Simple tips and tricks to help you to achieve a good Character

Simple tips and tricks to help you to achieve a good Character


"Knowledge will give you power, but character respect" – Bruce Lee.

"The final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands"- Anne frank.

A character means the way you behave in public and alone. Your character is like your identity; you are known by your character among your peers. If you are a person of good character, then you gain so much respect and positivity.

In contrast, a person of bad character is not accepted by society. So, it is very important to become a person of good character. A good character is honest, loyal, never goes against the laws, and does his moral duties. He makes the right decisions and chooses the right thing. For example, he always follows the traffic rules, and he never drinks and drives.

According to famous boxer Bruce lee, character plays an important role in making you a respectful person. Yet, there are many other traits that are helpful for the good character of a person. These traits have a direct impact on the overall life of a person. A good character person lives a great life and is remembered because of his good behavior.

Here I am sharing a list of habits which a person with good habit must-have. You may be familiar with many of the habits. To meet the goal of becoming a good character person, you must start working on your habits.

When you start following good habits, then your character also enhances positively. Readout these habits and try to pair them with your daily life routine.

1. Be honest:

Honesty is the best policy, as it is a universal saying. Honesty never lets you down. It is not enough that you only stay honest with your work or peers, but you should honest with yourself too. We people not only cheat others, but many times cheat our self too. When you set up yourself honest, then it means that you will show good trust among your group and will be respectful.

2. Give respect and take respect:

Respect is always a two-way process. In this world, respect has great value. Even a child feels happy if someone gives him the desired respect. A person can never get respect if he does not give respect. So respect everyone despite their work, caste, and creed. You will see that people will also respect you.

3. Loyalty is the key:

Nowadays, loyal people are very rare—every boss search to hire such an employee who can stay loyal to his company and work. If you practice the habit of loyalty, then it will be very helpful to you. Many relationships do not work because of the loyalty issue. If you are a loyal partner and find someone who is also loyal to you, then it means that your relationship will be fruitful.

4. Be polite:

The way you speak and listen to others matters a lot. People attract to you if you talk softly and listen politely. Your polite nature shows your good behavior. Shouting and losing your temper now and then is not a good sign of behavior. While a polite person is very easy to talk with and people only admire politeness either at work or at home.

5. Have a positive approach:

Positivity about life and negativity about life are two completely opposite approaches to life. The people who stay positive in life overcome every problem, and a negative person always remains in grief. Just like you, everyone wants to hear positive and good things about them.

Your positive thinking enhances your good character because people like to surround themselves with positive people. And if you are positive, then it helps you to build a good character.

6. Maintain self-discipline:

Maintain a routine and follow it regularly. Self-discipline is the habits you impose on yourself. A disciplined life is always honored. When you have a disciplined life, you take your daily life seriously. You wake up on time, do exercise, and take your meals on time. You sleep at a fixed time. This makes you a more active and confident person.

7. Be a motivating person:

When someone comes to you with their problems, then do not burden them more with negative thoughts. Instead, motivate them that everything will be alright, and they have the potential to overcome the problem.

Suppose a student failed in an exam. Then, you should not increase his grief by saying that he did not study and got failed. It would help if you motivated him that next time he will pass by doing more hard work.

8. Kindness is a must for you:

There are many people who are less fortunate and poor. Show your kindness to people who are not able to live a happy and prosperous life. Feel the sorrows of others and try to heal them.

9. Take responsibility:

you must step forward to take responsibility, either helping in household works or being responsible for your conduct at work. You must do your duties sincerely. When you become responsible, then everyone around you starts trusting you more.

10. Have a loving nature:

A person with a loving nature is dear to everyone. It adds so much value to your good character. Speak softly to everyone, do not raise your voice while talking, smile, and be nice to everyone. This makes everyone like you, and people find you good to talk with.

Now, you have a clear idea about the habits you must have to meet the good character. But to change your habits and follow good habits is not a one-day game. It takes time. These below points will surely help to meet good character:

● Make a list of your bad habits:

Write down all the habits that rank your character down. Either it is your angry nature or that you are not honest. Write all the habits of yours which you should change.

● Target on the habit for a week:

It is true that you can't attain a good character quickly. You have to go slow and be patient in the journey of changing habits. For one week, try to be honest.

Start writing about your day when you remained honest and did not cheat. Regularly do it for one week at least, even if you are uncomfortable. In the starting, you can even take an easy habit which you can pursue smoothly.

● Analyze the change in you:

When you follow a good habit for a week, then it affects your lifestyle and character. Notice the change. Maybe you got praise somewhere for your honesty. Or it just felt good to you in the end because you have done everything honestly.

When you are confirming that the habit you targeted to do has not become your character, then repeat the process for another habit.

Final words:

It is true that your daily life routine and habits greatly impact your character building. By focusing on your today, you can build a good character, which will show positive results tomorrow. So, focus on the present, and when you are doing something either working or playing, keep on doing that by following the good character.

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