What is the point of life: Let's try to solve the mystery of life

What is the point of life: Let's try to solve the mystery of life



A concise word, but it has a profound meaning. I would not be wrong if I said, very few people can know or have learned the fundamental importance of life.

I read somewhere if you want to know the importance of life, like them, who just returned knowing death's door.

I was always too curious to know,

What is life?

Life! The word sounds too small, but it is a long journey that few people find pleasing, and for a few, it's unpleasant.

If going with the official statement of Life,

It is a condition that differentiates plants and animals from inorganic matter that includes the ability of growth, functional activity, reproduction, and continual changes moving towards death.

Other than this, you also can say, life is a representative that differs physical beings having biological processes like self-sustaining and signaling from those who can't have these processes.

I would simply define life as the existence of an individual, whether it's human, animal, or plant. Because other than humans, animals and plants are also considered living things. They also struggle to survive, need food and air for life.

Frankl says Life is:

Experiencing reality by interacting authentically with the environment and with others.

Life is the opposite of death. It is that every single element that has characteristics, states, those who fight to survive, etc. Life is a journey between birth and death.

Life also can be stated as, if you are conscious of yourself and others, having experiences, you opt to find success, not being dead, living life as long as you can, and so on. Life is survival. Either, you can give it another name as a journey.

There are too many ways that can be helpful to explain the meaning of life. And, the purpose of life keeps changing as per the individual based on their experiences.

Why do we live or exist?

Sometimes in your life, you might have had this question, why do we exist? What is our purpose? What should we do? And so on.

I think no one has found an answer to this question till now, except the one person belonging to our ancient times; Gautam Buddha. Anyway, I would say,

Life is a blessing.

In many cultures, life is linked with mythology. People believe that their respective God writes the book of a person's life. They created their destiny. And send them with a purpose on the planet. People believe that we exist because God has made the world. They have created the entire species and life. But is it true?

You would find various conflicts with this saying. Yet, the exact answer is to be found.

Some believe that life is a gift that gives you many experiences and exposure to many things. Whereas, for few people, Karma is a factor behind our survival. They believe that we exist because of the Karma of past generations. If you have done something wrong, we need to pay for it. And for the settlement of wrongdoings, you have to take rebirth.

If it is so, then what about the dinosaurs whose distinction has happened a long time ago. They were also surviving and had life. Many theories have different points of view and opinions on the existence of life, yet, nothing has a confirmed statement.

Life and its existence are a mystery; people have been trying to solve it for a long time.

What is the point of our life?

Whenever I see something unethical happening, I think, if everyone has the same life journey, which is from point B (Birth) to point D (Death), why would everyone just be as cruel they can be.

Well, I believe, till today, only one person has found an answer to this question, Gautam Buddha. I hope you all are aware of their life journey. If not, you should have a read about it. And I'm sure you will get an answer to your most of the questions.

So, not like Gautam Buddha has explained life to everyone, but I will try to put some points regarding the point of life.

What is the point of life?

I'm sure you might have asked yourself this question sometimes in your life. And, without finding the answer to this question, you might still be willing to know the solution.

No matter how successful you are, the point comes in your life when your mind has a question, what is the end of your life, why you are here, where you are going. It's a life, and it is so unpredictable. You can't have everything. If you have something, it means you have made a sacrifice over something.

Anyway, so, asking what the point of life is can lead you towards your life goal. It can improve your lifestyle for your betterment, physically and mentally. On the other hand, if you ask this question when you feel low, you can go towards depression and emptiness.

In the entire animal kingdom, human is supported to be the most intelligent animal. This is because human searches for many other things like happiness and satisfaction except sleep, eat, stay safe and reproduce, which is common in every animal. This curiosity was found in humans from the business of their life.

Scientist says this search has visible in human structure and nature—for example, the size of the brain and its ability to appreciate things beyond our needs. Humans are more towards enjoying the joy of life. This question is also raised at times of negative experiences, which gives this question more meaning.

Another point of life would be, forgetting the question 'what is the point of life?' No one could find an exact answer to this question. But, the journey of life goes on, which helps you find the purpose of your life.

Anyway, life without a purpose is meaningless. The mistakes you made are meant to be learning experiences that teach you to face challenges. And, it gives your life meaning. Remember, the importance of your life should be made as per your choice. If someone finds their purpose in life in fame and wealth, it can't be your meaning. And, if you tend to go there, your life will be meaningless.

As an individual, you are unique, and your choices are different from others. Your priorities, likes, dislikes, options should be different.

How to find a point in your life?

Many people are in the process of finding the meaning of life. And, no one succeeded yet. It is not that easy to answer this question, as it can be as challenging as joining the broken glass.

Anyway, two top ways can help you to find your point of life. Well, I believe that achieving your goal can be one of your points. And, your life doesn't get meaning until you do something for other people.

1) Meditation is Powerful

I don't think anyone is unaware of the power of meditation. From ancient times, meditation is supposed to be the best practice to know the self. As I mentioned before, Gautam Buddha also followed the same path to find their meaning in life.

Meditation is a great practice to focus on yourself. It gives you a greater sense of awareness about your life. It helps you meet yourself. If you can fully concentrate on this practice, it is said that the course will help you to get in touch with your reactions, emotions, and five senses. And, those, who are successful in waking up their minds is the one who knows their life purpose. Such clarity of life will open your eye and introduce yourself to your purpose in life.

We all know, nowadays, where life has become so hectic, people hardly can spare time for themselves. In such a situation, meditation becomes crucial for everyone. It helps you be calm, self-aware, controlling emotions and actions, etc.

In many cultures, meditation has an essential part in their lives. It has become so popular that reputed institutions are providing degree courses for the same method. Knowing the importance of meditation, the practice has got a perfect place in foreign countries.

Apart from meditation, you also can ask yourself some questions to find the purpose of your life.

2) 3 Magical Questions

I called them magical because, indeed, they are the usual question, but they have the power to change your life completely. When you ask these questions to yourself and get honest answers, you feel you have a purpose in your life.

1. What would you like to be remembered for?

We are humans, who live in the present, plan the future, and fulfill the planning. Well, right from preparing for tomorrow, you have plans for next week, next month, the following year, and the next decade. Accordingly, you live your present.

Few of you might have questioned it yourself. If you can get an answer to this question, you will find the point of your life. When you try to answer this question, you are more likely to know yourself; you focus on yourself, try to find the abilities, skills, and talents that you have. And, this helps you to see the area of your specialization.

2. Which problem would you solve on priority if you had superpowers?

The world is filled with problems. And, you can't get over each issue, even if you want to. It's not in anyone's hand.

Anyway, so, one of the ways to find your purpose in life, you can ask yourself about solving a problem That you see worst around you. If you encounter hungry people around you and want to do something for them, you can volunteer.

Food is, anyway, a basic need of humans. And you genuinely want to delete the hunger issue from surrounding; you can start up food courts, food gardens, soup kitchens, etc.

This way, you find your purpose and also help people in their bad times.

3. What is the only activity that makes you lose all of your time?

Then another question could be, ask yourself, what works make you lose all track of your time, still feel doing it again and again. It doesn't give your tiredness; you don't get bored doing it, not make excuses.

For example, if you like dancing. No matter, how exhausted you are from the all-day work, you still manage time for dancing; this can be your cup of tea.

Everyone has something in their lives that they have a special place in their life. They can do whatever they can to accomplish it. And, if you find your part, this might be your goal.

Do you know what you are doing?

We talked about finding the point of life, seeing the meaning of your life, why it is essential, etc.

At the same time, I believe it is equally important that you should know, what you are doing in your life, and why? These two questions are so crucial in finding the meaning of your life.

Life is like a mystery. And, if you can't solve it, don't make it complicated either.

If you are studying medical care, you should know, what you are doing, and what is the purpose of doing this. I have seen many people who don't realize what they are doing. They have no idea about the meaning behind doing something. They are found to be blank at such times. And, here, your life started losing its purpose and got complicated.

Well, studying something is a critical phase in your life as your entire career is dependent on your current stage. But, the realization of knowing what you are doing is not only crucial in the learning aspect. But, every action that you take place in your life should have realization.

Let me say if you are doing a charity, you should know why you are doing it. What is the reason for doing it? It can't be like; you like someone doing it, and you opt to do it.

Along with knowing what you want to do, you should also know what you don't want to do. Elimination of the non-essential elements is equally crucial for your hunt for life.

Why do you need to find the point of your life?

Well, this is again an essential part of finding the point of your life.

If I ask you to find your life's purpose, you should know the reason behind it. Well, no one tends to find their life purpose when someone asks them to do that. But, when their inner person gets curious to know the answer to this question, they go for the search.

A life without the meaning or purpose or point is wasted. I will explain this with an example.

John was an entrepreneur and was so kind, empathetic, lovable, caring, helpful, and cheerful. John only has a weakness, their Family. One day, John lost their family in a road accident. This was a significant shock for John, and they lost all their sense. Slowly, they turned to be quiet. They were not talking to anyone, not doing anything. It was like, they lost the purpose of their life, which was their family's happiness.

Well, John was doing everything for their family. Their happiness was John's goal. And when they lost their family, they lost their purpose too.

This is what happens when your life doesn't have any purpose. You don't like doing anything, living your life, being happy, etc.

If you have a goal, you have a purpose of living. The goal and objective are interlinked. Only the drive can't lead to a plan, but yes, to achieve a goal, you are more likely to have a sense.

Also, remember, purpose and goal are not the same things, even though they seem to be.


Life is more complicated than you can think. But, it is also an easy living thing, depending on what you think of it. If you make life more accessible, it will be easy for you; otherwise, it can go very harsh. Anyway, I hope you might have got some idea, on having a point of life is so crucial for living the life. When you don't have a moment, you are like a blank slate. And, if you could find a purpose, you are like a book.

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