Life hacks

Life hacks are such simple tips and tricks that save an incredible amount of your time. They improve your productivity and help you find quick fixes to annoying situations.

Life Hacks for Making Your Life Easier
Make life easier is to work towards simplifying your life. It also means to improve your life. You can do this by employing life hacks that can put you in a comfort zone. Daily tasks that appear complex do not last long if you use your common sense and simple tricks.Life hacks are such simple tips and tricks that save an incredible amount of your time. They improve your productivity and help you find quick fixes to annoying situations.21 Best life hacks 21 life hacks are narrated below to help you make your life easier. 1. Every morning as you...View more
Intermittent Fasting: Now Fitness is Not a Big Deal
Can you believe it? Fasting can also have the types and procedures to be done to affect your health positively. Well, it is true. We know fasting with just a process of giving a short break to your meal for a day. But, fasting is not only about it. I'm sure, after going through this article, you are going to be amazed.So, I was talking about Intermittent Fasting!Each one of you does fasting when you are sleeping. Isn't it? That fasting duration is pretty long, for around 7-8 hours. So, why not just adding a few hours to your fasting...View more
Revealing the secrets for influencing people and finding your true friends
As Aristotle rightly said, "Man is a social animal." Humans cannot live without society. He needs connections and people around in his surroundings. The society that we live in and the people that we influence has a lot to do with our personality development. Hence it is necessary to win people around us. It is important that we have friends to look upon. Friends play a major role in shaping our personality. Their presence influences our behavior and thinking. Therefore it is crucial to have a good circle around you. It is necessary that you stay with the right people....View more
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The covers beauty, home, fitness, health, food, and all our lifestyle things. They are trendy, and for today’s gen z. the conversation friendly tone appeals to us.

The topics and articles are interesting. When you open an article to read, a stand out feature is you got a little menu below the heading. It helps us to easily navigate through the article or directly pick our interest instead of reading full. If you just check out on the right corner of any article, you can find who wrote the article and reviewed it. It’s good to know credible details like these.

You can sign up for their newsletter for health and wellness tips and hacks. Presenting snippets, highlights, and other miscellaneous in between the article is good. It keeps us engaging.

Site navigation is easy. The ads placed could distract your reading as it comes in the middle. Conversation, friendly, and interactive tone set is a plus for them.

Overall, is a nice place to spend some of your internet time and look for lifestyle hacks.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis - A take

Looking for a wonderful collection of quotes; you can check it out here. We get to see inspiring, motivating, positivity, and funny quotes. But, here, you can find different genres than the usual. It’s interesting.

Articles related to health, success, and productivity categories are informative, easy to read, and interesting. You can check out their review categories, which have got some interesting articles and posts. Not just that. If you are a book lover, you can find your picks too here. All the posts are light, productive, and helpful for us to apply in life.

Site navigation is simple, and you can go easy with it. The friendly tone of the articles makes reading pleasant. Ads do pop up while reading as well as browsing categories.

On the whole, is a good lifestyle blogging site for you.

A review on "" is a lifestyle blog that covers interesting topics like astrology, quotes, self-improvements, and all under one roof. The TV’s and Movies sections got some fun and interesting articles for us to read.

We can see topics on self-love, encouragement, positivity, romance, positivity, healing, success, and other life lessons that we could relate to. They have a dedicated section called ‘creepy,’ which is different. Another interesting thing with the site is their quotes pop-up in the middle when you navigate between topics.

The site is easy to use and easy to move on from one category to another.

The conversational tone makes us read the articles with ease.

Overall, offers interesting articles and reads for us from all walks of our daily day.

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The goes farther down than the tip of the iceberg. Giving you the essence of science and psychology behind our emotions, thought-process is their solid plus.

Why do we feel such innate emotions?

How our thought-process is shaping?

Why we do what we do?

Is it right or wrong?

You can find your answers here.

You can find categories related to personality, personal growth, relationships, life, and mental health.

Why does it feel good when we see a frenemy fail?

Why does it feel good to see someone you don’t like to fail?

These sorts of questions are highly personal. You can find all innate emotional questions and answers here. This is their core strength. They touch the psychology we go through every day.

The site contributors are field-experts, renowned psychologists, academics, and psychiatrists. You get to experience credibility and authenticity here. You get to find ads in the middle of your reading.

The site navigation is easy. You can figure things out quickly. You can find reference sections at the end of articles to further vouch for content credibility. is a good start for all those looking for the science behind our minds.

A review on ""

You can find a wide spectrum of topics ranging from personal development, motivation, success skills, health, fear, confidence, and every other thing we face in life.

Go to the blog category, and you can pick your choice. The navigation is easy. The site’s homepage is a sample reflection of what they do. It helps us know them better.

When it comes to topics and articles, they revolve around our everyday life and hustle. It makes us easy to grasp and connect with what they are suggesting. The ideas, solutions, and suggestions they share with us for our questions are relatable and helpful.

A handful of ads in the middle kind of breaks the flow of reading the article. Otherwise, the site navigation is easy. You can figure out all the options easily.

Overall, the will give you a piece of thought for you to take home.

True happiness.jpg

A Review of ''

The site is all about wisdom. They will never leave you without getting anything.

Tiny buddha helps you understand and find answers for mindfulness, peace, fulfillment, relationships, and all else that we feel complex to deal with in life.

Covering Emotional mastery, relationships, letting go, and dealing with tough times is one of their fortes. They stand by their words of ‘simple wisdom for complex lives.’

What makes Tinybuddha special is that they seem to focus on personal and rooted posts in personal experience. It helps us connect. The advice, suggestions and details look relatable and not vague or cliché or very complex to apply in real.

The 'site’s forum' seems to be a great place to discuss life things. We can see a lot of interactions and conversations between readers and users.

The 'fun and inspiring' category is a treat to the eyes and mind. The quotes and words are from inspiring people we never heard before.

The 'Quotes Archive' is a great place to look for inspiration when you need a little boost. They got all the life areas covered here. And they picked the quotes in such a way that we get instant motivation.

The ‘Letting Go’ blog category is wonderful and a must-see. Look through it, and you will find how relevant it is with what’s going on in us in our routine life.

The ads don’t interrupt you in the middle. The content tone is easy to understand and conversational.

Tinybuddha’s got tiny wisdom posts that are short and thought-provoking.

Instagram reach-out is great. Tinybuddha’s gratitude journal is a big hit among people.

Overall, Tinybuddha is a great place to find inspiring words and answers for our life. -What Does it Say?

From inspiring quotes, technology, food, happiness, money to parenting, health, wellness, etc. you name it, and they have it. is a place where you can find answers to questions you have about life and everything surrounding it. The answers will help you overcome limitations that are keeping you from reaching your goals.

We can access the essential life hacks we need to make our life and everyday simple, productive, and fruitful here.

A dedicated section for Infographics is a big plus. It’s a great option for those quick checkers. The mix of contents, quotes, inspiring words, and Infographics make the articles an interesting read.

Every question and answer from this site is what we have in mind. We pick the questions going on in our minds, and we find the answer.

Contributing writers are field experts. As per the articles and topics, you can find ‘Reference sections’ at last. Relevant references add more strength to the article's credibility for you when you read.

You get some prompts in the middle, which disrupts the flow of your reading from the start. You have to scroll down to continue reading your article.

But apart from it, is the best place to look for answers to questions and doubts, you have in mind.

The time spent here will be valuable to you.

What we thought about SUCCESS.COM is touching the present-day professional and personal life of us all.

The life and times, money and business, success, and development, whatever we are going through in life come out sharply through their articles, topics, and contents. It looks like this urban core-touch with a mix of simplicity, making a genuine success.

The best thing about is,

The world is changing every day. They got that very well.

Through the site, you get to preview the life strategies, practices, and philosophies of achievers like CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and other performers we look up to today.

The question we have like ‘how did they make it,’ ‘how do I become one like them,’ ‘what does it take to make things happen’ and everything can find answers here. connects us with people who were once like us, looking for a way to move up top. Inspiring stories, life strategies, and interviews from people who are successfully hustling is a big plus.

Another biggest strength of is its tone. It’s conversational, friendly, and interactive. While reading, it feels like someone we know is having a conversation with things going on in our minds.

To give you a specific pick, go through their “Well-being blogs.” They are must-reads.

✷ Ads don’t stop you in the middle.

✷ The site is simple to access.

✷ There are no distractions while going through the articles.

✷ The reading experience is enjoyable.

✷ We can access articles and Content across multiple platforms.'s official Instagram page comes with inspiring and interactive content, quotes, and questions for us. They want to reach out to people and doing an outstanding job at it.

Overall, is a clear winner today and will be too.