Tired but can't sleep? These might be the reasons

The first qualification to sleep is to feel tired. After being exhausted, there will be a natural space for sleep to evolve. But, this is not the case every time. Many individuals are complaining about sleeplessness even after being tired. However, I found some probable reasons.

1. Sleeping Apnea

Rest apnea is one of the main sources of interfered with rest. It influences about 12% of Americans, however about 80% of those experiencing rest apnea go undiscovered. So how can you identify sleep apnea?

Well, there are several symptoms listed below that shows the defect.

• Intense snoring — which can likewise be more intense by liquor use

• Unnecessary daytime exhaustion

• Difficulty in concentrating

• Memory issues

• Emotional ups and downs

• Intense headaches

In case you're facing these side effects for the duration of the night, consult a doctor.

2. Hormonal Imbalance

A slight hormonal imbalance might cost your sleep. Our day to day life activities determines the stimulation of our hormones. For women, menopause might be a probable reason for sleeplessness. I encountered many such issues with women of my close association. This is seen mainly in the age of 50-55.

The most common issue observed in men is an extra release of stress hormones. In India, men are more actively indulged in official works. Some of them what extra hours to earn more. This induces high levels of stress hormones like cortisol in the system.


I can understand how it feels when you can't sleep. I was one of the insomniacs and faced the same issues. However, depression is seen as the root cause of these two consequences. The best thing is to consult a doctor. Half-knowledge is dangerous, and you might not be able to handle it all by yourself.

2 possible ways why you can't sleep even after being tired

To eradicate insomnia, it is important to know the causes. Even after several attempts, many fail to achieve deep sleep. Don't think that you can sleep immediately after being tired.

These are 2 possible ways why you can't sleep even after being tired.

1. An over-functioning mind

The 'hustling mind,' as it is known, is exceptionally normal in helpless insomniacs. However, the Great British Sleep Survey uncovered it to be the most probable reason for their restlessness.

Whether you relax thinking the past or even things that hold little significance, don’t think much. Excessive thinking is sufficient to remove the tiredness from a tired individual.

Our minds like continuity. A deep thought about something might wander your mind. It doesn’t matter whether you’re tired or not. The more you practice on your intellect on meditation, the better.

2. Increased excitement

It isn't only your excessive thinking that can keep you from sleeping deeply. Intake of energy drinks in the day can have an adverse effect on your sleeping habit.

This increases your excitement by boosting your adrenaline levels. Excitement is good, but over-excitement might let your sleep deplete.

There are some concentrated energizers, for example, caffeine and nicotine. Such energizers make it harder to relax and start rest. Caffeine consumption, specifically, has been appeared to bring about a more negative impact on sleep.


Things get really irritating when you can't sleep even after being tired. The best solution will be that you consult a doctor. Tell him your time-table and the problems you face. He’ll surely find a way out of this mess. Till then, know these two probable reasons. I've also listed some do’s and don’ts to make you more aware of the situation.