Do you plan to study one chapter every day but fail to stick to the plan? Have you ever faced the days when you give your 100% to your work, and you feel that if you go like this every day, you will be on the merit list, but then you fail to do so the next day and every day after that?Do you think more often about inculcating in yourself all the good habits? But what happens is that you do it for one day or two, and then that habit development is forgotten when your favorite movie is...Read More
How to study Smart ?
If you are reading this article, I am sure that you must have studied hard to be able to read and write. That’s why you are able to read this article. It may be that you just don’t remember now about how hard you tried, and if the amount of labor you invested to study had delivered the proportional results or not?Students staying up all night to prepare for a test is a common occurrence. Have you ever wondered how some students achieve higher grades even if they are not bookworms? What is it that they do which gets them...Read More
Study alone vs group study: Which one is better?
To this question, there is no direct or logical answer. It all depends on individual choice. Both types of studies have some pros and cons, and one size never fits all. So both the options can be tried based on your comfort. It isn't that one option is better than the other, but the option might prove better for you. It may be that the group motivates you to study better when alone, or it may be that you cannot study alone ever. So it all depends on the individual. Though it depends on the individual choice, its choice shouldn't...Read More
Good study habits and how to get them ?
Is your daily study routine isn't as perfect as it should be? Do you wish to increase your retention capacity? If yes, then it is time for you to adopt some highly effective study habits in order to provide yourself with an edge. Especially when a student is in high-school or college, there are many changes that he should make in his regular study pattern in order to develop good study habits. 1. Making Realistic Study Goals:Sometimes, despite all efforts, some students seem to be unable to get grades as per their expectations. This is an indication that you might...Read More
Why study notes are so important
Many students find making notes a troublesome act. With proper study notes, studying and passing exams becomes easier and that too with good marks. More importantly, it makes learning more fun. A good example of an integral study habit that students must have is to make study notes. Studying has shown that writing whether done with pen or typing with a keyboard brings into play different cognitive processes. It allows for increased learning as it develops thinking, reasoning, imagining, and remembering.Importance of note-taking skills to a studentStudents may have different ways of making notes, but it is always encouraged. With...Read More
How to Study Effectively, Easy Methods
Studying for any exam can be difficult and stressful. In fact, studying is not as hard as it seems to be. The difficult part is concentration. Despite numerous attempts, the students are unable to concentrate properly on their studies. We are going to tell you some small and simple tips in this article which can really help you to concentrate better on your studies.Effective study tipsWhat should be done so that studies do not seem to be a burden and become more enjoyable:Best way to study and memorize: Study with a knowledgeable classmateIf there is a sensible and focused classmate,...Read More
How to revise the lessons or rehearse them?
One shoe never fits all. Actually, the revision technique is a highly individualized process. Everybody revises and rehearses in their academic life, but if you will ask about the ways to revise, different students will tell about the different ways they follow to revise.The difference in the revision ways comes due to:1. different understanding level and knowledge of the students. 2. difference in the ability to handle the stress of the exam and revision.3. difference in the psychological and life setups of the individuals. 4. difference in the preference of the revision technique. Irrespective of whatever be the reason for...Read More
To get study success
Find out as much as possible about what is likely to be in your test. An appropriate tutor you find in Queryfloor can help you to achieve success in your classes. The more you know about what to expect, the more comfortable you will feel about what you need to focus on. You can ask your teacher about what topics can be expected in the test. Later you can go over your study notes and chapters and write down questions you can clear up with your tutor from Queryfloor. Study successA little information will get you going in the right...Read More
How To Write An Essay Fast
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How to excel in exams?
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How to be a successful student
The road to success is not a bed of roses. Any success coach will tell you that it is filled with hurdles that test you at each step. Similarly, being a successful student is not a child's play. It requires utmost devotion, a student success plan, hard work, and a passion for being successful in life.How to be a successful studentIf you genuinely wish to be a successful student in High school or college, there are student success strategies that can prove to be helpful to the achievement of your goal.Recipe For Success: How to be successful in college or...Read More
How to make a timetable to study effectively
For a student to succeed in academics, it is most important to stay organized in the approach toward studies. For that one should make a timetable for study and stick to it. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, it's not exactly as simple as it sounds. There are many things to do and so many elements that can cause a lot of distraction. A study planner will offer you some control over how you regulate time for studies as well as other activities. When you have a goal to fulfill and a time frame to get there, you tend to work...Read More
English Grammar: How To Make A Sentence In English
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Examinations test the overall learning of the students. However, there are debates worldwide, that if only the examinations and that too only the written ones must not be made the basis of testing the learning of the students or not? As learning is a multidimensional aspect, so it must be tested from all angles. This is true also. But in light of all the understanding, we cannot deny that examinations go a long way in determining the learning level of their students. So it is necessary to prepare well for the examinations.Merely working hard for the preparation of examination is...Read More
Physics can scare many students into sleepless nights. The fear of physics stems from the complex concepts and the difficult numerical. These numerical given in the exams can cause much panic among students. Despite the subject forming the basis of our understanding of the universe, we wish that we didn’t have to study this subject during our schooling years.Physics involves learning the reasons behind various naturally occurring phenomena. The concepts are logical and can be understood in the same way. Once the basic concepts of physics are understood, solving numerical becomes much easier. However, not every concept in physics is...Read More
There are times when you decide to finish a chapter in one sitting. However, your thoughts are all over the place. You think about everything but studies. This does not happen to everyone often, but some people find that they entirely cannot focus while studying. This makes them unable to study properly. Concentration is the key here. It is important to be able to pay attention to what is in front of us. There are no bright and weak students, but those who are focused and those who are not. The focus is the key to scoring well. Before we...Read More
Do you think you are efficient in English Grammar? But do you know that even the smartest of the people make common errors in English Grammar exercises? Actually, people learn the difficult concepts well but forget to note the common errors and work on them. But this is disastrous. Actually, these grammar mistakes kill your writing credibility. If you want to increase the trust, you need to work on the common errors in English to get greater success. Let us start directly by discussing common grammar mistakes.33 Common Grammar mistakes in English:(A) 15 common mistakes that kill our writing credibility:Missing...Read More
Understanding It The Easy Way
Problems are a part and parcel of daily human life. Without them, life would be mundane and monotonous. But what happens to a student who encounters problems in his lessons? Does he still enjoy having them? The answer would probably shock you because it is affirmative. Yes, a student does find problems in studies interesting, if the only subconsciously. They are enjoyed as part of the learning process and cannot be side-lined. Challenges form a part of the student’s life and they must learn to enjoy them. But are these challenges welcome if they come in the form of a...Read More

Choose your Preferred Study techniques:

Follow Easy and effective Study techniques. They are good motivators for you to study. A repetitive way of studying could bore you easily and lose concentration. Instead, if you follow interesting study techniques you will be encouraged now and the next time too.

Good Study techniques would be:

  • Visualizing.
  • Drawing flow charts to understand the concept flow in the subject.
  • Taking hints.
  • Using mnemonics.
  • Picking one thing first to focus and study instead of gathering everything.
  • Using acronyms.
  • Mind mapping.
  • Using sticky notes. Write core concepts, formulas, principles, etc. and stick them wherever you need. The next time, just by looking at the sticky note you should understand what they have explained on that page or the whole chapter easily.
  • Taking notes your way.
  • Refer to good case studies, live examples, previous research works. It helps you visualize and understand the topics, concepts, and theories.
  • Doing Q&A sessions.
  • Read aloud. By simply reading to yourself, you can feel drowsy at times.
  • Use pictorial/diagram representations your way to understanding the theory.
  • Take a break if you feel lazy, drowsy or feel like stopping. You will lose focus if you continue. It’s okay to take a quick break now and then.
  • Listen to some music.

Pick the study technique that is easy for you. It persuades you to study.

Have Priorities & Don’t Multitask your Studies:

When it comes to studying, have priorities and not multitasks. When you multitask, especially with your studies, you tend to lose focus easily. You get confused about what to choose right now and what can wait. Prioritize your study. Make an agenda and see what to study first.

How to prioritize your Studies?

1. Break your studies into a list. The numbered list will give an idea about what are all the things you have to complete. It helps you focus.

2. See what tasks are urgent or have short deadlines. Take your assignments or reports for example. They will have a deadline. You should give priority first here. Studying for it could be important right now.

3. If you have any large projects, like for instance: Take Thesis Writing. it will take more time and a lot of study hours.

1.) Break them down into subparts.

2.) Number them based on what to take care of first or what to write first.

3.) Divide them based on ‘finding resources’ for it. Resources could be books, old references, previous thesis, sample research works, lectures, etc. By listing them down, you can prioritize as well as see what you need first to start studying. I find this tip useful because by listing my needed resources I know what to do first. I start by collecting previous research papers first for my studies and writing.

4. Always, prioritize your studies based on ‘Time it Takes’, ‘Difficulty Level’ and ‘Duration you will need’.

Depending upon your studies or subjects you can make your priorities. You can identify what to do first and where to being regarding your study. Having a little priority list motivates you to study.