Don’t give up: Believe in yourself and see the magic you create

Don’t give up: Believe in yourself and see the magic you create


"If they can do it, let them do it. If they can't do it, how can I do it?"

This is the quote I read somewhere, and it made me think for a while. Anyway, it is true also. People in our society, or even you, have the same mindset about any task. And you easily give up on anything unexpectedly.

I agree that when after too much hardship, you don't receive the positive result out of your work, getting disappointed is evident. You may lose your hopes. You feel like a loser. But, have your feelings changed the fact?

Okay, the problem might be challenging. It may seem impossible to you sometimes. Or, you may feel like leaving the work midway. But, what if, when you give up on something, does it give you happiness?

You wanted to do the work for your happiness, because you liked the work, wanted to achieve something, or whatever the reason, when you give up on it quickly, just because it seems complicated, you lose there.

Giving up is so easy, wherein keep doing the work is the real challenge. Giving up on something is not a solution for anything. If you really want to get a hit, you need to continue to work.

So, here we will be discussing the same topic for today. And, I know you are so excited to see how you can stop yourself from giving up easily.

How to not give up?

There are very few people who don't give up easily. And as a result, they get successful. Not giving up is a synonym for success.

The problem comes and goes. But your nature should be, sticking to your work. At the same time, I can understand that the condition comes when you have to take a hard call to quit or give up; it's not easy for you. At such time, you are on one side thinking that you should give up, and on another side, you want to give one more try.

Unfortunately, in this race, the negative side win. And you give up. But, your mind continuously keeps thinking about the problem. Anyway, I came with some tricks that will help you be motivated towards your work and not give up.

1. Be Honest With Yourself

Be true to yourself. You can lie to the whole world, but you can not lie to yourself.

When you are working on something, you know where you stand in the progress chart, and you can see your progress. So, if you know you are still at lower levels, you need to work on it.

Accept the fact, and work accordingly. Be honest with yourself. If you are not good at something, try to get the things perfect for you. Don't let it go. Or don't give up that you can't do it. Say, you can do it. And, you will get the strength.

2. Accept the fact

Accept the fact. It is so essential for you to accept the current condition.

If you lose, accept it if you have not prepared yet, not perform this time or anything else. Acceptance is a must. So, whatever the fact is, take it first.

When you accept something, you know what you need to do in the future. If you lose, check where you went wrong. And, if you are still at the starting point, go ahead. If your task seems impossible, remember, impossible doesn't exist. And you can do it consistently.

3. Take Cold Showers

Take a shower. Well, this way your problems won't get solved. You are not going to get any solution. Or you are not going to have superpowers to solve the problem. But, you will feel fresh.

When you take a shower, you don't only feel fresh physically, but mentally too. A cold shower is enough to make you realize that you should give one more try and not give up.

Trust me; this is a proven way. And you will surely get a benefit on getting back on the work. You will also find many scientific pieces of evidence that taking a cold shower can help your mind relax, motivate you, and give a reason to go back to work.

4. Ask 'Why'

Ask why to yourself.

Why is it a very magical word and has a superpower the origin of anything in the world? For example, if Newton had not thought about why the apple fell on the ground and went back into the sky, the theory of gravity wouldn't exist.

Similarly, even though you have decided to give up, ask yourself 'Why' once. If you are getting an honest answer to it, you can go ahead with it. But, I think even a single reason is enough to keep doing your work.

5. Find a Different "How"


Well, it is a saying that if you want to do something genuinely, you get the answer to How to do it automatically. When you seek one way, you get many options to do it. It only requires your attempts.

You often might have faced the situation when you wanted to give up on your aim, goal, or relationship; just try to find a way; how can you give one more try for it.

I'm sure you will find more than one way. Even though, if you don't see multiple ways, you will always find the one.

6. Believe in yourself

In hard times, it becomes so important to have faith in yourself.

It's evident that you get disappointed when you face failure or don't get the desired results. Practically, it is also true that you want to give up when you don't get expected results. And especially when your situations don't allow you to give more time to your task.

At such times, the trust that you have in yourself is so important. And it can be one of the core strengths that will stop you from giving up easily.

7. Watch Someone Else Persevere

When you find a lack of motivation in your life, getting inspiration from the surrounding can be one of the ways to be charged for your work.

You can see such stories in the movies, where someone faces many obstacles in their life. Still, they keep doing their work and get succeed. You will find ample of such movies.

When you feel motivated and want to give up on your things, such things can help you maintain your work. Perseverance is one of the art that everyone should learn. And very few people can understand it.

8. Use failure as ladders

Even though failure may be consistent for you, but it is not permanent. Failure is a must. It gives you the motivation to keep moving on.

At such times, you need to realize that failure is not the end. It is the steps, through with you have to keep going towards success.

When you realize that you have to use failure as the ladder to achieve your goal, you won't think to give up on your plan.

9. Succeed at Something Else

Well, it's evident that when you don't feel like succeeding at something, giving up is so apparent. But, do you really want to give up? Or do you want to give a short break to yourself?

Ask this question to yourself. And, when you get an answer to this question, go for it. If you don't really want to give up, it's better to give a short break to yourself.

At such times, you can try those little things that can give you rewards, such as trying a new recipe and inviting your friends to dinner, finishing a race, and so on.

Make sure you do something that gives you rewards. This way, you will feel motivated to do something. You will think that you are getting tips for your tries, and you will feel good.

10. Call Someone

When you finally decide to give up, you need to take advice from the other mind once. So, you should seek someone to help you. Sometimes, you get choked at a place due to your uncertain conditions and the undesired output. And you finally want to give up.

At such times, you should ask someone to help you with their advice. Maybe their advice helps you towards your goal.

11. Keep Your Head Up

Keeping your head up would mean seeing things quickly or in an easy way rather than seeing them in a complex way.

We, humans, deny seeing things in more straightforward ways and make them so complicated. At the same time, the solution of the problems is so easy to solve.

With this attitude, we can do nothing but make the issue as complex as possible. So, to get over such a thing, you need to keep your head up straight to see the simple solution of the problem rather than seeing something with complexion.

12. Realize You Get To Do This

Whatever you are trying to do and getting failed every time, or you are just about to achieve it, but still due to very little reason, you can't get it, you should realize that you have to do it at any cost.

Dreams are meant to be completed, and you should never give up on them. Well, sometimes the situation may come when you finally have to make a decision. But you always need to realize that you have to do it; it doesn't matter at what cost. This will stop you from giving up easily.

13. Listen to favorite playlists

I often go with my favorite playlist when I feel I want some peace.

Peace means giving yourself some time to think about your decision once. Whatever you have decided, whether giving up or keeping doing your work, when you feel burdened and don't understand what you should do, you can go with your favorite songs that motivate you or make your mind fresh.

14. Just Quit

By the way, when I'm talking about not quitting, this point may confuse you. But, it would help if you left the wrong things on priority.

Maybe what you are doing is wrong. So, you need to quit that first. Eliminating the wrong things can motivate towards the right things.

Sometimes, right things also need to quit. But be aware of what you are doing. It's important to realize that leaving is giving up. Sometimes, you need to stop because you have to focus on something else. So, do better things that motivate you more.

15. Reframe Your Story

This may also help you quit your give-up decision.

Every person has a story. The intensity carries from worst, evil, sound, and so on. And everyone wants to achieve something that they want to see their future with that thing. It can be any career goal or a relationship.

Whatever it is. But, when you decide to give up on something, you need to reframe your story once so that you can get to know if your decision is correct or not.

16. Approach your close ones

Right, approach your close ones to speak to them.

You might have experienced that when you feel stressed, and after speaking about your worries to someone, you think light. So, why not try this idea in changing your quitting decision.

Maybe you, at that time, required a helping hand to listen to yourself and be with you. This is very common that people don't prefer sharing their thoughts with others. But, this can help you make the right decisions.

17. Realize Quitting Not An Option

It's a human tendency to make a lot of efforts to achieve something, but at a point, they put quitting somewhere in their journey. And their mindset is fully ready to accept that quitting option.

You need to understand that quitting can never be an option. When you move towards your goal, you know what you want in your life then. You should not be less in whatever efforts you make towards achieving your goal.

Therefore, you need to realize that quitting is not an option for you, and you have to achieve your goal anyhow.

18. Watch Someone Do Something Impossible

Well, sometimes, motivations can also give you the spirit to get back to your work. We often see people with disabilities does something extraordinary in their life. We can find millions of such stories around the world.

So, when someone with a disability can do what they dreamed of, or something unusual, why can't you?

When you realize this thing, that you have everything that is enough to achieve your goals, you hardly move towards quitting your decision.

19. Find A Door And Go Through It

It's never a single way that goes towards achieving something.

Forgoing to a place where there is more than one route, you will always find multiple ways to reach your goal. And, they existed. But you need to find them.

I have learned this thing in my life: if you genuinely want to achieve something, you will find various doors to enter that place. If you keep making excuses, which is so easy to do, you can never change your life. And anyway, one reason is enough to give up.

20. Climb A Mountain

Climbing a mountain is not an easy task. And trust me, it can change your mind completely.

When you find things hard and want to give up on them, do something that you find so hard to do—for example, climbing mountains.

Just do it and don't discuss it with anyone. When you do it, you will start having faith in yourself that nothing is impossible for you. And you can just do it.

21. Go Workout

Give your body some physical stress. Working out is one of the best ways to clear your mind.

Go for a bicycle ride, a walk, a run, pushups, weight lifting, and so on. Whatever you find comfortable doing, go for it. It will help you learn your mind.

This also means that you need to convert your mental or imaginary burden into a tangible or visible form so that you can smash them as of your bad ideas of giving up. It helps a lot to freshen up your thoughts.

When you do this, you start feeling that your imaginations or negative ideas are not that strong to halt you from going on.

How can I train my mind not to give up?

When the circumstances attack you from all sides, you want the single ray of hope to be strong in the challenging situation and keep doing your work.

Likewise, you learn to read the alphabet; you can train your mind not to give up as well. When you want to achieve something in your life, you need to work consistently with determination. Thus, you need to train your brain to be optimistic. And the process is not complicated. You are going to learn below.

1. Count your blessings

Counting your blessing would mean, express gratitude.

How many of you say thank you for what you have in your life? Probably, the number is less. And this is the reason behind the increased depressions among the people. This also means that you don't want to work on those things that you wanted severely sometimes. And you give up.

So, you need to count three things every morning or three things every night before going to bed, for which you are thankful. This will make you feel blessed than others. Even though you are grateful for having such supportive parents, it's enough for you.

When you feel blessed for having something in your life, you don't feel depressed. And it automatically makes it more vital to keep doing things.

2. Live in the present

Past is gone. The future is yet to come. And you only have a present to live.

As much as it is true, it is hard to accept. Whatever mistake you made in the past, you can't correct it now, even if you want to do this poorly. And you have to take it anyway.

You are worried about your future. But, you don't even know how long you are going to live your life. Then, what is the point of thinking about the future?

It's better that you start living in the present. And this is the only solution to your problem. Start living in the present. Work on your goal now. You can't change your past, not predict your future. But, yes, you can work now, so that your future is promising.

3. Be your superhero

Everyone wants to be a superhero. So, it's the right time to be the one for yourself. Remember, it's essential to take care of yourself before you volunteer to take care of others.

Whenever you feel low, under-confident, start hating yourself; remember something that helps you love yourself. Recall the time when someone wanted to be with you. Research says you should be acting like the one who you always wanted to be.

This behavior helps you boost your mood and make it positive. Try smiling in your hard time. It will give you the strength to fight the situation.


I know, giving up is so easy. And keep going with your work is challenging. But, you need to understand that giving up should be the last option when you don't see any other way to deal with the situation. I hope this opinion has helped you to know the importance of not giving up and the right time to give up.

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  • charlotte
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    Awesome Writer

    Blogger I Content writer I Digital marketer

    Why do I give up too easily?.jpg

    Why do I give up too easily?

    I'm sure some of you might have suffered from this issue. You don't want to give up. But apparently, you give up. Maybe, sometimes giving up is the right decision. But it can't always be. With the section mentioned above, you have learned how to stop yourself from giving up so easily. But, it's also essential for you to know why this happens to you if you give up easily.

    No one of you wants to give up on anything. It involves too many things, like your hard work, investment of money (if any), emotional investment, time investment, and so on. And when you have to give up, you have to deal with all these things.

    Here, let's try to figure out why you would quickly tend to give up.

    1. Unrealistic expectations

    Expectations are a must. Let me say you want to study medicine. So, with this decision, you might have some expectations like you'll be a particular surgeon, you want to treat patients, you want to have a stable life, and so on.

    These expectations are evident. Your every decision is biased with your particular expectation. But, you should realize that you should have realistic and practical expectations.

    Being a doctor, you will be treating patients indeed. But, you can't help out the case where the patient is so severe. And they have very little life left. You could try to make their life easy. But you can't bring someone's life back. This will be your unrealistic expectations.

    Anyway, you need to understand that you should expect the real things. And if you start expecting the make-believe stuff, you would probably lose hope and interest in something.

    2. Too much choice

    It's not at all bad having the backup plan for anything. Even if someone is preparing for a particular exam, which is too tough to clarify. At the same time, they are trying so hard. They may clear it. But, they also should have a second plan in case they fail.

    Till here, the journey is on the right track. But, what if someone has too many options. From a career point of view, someone wants to become an engineer, but they also think of going with Law. On the other side, they like dancing, so somewhere they want to be a dancer. They have an interest in journalism. And so on.

    This way, the person has too many options or plans to go with. In this race, they can't decide what they should do. And what will be the best thing for them? Such conditions can make you give up on elements.

    3. No actionable plan

    So, you have made the plan, like, what business do you want to set up? You know, how it will be going, how it will work for you? What will you get from your company? And so on.

    Well, that's the great thing that you did. But did you also prepare the actionable plan that will be working for you? If yes, it's great.

    We often see people saying I will do this; I want to do that, planned that thing, etc. But, after a while, when you ask them about the same plan, they say, I didn't do that. Or the thing didn't work for me.

    What is the reason for this?

    The reason is apparent. They didn't have an actionable plan to go with. And that's why they gave up on their virtual project.

    4. The negative perception of failure

    Who wants to fail? No one, right?

    We have a nasty attitude towards failure. Our society sees a failed person with a very negative mindset. This attitude of the community has made the loss a curse for everyone.

    Therefore, a negative perception is built up in the mind of people about failure. No one is ready to face loss.

    So, when someone fails in something, they give up on that thing. On the other hand, those who stick to their goal even after getting failed get to succeed.

    5. External positive validation

    Let me say the external positive element would be praise.

    Mostly, people do certain things to get praise for it by others. And, here, they start having hopes and expectations from society. At the same time, the community keeps changing its opinions.

    When your success or goal is biased with the external components, you won't focus on it. By the time you are getting society's attention for your work, you will work on it.

    Once people stop praising you for what you are doing, you won't get motivated to work for it. And you will give up on it.

    6. External harmful elements control you

    We human makes the harmful elements more critical for us than the inner self. No matter how your inner self wants you to say, you are the best; you are beautiful, you can do it; the external elements you set up for your happiness don't let you do this.

    You let external elements control your happiness, your actions, and your success. When you do this, you already failed to make yourself believe that you can work with your plan. And, when the external elements say, you can't do it, something is beyond your reach, you give up on your plan.

    7. You don't deserve it

    You already have made an aura, where you have listed particular things that what you deserve and what you don't deserve.

    Nothing is like that, you can say; you don't deserve it. You deserve everything that you work for. You need to believe in yourself. And keep doing your work.

    Whether it's a relationship, or something else, if you work on it, want to make it better, you anyway deserve it. It's your perception that you don't deserve it, and you give up on it.

    8. Motivation isn't vital as a discipline

    Motivation is anyway required to get succeed. Without cause, no one can even live up to a single day. If someone doesn't have the reason to live the day, they won't struggle for food.

    At the same time, motivation is not enough for success. You need to be disciplined to get succeed. Reason can have too many sources, right from your family, to your loved ones or a role model. But, you can get success only when you are disciplined.

    Discipline helps you to move towards your goal. To understand this point, go back to the time when you felt motivated to do something. But, as you could not discipline yourself to do that thing, you gave up on that.

  • mark
    Mark Jackson
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    Why should you not quit?.jpg

    Why should you not quit?

    As much as I say, you should not quit; you would tend to give up if your mind told you to quit. There are specific scientific reasons, for you should not quit. You may not be aware of the scientific purpose that stops you from leaving your job.

    This thing may be new for you. So, I'm here to help you to know the answer to why you should not quit.

    1. It takes many iterations for one success

    Success is not at all easy. It has to go through various phases and stages, and then you will be able to see it. At the same time, on the way to success, you get to learn many things. Maybe you have to lose some. But, it would help if you took them positively.

    Your success is made up of many iterations. So, you need to keep consistent in your work to get a better result and success. Those who have learned to keep the record of iterations positively can only survive in life and get the win.

    2. Your success might matter more than you think it does

    Okay, everyone wants to get succeed. When you consistently face failure, you know what it means to get succeed at something. At such a time, success matters a lot to you.

    On the other hand, when you actually succeed, you can't even imagine how important it was for you and your loved ones. No one wants failure. But when success comes, it comes with extraordinary pleasure.

    You can think, what your life will be like with success. But, when it comes to reality, the victory seems more lovable.

    3. The most worthwhile things are not easy

    You know the importance of success for you. Instead, success is essential for everyone. At the same time, you also know, winning is not easy.

    I will not be wrong if I say the worthy things are never easy. And you have to struggle a lot for it. When you make a plan, you should know what it will take. You should be mentally prepared for it.

    When you are mentally prepared for something, then things are easy for you.

    4. Instant success is a myth

    Those who succeed are easy, let me tell you, are lying.

    Success is not easy. You have to do a lot of hard work, make sacrifices, and be patient to taste success. It is so important to have this realization that success is not effortless.

    You will have to walk through the proper way to get success. You will have to face many ups and downs. Only then will you see success?

    5. Your past does not determine your future

    Past is meant to be forgotten. That's why we call it past. But, even if everyone knows it, no one wants to accept it and move on in their life.

    Mistakes are meant to happen. But it gives you a lesson that you should use in your success. Unfortunately, very few people have the realization of this fact. And only they succeed.

    Remember, your past is not going to build your success, not make your future. Yes, it will indeed, if you take the past mistakes as the learning. And considering your past, you should never give up on your work.

    6. You might not have tried the right thing yet

    So, are you sure whatever you are doing is the right thing for you?

    Sometimes, you don't get succeed because what you are doing is not the right thing. But no one realizes this fact. If you can understand this simple thing, it can help you build your future.

    Maybe you are not doing the right thing. And that's why you are not succeeding. And, because you are giving your inputs to something wrong, you are not growing and giving up often.

  • maria
    Maria Bonita
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    Enhance your skills

    When giving up good for us?.jpg

    When giving up good for us?

    You might be trying to accomplish the wrong thing. And bad things should get eliminated from your life.

    So, when you are doing something, and I'm saying you do not give up easily on it, I would like to suggest sometimes when giving up is the best way to deal with the situation.

    However, lets here discuss such situations when giving up is the right decision for you.

    1. When you know in your heart that it's not going to work out

    Whatever you are doing, no one else can tell you how it is going, except you. A simple example would be, when you have your dinner, only you will know how much you can eat.

    In the same way, only you can tell us that what you are doing will work or not. Whether you are doing the right thing or the wrong one, your heart will know the reality. And you can't lie to it.

    So, if your heart is saying, No, this thing is not going to work at all, you need to give up on it. And, it could be anything. Relationship also.

    2. When you don't want that thing or person anymore

    This is the direct and most highlighted indication; to understand, you should give up on something.

    When something or someone (it can be a relationship or a person) is bothering you badly, you can't get over those things, you can't focus on your work, you continue thinking about it, and you don't want yourself to get tortured due to that thing, it's better to give up on it.

    It would be best if you give up on something when deep down inside of yourself you know that you don't want that thing anymore in your life.

    3. When the only reason you haven't quit already is that you are worried about what other people will think.

    One of the most common reasons for not doing things or eliminating something from your life is what other people will think about it.

    Well, it is not only your problem. Everyone out there is thinking the same thing. And, in this case, when your heart and brain both are denying the presence of the particular thing in your life, why you have kept holding it in your life. You should quickly give up the item, which is making your life hell.

    4. When your inability to accomplish your goal is making you hate yourself

    Such things are worst than failure. When someone fails, it's obvious to feel bad about not succeeding. But if the same thing makes you hate yourself, it means the items are not suitable for you.

    It can't be only the thing. But, it can be the relationship also. Nothing should make you feel hated. And, if the items are not working for you, and you started hated yourself for this, it's better to quit it.

    5. When pursuing this path, or staying with this person, is preventing you from going down a road that would make you happier

    You should take care of your happiness so that you can make other people happy.

    If doing something or being with someone, you don't feel like enjoying their company or doing the work, the things or the person is giving you every emotion rather than the happiness it's high time to cut off from the item.

    When you pursue something or your goal, you feel excited. Even if it is a relationship, you should feel happy and relaxed when you are with a particular person.

    Contrary, if in both cases, if your emotions are opposite and you cannot feel happy with the work or with the person, it is not meant for you. And, it's better to quiet it.

    Remember, you should be the driver of your happiness and not the other things. And if doing something or being with someone stops you from pulling you back at the sadness, then giving up is the best option.

    6. When the idea of giving up floods you with relief

    Often, you would be having this idea, give up doing something, or be with something, and this thought is giving you pleasure and making you feel relaxed; you should quickly give up on it.

    It may happen to you when you are stressed doing something. And you don't want to do it again. If something is bothering your schedule, your life, and your mind, quitting is the best decision if it is affecting your health mentally and physically.

    So, check out the thing; what is the thought that is making you feel depressed? Just go with the giving up of the idea.

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