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IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR STUDY TIME: Spend a good deal of time on the most difficult parts to know it fully well. 

You must have heard different students talking that I am better when I study at night, and some others say that they are better when they get up early in the morning and start learning. For different students, the effective time span when they can study with their full potential and mind power varies.

Though it is said that the mind works best in the morning after we take a sound sleep in the night, but if you feel that it doesn't work best for you, you can decide accordingly. Whatever be the time you feel is best for you to set a schedule according to it. 

Finding a schedule that works best for you is an achievement and sticking to it is a boon for students. Try it. For most of the students, finding a schedule is easy as compared to sticking to it. But remember, if you somehow stick to the schedule for 20 to 30 days, it will become your habit.  To build a schedule and stick to it as if there is no other day to add to it.

If you just pay heed to the finer details about the time management techniques of the successful students, you will find that there are two or three things in common.

The first one is they jot down the points on the paper about which things needs to be done at what time or up to what time i.e. they use a planner. 

Second is, they keep smaller goals each day to make it easy for them. They do not write on the paper that they need to complete the whole math chapter or series together, instead, they may write that they need to devote at least 15 minutes to the mathematical problem called fraction each day for about 10 days. 

The third one is that they keep a close eye on the clock. If they have decided to pay 15 minutes to the basic math problem, then they will give about 15 to 18 minutes only and not more than that, so that their planning does not become a mess and they don't have to waste the time in planning on the next day also.

  • Plan your school life while also allocating some time for social life.  Everything in extreme will cause harm to another. If you ignore studies and are busy in social life such as engaging yourself in social media at all times, then your studies will be affected.  At the same time, one should not always be buried in books.  This could stress you to no end.

  • Establish a study routine.  Choose which time is suitable for you to study.  Some people are comfortable during the early hours.  Some are night owls.  Both times, society at large is calm and you can do your work in peace.   

  • Place to study - create an environment to study in peace. Choose a place that is not noisy and perfect for you.  It should also be near to your study materials so that you need not go again and again to collect stuff from your table.