Happy people behave differently: Know the secret of being happy

Happy people behave differently: Know the secret of being happy


Everyone suggests you be satisfied, whatever ups and downs come in your way. Instead, I believe being happy is an art. Even though everyone has this skill. But very few people are aware of this.

You will agree with me if I say, even if happy people are like you, they are still different from everyone. Happy people always get recognition over those who being sad every time. Being happy does not mean you don't have any issues, you have achieved everything you wanted to, or you don't have to grieve. Happiness is beyond all these things.

So, with the hope that you will learn the actual meaning of being happy and why happy people behave differently, I'm starting with this new topic.

The correct definition of happy people

In a sentence, happiness is opposite to sadness.

Yet, it is a lot to understand. Happiness is a pleasing feeling you have when you realize that life is so good and you don't have anything to worry about, but just smile.

I would say happiness is a sense of joy, well-being, contentment. For most people, this feeling comes from success, feeling safe, being lucky, getting a gift, etc. So, the definition of happiness is different for everyone. And, someone can't get happy for someone's reason. This is the fact.

As per the research in Positive Psychology, the one who frequently feels positive emotions such as pride, joy, interest, and, also, who doesn't have negative feelings like sadness, anger, and anxiety is a happy person.

Very few people can learn the exact meaning of happiness. People keep holding burdens in their heads, even though they have reasons to smile. And complain about their lives. But, true happiness lies in enjoying your company, giving yourself respect, showing kindness, living in peace with your mind, body, and soul.

People generally link their happiness with other people. In short, they keep hopes from them. And hopes are not always meant to be fulfilled. Thus, they remain with broken hopes. People rely on material things for their happiness. And, here they lose. Wherein they don't need other people to get happy.

You can see those people, who live their life on their principles, are never gets sad. They know their happiness is within them and not in the outer world. And, this is the true happiness and accurate definition of happy people.

21 things happy people do differently

Of course, if happy people are categorized separately from other people, they must have different qualities that others don't have. Happy people want to make everyone happy around them. The attitude, vibes, and aura of happy people make them standing different from other people.

Here in the below list, you can find the traits that happy person different from the rest.

1. Treat everyone with kindness

I will explain this with a practical example.

You see a puppy on the road. Now, imagine the feeling when you throw a stone towards them. On the other hand, you go to the puppy, and take them in your hands, bought them food, and show love for them.

What will be more pleasant for you? Indeed the second one.

This is what a happy person does. They know how to make others happy. And tend to do that. They don't intentionally hurt anyone. They have a lot of love and kindness to show for others. And they can't stop their feeling. Whenever they are around, people love them due to their loving nature.

2. Dream big

Who doesn't Dream!

Everyone does. It is a saying that dreams are the key to your successful, happy life. As much you dream about something and achieve it, your happiness automatically comes to you. And, this is what happy people do.

Dreams are also joy killing. If you are only dreaming of something and not taking any action to fulfill it, you will be sad. Also, your steps depend on the nature of your dream. If your dreams are small, you will get temporary happiness. On the other hand, if you dare to dream big, you know, it is going to be a challenge. But, when you have it, you will be more than happy.

It is a sign of happy people that they dream big and achieve them.

3. Avoid social comparison

Comparison is meant to be the biggest enemy of happiness.

Even within a family, two siblings when get compared, some kind of negative feeling flourishes in a dominant person, that don't let them be happy. If a comparison within the family can kill the joy, imagine the comparison made in the social circle.

No one is identical. Not their skills and talent. So, if someone is good at study, being honest means you are dumb. Find your core strength. Happy people are aware of this fact. Therefore, they never try to compare their life with other.

When you compare yourself with others, you are disrespecting yourself, your abilities, and your capabilities. And, self-respect is the key to happiness.

4. Take the time to listen.

From ancient times, it is a saying that when you have one mouth and two ears, you have to speak less and listen more.

Well, every successful person suggests that listening is the best trait that everyone should have. And this can be developed in everyone.

The one, who listens well, can be a great leader and a happy person, of course. I'll explain this; how?

Suppose you are involved in a friend group interaction. If you didn't listen to another friend, what they said, and, without knowing their opinion or what they are trying to say, if you consider their statement in another way, you may have a conflict.

Well, this was the actual example you all can relate to. But, I know, you also might have had such a situation sometime in your life, when you have gone through this stage.

5. Establish personal control

What is personal control?

It's so simple. The person's control is your control over your actions and emotions. At the same time, it is a must for everyone. You should know what steps are required at what time. And, what feeling you need to show, when.

Happy people develop a high personal control over themselves. They know which action is needed at what time. At the same time, the other people can't show their support.

Let me say, if your partner is angry with you, and you are supposed to be calm, but you lose your emotional control and reacted angrily, you won't get a solution for your conflicts, but your differences might add on. This is personal control.

6. See problems as challenges.

Life is all about problems. No one in the world is left without having an issue. But, your point of view looking at your situation make you a better person.

Let me take a real example. If you get failed in any task, instead of being stuck in the loss, if you get to stand up, and try it again and again, and win the job, then you are a person with the positive side.

Keep complaining about something is easy. But, defeating your loss is hard. And, everyone can't do that; happy people can do it. Happy people are so glad because of their positive attitudes. That makes them different from others.

Problems are another nature of the challenge. And challenges are means to be done successfully. So, always see the problems as a challenge.

7. Accept what cannot be changed.

To get happy, it is a must.

Until you accept that whatever the thing is, it can not be changed, and you should get it and move on, you can be happy.

The best example of this would be the past.

Whatever it was, it is now the past. And it doesn't matter how much you regret it or think about it; you can't change it. You have to accept it now. Your life doesn't stop over it. You have a lot of things in front of you.

You will get many opportunities in the forthcoming life. That one moment in the past won't be changed now. So, it would help if you accepted it. And happy people do the same.

8. Eat well

Right. Happy people take care of what they eat.

Whatever you eat has an impact on your mental and physical health. Let me say, when you have heavy food someday, your whole day gets lazier. Whereas, when you have healthy food in the morning, you feel motivated and energetic all day.

The same principle applies to life. Happy people give very importance to food. As they know, the excellent food will make them happy. And, unhealthy food will harm them mentally and physically.

9. Meditate daily

Meditation is the solution for your most of the problems. Whenever you see a happy person and ask them the secret of being happy, their list will include meditation.

Mediation is the only practice that teaches you most of the traits that you have read above. And, once you do it, you start feeling its magic.

You should start meditating for about 5 minutes a day and gradually increase it. Meditation is a solution for anxiety, depression, sadness, and so on.

It fills you with optimism, energy, motivation, happiness, self-control, self-awareness, etc. All these traits are necessary for being happy.

10. Speak well of others

Happy people are never involved in back-bitching. They neither like to talk about others. Happy people always give attention to the actual stories. They don't care what other people are saying.

That is the reason why happy people always seem to be satisfied. They only focus on their work. If they get involved in such an idiotic discussion, they will feel negative energy. And, happy people always prefer to stay away from negativity.

Well, this is the ultimate secret of being happy. Being happy is not only accepting positive things but also avoiding negativities.

11. Daily Exercise

To be healthy and fit, exercise is a must. Like, it is the mandatory action everyone should take concerning their health.

Anyway, it is okay to go cycling, take a short run, take a walk, or anything, giving your body minor stress is essential.

It keeps your body healthy. And also keep your mind fresh. Don't let your body and mind be filled with toxicity. And, it is one of the points that positive psychology suggests for being happy and cheerful.

12. Nurture social relationships

Human is a social animal. So, no matter how many times you say, don't pay attention to society; you can't ignore culture. As, you are a part of the society, and lives a social life.

So, happy people always take care of social relationships. They try to build social relationships and keep them healthy.

Well, it is one of the parts of not talking shit about others. And not getting involved with such a discussion. As such, things spread negativity.

Happy people take care that no one gets hurt by them, not any animal. They are very present at nurturing their social relationships.

13. Never seek approval from others.

Happy people don't wait for support or approval from others.

Once they decide to do something, they go for it. Well, discussing something is a different element. But, whatever you choose, if you wait for other's approval, things won't work for you.

When you know you have made the right decision, then why wait for other's approval. Have faith in yourself. And don't let ruin someone your plan. Happy people do this for sure. They will inform others what they are doing or what they want to do. But, they won't wait for other's approval.

14. Lives in present

As I said earlier, happy people are entirely in the present. They never think about the past and the future. As they know, their thinking will not change their history, not create their future.

There is a saying,

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that is why it is called a present.

So, appreciate your today, and enjoy your life, as the happy people do.

15. Choose friends wisely

The people you roam with have a significant impact on your life. If you have a good group of friends, your life will shine; contrary, if your friends are not good, you will go towards darkness.

You will see happy people always be with happy people. They stay away from negative people. They don't like them and try avoiding them. As they know, negative people can only give them negativity. And negativity will be sad.

So, it is better if you choose good people to be around you to make your life happy.

16. Tell the truth

Happy people never lie. They know, whatever the thing, a lie can not give them the happiness that lasts longer. If you speak a lie, you will have to add more lies to hide the previous one. So, it's better to avoid the first lie.

No matter what the fact is, happy people always prefer to speak the truth. They never turn to lie, neither they like the people who bluff. Also, when you speak the truth, you don't have to keep reminding yourself what you have to say. Ultimately, your energy saves.

17. Wake up at the same time every morning

You may say, how does it matter. But it has a very crucial role in your mood throughout the day.

Let me say you wake up at noon; your half-day is already gone. You won't feel motivated to do anything. Your day will go lazier. You don't want to have food. You didn't see the freshness of the day and a fresh morning. And so on.

On the other hand, if you wake up at 6-7 AM, you get time for yourself. You can exercise, meditate, go for a walk and so on. You feel motivated and energetic. You can see the fresh morning, can feel bright and soft sun rays, etc.

Also, fix the time of your wake up. If you keep changing it, you will feel its side effects automatically. Happy people avoided doing it.

18. Never make excuses

Now, it is also a sign of maturity. If you have don't mistake, accept it. Don't try to find elements around you to blame, or don't make excuses.

Happy people don't do this. And as a result, they move on with their mistake more positively. They can deal with their mistakes more presently.

Those, who seem to be blaming other factors or making excuses for their mistakes or failures, are never seen happy and not getting success. So, learn to accept the fact. Happy people do the same.

19. Don’t hold grudges

Well, this is also important to be happy. If you keep holding grieve with yourself and carry it with you everywhere, how will you be satisfied? You can feel the happiness.

There is nothing left in the grudges that have happened long ago. Contrary, if you try to move on with accepting the fact or left the things in the past, you will feel happier.

If you carry them along with you, you will spread the same vibes that people prefer to stay away from. So, act accordingly. Happy people always tend to leave their grudge baggage behind.

20. Always be positive

Happy people never think negatively. I would say it is an art to see positivity in every negative. This doesn't solve your problem, but it gives you the strength to deal with your concerns.

Try to figure out the positive side of whatever happens to you. If you keep complaining about the happening that went in the past and only cursed the moment, you won't be able to be happy ever.

21. Express gratitude for what they already have

It is so important. I have seen people complain about what they don't have. But, I have never seen people being thankful for what they have. Humans don't get happy quickly. They want more and more. Thus, their joy gets declined. Happy people are always grateful for what they have.

If you have a small cottage, be thankful for it. Because, even though you dream of having a big house, some people might be praying to have the place you have. If you have food but don't like the dish, you still need to be grateful for it. As someone might be starving, and they don't even have this plate.

Show gratitude for what you have as happy people.

7 common characteristics of happy people

As of now, you might have understood that how happy people are different than others. How their aura is positive, that all the people get attracted towards them.

Now, let's find out what core qualities a happy person has that make them stand differently.

1. Self-Confidence

A happy person is filled with self-confidence. Remember, there is a thin line between self-confidence and overconfidence.

2. High Adaptability

A happy person is highly adaptive to the terms that come into their life.

3. Present Focus

A happy person is all set to focus on their present life, dumping their past in the gone days.

4. Be with Optimism

You will be a happy person, optimistic about all the situations in your life.

5. Intangible Values

A positive person always carries their values along with them.

6. Humor carrier

A happy person will always carry good humor to please everyone around them.

7. Showcase Gratitude

A happy person always seems with gratitude for whatever they have.

What does psychology say about happy people?

I hope, with the above sections, you understand that what are the core qualities of happy people and how they are different from other people. Instead, their traits make them different from other people.

“Happiness is a mystery like religion and should never be rationalized.” Says G.K. Chesterton, English author.

Although it's the fact that what is satisfying for one person would not help another person, psychology says you should be able to quantify your mind state to understand the true meaning of happiness.

When I'm saying happiness, in particular talking about a person's enjoyment that can last for a few minutes or a lifetime, no one can predict the reason for joy and its life span.

Psychologists relate happiness with a positive attitude. The one who has a positive mindset that brings positive emotions and thoughts can make someone happy.

As per a survey in 2016, Denmark was concluded as the happiest nation, following Switzerland and Iceland. When the UK was in 23rd position, and the US was in 13th place. Instead of this, Nordic countries featured as the happiest societies on the globe.

Anyway, have you ever thought, why happiness is so emphasized?

The reason would be apparent; happiness is the ultimate secret of a peaceful life. When you are not happy, you are disturbed. And, when you are concerned, you can't be happy. It is interlinked with each other.

Happy life gives you good life visuals, a positive point of view, a healthy lifestyle, motivations, etc. Moreover, happiness is not expensive. It is available everywhere that you just need to find out around you.

Happiness, or true happiness, is an inner quality. It is a state of mind. If your mind is at peace, you are happy. If your mind is at peace, but you have nothing else, you can be happy. If you have everything the world can give - pleasure, possessions, power - but lack peace of mind, you can never be happy.

Well, if everyone remembered it, you are happy.

How does happiness affect behavior?

Happiness is directly linked with your behavior.

The primary example for this would be,

If you went to a birthday party, but your mood is upset, you won't be able to enjoy the party. Instead, you will ruin the birthday party with your negative vibes. Your friends may leave you and as they want to enjoy the party. And you will be alone.

On the other hand, if you went to the party all in a happy mood and enjoying the party being yourself, you and your friends will truly celebrate the party. Everyone would love your company, and they will prefer to be with you. You won't feel alone. You will meet everyone with a fresh face and a decent smile on your face.

Here's how your mood shifts according to your happiness. If you are happy, you will behave accordingly. People will like to be with you. They would want your company.

On the other hand, if you are not happy, people will prefer to stay away from you. They won't get involved with you, neither would they like to interact with you. Your happiness is all set to make or break your day, your social relationships, and your bonds with others.


Happiness is freely available, but very few people can take advantage of it. Most people don't even know about it. They waste their life and energy complaining about their experiences. They are never grateful for things. But, you can be now. This is my opinion will help you to know, being happy is so easy. And you can be satisfied anytime.

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