Simple Signs that you are secretly an introvert

Simple Signs that you are secretly an introvert


There are many people who seem as good to go with or happy in their social life, but actually, they are not. Are you the person who has confused about your personality type? Do you like more being in your room alone than have a party with friends?

Well, the answers to these questions will clear the confusion. You will feel more clear about your trait once you finish this article. Before we go deep into introverted people's habits or details, let's know about introverted people.

Who are introverted people?

The word vert means turned, and intro means towards inside. The word itself means turned toward the inside. They have a lot to do with their inner self, their thinking, and their thought process. Introverts are the people who are more concerned about themselves and not other people.

They make it a priority to focus on their life first. Their priority is to take care of their feeling and thought processes and not what is going on in other people's lives. They are introverted people who take time from even a hectic day to stay alone for some time. They enjoy it when alone and get bored when they are at a social event or a party.

There are other kinds of people who are opposed to introverted people. These people are called as the extrovert people.

Extrovert people:

These are the party people. Their life is all about making friends, being social, and doing parties. They do not like being alone. They are talkative and fun, loving people.

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, has described about introvert and extrovert traits in his theory of personality. Here are some signs are given below which an introvert can relate to himself. It will help you know that you are an introvert or not.

1. You talk to yourself:

It is a very common habit of introverted people. And if you are an introvert, you know that there is always something cooking in your head. You think, talk, analyze your thoughts all in your mind.

There is an inner world that keeps you busy with yourself. You talk so much, but with yourself. You think about yourself, about other people and even recall your past incidents and somehow find peace in doing this.

2. You think about your past:

Old memories of the past are your escape from the present life. You think so much, and some thoughts make you worry. You think about old memories and get worried about what you said and why you said that.

Sometimes you want to travel to your past and correct what you said and want to recreate that memory. Anyway, you enjoy thinking about several things no matter they would yield you something or are pointless.

3. Alone time is your favorite time:

You love being alone. When your roommates are excited to go out for a party, you make excuses not to go to a party so that you can have a great time alone. You wait for the moment when everyone leaves, and you are all alone, being yourself.

4. You enjoy your company:

It may sound silly, but you enjoy it more when you are alone. You are enjoying reading the book, cooking, or just go munching the snacks and watching T.V. Every moment of your alone free time is chilling and refreshing for you.

5. You feel alone in people:

You are at a party but feel alone. It feels weird, but it is true. The more the people around you, and the more you get uncomfortable. Talking, chatting, and gossiping with people is not your cup of tea. This makes you alone from the inside, even in a group of friends. You eagerly wait for the time when you will be alone in your space and feel better.

6. You don't want to get famous:

You work hard in your studies or work but do not like to become a star employee or best student. It is just because you do not want to become famous among your peers. You are at your best when it comes to personal, while you are not good at expressing yourself in a group.

Being a highlight makes you shy and uncomfortable. This is the reason that you do not give the best performance when you are among many people.

7. You do not start a conversation:

Some people are very good at saying hello and beginning a conversation even with strangers. And you are opposed to it. You are the person who avoids starting a conversation even with your known or friends. You say something only when it is too important. The useless talks with many people are not your kind of thing.

8. You do not like talking on the phone:

The phone for you is more about playing games and internet surfing. You use your phone to make it call when it is urgent. You are not the person who can talk for hours and hours on the phone. You make a call to your close friends or parents very few.

It is not like you do not care or them, but talking too much on the phone is not your type. When you talk on the phone, you talk less and meaningful so that the conversation does not last for more time.

9. You do not want to make new friends:

You stay too busy in your own world and hardly find any need to make new friends. You think that being friends with more people will make you more social and it can let you cut your alone time. So, you always avoid to meet and talk to strangers.

10. You prefer to write your thoughts than to narrate them to others:

You are a writing person. By writing your thoughts, dreams, or work, you feel more confident. You hesitate to tell the same to people. You think that no one will understand you and your thoughts, and they will make fun of you. The truth is that you are not as good at telling the stories as you are writing them.

11. Being a part of a social event leaves you sadder:

It is true that parties and big social events are quite hectic. Even extroverts get exhausted after partying. But for introverts, it's the kind of exposure they get while socializing which leaves them unhappy. So many things happen at a social party that you do not feel connected with people or events. This makes you sadder, and they miss being alone.

12. Introverts are the best listeners:

You talk less and pay attention more to what other people have to say. You can listen to others' thoughts and problems carefully. You try to find the solution according to your thinking ability. As you are good listeners, you are the best choice among talkative people.

13. You pay attention to details:

You are not a person who takes everything casually. You concentrate on even the smallest details of a person or things. You may remember what a person said even a lot of time before. You keep a note in your head about the things in the room or table. This habit is usually very helpful to you.

14. Your friend circle is a very closed one:

You do not include many friends in your friend list. Rather, your friend list is too small to be counted on fingertips. You keep in contact only with your best friends. The person with whom you feel free to share everything. This makes you very comfortable.

15. You behave wisely:

You speak less and think more. You think before you speak. Your habit is to paying attention to details. These traits make you a wise person. You read more and like to enhance your knowledge. Many people come to you to get solutions for their problems. The introverts are known as wise.

16. You are good at concentration:

Your concentration power is high. You can sit and study for long hours. You listen to someone and later can memorize everything; this is due to your high concentration power.

These were the signs which you must have related to yourself. It is not necessary that every sign match you if you are an introvert. You probably figured out that many introverts are traits that relate to you, and for some, you are not sure about them.

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