Are you among those students who become excessively lean or fat during the exams? Or are you among one of those who cannot sleep properly and dream of failing the exams? If yes, you are reading the right blog. You can now wave goodbye to your exam stress.How to deal with exam stressExam stress is a very common phenomenon among students. It is a combination of peer pressure, societal pressure, family expectations, and your own expectations from yourself. It is nothing to worry about. You can employ a few good tricks to keep the pressure at bay. Treat exams as...View more
Have you ever wondered why some students who do not have more knowledge than you of the subject matter score more than you? Why do you think does this happen even after putting those long hours studying, you are not getting the results? It is a possibility that you do not do well in an exam situation. Although studying all through the year matters a lot, but it is a known fact that the quality of study you do during those crucial exam days account for example 50% of your marks. How can students score more?There is a concept of...View more
For a student, there is competition everywhere and in this case, every student wants to be a topper in the exam. A student can be successful in their education by following some rules. If students follow these rules, then a student can do well in an exam. Every student wants to be a topper. The few questions that come in the mind of every student is how to study, what to study, and how much to study in order to get good marks. So, let us find out how to prepare for an examination so that you can be a...View more
Every student taking their 10th or 12th board exams must have heard or talked about GMAT. You would have heard merits and demerits of GMAT from friends, siblings, or peers, whenever you discussed different options for further studies with them. After all the discussions and contemplations, you would have realized that GMAT is your passport to entering the best Management Programs offered by reputed Management institutes all around the world.What is GMAT?Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a test to assess various skills required in students, who wish to pursue Management programs in the future. GMAT determines a student’s English,...View more
We all are aware of this fact that English is without a doubt, the most spoken foreign language in the world in terms of non-native speakers. There are over 980 million speakers of the English language across the globe. In most of the countries, English is the only medium for examination in higher studies. Thus, if you want to be a part of the global village, then it is a must to speak, write, read, and understand English well. Whether it is an English exam or any other subject's exam, having a strong grip on your language, grammar and vocabulary...View more
Every student is familiar with the importance of the SAT exam. SAT is an exam that is meant for measuring the academic excellence and determining whether a student is ready for admission in a good college. Most of the decent colleges and universities are interested in knowing your SAT scores in addition to your high school result. Of course, it is not easy to get a perfect score on the SAT test. There isn't a magic potion that can guarantee great SAT scores. However, it is definitely not as tough as most students about to appear for SAT think. You...View more
IELTS or International English Language Testing System is one of the major tests in English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers. IELTS has two modules, IELTS Academic and IELTS General. IELTS Academic Module is for those students who wish to pursue higher education from universities and institutes in an English-speaking environment take this test. While the IELTS General Training module is for those planning to undertake the training not related to academics or to gain work experience. Many institutions recognize IELTS scores across the globe. Most Australian, British, and Canadian institutes accept IELTS.IELTS is tailor-made to measure your reading,...View more
One of the most difficult and important exams that students come across is the SAT. A good SAT score can be a great tool when you want to take admission in a great college. But it also puts a lot of pressure and can be overwhelming. The main difficulty that most of the students face is that they do not really have a structured plan to qualify the test. Instead, they end up cramming the information at the last point in time. And we all know, this can never be good! But getting a good score is not going to...View more
GMAT is sure one of the most important competitive exams that can get you an admission in a good College or University. "Good" is a subjective term. Every student, as well as college, consider a different score as good. This the reason why you should take it seriously and leave no stone unturned while doing your preparations. You might think you have all the study material and you are ready to prepare for the examination, but you might not know how to get the perfect score. Your total score is based on the Quantitative and Verbal scores. Analytical writing assessment...View more
TOEFL or the 'Test of English as a Foreign Language' is one of the most standardized tests as it is the basic requirement to get admission in the United States-based universities or institutions of higher education. Ensures your entry. The test is so designed as it measures a non-English-speaking person's knowledge and proficiency in English. The evaluation is based on speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills.The following tips and strategies will help you get through TOEFL with the required high score:Command Over English is a Must:It is essential to keep in mind that the purpose of TOEFL is different from...View more
Have you a dream to get admission in American universities or institutions of higher education? Your dream can come true if you crack TOEFL with a very high score. 'Test of English as a Foreign Language' is the basic need for the top universities of the English-speaking countries. For the enrollment in such institutions of higher education, the TOEFL score is a must. One must have exceptional English reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. This can ensure the test taker's entry into the top-rated universities of America.TOEFL Grammar RulesYou can not learn English if you are not an expert in...View more
The score that you get for the TOEFL exam is quite important for universities. Usually, international students and universities want information regarding language proficiency and fluency.It is a mandatory test for all international students, as most of the universities require them to submit the scores. It is like an eligibility test if a student aspires to study in the USA university. Even people who just want to evaluate their command over language skills can give it a go.11 TIPS for TOEFL SPEAKINGWhen it comes to TOEFL speaking make sure that you understand the structure of the exam so that you...View more
In SAT, being stuck between 700-750 causes a twitch that only a perfect 800 can ease out. Most students that are in the line of 700s are struggling to score a perfect 800 in SAT math. Even though you will get admission in good universities with your current score, a perfect score is always something to be proud of. But it is not easy to reach there. A whole new level of perfection is mandatory. It is the highest level of expertise in the exam that can prove to be extremely beneficial to get admitted to an elite university. When...View more
Foreign education is gaining immense importance these days. In this competitive world, it is important to gain an edge over the rest of the crowd to make your identity. On that note, TOEFL is an examination that the students who wish to pursue quality foreign education are supposed to appear for. The full form of TOEFL is a Test for English as a foreign language. The test is basically designed to measure the English speaking skill for people who are non-native speakers. The test measures the four main skills namely, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It also tests the capacity...View more
TOEFL is a standardized test of English language skills. It can be the Internet or paper-based. It assesses one's reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. If English is not your first language, the exam can be difficult. You have to put extra effort to improve your vocabulary before you appear for the exam. There are many words in the English vocabulary. It can be difficult to be completely prepared. Most people would tell you to cram word lists. Cramming lists is not advisable if you want to prepare well. There are too many lists on the internet. This will confuse...View more
The SAT is a government-sanctioned test utilized for school confirmations at large-scale. Presented in 1926, its name and scoring have changed more than a few times. At the beginning, called the ‘Scholastic Aptitude Test,’ it later changed its name to the SAT. Uncertainty enough, the test changed its name again to the SAT Reasoning Test. The last, and current, the name of the test is only SAT.How to get a perfect score on the SAT writing and language test: 9 key strategiesBelow, you will find our detailed guide on how to get yourself a high SAT Writing score.1. The SAT...View more
The ones who just miss the perfect 800 by a few marks get how frustrating it can be. Most students even find it difficult to break through the 600 scores. In order to crack the SAT, it is mandatory to score well in all the sections. Even though reading is one of the most dreading sections, it can actually turn out to be quite scoring if you adopt the right approach for Sat reading practice. All you need is to follow some actionable strategies, and you are good to go.How to improve your SAT reading score Know that it is...View more
Exams are for testing your understanding of what has been covered in the semester. Grades are a measurement of your understanding. So, whether you are studying in School or College, grades are important. Sometimes it so happens that you are unable to get grades you are aiming for in spite of working day and night. So if your question is “ How can I raise my grades?” then here are some tried and tested strategies that you can adopt even before you know your exam status.1.) Pay more importance to what is said in the class Paying attention in class...View more
Whenever we talk about exam success, we are continuously bombarded with the age-old study techniques of sticking to the time, continuously revising, and remaining passionate about the studies. I am not saying that these age-old teachings are wrong, in fact, the teachings are universally accepted and tested ones, but the techniques are just taught to be accepted, but not how they can be accepted practically and easily.Knowledge of the strategies serves as the starting point only, there is a very long way to go after that. To make the learning process easy, you have to integrate these strategies into the...View more
IELTS is one of the most important English tests taken all over the world after high school. Essay writing contains more weightage in IELTS exams. There are two tasks you need to do in IELTS exams. It is Task 1 and Task 2. Task 1 consists of a letter and reports writing whereas IELTS writing is about essay writing. While Task 1 is very simple to solve, IELTS writing task 2 topics are a bit difficult. This section contains various kinds of essays like Argumentative, Opinion, and Problem & Solution Essay. Today, we will discuss the tips by which you...View more