Pursuing Happiness: Doing What Makes You Happy

Pursuing Happiness: Doing What Makes You Happy


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    What makes people happy?

    It's the common perception that you look for your happiness in the external factors. Correct me if I'm wrong, you think, once you get promoted, you will be happy; once you start your business, you will be satisfied. And this once, never stop.

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    When you get promoted to the upper post, you also have more responsibilities and a higher salary. When you start your own business, you have the burden of running it and making it successful. Isn't it? So, happiness is never about accomplishing something. They can be the reason for your temporary happiness. But, can't last long. So, here I have enlisted some of the elements within people that help them be happy.

    1. Meaningful work

    Now, the meaningful refers, the work that engages you, and don't bother. You forget about the time and enjoy doing the work. A psychologist termed it as the 'flow.' Which means you get involved in a job, don't see the time. Such work can be writing, making music, gardening, practicing sports, and so on. The flow is achieved when you enjoy your work.

    2. Genuine relationships

    You have many connections in society; let them be of a family, friends, or a partner. And, somewhere, they are one of the reasons for your happiness. But, it is also true that they can't be the only reason for your enjoyment. At the same time, genuine relationships are the ideal ones that make you happy. And being with them, you feel strong mentally, which leads you towards happiness.

    3. Showing gratitude

    Try showing gratitude towards other, and watch out your feeling. I'm sure it will be one of the best feelings you ever felt. As simple as it seems, showing gratitude to anyone is essential for your happiness. Showing gratitude is a sign of a happy person. And, gratitude makes people happy unknowingly.

    4. Positive thinking

    I refer to positive thinking as the strongest trait anyone can have. When someone has a positive attitude, nothing can beat them. They have the strength to find good in the worst situation.

    This helps people to maintain their mental health and be conscious in any case. This, they are seen more with decision-making strength. A positive attitude helps you to be happy, as you can't see the worst condition.

    5. Showcase forgiveness

    Forgiveness stands in the second number when I list the traits to be happy. When you have the strength to forgive someone for their actions, it also helps you to clear up the burden you have.

    When you keep holding someone's mistakes to you, you also don't feel good and keep thinking about them. Whereas when you let go of the errors, you ultimately heal the broken relationships. And, it is the sign of your pure heart.

    6. Good health

    Suppose someone is not healthy, how they can be happy. Even if you have a chronic fever, you can't be enthusiastic like on the other days. The same principle applies to the connection of your happiness with good health.

    It is said that "a wise mind leads to a healthy body." And a healthy body leads to a happy life. If you are unhealthy for a long time and have to have medication daily, you can't feel fresh.

    7. Personal freedom

    Who doesn't like to be free? No one, right? Personal freedom is as essential as taking a breath of fresh air. If someone is restricted from doing something, they feel like being in a cage. Ultimately it affects their mind. And, if the reason is not happy, a person is not pleased. Everyone deserves personal freedom, and they seek it constantly.

    How to be happy with yourself?

    So, you finally get to the point where you realize that real happiness is waiting for you and with yourself.

    It doesn't matter how long you seek happiness in external factors; you will always find it in you. And, you are the only one with whom you can be most happy. So, here are some ways that are enough to make yourself comfortable in the presence of yourself.

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    1. Appreciate yourself

    I have seen people appreciating others for their success and achievements. Whereas I hardly saw someone enjoying themselves for something. People often make complaints about what they don't have. But they never admire what they have, let it be an asset or the relationship. But, it's the golden rule to be happy is, appreciate what you have.

    2. Be with you

    You will be happier when you have your company. There can not be anyone who makes you happy. It literally can't be anyone, not your companion. When you spend time with yourself, you feel happiness beyond the world. This is the time that you are spending on yourself. And, in this time, you get space to think for yourself and about yourself.

    3. Perform meditation

    Meditation is all one practice that helps you meet yourself. Meditation allows you to start your day with a meeting with yourself. It helps you to be calm and thinking about yourself.

    It focuses more on the solution rather than on the problem. That leads you towards happiness. And, with this practice, it is you who finds the answer. Not any of the external factors. Which also means that you find your strengths.

    4. Always smile

    Always smile. A smile attracts smiling people and positivity towards you. It can be said that you are smiling would mean you are happy with what you have.

    Smiling doesn't mean you are hiding your awful feelings. Instead, it means you are dealing with them. Ultimately, you know nothing is more powerful than your inner strength. That makes you happy.

    5. Put your phone down

    The phone is a synonym for bad news. Today, everyone's pocket has a phone. And the phone has a world inside it. That also means you are carrying all the bad news happening around you.

    So, put your phone down, and spare some time for yourself. Even though the telephone brings your loved ones near you, it is not always essential to surround yourself with others.

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