How to simplify your life by going back to basic


1. Follow Gratitude and give back

Let yourself to understand all you have. Gratitude takes discipline. In our fast-moving lives, it is not something that will come normally to us every day. Make room for it by showing and counting your blessings. You could write post-its in the morning and put them on your refrigerator or a wall as notes, or mark your schedule with all the things you are grateful for.

Before you sleep, replay the video of your day or week and watch it with the eyes of an outsider. Take a quiet, lonely walk and thank all the goodness of nature around you. Say your prayers and join with your spiritual self. Once you discover this art, you would automatically want to give back and share what you have with others.

2. Get Back to the basics

It is fascinating to try to do too much too instantly, mainly when you’re trying to get back on track instantly. But, this is normally counterproductive for making progress.

Depending on how far you have moved up, you may have to get back to the simple basics and build up over time to a sustainable routine.

Are you working to get back on track with your diet? Rather than bothering so much about strict diets and foods to avoid, why not focus on portion sizes and tracing simple calories for now.

Are you seeking to get back on track with your writing? Rather than annoying so much about completing that in-depth article or book, why not focus on writing a few basic journal parts for now.

I’m sure you can think of many relatable examples in your life.

The important point here is to strip the complexity from the habit and make it as hard as possible to not get started consistently.

3 Ways To Get Back To The Basics And Detox Your Life

1. Spend every day 2 hours ‘gadget-free’.

Leave the screen! With all your hi-tech gadgets also, apparatuses, you are as yet working longer and harder. Wouldn't hurt anybody to relinquish them only for 2 hours every day. Without the general overstimulation, you will recognize how long those two hours of the day were and appreciate me for many important things you got done.

2. Do not sell your life for money

Use minimalism as a lifestyle. Ok, I listen to you, you don’t have to disrobe life down to its bare bones. Rather, after having the accuracy of your core values, needs and wants, you need to take stock of all the material list you possess and evaluate whether you really have more than needed.

Less is more. Funding in life’s practices with people close to us brings the most comfort over time. Life is all about thoughts and memories.

3. Eliminate negativity from your life: thoughts, emotions, and people.

Walk away from enemies! Negative thoughts, emotions, and people dump you by sucking all your energy. Negativity is poisonous and toxic, it grows like a virus, feeding off one another’s worries and anxieties.

Back to Basics: 2 Ways to Simplify Your Life


1. Reconnect with your heart and join your choices to it.

Know who you are and what is significant to you. Step back to (re) discover your heart: the values and opinions you hold dear and the strengths that you possess. Once this is done, arrange every option and decision in your life to it. From daily actions to major conclusions. Upon doing this activity, I understood how extraordinary having 'FUN' is for me. Since we just have such a large number of hours in a day, presently I guarantee that I don't sit around being exhausted to death in activities or with individuals that don't engage me. Free up your time to relax your mind

Slow down! What about that excellent to-do list of yours with a million and one tasks? Cut it down by half, yes that’s true! Experience it again and consider each activity on the list, would you truly like to do it? Is it important? Can it wait until tomorrow? Have a want-to list rather than a to-do list.

There is compelling data that we get more done when we slow down. Don’t fall for multi-tasking; it is a vision of productivity. Slowing down frees up our mind and supports for more creative and natural thinking.

2. Recover from ‘perfection-Vitus’

Stop sweating the small essence. Nothing in life is incredible and as you continued looking for compulsiveness, you spend way too much time on things that could have followed the famous 80-20 rule. I'm the biggest guilty party of being a perfectionist. Couple that with being exceptionally results-situated and you get someone who will lovingly work day and night to get the job done, almost flawlessly, while hardly being able to enjoy the inventive process.

What should we do to get back to basics in our lifestyle


If we want to live an easier, better life, we need to go back to basics and rekindle the values of understanding, patience, compassion, trust, and love in ourselves.

Where do we begin? For me, back to basics is a tour of simplification to a fulfilling, soulful life. I completely believe that deep down we are all good human beings who are born and built with superior morals and values.

As we grow up and let life happen, with every one of its issues and challenges, we arrive at a point where our core essence is suffocated and eclipsed. All we need is to de-mess our lives from these troubles and detachment to reconnect with our core.

    Reconnect with your heart and join your choices to it.

    Recover from ‘perfection-Vitus’

    Spend every day 2 hours ‘gadget-free’.

    Do not sell your life for money

    Eliminate negativity from your life: thoughts, emotions, and people.

    Follow Gratitude and give back

    Create a Schedule and stick to it

    Get Back to the basics

    "The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

    Is there a way I can just make life easier?

    We often go through many experiences in our life that make us feel like life is too difficult. These can be anything from minor challenges like being stuck in traffic to major losses like losing a loved one or being fired from a high-paying job.

    If it were possible to just get rid of problems, everyone would have done it. We would all just have chosen an easy life over these difficulties. However, this is not realistically possible.

    However, it does not mean you have to suffer and lead a difficult life. Although you can not make the problems go away, you can certainly learn better ways to deal with them.

    Simplify things instead of complicating them

    Often when we go through life, knowingly or unknowingly, we end up complicating things for ourselves and others around us. This can make life more difficult than it needs to be. One way to deal with this is to start simplifying things. The more you keep things simple, the easier you will find life as a whole.

    One way to start simplifying is to keep your homes and workspaces clean. Even though it sounds totally unrelated, our physical environments are often a reflection of our internal experiences. A clean, uncluttered space is known to boost productivity and give us much-needed peace of mind.

    Not only that, but a well-organized space also makes it easier to find things when you need them instead of having to tear the whole place down when you can not remember where you kept them. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress and panic. This commotion can be avoided by keeping things in their designated place so that when you need something, you can know exactly where to find it.