how to practice gratitude - 9 simple tips

how to practice gratitude - 9 simple tips

You strive to be happy in life, but every other moment, upsetting and cynical thoughts keep haunting in mind, as your mind wanders around why gratitude is important. This is the lifestyle of the mind. However, you can still develop the trait of gratefulness by showing goodness to others. This way, you reap happiness by bringing about a smile in the face of others.

9 Simple tips to practice gratitude

Various ways to help you understand, ‘why is gratitude important’ are illustrated below. Understand the prominence and drive them forward for marking your overall well-being.

1. Thank a stranger who extends help even in the simplest form.

You better understand the pulse of your acquaintances, similarly even they do. But, make it a point that you thank an unknown and a new person. For tasks as small as offering you space in an elevator, you should be thankful, as he did save a considerable amount of your time. Such a gratitude attitude reaps bundles of happiness and boosts loads of energies for you to move on in life.

2. Make a record of all aspects you are grateful for.

List down all that you owe gratitude towards. Wake up with positivity every morning and keep expressing words of gratitude to those who come across you, apart from the list that you prepared. Keep adding to your journal more of these as you stumble across. This sort of gratitude journaling develops your attitude on the one hand, and on the other hand, people also look up to you as an iconic personality.

3. Look out for gratitude in your obstacles.

Thank the obstacles you face in life, for they help you think afresh. And with fresh thoughts, ideas, opinions, and energies, arise newer methodologies in rolling out the task and delivering results. You even tend to develop gratitude meditation that helps you acquire new skills to pursue and pave the way out of obstacles.

4. Thank you for taking care of physical and mental health.

You certainly don’t own the space you are in now, without the support of your health. As you understand yourself why gratitude is important and take care of your health, you are, in a way, expressing thanks to your health for supporting at all times. This, in turn, makes you think and care more for uplifting further your overall well-being.

5. Meditate and exercise to look at life positively.

You need to practice the combined art of meditation and exercising. Do thank them for helping you grow and focus more on your deliverables. You tend to look up to the environment with clouds of positivity by performing acts of gratitude prayer in life. This also helps you sleep better to reenergize and work even better.

6. Accept challenges, and thank them for giving you opportunities to grow.

Challenges in life are most unpredictable and yet help you pull yourself out of the soup of thoughts as to why gratitude is important to you and others as well. Hence, welcome challenges as they keep walking into your life. Thank them and pay them gratitude, for they help you grow in terms of skills, talent, emotions, health, etc. to name a few.

7. Love your job and tune it for promising better performance.

You may not get the chance to do your favorite job, when it comes to pursuing a career, because of the commitments you have in life. Therefore, it is essential that you love the job you are gliding with. Gratitude practice helps you promise yourself to perform better, and you do so, too. You will soon procure new skills that improve your self-esteem and guides your attitude.

8. Attend meetings to discuss social problems.

Join gatherings and community assemblies to understand and discuss collective and societal problems. By working in collaboration and involving in brainstorming sessions, you are both valued for your presence and also for the ideas that you share. This also helps you build and utter words of gratitude affirmations that build healthier social relationships.

9. Make a gratitude chart or jar and put it up for display.

Prepare a list of items for which you are grateful. Pin each item from the list onto a chart titled gratitude chart. Alternately, drop each such gratitude chit into a gratitude jar that is transparent for you to look through. Put it up for display. Whenever you look at this exhibit, you are reminded of the things that bring you joy for the rest of the day.

By realizing why gratitude is important, you tend to develop acts of gratitude that are directly related to the enlightenment of thoughts, all of which in turn define your lifestyle.

As you keep growing and gaining experience and wisdom in life, you must ensure that you realize to be grateful to life as well as the source for this happiness too. Know where you were, to know where you want to go in life.

By developing gratitude and making it a part of your life, you better understand its significance. You will choose to refine your behavior towards betterment.

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    Gratitude is when you are able to take out time for others. You need daily practice about gratitude. You need not essentially help them by giving money or money’s worth, but you instead build up strong interpersonal relationships in life.

    Out of your busy schedule, as you take out time in noticing the efforts of others, whether or not they reap fruitful results, they feel healthy at heart. They, in turn, express a greater sense of companionship and look up to you for your words. You will also be followed by many who want to tune themselves up like you do.

    9 Ways to practice gratitude

    You can follow the below behavioral aspects in practicing gratitude in your day to day life.

    1. Watch your thoughts and action.

    To share your feedback or to appreciate someone, you first need to prove worthy of it. You need to keep an eye on what you think and how you react or respond. These are a few ways to practice gratitude. Because you don’t want to fake or impress someone. Your goal is to behave with gratitude and optimism and self-reflect the same over society.

    2. Show how much you care by expressing.

    You have your own areas of interest. You reserve your feelings for your loved ones. It is okay to be busy in life. But, ensure to take out time to share your feelings, especially the gratitude in life that you simply kept stock at heart. When people are encouraged, the science of happiness multiplies by manifold. You tend to brighten their life, and they will now put more effort into doing wonders.

    3. Develop the habit of diary writing.

    Ensure to write down acts of gratitude you delivered today before you get to sleep at night. Religiously and daily practice about gratitude and adhere to this and fix it in your before-bed routine every day. By writing such thankful and kind acts in your diary, you improve your lifestyle and health. You exhibit more attributes of gratitude in life.

    4. Self-appreciate your work as an outsider.

    Imagine you are different from the one inside you. Take it for granted that your mind tells you something and you do something else and that both are different. Now, as an outsider to your mind, appreciate the energies it sheds in helping you stay mentally fit and think positive in life. Ensure to follow doing this on a daily basis by starting your day with gratitude at heart towards your own self.

    5. Don’t be choosy and biased in appreciating something or someone.

    To express gratitude, you first need to daily practice gratitude. You don’t have to consciously think about which one to vote for and which one to not. Be unbiased in responding to a situation. Do not choose a selected list of people, only upon whom you shower acts of gratitude. Appreciate efforts that you consider worthwhile, even though they may be of your competitor.

    6. Understand that every odd circumstance has a portion of positivity in it.

    Understand that life has both comforts and concerns in it. Similarly, every scenario has a positive and negative aspect related to it. It is wise to look at both. This approach is easy to follow sooner you start practicing daily gratitude. Because you learn from negative, and you deliver from positives. Be thankful to both in life.

    7. Ensure to thank at least one person every day.

    Every day in the life, you keep meeting and crossing over many people. You might know a few of them and yet others are strangers. Irrespective of who the other person is, if you spot him engaging in a meaningful activity, pause from where you are and take a moment to appreciate him. Practice gratitude daily and make it a point that you thank one person for a day, as a benchmark.

    8. Engage in community activities.

    Participate in social works. Practice daily gratitude and move with people around in your community. Do activities that are useful for others. Encourage groups to do more praiseworthy tasks that add value to life. Volunteering to help others increases your health by mind and body, and you, in turn, develop the trait of having more gratitude.

    9. Appreciate others for their efforts.

    Recognize and raise the value of others for the efforts they invested in delivering a task by practicing gratitude daily. You need not feel for applauding some tasks and think of saving feelings of gratitude for bigger deliveries in life. Understand that there is neither big nor small. A task is a task, and an effort is an effort.

    To conclude, your daily practice of gratitude helps you in many ways. By expressing gratitude, you comparatively face fewer health concerns and improve your mental state of mind. You reap more happiness in life and rarely go into the depressive mode. Gratitude certainly works because you, too, want the other person to look up to you the way you behave with them.

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    10 ways to gratitude practice ideas

    Gratitude or the attitude of thankfulness must be made a daily routine in life. You might undervalue the essence of gratitude and express laziness in exhibiting the same. However, when a stranger expresses gratitude towards you or offers help, you feel extremely energized, for the other person isn’t really waiting for a return from you.

    Similarly, when you express gratitude towards others, you too feel rejuvenated. This is termed as a gratitude example. The positive vibes in you pop out, and you complete all your tasks productively.

    10 Ideas for practicing gratitude exercises in life.

    There are a couple of ideas for practicing gratitude exercises in life. Enumerated below are a few.

      1. Express yourself before nature.

        Show your gratitude exercises to the world around. Be thankful to the environment for giving you a beautiful place to live in. By admiring the greenery of the plantations, the running race of the clouds, the showers from the sky, and all flora and fauna playing in togetherness, you feel lost out of the worldly mess and reap infinite happiness.

          2. Tell your buddy how much you care.

            You have the best buddies in life, and you do care for them. Express your gratitude towards them by sharing and telling them how much you care. Showing gratitude exercise is necessary to run life with positivity. You earn countless contentment and satisfaction and set yourself psychologically free from worries.

              3. Shower acts of gratitude for your inner self, playing the role of a manager.

                Many times, you involve doing tasks for the sake of others, without your very interest in doing them. Thank your inner self for helping you stand in society by working out such things. As a boss, execute gratitude mindfulness activity and be thankful for all the good things your inner voice does to you.

                  4. Spend time with your loved ones.

                    Practicing gratitude exercises help you devote time to your loved ones. Your family and other relations in life do not always demand tangible rewards. They do not even expect you to appreciate their petty acts. But they certainly count upon the time you bestow them. Understand that what they enjoy most is your company.

                      5. Participate in social events.

                        Connect yourself to social and community activities. Practice gratitude examples by moving in groups and working in cohesion. You will soon realize that you have learned methods that help you come across varied opportunities for growth. You even stumble across many good works that you sense are worth pondering and valuing.

                          6. Watch videos that inspire you to pay gratitude.

                            Gratitude activities like watching videos guide you and give ideas on gratitude. They are worthwhile spending time on. Prepare yourself to put them to practice. Explore more as they certainly have elements of strengths, values, and self-compassion that enhance your well-being. As you make yourself aware of such ideas more, you fit them in your routine furthermore.

                              7. Help the needy.

                                Help someone who is looking out for assistance. Especially if you offer help to a new acquaintance, the relationship lasts long. Exhibiting gratitude examples such as helping others improves your health too. By showing gratitude to a stranger, you strengthen the art more and behave in an empathetic manner.

                                  8. Stop complaining and start recognizing.

                                    By practicing gratitude exercises, you begin to recognize the efforts made by others. You are not the supreme to comment on the success or failure of others’. But the efforts bestowed and conferred are the key. Don’t even worry about the scope of the work, because nothing is big and nothing is small. Just that it is a task and needs your skills to be driven.

                                      9. Post words of gratitude on social media.

                                        To master the art of gratitude, you should keep giving feedback to known and unknown persons in life. Few other examples of gratitude involve joining in social media, responding to posts, and taking out time to appreciate others for the knowledge and wisdom you gain through them. Understand that every new person who walks into your life does have something invaluable to gift you.

                                          10. Thank your skills and domesticate them by refining further.

                                            You can master the art of practicing gratitude exercises by issuing a thankyou note to the skills and talents in you. Know your key performance areas, and thank them for helping you all along. Polish them even further and bring out the perfectionism in them. By sharpening them, you talk to your skills and convey them gratitude for rendering their support.

                                            Overall, when you put to practice gratitude examples towards others, you not only make the other person happy, but you also sense happiness in your heart. You feel as if you are in a new world where the gates of goodness are opened to enter into your life.

                                            To sum up, practice the gratitude ideas quoted above to sail with positivity and mindfulness in life. This way, you not just add a successful life to your cart, but also set your environment healthy and prosperous.

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