Do you know that your brain needs exercise, too? Yes, it does.

If your brain has its dose of exercise, it pumps more oxygen and stimulates our brain better to accept more information. It helps accumulate long term memories and regulates your emotion.

Therefore, it is just about to learn the seven ways to keep your brain cells working like the following:

1. Engage in activities like chess games or scrabble. It sharpens your brain and your memory at the same time.

2. Take a course to learn a foreign language.

3. Study how musical notes work to create music.

4. Try to solve math problems. Start answering simple problems and within your capacity without using a calculator.

5. Sit down in a corner and compose poems. Maybe, you can also try writing letters. You don't just exercise your word construction here but also your emotion.

6. Why not brainstorm with your partner or a friend into any thought-provoking topics.

7. Lastly, study and memorize Scripture.

5 Memory improving tips


REM sleep

Getting enough sleep is necessary for our memory. Especially getting in REM sleep which comes later on during your all-night sleep. This is why you should ideally get in at least 6 hours of sleep per night. It has been proven that during REM sleeps the things you have learned are being stored ad memorized.

Learn to relax

Being able to relax is a very good skill to have. When you are under stress and you can't relax and take a break you will have trouble focusing. When you have a problem focusing, your memory will be foggy.

Retrieval Practice

Practice often, in small parts and test yourself. By spacing out your practice the information will really "get under your skin" and there is a high chance you will remember it for much longer.

Mind Maps

Creating a mind map when studying is a very good way to remember information. It helps you to make connections and see things in a bigger picture.

Eat Well

Eating well will help you to be more aware and much more focused. You will feel fresh and more awake. Good nutrition will make you feel better and therefore even your memory will be better. Eat better, live better.

6 science backed methods to improve your memory


Here are some proven facts which will help you to boost your memory power. These simple tricks are useful for increasing your concentration. Try these tricks and you will improve your concentration power better than before. The more you follow more you will get benefits.

Following are some science-backed methods:

1. Eat and drink healthy. Good food provides the necessary nutrients to your brain. Your healthy brain is the key to your supernatural powers of memory and concentration.

2. Meditate. 15 minutes of daily meditation brings a huge change in your body as well as on your mind. It refreshes your mind and helps

3. Chew gums. This helps in making strong memories.

4. Exercise. This improves your blood circulation and helps to provide more oxygen to your brain.

5. Get enough sleep of about 8 hours. Good sleep helps you to concentrate more.

6. Learn something new. This challenges your brain to memorize. New things generate curiosity which keeps your brain more active than before.



We got some easy tips which will improve your memory and concentration very well. Try these techniques and see the results within 10 days.

Given below are some tips:

• Pay attention.

• Understand the given information.

• Don’t multi-task.

• Use mnemonics.

• Exercise.

• Use all your senses.

• Give challenges to your brain.

• Visualize the information.

• Use rhymes and sounds.

• Develop a healthy lifestyle.

• Get enough sleep.

• Eat and drink healthy.

• Avoid alcohol and quit smoking.

These are simple tricks that will boost your memory and concentration. Try to follow them all and notice the results. These tricks and tips will help you to stay active, which will make a habit for the brain to face challenges. After every challenge, reward yourself. Always have short breaks. Get socialized and improve your brain capacity.

Soon you will notice the changes within you, which will make a huge difference. Always eat healthy food as it nourishes your brain well. Due to the proper nourishment, your brain works fast and improves its health and capacity.

6 ways to train your brain.png

Can memory be improved?


Yes! You can improve your memory. The human brain adapts and changes until the end. You can definitely improve your memory through simple tricks and tips.

Given below are some tips which will help you to improve your memory:

• Get organized.

• Get enough sleep.

• Use mnemonics.

• Make short notes.

• Repeat, revise and reward.

• Use rhymes and music.

• Listen to instrumental music.

• Exercise for 30 minutes a day.

• Start walking.

• Do yoga.

• Meditate.

• Eat good food.

• Stay hydrated.

• Quit smoking.

• Consume less alcohol.

• Do not learn in pain.

• Stay relaxed. It is difficult for the brain to memorize the information when you are stressed or nervous.

• Play with puppies.

• Play memory games.

• Make a to-do list.

• Challenge your brain.

• Start cooking.

These are some easy tips and tricks which will help you to improve your memory and concentration. Follow these techniques and you will notice good changes within you.

Which exercises are best for brain ?


Daily exercise of a minimum of 30 minutes makes a huge difference in memory power. Your memory and concentration increases due to increased blood flow and oxygen to your brain. Certain food like avocado, banana and green leafy vegetables nourishes your brain and exercises increases the effects by increasing the blood supply.

Exercises which will help you to improvise your memory are:

• Do aerobic exercises. Running and swimming are said to be best for your brain. These activities pump more blood to your brain. Hence, more oxygen is supplied.

• Dance on your favorite music once a day. It not only refreshes your brain but also pumps more blood to your brain.

• Start walking. It improves your creativity. You should walk at least 3000 steps per day to boost your memory by 60%. It helps in reducing depression and fatigue.

• Play memory games. It challenges your brain.

• Play outdoor games. It refreshes your mind.

• Do yoga. It helps in keeping your mind calm.

4 tips for better memory


There are many tricks to improve your memory. Some are easy, some are not. We got some easy tips for you that will require fewer efforts but here are 4 basic and important tips which you should strictly follow.

4 basic and important tips are given below:

1. Exercise. Exercise for a minimum 30 minutes each day. This will help to increase the blood supply all over the body. Oxygen supply is increased due to this.

2. Get enough sleep. Do you know periods of sleep control your concentration? Yes! Enough sleep increases your concentration. Lack of sleep slows your memory and concentration. It distracts you to concentrate.

3. Eat healthy food. Food plays an important role in our health. Increase the intake of fruits like avocado, banana, citrus fruits, and green vegetables.

4. Revise, repeat and reward. This will help you to increase your memory. Make a habit of revision and repetition so that you will get used to it. Reward your brain after challenging your brain. Your brain loves rewards and if you reward yourself, it will be fun for learning.

What are the best ways to improve memory?


There are many techniques through which you can improve your memory. We have got some best ways which are super easy and require less time and energy.

Here are some tricks are given below:

• Practice mindfulness.

• Meditate.

• Exercise for 30 minutes each day.

• Stay hydrated. Drink more water.

• Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.

• Challenge your brain.

• Play with puppies.

• Communicate with people. Try to have fun chats.

• Dance.

• Listen to good music.

• Learn something new.

• Practice your hobby.

• Try mnemonics, acronyms, and abbreviations.

• Get organized.

• Socialize with others.

• Research about the topic of people. Avoid using Google for every search.

• Use your senses.

• Get enough sleep.

• Avoid screen time before bed.

• Make yourself busy. Don’t make a hectic schedule.

• Eat more of these foods like avocado, coffee, dark chocolates, banana, fish, eggs, etc.

• Eat less of these foods like sugar, processed cheese, and meat, white rice, alcohol, red meat, butter, fried foods, etc.

Ways to keep your brain healthy.png

What vitamins are good for memory and concentration?


Minerals and vitamins play an important role in our body. Some of the vitamins and sources are discussed below which will help you to improvise your memory as well as concentration.

Following are some vitamins which will help you in boosting your memory:

• Vitamin B12. This vitamin is proved best for brain health. Research has proved that deficiency of vitaminB12 leads to poor brain health. There are many sources of vitamin B12 which include milk, yogurt, beef liver, cereals, eggs, chicken breasts, etc.

• Omega 3 fatty acids. Sources are soybeans, walnuts, chia seeds, shrimps, salmon, cod liver oil, etc.

• Vitamin E. It plays a major role in enhancing brainpower as it increases the health of the brain by nourishment. Sources of vitamin E are avocado, nuts, vegetable oils, wheat germ, fish, dark green leafy vegetables, etc.

Add these food items in your diet and you will nourish your brain perfectly. No need of buying any supplements. All the requirements that your brain needs are available in your kitchen.

How can I sharpen my memory?


Sharpening your memory is possible. Follow the tricks given below and you will definitely get benefits from it.

Here are some tricks and tips are given below:

• Believe in yourself. This is the most important aspect to bring the big better change within you.

• Use all your senses.

• Do some multi-tasking. Do not multitask while studying.

• Decrease screen time.

• Challenge your brain.

• Stay active by performing activities.

• Communicate with people. Always try to have fun chat with others. This will make you laugh and your brain will get sharper due to the hormones.

• Stay calm. Always try to find happiness. This will increase the release of oxytocin hormone. This hormone also helps you to make your brain sharp.

• Eat healthy food. Food plays a major role in all the changes which happen to the body. So eat nuts, dark chocolate, drink coffee, etc.

• Avoid being stressed for a long time.

These are some simple tricks that can be followed by anyone without any extra effort. Follow these tricks and you will sharpen your memory fast.

How can students improve their working memory?


Your memory plays an important role in your day to day life. To improve your working memory, you need to follow some basic easy tips which will definitely make a difference.

Following are some tips:

• Change your routines every week.

• Break the chapters into parts and learn it.

• Make short notes and revise them.

• Eat healthy food. Increase the intake of fruits too.

• Reduce multi-tasking.

• Clean your study room and get organized.

• Cooking can help you to improve your memory. It makes your brain stay focused and active.

• Challenge your brain.

• Set deadlines. Try to complete them within the decided time.

• Reward yourself. Our brain likes rewards. After you reward yourself after a challenge is completed, learning will become fun.

• Make to-do lists.

• Make short notes. Short notes will help you to revise in less time.

Try these easy tips and see the difference. These tips will make your brain stay active all day. The very active brain adapts more in less time than the less active brain. Try to follow them all and you will notice the results.

How can I improve my brain memory for exams?


For exams, there are some simple tricks which will help you to score better than before.

Here are some of the easiest tricks which will guide you:

• Get a good sleep for 8 hours daily. Strictly follow this if exams are near.

• Revise your notes repeatedly. If notes are not made then highlight the important points and read it again and again after you complete the whole chapter.

• Stay hydrated. Eat good food. Increase the intake of fruits and green vegetables. This will keep your brain healthy.

• Take a walk in the morning and play a game in the evening. You can also play with puppies as they will make you happy and your mind will be refreshed.

• Always revise your notes 1 hour before you sleep. Read them again after you woke up in the morning.

• Do some exercises and listen to good instrumental music.

• Don’t be nervous or stressed. Stay relaxed so your brain will adapt all the information.

Foods that help to improve memory.gif

What activities improve memory


Some activities help us to increase our concentration. Try these tricks, and you will notice the change in your abilities.

Given below are some activities which will improve your memory.

• Socialize. By socializing, you will not feel alone. You will be refreshed, and your mind will grasp more easily.

• Listen to music. Music work as a therapy. You can increase your memory by listening to music by 20%. Silent music works best for this process.

• Play cards. You can start with easy games to complex. Keep rewards for the one who wins, so it becomes challenging.

• Solve puzzles. Give yourself a treat after you win a challenging game.

• Write dairies. Writing is challenging to the brain. If you write your routine every day, it will increase your concentration. Try to write in one page. It will challenge your brain and improve concentration.

• Try to challenge your brain daily. For some change, try to write from non-dominant hand, play challenging games, etc.

• Outdoor activities activate your brain cells and improve the circulation of blood to your brain.

• Discuss tricky topics with your friends, family, so you try to think more, and your memory improves.

How can I improve forgetfulness?


Nowadays forgetfulness can happen to anyone. Here are some tricks to overcome forgetfulness:

• Get organized: Avoid multitasking. Keep your books, watch, pens, and other stuff at their specific place. Try to keep your study room clean. The cleanroom keeps your mind fresh and you remember the places. Daily make a to-do list and mark the challenge you’ve completed.

• Include physical activities: Exercise daily. Exercises improve the blood circulation of your brain. It also increases the oxygen supply to your brain which improves your memory.

• Sleep well: Sleep for at least 8 hours a day. Enough sleep keeps you active throughout the day. It also helps in increasing concentration.

• Revise: Try to revise your notes for at least 3 times a day so that you will not forget the things.

• Proper diet: Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Avoid sugar. Quit smoking and do not consume alcohol.

• Readout loud: During revision, read the notes loudly. Teach someone the topic you have learned recently.

These are some tricks that will help you to prevent forgetfulness. Try these activities and you will notice some drastic changes.

How do I improve my memory recall


We often find it difficult to recall what we have learned. Some notes are complex, and some are simple. To remember complex words, sentences, and chapters; we have got some simple tricks for you to recall it.

Following are some simple tricks:

• Use keywords.

• Visualize information.

• Use rhymes.

• Use mnemonic devices.

• Make 2 types of notes. One for revision and learning and other for recalling it. Recalling notes should be extremely short. Use specific keywords.

• List it.

• Breakdown some information and learn it in two or more parts.

• Revise. Revise the difficult parts twice the simple parts until it becomes easy.

• Reward yourself after all the revisions. Learning will be fun if you constantly challenge your brain and reward it.

• Do yoga. It increases the oxygen supply of your brain. Due to this, you do not forget things easily.

15 unforgettable games to improve your memory


For the development of the brain, daily activities are necessary. Here are some screen-free and screen games that will help to improve memory. Try screen-free games more often so that your brain remains activated.

Here are 15 unforgettable games which will boost your memory and concentration both:

1. Three cup game.

2. Storytelling game.

3. Passing the pillow game.

4. Word chain

5. Playing cards.

6. Ludo.

7. What’s missing?

8. Crossword.

9. Jigsaw puzzles.

10. Jigsaw games.

11. Chess.

12. Sudoku.

13. Video games allow you to multi-task.

14. The suitcase game.

15. Queendom.

There are some brain training games which you should try. They are:

• Brain trainer.

• Brain fitness.

• Clevermind.

• Dakim.

• Fit brain trainer.

• Eidetic.

Practice these games daily and you will increase your memory and concentration. By these games, you will improve your concentration. You will notice drastic changes within 5 days after trying these. You can also play one game per day. Just make sure you keep you are warming up your brain and making it active.

20 ways to improve your memory


Here are some tips which will help you to improve memory:

1. Be calm.

2. Never stop learning.

3. Try something artistic.

4. Try mind-body exercises.

5. Try yoga.

6. Get quality sleep.

7. Spend quality time with your friends.

8. Don’t be nervous.

9. Quit smoking.

10. Avoid medications that cause memory loss.

11. Use reminders.

12. Make short notes and revise.

13. Repeat practicing.

14. Pay attention.

15. Read continuously.

16. Give tests.

17. Play memory games.

18. Discuss topics.

19. Eat fruits and vegetables.

20. Have frequent breaks

30 proven ways to improve memory


Here are some proven ways which will help you to improve your memory:

1. Exercise daily.

2. Follow a diet.

3. Eat food which enhances your memory.

4. Listen to the music.

5. Play outdoor games.

6. Walk.

7. Solve puzzles.

8. Read by visualization.

9. Revise at least 2 times a day.

10. Read before you sleep.

11. Try to teach.

12. Avoid sugar.

13. Avoid unhealthy trans-fat.

14. Avoid the food which includes artificial flavors.

15. Stay hydrated.

16. Drink coffee.

17. Eat dark chocolates.

18. Meditate.

19. Avoid exposure to screens.

20. Try to learn in a group.

21. Learn a new language.

22. Learn new skills.

23. Practice hobbies.

24. Have omega-3 supplements.

25. Avoid virtual, vocal and audible distractions.

26. Try to learn in a comfortable place.

27. Do not learn in pain.

28. Avoid alcohol.

29. Listen to instrumental music.

30. Attend brain training programs.

How can I remember what I read


There are many things that cause forgetfulness. To prevent this we have got some amazing tips.

Following are some easy hacks which will help you to remember what you read:

• Revise the notes before you go to sleep.

• Read loudly instead of simply reading.

• Give a mock test.

• Draw diagrams.

• Learn through flow diagrams.

• Make short notes and give a quick view before you go for exams.

• Take a walk so that you will feel fresh.

• Drink more water. Stay calm.

• Meditate for 15 minutes.

• Discuss the topic.

• Try to teach someone what you have learned.

• Revise thrice before you go for an exam.

• Have enough sleep.

• Listen to instrumental music before you go for exams. This will activate your brain cells.

• Have good food which enhances your memory.

What exercise improve memory


You can improve your memory by exercises. 30 minutes of exercise increases the blood circulation towards the brain. Proper blood circulation towards the brain improves mental health. Small tricks given below can be helpful for you to improve your memory.

Some exercises require less energy and time but have greater effects. Try to learn new skills as this also keeps your brain engaged in some work. Play outdoor games. They help you to stay active.

Following are some exercises:

• Listen to the music. Make sure you listen to only instrumental music. Music trains your brain to adapt the information fast.

• Learn a new language.

• Press your thumb and index finger for 2 minutes.

• Dance.

• Walking. It is helpful to refresh your mind and increase your concentration.

• Solve puzzles.