How to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

How to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude


Gratitude is the positive element in you that lets you express your thankfulness for people or things. Gratitude forms an important trait as it defines your attitude. Gratitude attitude also defines who you really are, what you think you are, and what others think you are.

An attitude of gratitude adds value to your life, in the sense that it cultivates an approach that lets you feel the goodness in everything happening around. You also see the good in others. You certainly live in the moment, leaving behind the bad phases of yesterday and the uncertain phase of tomorrow.

9 Ways to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

A couple of ways in which you can master the art of cultivating an attitude for gratitude in life are listed below. You may choose to follow one or more to grow better in life.

1. Change the way you think.

Shift your thoughts from reacting to a situation abruptly to responding to them with the intellect of attitude of gratitude. It may be sounding easy to act right away, but it does need your conscious and voluntary efforts and comes only by practice.

You can change your viewpoint by being grateful at heart since attitude is gratitude. To begin with, pick the worse task of the day and flip it into an opportunity where you can still deliver your best. Be grateful for the opportunity rather than expressing your frustration.

2. Embrace positivity.

Welcome positive thoughts in your mind that emerge with the attitude of gratitude. Usually, eighty percent of what you think today are thoughts that are carried forward from yesterday. Therefore, invite more and more positive thoughts in your mind. One day, your mind will be totally occupied with positivity. This way, you do actions that lay positive results.

Express an attitude for gratitude to your own self for helping you grow by the mind and guiding you towards the path of getting better in life.

3. Incline towards spiritual thoughts.

Take out time to switch to the spirituality in you. Speak to your favorite God with attitude gratitude at heart and utter out all the things you are thankful for in life. At times, it is good to offer thanks rather than asking for a wish or a dream come true.

Be thankful to your own self, and be grateful to God. Offer your prayers and chant mantras to settle your mind in peace. As you wake up from this blissful act of gratitude, you feel like thanking the people and things under your direct view.

4. Craft a tree with an attitude of gratitude.

Make a tree with paper. Leave a place for the leaves to be tucked up. Exhibit this tree in a place where you can eye on every day. Now, as you feel thankful for someone or something, write it in a nutshell in the leaf-shaped paper that you already made ready. Just stick this to the tree.

This way, by gathering at one place all the feelings that pile up and exhibit an attitude of gratitude, you are actually surrounding yourself with vibrations of positivity all around.

5. Make a gratitude mirror.

Put up a mirror for display. Use this mirror as your attitude gratitude wall of fortune. Whenever you witness or cherish moments that are worth thankful, just write them down on your mirror. By doing so, every time you look at the mirror, the positive energy in you multiplies.

Your thoughts immediately switch to visuals of the particular moments. This is a way in which you can cultivate and teach yourself acts of gratitude.

6. Keep a gratitude journal.

Pick a notebook or a diary and list down all those whom you are thankful for. Make sure that you keep doing this activity every single day with a gratitude attitude and without fail. You could choose to do it before you go to bed every night, or just as you wake up every morning.

Do not worry about not being able to adhere to these timings every day. The timings might change depending on how busy your day is, but the practice shouldn’t be affected. Therefore continue to absorb an attitude of gratitude in your daily lifestyle.

7. Perform acts of charity.

Help others without them approaching you directly by means of an attitude of gratitude. When you sense someone is in trouble, proactively extend help. Offer help and execute charity works. Doing so cultivates gratefulness in you.

Over a period of time, it becomes your daily routine. With this kind of attitude, you don’t look back or think twice in making contributions to the needy. Such thoughts in you also make you not just assist a person but also a charitable trust.

8. Convert waiting time to a productive state of affairs bearing attitudes of gratitude in mind.

Of course, waiting is boring. And you don’t generally want to wait for anyone or anything in life. You feel like losing out on your time in life by waiting. So does the other person also feel when you make them wait for you, right?

Therefore, waiting time, be it yours or of anybody else’s, you need to plan beforehand. Put yourselves in some kind of activity, though you are actually in the waiting curve. Do productive tasks in this time that benefit you or others, because attitude is gratitude. Hug the waiting time as it actually offers you extra time in life to plan for success.

9. Appreciate for smaller tasks in life with your smart attitudes of gratitude.

Any task, big or small, or petty is worth appreciating, not only because of the results but primarily because of the efforts that go into delivering the task. Results are, of course, worth applauding. But, efforts play the key role and which is why they deserve to be recognized and made aware of.

Small tasks contribute to overall success if you closely observe them with an attitude for gratitude. This is also why you need to be pleased with them. Routine and mundane activities also qualify to fall in this sphere.

To conclude, you grow better with attitude for gratitude when you take moments to raise the value of a person or a thing. By valuing the words, thoughts, ideas, and actions of others, you welcome virtuousness and kindness towards you. All these, in turn, help you change your life for betterment.

You feel more positive and more rejuvenated in life by expressing gratefulness. Your mood gets uplifted and excited to deliver acts of feedback coupled with an attitude of gratitude.

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    Passionate about growth

    Gratitude exhibits the assertiveness of you. It also streamlines your way of thinking, by encouraging thoughts of positivity. An attitude of gratitude further restructures and simplifies your way of behaving too. With the feeling of thankfulness, you tend to think about a situation from various standpoints and act wisely. You do not provoke negative thoughts despite the circumstance being unfavorable to you.

    You behave more empathetically with a gratitude attitude in mind by putting yourselves in the shoes of others. You resolve things by acting mindfully, considering the ground facts, and by not reacting impulsively.

    Numerous behaviors define how you can narrow down your life in imbibing an attitude for gratitude. Here are a few for you to peruse and carefully consider. Implement to witness the results yourself.

    1. Moments gone are fun.

    When you are experiencing a tough time now, you will feel the pain for sure. But, when you recollect of this time, a week later, or a year later, you no longer feel pain, because of attitudes of gratitude filled in you. You laugh at your moments. They become your fun-filled moments now.

    Therefore, whenever you are in a tough time, assume it is all over and envisions your future. The pain will no longer stay with you. For all such passed by times, you need to have a sense of gratitude with attitude in life, as they keep teaching you newer lessons every single day, that you will recollect for the rest of your life.

    2. Celebrate the occasion and offer a cup of coffee.

    Mark an attitude for gratitude by rejoicing the moments. Partying with as little as a cup of coffee in a canteen is sure to tune your mindset. Besides, adopt techniques that activate the positive energies in either of you.

    Sing praises coupled with the attitude of gratitude, and you help the other person understand you better and advance even further. With such vibrating energies of goodness all around, you add a purporting sense to your life. Your self-esteem boosts tending you to deliver for better.

    3. Increase your savings and bank balance.

    Improve your financial status. You can do so either by increasing your savings or by reducing your costs. By being healthy in the monetary aspect and with attitude gratitude, you reap immense happiness at heart.

    A happy heart will direct you towards developing manners of gratefulness. You feel like appreciating every moment because you view it from a positive perspective. With the lapse of time, it then becomes a routine behavior in you.

    4. Make a gratitude jar.

    Pick any jar of your choice, preferably a little medium to big sized one. Decorate the jar how you want it to be looked like. Because you now have to look at it every day with a gratitude attitude.

    As you keep encountering situations that you feel grateful for, keep preparing chits with an attitude of gratitude. Use different colors to signify different categories of gratefulness. Once your chits are ready, drop them in the jar. Display the jar in a place where you can view it every now and then.

    5. Compare the other person to a superhero.

    Recollect from the happenings of the day sensing attitude gratitude and recognize one-star performer that you have come across today. Identify the nice and kind work delivered by that star performer that made you feel good.

    Acts, large or small, are not to be accounted basis the quantum of load their carry. Rather, the after-effects of these acts that conveyed and distributed fruitful results are worth grabbing attention and returning recognition.

    6. Gift a thankyou note on their birthday.

    Of course, you don’t need an occasion to appreciate the good in others. You can just do it on the go with the attitude of gratitude. But your birthday is the day that you consider to be the most important day of your life.

    You have to carefully utilize this opportunity to write by hand and gift someone on their birthday, a lengthy thankyou note. Doing so cultivates an attitude of gratitude that people will, for sure, look up to you and cherish for years to come.

    7. Help others alongside carrying an attitude of gratitude, no matter the age.

    There is no hard and fast rule that you should always assist older and elder people, women, or kids. Of course, they deserve their part of assistance.

    However, you should also help people younger than you. Especially when they are in the process of grooming their life, you should ideally extend your guidance and wisdom towards them. With maturity at heart, wisdom in mind, strength in body, and needless to say, gratitude with attitude, do all that possible to be worthy of asking for help.

    8. Involve in community works.

    Engage in activities that reap some of the other kinds of benefits for the community you live in using your attitude of gratitude. Payback to the community and shower your care and gratitude towards it. Practice further than and as often as possible to make this routine a part of your life.

    By moving around in and for the sake of your community voluntarily, you are half-solving the problems. Besides this, by giving your valuable time, you are also contributing to its growth.

    9. Engage in group activities.

    Team up with others and involve in group efforts showcasing attitudes of gratitude. By working in collaboration, you engross the goodness in others.

    By witnessing a larger audience of people and their behaviors, your mind will be filled with thankfulness kind of an attitude. And the more you move with groups, the more you nurture this habit in you.

    With such kind of support you shower, more thankful deeds cascade. With movement in time, you also captivate this attribute of recognition in you.

    Be indebted for everyone close to you and distant too, for you discover new horizons every now and then. By being thankful by showing gratitude of attitude, you mirror yourself to the world and also empower others with your positivity. And this journey continues towards the development of your personality and also reaching your goals in life.

    Be curious about adopting an attitude of gratitude and focus in life. As you begin to learn how to express gratitude, you will build in mastering the same by making it a part of your life.

    You discover opportunities to exhibit gratitude of attitude in every walk of your life and educate yourself on this addiction.

  • radhika
    Radhika pandit
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    Life primarily runs on the wheels of a gratitude attitude. Without uttering words of gratefulness and without absorbing the positive energies floating in and around, you are sure to end up in an unworthy and unfavorable state of affairs. Above all, know that you are the only and the best person to handle this.

    Gratitude, therefore, reflects the world as who you truly are. People lean over your lifestyle, philosophies, ethics, and morals in life that make you unique over the rest. You, therefore, have to cultivate an attitude of gratitude to drive your life as well as that of your surroundings, by exhibiting the true and good you.

    An attitude for gratitude is a significant personality trait. And this can be embraced in life by adopting the simple yet noteworthy practices illustrated hereunder.

    1. Make others feel good with your surprise appreciation.

    You keep doing incredible things day in and day out amid by attitude of gratitude. Many of which you do not really count, as you feel it is your responsibility and primary duty. But for routine acts of these when someone doesn’t expect a word from others, if you appreciate their work, it will surely add a flavor of surprise in their life.

    They will look up to you as a symbol of kind-heartedness. This soon combines attitude with gratitude and also adds up to the values in your life, making acts of gratitude customary to you.

    2. Meditate to live in the moment to thank others.

    By meditating, you gain an attitude for gratitude apart from just taking control of your senses. You drive into a new world of aspirations and clear the clutter out of your mind. This brings your focus to the moment you are living in.

    Such an outlook is an excellent ground and a really commendable mental ambiance for expressing words arising out of the attitude of gratitude. You, therefore, need to spend a couple of minutes each day in meditating your thoughts that will actually guide your actions.

    3. Develop something new out of your imaginative mind.

    Turn up and sparkle the creative mindset in you. Develop something new today with gratitude for attitude. With a vision in mind, craft out something new that is either useful for you or for others.

    Create something purely from the ideas that crop in your mind. And no sooner you are done with it, you reap a magnificent amount of self-esteem. This, in turn, drives you with ease in terms of cultivating an attitude of gratitude and your eagerness to grab more of these.

    4. Do good deeds.

    Try something good now by your positive energies filled with attitude gratitude. That something need not necessarily bring good to you. It could bring good to anybody for that matter, including an animal or a plant.

    By performing deeds and delivering services that cast a good spell to you or others, you simply save loads of feelings of gratitude. You even tend to develop and master them with the passage of time. This gratitude for attitude and behavior of yours will drive towards the being of gratefulness.

    5. Thank them directly.

    If you have difficulty in relationship matters with others, you carry the general tendency to crib over their shoulder. Erase such kind of a mindset from your thoughts with an attitude of gratitude. When you like someone saying or doing something helpful, just thank them upfront, despite however small the task be.

    Treat everyone in an unbiased manner, and don’t fall for praises or criticisms in life. With the attitude of gratitude, you accept any kind of feedback with positivity in mind and move on.

    6. Be empathetic to others.

    If you watch the occurrence of an event as a spectator and are left clueless about it, switch your thoughts. Begin to think in terms of attitude gratitude by putting yourselves in the shoes of the other person. Think from the other person’s viewpoint. This way, you will have more pieces of information that you absorb from learned sources.

    You feel grateful for yourself for understanding the situation better, apart from understanding that gratitude is an attitude in itself. And by analyzing the situation, you now come up with a wise decision-making process that turns fair for all.

    7. Choose gratitude to be a topic in your team meet.

    An attitude of gratitude is like a jackfruit that doesn’t appear to the world unless you do not show. Therefore, practice more of these thankful acts. Make it a part of your meetings, by conveying gratefulness to one or more every time.

    By looking at the good in others and taking out time in identifying the same and putting across in public, all this does have a considerable impact on the kind of person you are. Doing so, you would have already infused and worked out the combination of attitude with gratitude and made it habitual.

    Therefore, you need to act the proceedings of attitudes of gratitude. Because you should ideally take out time to appreciate all the things you are blessed with in life.

    Understand that practicing attitude to gratitude isn’t an act impossible to do. Just that you need to counsel yourself and be able to spend time for positives in life.

    An attitude of gratitude isn’t merely about expressing a note of thank you. Rather, it talks to your inner self and heals you from inside.

    The attitude to gratitude energizes your mind and body and keeps you rich in life, in terms of health and happiness.

    To conclude, the modest method to cultivate attitudes of gratitude is to begin by appreciating things around you and in your life.

    Finally, begin to focus on each thing with the mindset of a gratitude attitude. Spend time to observe the traits in others.

    Take out time to teach yourself in understanding the fact that gratitude is an attitude and that you need to fill your heart with such a healthy admiration. Pick out things from your database of credits and head towards an approach to change.

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    Life is loaded with behaviors of gratitude attitude. Just that you have to take out time to identify them, applaud, and transform your life.

    By mastering behaviors resembling an attitude of gratitude, you bring out the emotion in you to feel grateful for someone or something each day.

    Few techniques to identify the good, distinguishing, and valuing them in life are illustrated below. Refer them to master an attitude for gratitude in you.

    1. Identify the iconic personality of your life.

    Look back at all that happened in your life. Rate someone to be a superstar with the recognition art in you, which is your very own attitude of gratitude. Make him your role model in life. You might already be having a role model, who is a celebrity, and whom you never got a chance to meet or convey thanks.

    The better option is to have an exemplar in life with whom you can converse, you can chit chat and exchange discussions and life lessons. This person may not be famous to the world, because his deeds are worth and do reflect him.

    2. Eat healthily and think wisely.

    In support of an attitude for gratitude to be developed in your mind, you first need to focus on your physical health. Take the utmost care of your health. Eat nutritious food that not just interests you and keeps you happy at heart, but is also healthy.

    A healthy body will drive a healthy mind. With good health in mind, you do the right things, and you also do all things right. You will also develop the tendency of feeling that gratitude is the attitude that promotes thankfulness for yourself and others in your environment.

    3. Make a gratitude chart.

    Pick your favorite color of the chart, because you got to display it in front of you and you need to watch it every day with the temperament of attitude gratitude at heart. As and when you come across grateful deeds, just write it down on this chart. Visualize moments as you keep writing.

    Bring in the positivity in you and feel from the bottom of your heart that gratitude is attitude. The more you keep adding to this chart, the better you develop the behaviors and acts of gratefulness.

    4. Share thoughts about them on an open forum or on social media.

    When you are impressed and feel like sharing thanks, do it in an open forum. Post an attitude of gratitude with an expression of thankfulness or tweet an emoji. Just that you should ensure to tag them when you are doing this.

    Applauding someone in a forum with the attitude of gratitude certainly improves their energy levels, and your relationship also stays healthy and strong. You, too, get appropriate guidance and support to further improve in the various walks of your life.

    5. Follow gratitude quotes.

    Surf the net to access the innumerable quotes, lines, and extracts on attitude gratitude. Pen down them in your handwriting and stick them up in your room. Hang them around in your space. Display them in places that attract your attention. By doing so, you raise your thoughts on thankfulness.

    You provoke and intensify the positivity in you because you know that gratitude is attitude. With this kind of attitude, you begin to sense good in even the odds and end up in turning them to your favor.

    6. Thank them publicly.

    Make it a practice to offer gratitude in public. However, if you have any negative feedback to be given, just share it in private, one on one. By expressing thankfulness bagged by an attitude of gratitude in front of a group of people, you raise the value of the other person.

    By thanking someone publicly, you showcase him as a symbol of kindness and invite towards him more such compliments to follow. This way, you subconsciously develop the personality trait in you towards thankfulness with the attitude of gratitude.

    7. Begin your day by being grateful.

    Open your mornings by uttering words of thanks to someone or something, in addition to exhibiting an attitude of gratitude. This marks the positivity in you, which you should be carrying for the rest of the day.

    You make the other person also happy with your attitude. By saying so, you are actually encouraging more of such kind and humble deeds to be performed by the other person.

    Gratitude is the attitude in you that is actually spreading positive energy and refreshing mind in your environment.

    8. Be thankful for the change in life.

    Understand with all your attitudes of gratitude that change is the only thing in life that keeps changing all the time. When you are experiencing a bad phase in life, senseless thoughts keep wandering in your mind.

    Sit in silence, keeping mind towards an attitude of gratitude, and speak to your thoughts. Be thankful to them for coming into your mind. Because you will now know that by not thinking about them, you think better. Because whether or not you give them time, they will automatically change, and you will face good phases in life.

    9. Let go of the limiting beliefs in you by means of your attitudes of gratitude.

    You are always drawn towards unconscious beliefs in life that you hold about yourself and the world around you. By holding onto them, you are actually refraining yourselves from practicing an attitude of gratitude and enjoying your life to the fullest.

    Therefore, stop underestimating your value and worth. Stop saying this to yourself and others too. Come out of this trauma. Give up on this roadblock. Feel deep the hidden gratitude in your life and dedicate time to empowering them.

    To sum up, don’t wait for chances. Watch every occasion with keenness. Take every opportunity honestly to express an attitude of gratitude. Thank yourself first. Appreciate the strengths in you. Thank the weaknesses too for helping you learn and grow. Now, thank the world around with a gratitude attitude for teaching you lessons of life.

  • suvangi
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    No one who achieves success does so without the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.” – Alfred North Whitehead.

    Starting a Gratitude journal could be easy but maintaining it throughout the year is difficult. Once you start counting on your blessings, you will realize what is the difference between grateful and gratitude. You will feel a sense of calmness and happiness throughout the day, and life will feel worth every risk.

    You do not need to spend hours every day trying to master the art of gratitude. All you need to do is fixing out fifteen minutes in your life for your gratitude list and write down everything that comes to your mind. Writing in your gratitude journal at least three times a week is enough to instill positive thinking in your mind that will have a great positive impact on your daily life.

    Steps to start a powerful gratitude journal –

    1. Search for a gratitude bullet journal as per your aesthetic

    The only way you can keep up with the habit of journaling every day is to invest time in your schedule for it. If you are someone who needs visual pressure to start something, then the easiest way is to find out a bullet journal that goes with your aesthetic.

    If the cover page attracts you, you will be bound to open it and write into it every time. Thus, the search for a journal that goes with your aesthetic or even make some scribbles or doodles makes it more appealing to your eyes. In this way, your brain will be compelled to write in your gratitude journal, even if you do not want to.

    2. Make a routine to journal regularly

    If you are unsure, you cannot write in your journal regularly and then try to take a 30-day gratitude challenge, where you need to write at least one sentence in your gratitude list. After thirty days, you will see that writing in your gratitude, the journal will become a part of your daily routine, and you will realize the importance of gratitude in your life.

    Once you start seeing the changes in your daily life, you no longer will need to push yourself to write regularly. It will become a habit, and you will eventually find time out of your busy schedule for your gratitude journal.

    3. If you still cannot keep yourself to write every day, try keeping rewards for yourself every time you write

    To make your 30 days gratitude challenge even more exciting for your brain, you could try putting up a small reward for each time you write in your gratitude journal. The reward need not be something great, but something that you love to do or you would love to have.

    This way, your brain will be more interested in winning the reward, and in a fit of that, it will compel you to write each time on your gratitude bullet journal when you don’t want to. Another way round, you can also try putting up a punishment for the times when you do not write in your gratitude journal. This will also strike fear to the brain, and he will always want to stay away from the punishment.

    You need not be too hard on yourself while journaling; journaling is a peaceful process, aiming for peace of the mind. If you want to take a day or two off because life is being troublesome, you could simply stop writing and get back to your gratitude bullet journal when you feel that your brain is capable of it. Try to enjoy the process of journaling rather than making it a burden on you.

    4. Elaborate on why you are grateful for the moment

    If you are writing in your gratitude list “I loved the meal I had today,” try to explain it in a few sentences rather than ending it in a line. Try to write down what meal you had that made you feel happy and content, or write down how astonished you are that a hot bowl of food was enough to take away all your anger and frustration you gained throughout the day. This way, the next time you will come back to it, you will be able to feel the same happiness you felt while writing it down.

    Elaborate on each point in at least three lines. You might just write one gratitude point per day, but remember not to leave it blank. Remember to write at least three lines for it. Even if you are just writing, “I am grateful because I’m strong,” try to write down which situation you are fighting against.

    This way, later, you will realize how strong you were in the worst days of your life, how positive your mind was, even when the world around you was falling apart. You will feel proud, grateful for yourself.

    5. Try to be creative with your gratitude journal

    you can add short stories of gratitude and thanksgiving if you feel that can make you feel satisfied or grateful in the future or if it pleases your eyes. Just try to be as creative as you can be with your gratitude journal. Add on layers of handmade papers or make it as colorful as you want it to be.

    Make it the best in your eyes. It does not need to impress other people’s eyes. It’s your journal; you need to maintain it the way you want to. It is just your personal space that does not need anyone else’s validation. If bringing color to your journal brings you happiness makes it more approachable to you, do it. If keeping it minimal and clean is what you prefer, then go as per your aesthetic.

    At the end of the day, you will realize that gratitude changes everything. The way you think, the way you approach problems in your life, the way you talk to yourself, everything.

    6. Keep every negativity out from your everyday Gratitude list

    While you are writing in your gratitude journal, try to keep it far away from all the negative thoughts that lurk in your mind. For example, if you need to write about an ugly incident that happened in your life, you could write it in the form of a lesson that you learned. This way, it will not carry the negative thought it comes with.

    The next time you go through your gratitude list, you will find how strongly you fought against the situation and that no ugly, negative energy can ever bother you. The sense of gratefulness and appreciation you will feel for yourself will be beyond your imagination.

    7. Do not forget to consider people in your life while jotting down your Gratitude list for the day

    Gratitude is the key to happiness, and thus try to get as much personal as you can. Focus on all the people you are grateful for, either being by your side or teaching you a lesson.

    Describe the role of the person in your life, how much that person matters, and how you are grateful you got to have that person in your life. Once you instill this feeling of gratefulness, you will know that gratitude changes everything.

    You will find that you are seeing good things as “gifts,” and thus, life will no longer feel like a battle-field. Try to record every small surprise, every small gift that life showers on you in the form of your loved ones and keep them safe in your gratitude list. The feeling is worth everything.

    8. Try to enlist incidents from the past that taught you a lesson that made you better in life

    Like previously mentioned, if you want to cite down an ugly incident from your life, something you feel changed your life, your thinking, then the best way to write it down is by presenting it as a life lesson. Try to make everything in your gratitude journal sound like a blessing, something that made you better in your life, something that gave you a lesson you will keep lifelong with yourself.

    Once you have this habit of maintaining a gratitude list every day, you will gradually see the difference with time. Happiness is like a therapist that is sure to change your life with its presence. Later after a year or two, when you will get back and revisit old pages from your gratitude journal, you will realize how far you have come across. Some things cannot be learned from books, like personal mental growth. After all, self-development is a transformation, not a lesson.

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