and success. Let the pain and hurt you suffered makes you stronger in building your life.

The biggest reward that you can get out of life’s trouble is to build it from where you stopped. Make the best out of life’s troubles by working harder.

Start working on your dreams. Remember, you’re already in pain. You are already hurt. Get the reward out of it by building yourself. Don’t let it all go in vain by staying down.


“There are better starters than me but I’m a strong finisher”

- Usain Bolt

Don’t worry if people are going ahead of you in life. What matters the most is, how you land your life in the end. The end I mean here is how happy you are with your life.

The job you do or the business you run should make you happy. Let your mind and heart be content and in peace. Have the will to get up every time you fall.

Build your life to give your peace and growth. Keeping your heart right is always a big thing. Do it. All of the above is what we call a true strong finish.

Besides hard work and efforts, success has its own pace like our life. People attain success at the start while some people get it later. If you measure success with your money, you will still feel like you need more.

If you measure success in things you like to do, dreams you like to follow and earning true people in life, you will be the happiest and content person on earth.

Once again, it doesn’t matter where you are in life. Don’t worry about people running ahead of you. Every day is a new chance to start something you want to do in life.

Start now. Work on yourself. Work on your dreams. Work hard. In the end, be better and be proud of yourself. You become a strong finisher in the end. That’s what matters the most.

We often go through many experiences in our life that make us feel like life is too difficult. These can be anything from minor challenges like being stuck in traffic to major losses like losing a loved one or being fired from a high paying job.

If it were possible to just get rid of problems, everyone would have done it. We would all just have chosen an easy life over these difficulties. However, this is not realistically possible.

However, it does not mean you have to suffer and lead a difficult life. Although you can not make the problems go away, you can certainly learn better ways to deal with them.

Simplify things instead of complicating them

Often when we go through life, knowingly or unknowingly, we end up complicating things for ourselves and others around us. This can make life more difficult than it needs to be. One way to deal with this is to start simplifying things. The more you keep things simple, the easier you will find life as a whole.

One way to start simplifying is to keep your homes and workspaces clean. Even though it sounds totally unrelated, our physical environments are often a reflection of our internal experiences. A clean, uncluttered space is known to boost productivity and give us the much-needed peace of mind.

Not only that, but a well-organized space also makes it easier to find things when you need them instead of having to tear the whole place down when you can not remember where you kept it. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress and panic. This commotion can be avoided by keeping things in their designated place so when you need something, you can know exactly where to find it.

Identify your strengths

When we amplify our flaws, it can become easy to get stuck in a cycle of hating ourselves. The more you obsess over your flaws, the more flaws you find to obsess over. The only way to break this self-hate cycle is to focus on your strengths instead of focusing on your flaws.

No matter who you are, you definitely have some good qualities. We are all born with some unique strengths. Some people are disciplined, some are hard-working, some can be honest while some can have strong social skills. When you identify your strengths, you will gradually start seeing yourself differently.

The more you start focusing on your strengths, the better you start feeling about yourself. You start seeing the good in yourself. Identifying your strengths also boosts your confidence levels. When your confidence levels are high, you can perform better at work. Confidence also helps you be more social and make more friends.

This further boosts your sense of self-worth. This now becomes a positive cycle. Notice how we shifted from being stuck in a vicious cycle of self-hate and focusing on your flaws to accepting yourself, being confident and seeing the good in yourself.

When you start working on these strengths you have identified, you will notice a higher boost in your confidence levels. You will be more motivated to put your skills to use and pursue goals.

This can help you to go down a path of self-development that eventually makes you a better person than how you were when you just started. And once you see the growth, you will definitely be happy with yourself.


Studies conducted by researchers and public reviews taken by analytics departments have shown that over 70% of people are not happy with themselves. More than 40% of those people admitted to experiencing a level of distress and hate when asked about how they feel about themselves.

A lot of people find it difficult to accept themselves. They often magnify the inherent flaws and obsess over them to the point of exhaustion. This leads to an unhealthy outlook on oneself. People who are not happy with themselves are also seen to lack confidence. This has adverse effects on their social life and career opportunities.

If you find yourself experiencing self-hate or self-doubt, you are not alone. Here are some ways to deal with these feelings –

Accept yourself

The moment you start accepting yourself, half the battle is won. The most difficult part is life is often related to how we see ourselves. This is made worse by prolonged negativity surrounding our self-identity.

When we dislike ourselves, it becomes difficult for others to like us as well. Which is why the change has to start from within. You have to learn to accept yourself. You have to develop a sense of unconditional self-acceptance. And although this is not easy, it is important. This one step will have the largest impact on how you view yourself.


Bringing a little fun element in our everyday life adds more beauty to it.

Here’s a list of some fun things to do when bored. I am sure the ideas here will impress you to try them.

1. Bake your favorites.

2. Take care of your plants. Water them. Spend time with them.

3. Go for a drive with your friends.

4. Binge-watching is fun. Do it with your friends.

5. Window shopping with your friends or family or loved ones can be fun.

6. Listen to music.

7. Spend time with your pets. Pets are pure fun!

8. Write a random inspiring quote. Leave it in places you go. Make sure to put in places that people can see. It’s my favorite fun thing to do when I feel really bored. Doing it with your friends is even more awesome. Try it. It’s our personal favorite.

9. Surf through Pinterest.

10. Collect little things as souvenirs from new places you visited. Do it to mark any memorable days you had.

11. Revisit the places you use to hang out during your childhood with friends. It’s fun.

12. Cooking is a perfect thing to do when you feel bored. It’s fun too.

13. Invite people. Have fun talking and getting together through lunches and dinners.

14. Browse through memes if you need a good laugh and handle the boring time.

15. Play games. It can be indoor or outdoor.

16. Join craft classes. It’s fun and perfect for you to spend time well instead of feeling bored.

17. Go eat your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant. Don’t forget the dessert too.

18. Do Photography. It’s an altogether mix of fun, inspiring and exciting things to do when you feel bored.

19. Try DIYs. They are quirky and fun to do when you are so bored.

20. Re-watch your favorite seasons or episodes from your favorite TV series.


We are attracted to things, people, places that inspire us in any way possible. With that in mind, let’s discuss together some inspiring things to do when we feel bored.

1. Learn a new language.

2. Make a schedule. Just any schedule. Follow it. It will be inspiring for you to go to the end without any hindrance.

3. Learn a new hobby.

4. Evaluate yourself. Evaluate your good & bad. It inspires you to do better.

5. Read books. It doesn’t always have to be a self-help or motivational book. A simple short-story inspires a good mood when you feel so bored.

6. Write. Journal.

7. Listen to inspiring speeches.

8. Watch videos that explain the science around us. Understanding the science, and engineering around us in simple visual terms is always inspiring.

9. Watch the positive people around you. It has always been an inspiring time for me. You try it too.

10. You can hang inspiring, positive and motivational wall posters.

11. Review your day about how it was and what you did.

12. Think of all the good things you have in your life. It’s a little trick to stay positive and not feel bored or demotivated.

13. You can share your life experience and give the life wisdom you learned online. Start a blog.

14. Listening to good music is inspiring.

15. Donate what you can. There are genuine causes and organizations working towards health and education for children. Instead of putting it as ‘when you feel bored’ let’s rephrase it here as ‘when you have some extra time’, look for such causes. Do what you can.

16. Plan, think and write the ideas when it comes to your passion project.

17. Nature is inspiring. Every time you feel bored, step out. Get some fresh air.

Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to look for it.


Things to do when bored at work:

Not every day at work can be fun and inspiring. It happens that, we sometimes feel bored at work even when things are going well. Let’s tackle it by going through a few interesting ideas we shared here.

When you feel bored at work:

1. You can help your colleague.

2. You can start ordering your emails based on priorities, schedules and other necessary labels.

3. Start de-cluttering your workspace.

4. Plan the work schedule for the week or the next day.

5. Go for a walk.

6. You can have your breaks together with your friends.

7. If you have any professional profiles across the internet, you can update them.

8. Organize your digital folders, files, and documents. The same goes for your non-digital entities too at work.

9. Make sure all your software is up to date.

10. Join any of skill-building activities or courses. Meet new people. Learn new things.

11. If you are in handling customers, you can look for things to improve there.

12. You can start working on the next things. for ex: if your presentations, meetings are nearing you can work on it when feeling bored.

Besides these ideas, you can improvise on your own. Not all circumstances at work will give space to follow the ideas we shared here. Depending on situations and time, you can improvise things and activities to do at work.


Some big adventurous things to do when you feel bored in life are:

1. Visit places other than tourist destinations:

It’s common to visit tourist destinations, cities, and locations across the world. Instead, try different adventurous places. For Ex: Try visiting cultural, historic cities, places, battlefields, birthplaces of famous people in history, visiting burial grounds of famous poets, leaders, etc. and other adventurous places.

2. Visiting Bookish & Movie Places:

Plan a trip to visit fascinating places from your favorite books and movies.

3. Try a sport that you haven’t tried:

For instance, if you haven’t tried scuba diving, snorkeling, diving or underwater rides then plan on doing it this time.

4. Do sky diving:

Almost everyone has this in their bucket list. Plan for it. Try it. Group sky diving is more fun than solo sky diving. Either way, do it!

5. Try Bungee Jumping:

If you haven’t tried earlier, then try it. Bungee jumping is an exciting and adventurous thing that we all should try at once. Adventure-seeking people will even have specific places across the world to do bungee jumping. As far as we go, let’s at least make a step in doing a bungee jump when the chance comes.

6. Try Kayaking & rafting:

It’s an exciting activity to try with friends and family members.

7. Try Adrenaline Rich activities:

Go for activities like Zip-lining, Snowboarding, Hot Air ballooning, Parasailing, Sky-drop, etc.

8. You should see the Northern Lights:

Before this lifetime, everyone should see the northern lights. You can pick any destination of your choice, but definitely should do it in this life. It’s an adventurous, awe-inspiring and surreal experience that one should never miss.


What if you feel bored with what’s going on with your life? What if you want more exciting things and not feel bored about life? Let’s spruce it up with interesting ideas.

Adventurous Things to do when bored

For adrenaline junkies, the chances of having a boring day or boring life are less. They crave adventure and keep looking for exciting things to try in life. So, what about folks like you and me who are trying to get a little adventure twist within our everyday life?

Let’s try a few things here.

1. Plan a solo trip to places you’ve wanted to visit.

2. Go Trekking.

3. Camp on the hills with friends.

4. Try making money out of your hobbies.

5. If you have any business ideas, try to put that in action.

6. Try Road Trips. Find some of the best road trips and routes and make a trip.

7. Explore the area around you.

8. Make new friends. Not friends of friends. But, make friends with new ones. It’s like an adventure too.

9. Explore different restaurants and cuisines.

10. Follow any challenges. I once tried the ‘Inktober Drawing challenge.’ For the full month of October, you should showcase your drawings, paintings, doodles, sketches, or any art forms. It’s based on different themes, patterns, and prompts every year. Try something like this.

11. Try digital detox for a week.

12. Learn any form of martial arts.

13. Go to a place where you haven’t been. It can be a concert, themed-restaurant, book club, musicals, theatre arts, etc.


1. Doodling

It’s an interesting thing to do when bored. I see people doodling while traveling, while standing in a queue, and just about whenever they feel bored. You should try doodling. It’s an excellent stress buster too. Also, I pick up my adult-coloring book. At times when I feel bored and don’t know what to do in that little time, I color in the book. You should give a try too. It’s good.

2. Go for a Walk

Take this tip especially when you are in your office. When feeling bored, step out and take a walk. Window shopping, watching the streets & people passing by, enjoying nature will get you back from being bored.

3. Catch up with Friends

I either call or text my friends and catch up with them. You will never feel bored. Feeling bored and you have some time in hand, make a quick plan with your friends. You can spend talking with your family too.

Getting bored or feeling bored happens all the time. It’s up to us to make it interesting and cheer ourselves up. Our ideas will surely be easy-to-do, fun, engaging and inspiring for you to try. I’m sure you’ll definitely have a handful of ideas to pick from here.


1. Read a Book

Always carry a book with you. Reading books is a wonderful thing to do when you feel bored. Especially, while waiting, books are the best companions. You feel bored while standing in a queue, waiting for your time or waiting for someone’s arrival, etc. In such times, books are the best way to deal with bore-time.

2. Re-decorate your surrounding

When you feel bored, try to rearrange or redecorate your surroundings. It’s a refreshing activity for you. Cleaning, de-cluttering, arranging, stacking, fixing are all good brain stimulators. It’s an easy thing to do when bored at home and also in the workplace.

3. Good Podcasts

Whenever I feel bored, or disinterested, I listen to good podcasts. Usually, I pick podcasts that are fun, humorous and inspiring. It also helped me get back from a lack of motivation. You can pick your choice of interest. Next to music, listening to a good podcast is my favorite thing to do when I feel bored.

4. Audio Books

Especially, you can find audiobooks that are narrated by celebrities, and by the book authors themselves. Go for it. It’s worth your time, and money. Above all, listening to an audiobook is an easy thing that you can do on the spot when feeling bored.


Let’s try some things to shake off the feeling of boredom. When feeling bored, try doing some ‘on-the-moment,’ quick and interesting things like:

1. Play Google’s “WORD COACH”

    2. Try changing your desktop wallpaper

    3. Visit Instagram Feeds

      4. Solve puzzles

        5. Read a Book

          6. Re-decorate your surrounding

            7. Good Podcasts

              8. Audio Books

                9. Doodling

                  10. Go for a Walk

                    11. Catch up with Friends

                    These 11 things are actually my favorite things to do whenever I feel bored. You should try it too. I’m sure you’ll pick some handful from the list. They are fun to do as well as keep you engaged and inspired. You can make your everyday activities a little bit exciting by trying them out.


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                    Success differs from one person to another. Your success largely depends on who you are. One interesting part about success is that it varies from person to person.

                    Success depends a lot on your mindset. For you gaining a particular thing may seem to be successful, but for others, it may not. And for this reason, you should have always been surrounded by strong, positive people. You should strongly believe your self-determination that comes from those people.

                    To lead a successful life may have been the dream of many of us, but most of the time, it doesn’t happen because of the absence of proper goals and thinking. We have to keep in mind that success mainly matters upon what you think of yourself, not upon what others think of yourself.

                    The key to success group we will discuss about success factors and how to achieve them.

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