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Writing is my hobby, and I am working hard to make it my profession. I write more about the lifestyle, and I love to express my thoughts.

I read somewhere - "You are the artist of your life. Don't give the paintbrush to anyone else."

Everyone has a different definition for their happiness. Someone tries to find his joy in tiny things, and someone needs an occasion. Let's check whether you are happy or not? If you follow the items listed below. You can say, Yes, I am so glad.

- What other think of you is none of your business.

Many of us have spent most of their time thinking about what other people think. It is an impossible and time-wasting task to please everyone. You shine when you start to give attention to yourself and not to others.

- Detach yourself from your past.

What is the past? The past is which is gone by in time and no longer existing. So, if it does not exist, then why you are stacked with it? Whatever was the thing, it is now gone by and does not live in the present anymore. Your present actions are not going to change a bit in your past. But yes, your current activities will be going to change your future.

- Self-acceptance

Accept yourself the way you are. Don't compare your life with others. You are the only version of yourself. Don't try to copy someone by any aspect. Someone already exists, be yourself. Compete with yourself and find better within you. Nobody wants to see a copy. See others as your inspiration and not as a competition.

- You are the boss.

Be hopeless. Expectation breaks the foundation of your joy. As much time you depend on somebody for your happiness, you'll surely get disappointment. Everyone wants to become a boss. Then why not starting From yourself. Own your joy. Start running the business of yourself.


Success is not always mean achieving something monumental. You every day get a success, and every day face failure.

Let's try to know the success definition in one sentence according to the different thinking.

25 Definitions of Success in One Sentence

1. Success is believing in yourself.
2. Success is the best version of yourself.
3. Success is facing your failure.
4. Success is always giving your best.
5. Success is sticking to your goal.
6. Success is buying a home.
7. Success is knowing what your desire is and what your requirement is.
8. Success is when you realize balancing your work and passion.
9. Success is taking care of yourself.
10. Success is knowing; you are the controller of your destiny.
11. Success is saying No.
12. Success is knowing that your life is filled with prosperity.
13. Success is a realization that, what you give, will come back to you.
14. Success is to keep learning every day.
15. Success has a healthy lifestyle.
16. Success is the realization that one defeat does not mean you are a loser; it will be the reason for winning the war.
17. Success in love and being loved by others.
18. Success is moving on from the past.
19. Success is never giving up.
20. Success is celebrating small achievements.
21. Success is when you don't allow your disability to hold you back.
22. Success is achieving your goal.
23. Success is knowing your strengths and weaknesses.
24. Success is hardworking for your goal.
25. Success is the opposite term of failure.

Success is not just a word; it is the feeling, emotion, and result of the revolutionary struggle. Go throughout history, and you will see, no one who is successful today has an incredible journey.

However, if you already had the sources to do something, you won't understand and feel the real success. Therefore, to achieve your goal and enjoy the feeling, you have to struggle.

For me, Success is my responsibility. No matter how hard I worked, how arduous my struggle was, or what extremes I have seen, if today I'm successful in any domain, it will build my responsibilities, being on the post.

I was deemed to be a doctor from my childhood. Today, I have achieved my goal and successfully write the doctor's prefix in front of my name.

Being a doctor, patients will trust me for their lives. They will expect me to hey cured. So ultimately, my struggle of being at a reputed post increased, but it has given me many responsibilities that I need to justify with my work.

Remember, achieving your goal, whether personal, professional, or social, can be the first step of your plan. And, now you must maintain your success.

Success comes with an enemy. And, you have to deal with this foe. It's up to you how you do this. Well, even though it is true that you should respect the enemies too, I would suggest you kill that opponent.

I'm talking about EGO. I have seen many examples where Ego has destroyed many people. So if you welcome Ego, with your success, you can not survive longer.

Ego is a slow poison. It will not instantly harm you, but it will indeed harm you and destroy you. So, beware of this enemy and maintain a safe distance from it.

We can divide success into various categories, viz. personal success, professional success, and social success. These three successes are the foundation of real-life success.

Human is the only animal, who lives their life in this three-domain and have three lives at a time. Personal success refers to private life, including happiness, satisfaction, peace, health, wealth, etc. Professional success can build an empire, get a high-profile job, achieve dreams, earn money, etc. However, social success is related to human social lives. They have to give society love and respect, be kind, humble, grounded, etc.

When humans learn to balance their lives in these three areas and remember to be successful in the same areas, they can call themselves successful in a realistic manner.

Real success can be defined as accomplishing the objectives that are most important for you. Those things that are important and are goals for you will indeed be based on your journey till today, from your birth. These things will decide what your success will be like. As these things determine the goal of your life, they are needed to achieve the goal.

Life is a journey everyone goes into—the elements, events, experiences, your life easier or harder. And, as a result, you set your life goal.

If someone is born in a lower-middle-class family, who have also faced the days where they hardly could manage their meal, their success would be getting enough money so that they don't go back to the same days.

Likewise, if someone has decided to be a doctor, engineer, an officer, their success goal would be different than that person.

Whereas the person from the previous example can also have these goals, their journey to achieve them would be different. But, ultimately, real success all depends and comes from real-life and real-life experiences.

For me, success is, achieving your goal with happiness and satisfaction. This is the correct definition of success for me.

Success refers to achieving your goal. But is that so only? Completing your at any cost, is the can success be? And, what if, even after achieving your plan, you are not happy?

Would it be a true success?

I may sound stupid, but you will also agree that many people say they are successful, but they take sleeping pills to sleep.

Ultimately, success means having a lot of money so that you can live a lavish life peacefully. Almost, for everyone, success is earning money. And, I'm not saying it wrong anyway as it is their perception looking at success. But, even if you make money, but you are not happy, satisfied with your job, designation, work, location, company, and whatever it is, would you call it your success.

Of course, not. You will agree with this statement. Right? Success should be the amalgamation of sound financial status along with happiness. You keep working, working, and working all the time, and don't live your life; this success will don't have any value.

If you can't enjoy a single day, how can you say that you are successful? You devote all of your time to your work, don't spend your moments with family and friends, and won't succeed.

Your successful life should have a balance of work and personal relationships, then only you would call yourself thriving realistically.

Once there was a farmer who used to sell 10 kg of butter to a shopkeeper. He has become the regular seller of the shopkeeper. One day the shopkeeper thought of measuring the butter, whether the farmer gives him the correct quantity or not. So, after buying the butter, the shopkeeper measures the butter and found that it was less than 10 kg.

The shopkeeper takes the farmer to court. The judge asks the farmer," why did you cheat the shopkeeper. Instead of giving him the correct measurement, which alias used to provide him with less quantity."

The farmer replied that he doesn't have anything to measure the quantity. He only has one measurement using that; he gives the butter to the shopkeeper.

Judge asked the farmer, "what is it?"

The farmer replied, "I purchase 10 kg of bread from the shopkeeper. And, in the same container, I put butter in it and sell it to the shopkeeper."

He continues, "if he has found the butter, less than 10 kg, he might have sold be the bread less than the right quantity."

The Morel: You might have heard that you give will come back to you for sure. I don't know in what form, but you will get it anyway. If you give respect, you wi be respected. You give grief; you will receive sadness. This story is the best example that proves; Every action has equal and opposite reactions.

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. Vince Lombardi

One day, in a seminar, the host ask 150 people to play a game. First, he asks them to pick up a balloon and write their name on it. When the people do it, the host asks them to go into a room and drop their balloon in the empty space.

The people return to him, dropping their balloon. Then the host asks the same group to go to the room and take their balloon and come back here. Everyone goes to the room and looks for their balloon. While looking for the balloon, there push other people aside, go over them, and through others balloon aside from them.

They were asked to come back in two minutes. And after the time is done, everyone returns with an empty hand. The host again asks the same group to go to the room, pick up a random balloon, and return it to the balloon's owner. After two minutes, everyone returns with their balloons in their hand.

The host says, "this is what we do in real life also. We keep aside other's happiness to look for ourselves. But we forgot that if you can't make others happy, you can be satisfied too. "

The Morel: The secret of happiness is, be helping to others. Find your joy in other's happiness. When you give a smile to other's faces, you will ultimately get a reason to smile. You don't have to run for joy when you help others. And, success can be achieved in the same way. By helping others and taking others together, you can get win only.

I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. Michael Jordan

There was a company, who's boss was so strict, and employees didn't like him at all. One day, when all the employees come to the office, they see a notice on the door, "the one who was holding you back died yesterday. Please gather in the seminar hall for condolences."

Reading this notice, every one of them thinks that the boss dies. They feel so sad. And everyone started moving to the auditorium. When they enter the hall, they see the boss sitting on the chair fit and refined and a coffin placed in front of him. Each one of them was shocked, who is died then.

One by one, everyone comes to the coffin and sees inside it. But, when they looked inside the coffin, everyone was shocked. As, inside the coffin, there was a mirror only where they saw their own images.

Besides the mirror, there was a letter, "The person who was holding you back is you. There is no other person in the world who can hold you back rather than you. You are the biggest speed breaker for your success. Unless and until you understand this fact, you can't get success."

The Morel: The one who is the doer is you for yourself. You can make you successful and unsuccessful at times. No one can hold you at any sort of time.

Only you can keep you and release you to do something extraordinary. Don't put limits on yourself. Be limitless. You have the best relationship with you. If people are blaming you, making fun of you based on your efforts, it means you are logging at some point. So, don't blame others for their perception of you. As somewhere you have given them a reason to think like this.

Once, there was a man who was so intelligent. People know him and their work. And they used to appreciate him due to his works. He used to calculate and study every single thing that he was doing. Then, one day, he notices that his shoes are going to tire soon. He realized that he had worked so hard, and as a result, his shoes will be split into two parts.

He decided to buy a pair of shoes. So he thinks of going online and looking for the shoes that are best suited for him. Meanwhile, he also believes that what if he bought the wrong pair. So, he wanted to be sure before purchasing the shoes. So, he takes off all the books that he was appreciated the most. And after too much research, he finally reaches the solution that how he needs to buy shoes.

He makes all the measurements using the scales. On the next day, he went to the shop and selected a pair of shoes. But then he realized that he had forgotten the scale at home. So he goes back home, but he realized that his boots are torn. And he has to walk to the house barefoot.

In a school, one camp was organized for the students. The counselor comes to the auditorium and asks students to share their experiences that have hurt them badly.

One of the students stood up and said that one of his friends says something to him that had hurt them so badly. And, they can not forget what their friend has told them.

Then the counselor puts up the chalk and breaks it into two parts. Then they ask the students whether anyone can join it back and make it like before. Everyone says no.

Then the counselor says, "like, you can not join this chalk back, and make it like before, you can not take your words back. Your words are the most powerful. So, use it wisely. It may give you an injury severe than any of the weapons."

The Morel: We can not live without talking with each other. Being in a conversation, words are the most important things that help have a good relationship and bond. Conversely, if you use the wrong words, your most robust relationship can be faded away.

Right words heal, where bad words injure you the severe. You can't take the terms back. Once you said something that could hurt the feelings of somebody, your 100 times "I'm sorry" can't make it right. Take some time to think before you utter a word. You should know what to speak and when to speak. As if you learn to speak wisely, you are successful.

Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying. W. Clement Stone

Once, there was a Carpenter who was nearby his retirement. He goes to his boss and informs him about his retirement. The boss got sad, as the carpenter was one of the best employees he had ever.

The boss asked the carpenter to build the last house for him before his retirement. Though the man didn't want to do it, he agreed to do so. And he started working in it. He was such an experienced and knowledgeable person. But, as it was his last house, who doesn't take too much effort, uses average interiors, and so on.

When it gets ready, he gives the key of the house to the boss, and the boss provides access to the carpenter's return, saying, " it is the gift for you from my side."

The carpenter thinks that if the world has known that it is for him, he would have taken the double efforts and gave a quality product.

The Morel: We often save our energy for the next day, which we don't know, what and how it will be. This story teaches us to give 100% at the moment. You waste your time giving excuses and then complaining about the outcome. If you don't give your best, how can you get the best?

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming. John Wooden

In a classroom, a professor asks a student to come forward. When he comes out, the professor asks him to put his hands on a level outside his body alignment. When he does it, he puts two books in his hands. And ask the student if it is heavy or not. The student says it's very light.

After 5 minutes, the professor again asked the student if it is heavy or not. The student again replied the same. Then, the professor gets busy interacting with the class. After 15 minutes, the professor repeats the same question. This time, the student replied, he is feeling muscle pain. Then the professor asked him to go back to his seat.

The professor explains that if the boy had held the book for 1 hour, he might feel keeping the heaviest thing. But, if he holds the book for a day or the week, his hand may feel paralyzed and numb.

Similarly, the book refers to the stress and worries in your life. If you hold them for few minutes, that's ok. Buy, if you have them for much time, it will give you pain, mentally and physically. It will help if you let go of them as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will paralyze your brain.

The Morel: If you can't hold your happiness for longer, why do you carry your stress everywhere you go. It will give you nothing but sadness and more anxiety. Let go of your tension. Don't carry them everywhere. Free up your mind so that they can have a space for new ideas.

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. Bruce Lee

There was an older man who had five sons. The man was rich, but he was old now. His sons always used to fight with each other. And, the man was so stressed due to this behavior of his son. Now, their fight was raised before ever, and the people around them used to make fun of them for fighting all the time.

One day, he gets sick. He wanted his son to be united before he died. So, he calls his sons and says, "dear, if you do what I will ask you to do, in less time, you will get the rewards for it." Everyone gets agreed.

Now the man gives each one of them a bundle of 10 sticks to break and asks them to divide it into two half. Whoever will do it in less time will be the winner. So, the sons started breaking the sticks and finish the task in very little time. But, now, they again began to fight, who did the first.

The man says, "the task is not finished yet." He again gives a bundle of 10 sticks to each one of them and asks them to beak it in one go rather than to break them individually. After many tries, no one can break it. And the admission that they are failed.

Once, there was a king who was so helpful. He has a person in his kingdom who was so clever. And the king used to admire the person the most.

One day, the king and the person goes the riverside. They were talking and discussing some severe topic.

Meanwhile, the king draws a line on the coast of the river and asked the man to reduce the length of the line without touching it or wiping it. After thinking for some time, the man draws an extensive line aside from the last line and tells the king that his line is shorter.

The King gets pleased with the man again.

The Morel: Try to look for the options around you. If you keep yourself closed in a box, don't let yourself breathe in the air, you won't be able to survive. Put yourself in extreme conditions to know your capabilities. Make your mind living. Think out of the box.

Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success. Swami Vivekananda

A man used to walk his dog every day in the morning. Every week he was noticing a woman nearby a lake. Week after week passed by. And then he finally goes to the woman asked, " would you mind if I ask, what do you do here every week?"

The woman had a cage beside her, three turtles on her lap, and the fourth one in her hand; she was wiping with a sponge.

She smiled and replied, "I'm cleaning the argue and scum that grows upon the turtle's shell as it would reduce their ability to soak heat and reduce their swimming capacity. It so can get corrode and got weaken with time. I do it every weekend."

The man smiles and says, "But do you think you are making a huge difference? As there are not so many people in the world who do this. And the other turtles may be living with the algae and scums."

The women replied, "if these turtles were talking, they would say, I'm making a huge difference."

The Morel: You may not change the world, but you can change someone's life. You may not matter for the world, but it might be the world for someone. Only because you can't change the world doesn't mean you shouldn't try to help people. You might never know; your small help can make a huge difference in someone's life.

Success is sweet and sweeter if long delayed and gotten through many struggles and defeats. Amos Bronson Alcott

Two kids, a boy, and a girl, were playing on the ground afternoon. First, the boy shows the girl his collection of the pabbles, which was too beautiful. Then the girl also shows him her collection of candies.

They both make a deal of exchanging this collection. The girl gives her all the candies to the boy. Boy gives all of his pabbles to the girl. But, he keeps one of the most beautiful and big stones to him, without her knowledge. And they both were so happy.

In the night, the girl was so happy that she has got a perfect collection. And she goes to sleep thinking about the pabbles. But, on the other hand, the boy could not sleep, as he thinks, if the girl has also put some candies on her, as he did.

The Morel: What you give, that you take. Whatever the relationship is, trust is essential. If one is cheating, he will always think that the other person is also cheating him. As you believe, you grow up. So, think positive. Be honest. It is the ultimate secret to your success.

Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek. Mario Andretti

Once a boy asks an old man, "what is the secret of success?" The man told the boy that to meet him on the riverside the following day.

The boy gets ready and goes to the riverside the following day to meet the older man. The man and the boy started walking through the river till the boy's nose ducked in the water.

Now, the older man punches the boy's head inside the water and doesn't let him come up. The boy struggles a lot to come out, but the man pushes him in the opposite direction. The boy feels that a fish is swimming underneath his leg, and he tried to come up hard.

Now, the man pulls the boy and makes his breathing. And, asked him, "when you were inside the water, what did you want?" The boy replied, "The Air." Yeah, this is the secret of success.

Until and unless you want success, like wanting air, you can not achieve it.

The Morel: The desires give birth to Success. If you want to be in the pot, just because you can, you won't be able to get success. On the other hand, if you desire success as essential as the air, you will definitely go to get it.

The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way. Robert Kiyosaki

Once, a leader in a seminar hall shows the audience of 200 people a $50 pouch. Then he asked them, " who wants this pouch?" And everyone raises their hand in the air.

He said, "I will give this money to any one of you. But before that.....he asked one again, who wants the pouch?" And again, everyone agreed.

Then he tried to make as much money as possible as it hardly looks like wasted tissue paper. And, he again asked the audience whether they want it or not. And, everyone again agreed to have it.

The Morel: No matter how challenging your life is, how challenging the situation is, your life and the worth of your life don't decrease. Often you might face the case where you feel inadequate but remember your worth. And be proud of it. As if you value yourself, the world will love you.

You don't have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream. Michael Dell

Once, in a small village, there was a businessman who was having huge debts. And, he was not in the condition to return all his obligations to the bank. Moreover, the banker was an old and unappealing man who firmly wanted to marry that businessman's daughter.

One day, the business owner went to the banker and wanted to have a deal so that he doesn't have to pay the debts. Banker puts a condition of marrying his daughter. But, the business's owner didn't want to do that. But, he didn't have any choice to be debt-free as the debts were too huge to return.

He will put two stones in a bag, black and white. If the girl chooses the white stone blindly, the businessman's debts will be cleared, and the daughter will not have to marry him. And if she selects the black stone, she will have to marry him, and the debts will be cleared.

The banker picks up two black stones. The daughter was watching the banker from the window.

Once, A mommy camel and her newborn were turning in, soaking up the sun. The baby camel asked his mum, “Why are we with these large bumps on our back?”

The mammy thinks for some time and then said, “We are living in the desert where there is a shortage of water. Our humps reserve water to support us survive on long trips." The baby camel again questions, “Well, what is the use of these long legs with rounded feet?”

His mum answered back, “They are signified to enable us to walk through the sand.” The baby asked the third question, “Why are my eyelashes so long?”The mother answered, “Your long eyelashes you from sand when it hits in the wind.”

In the last, the baby asked, “if we all have the skills naturally to live our life, then what is the use of the Camels in Zoo?"

The Moral: It shows that your abilities won't have meaning until you use them. You might have heard about the persons, who have left their jobs to follow their dreams. Now, you have to decide, you either want to do your job only, or to live your dream. Maybe your plan gives you a struggle initially. But, it would help if you had the confidence that you will make a change. Think big, keep growing.

All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure. Mark Twain

Once, there was a king. One day, he thought of experimenting on these people. So, he put a massive rock in the middle of the road, and hide nearby to see, what people do seeing the stone on the road.

After waiting for some time, he sees some wealthy merchants passing by. They walk by the rock, blaming the king that is not doing his duties. Then after some time, a peasant goes by the same way.

He had some heavy stuff over his head. Seeing the rock in the middle of the road, he stopped and tried to move the rock sideways.

It takes some time for him to clear the road, but he does it and goes back to his work. The next day, the same thing happens, but this time, there was a change.

He saw a sag filled with gold coins with a letter saying, "It is the reward for your work you did yesterday." It was the king who placed the sag for his work.

The Morel: Don't complain about things. Take action to make a change. You have the strength to challenge situations that look tough. So, go ahead, and challenge the challenging situation. Also, karma comes back. So, if your karma is good, you will get a good reward and vice versa.

Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds. Orison Swett Marden


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Unlock Your True Potential: Enlight the power within youBelieve in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself. -Roy T. BennettThis quote directly mirrors your potential that you are not identifying. It's just like, "You have it, and you don't know it."Are you aware of the potential or the strength that you have? Well, I know, very few people realize that if they push their limits up to specific points, they can get what they want. What your potential is, you can't even imagine of. Unless you apply your entire possibility to work, you can't get...

How to be happy: The journey to find your true happiness by yourself

Happiness! How many of you truly know the actual meaning of happiness? It might be significantly more minor and countable because most people don't know where their happiness lies. The reason for this is as simple as understanding the fact that you are alive. But, if you are not happy, are you alive? Are you enjoying your life? Is, being comfortable means enjoying the surrounding only? Have you found your source of being happy? And, so many questions I can enlist that you can think about and analyze what your true happiness is. Purpose of the groupThe group's name 'How...

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