How to be happy - Happiness Is Essential For Your Success, Read This To Find Out Why

How to be happy - Happiness Is Essential For Your Success, Read This To Find Out Why


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    A split-second of happiness

    A very favorite song of mine has this line in it, “We are not promised tomorrow.” How true is that!! Yes, we do not have enough time to wait for happiness to happen to us. Life could end in any split second. And make every second of it count with joy and happiness.

    Not every day could be good, but there is always an option in hand, to just keep moving forward with the charm and experience. Liberate yourself from all that forms delusion of happiness that is, materialism. Yes, I know it is inevitable to possess certain things in modern life to live. But make sure that it does not be the only reason behind your happiness.

    Feel the presence of eternal peace within you. There are ways to understand this through prayers or meditations. When you realize that there is only happiness in everything, you will not get any other emotions since the rest all do not even exist. Do not just keep it with you; be the source of happiness and harmony around. Because spreading around happiness doubles it within you.

    Define Happiness

    Do not define happiness with respect to materialism, situations, or people around you. Happiness is just You. Nothing else! We all have heard of people explaining their emotions as themselves. We hardly hear them say, “I feel happy,” “I feel sad”; rather, they mention “I am happy,” “I am sad.”

    Hence, we take the forms of emotions that we feel, and, in that process, we forget that they are just emotions, and they do not define what we are. Make sure to distant yourself from every other emotion and even if they touch you, let them stay for a very minimum time such that happiness covers the rest of the time.

    Factors of happiness

    There are few basic factors to follow to keep the feeling of happiness alive and active in life. First, stop finding mistakes in everything and everyone around. No one is perfect. And if you find mistakes around, then you will not have time to live happily.

    Next is, never let the past ruin what you have in the present or what you want in the future. Kill the fear of the future and burn away the pain of the past.

    Stop judging people for what they are. Everyone is in the place (literally and philosophically) of life due to what they have gone through in life. Try to be more understanding and show empathy rather than judging them.

    Even if you find them make mistakes, assure them that you forgive them and let them know that you do not judge them for the same. This would give a chance for them never to repeat the mistake and develop great happiness in the minds of both of you.

    Teach yourself to forgive and accept them as what they are. The same goes for situations in life. Accept what it is and keep harmony with everything happening around you. Remember to mention how much you care for your loved ones.

    Life could sometimes look full of disappointments but take time to tell your loved ones that you will always be there for them. It not only brings happiness but also confidence and positivity in each one’s life.

    It is totally possible to hate people for something terrible they had done to you but still be there for them. That takes a lot of effort to forgive, but once you cross that line of forgiveness, it flows smoothly then onwards.

    There could be few circumstances when you realize that something is over, or it may seem like the destination is reached but keep moving forward in life.

    Meanwhile, when you are being supported or loved, make sure to use encouraging words in everyday conversations like “I am grateful to have you in my life.”

    Yes, nothing brings more happiness than appreciating what you have. That is another way of living your own life by giving it to others. The irony is, there are people who say that “I am afraid to be happy, because when I feel happy, then I know that for sure something terrible would happen such that it destroys all my happiness.”

    Well, yes, by thinking that, you had already triggered that terrible thing to happen subconsciously. Fear is the biggest enemy of happiness. There is no such thing as a good time or a bad time. There is just time, and it is always NOW.

    Every second in your hand is not repeatable; it is always renewed as another one. So, once wasted, it can never be brought back to existence. Do not wait for a good time, since every second you have is a good time if you manage to maintain a state of happiness under all the circumstances.

    Happiness is not something you get or want. It is that “you are.” Do not wait for it to happen; it is already there; just realize it and be it! Create your own happiness.

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