5 Ways to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

5 Ways to Develop Critical Thinking Skills


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    Critical thinking might generate an idea in everyone’s mind that it is not a good term. To think in a critical manner is not everyone does because of certain myths. Today, the method of critical thinking is used in every school, college, university, company, and other working places.

    Why critical thinking matter?

    The concept of critical thinking is important because of many reasons. It gives you the strength to think for the solution of the problem in a more effective way. Secondly, you can save time and resources by carefully studying the situation.


    To survive in the present times, you need to develop the skills of deep thinking. Many people have wrong beliefs about critical thinking. The myths of critical thinking are as under:

    1. Critical thinking applies only to limited fields

    Why critical thinking is important? This is the question we often ask ourselves. We generally believe that critical thinking is applicable only in schools and colleges. But is it not so as many other professionals also think in a critical way.

    Critical thinking is used by lawyers, doctors, scientists, mathematicians, and other professionals as well. It is used by every person in the world.

    2. Only a few people can think critically

    This is totally a wrong belief. You cannot judge from first as to which person can think in a critical manner. If you are a teacher or boss, you can engage your students by asking questions. Rather than telling the students or employees to complete the work, you can ask interesting questions relating to the assignment or project.

    The different questions such as “What do you think about it?’ or “can you suggest a better way?” actually work. Such questions target every person and bring more productive results from every person.

    3. Multiple steps

    The critical thinking process gets better when the task is divided among the group members. Suppose you have a long project or work in the school, college, or company. You can take every small step to complete it. Taking many steps will involve critical thinking at each step. In this way, the information can be analyzed by every member of the group and it leads to evaluation as well.

    4. Only young people can think critically

    It is a wrong belief that only adult and mature people can have critical thinking skills. Even younger people, teens, and children have the strength to think critically. Today, you will find that younger children apply logical reasoning while answering questions in the class. In fact, younger children have more logic than older ones.

    5. Critical thinking is not useful in routine life

    This is a myth which many people believe. You have to think logically even in daily life. Many situations arise in your office or home where you need to choose the right one. Suppose you are going for shopping and you need to select between 2 items. You will look at the features, prices and quality and the best quality product. This is critical thinking.

    6. High thinking is similar to deep thinking

    Many schools ask students to involve in activities where there is a need to think creatively. Higher-order thinking is not the same as deep thinking. When you think deeply, it includes deeper understanding and deeper analysis. On the other hand, higher-order thinking includes evaluation and analysis of the situation without deep thinking.

    7. No need to spend time on critical thinking

    We all think that we are experts in critical thinking. But it is not so as per the studies. According to research, it is proven that even college graduates and office employees lack critical thinking skills. But in reality, each one of us has to spend time in thinking critically. Moreover, we can join classes to enhance our critical thinking skills. Apart from that, we can give tests where there are logical reasoning questions.

    8. Critical thinking is rejected and disapproved

    Most of us fear while thinking about a situation in a critical manner because of fear of rejection. Yes, it is true that sometimes your ideas may receive disapproval. But that does not mean that it repeats each time.

    In fact, the process of critical thinking gives you a chance to improve yourself and think about new ideas which may receive a positive appraisal.

    9. Critical thinking is a natural science

    Natural science can never teach you critical thinking skills. But still, many people thinking that it is only through natural science that we improve critical thinking skills. In reality, there is no relation between natural science and critical thinking at all.

    10. Arguments are fights

    One of the biggest myths which all of us have is that an argument can lead to fights. It is not at all the truth. In the argument, the two parties evaluate and analyze and then come to a conclusion. Similarly, you need to have concrete evidence to support the conclusion in an argument. So, the debate or argument involves logical reasoning and critical thinking and not fights.


    These are the myths about critical thinking which you need to remove to lead a better life. Critical thinking is necessary and you must consider it a crucial part of your life.

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