Feeling not good enough and how to overcome

Feeling not good enough and how to overcome


Life has been defined by various personalities in numerous ways. Life to each is different because everybody is unique in this world. Therefore, don’t just get carried away by the definitions posted by many on life. Define your life in your way, depending on the direction it takes you. Erase the clutter of feeling not good enough, and now with a clear mindset, check what is stopping you in progressing in life. By listing down the reasons for not feeling good, you can work out how to overcome them.

Here are a couple of ways in which you can uplift your mood. By following them, you will certainly overcome the mentally ill state of affairs and travel towards a better mindset.

1. Comparing to others.

When you are not feeling good, you generally compare it with others. Ask yourself, ‘Am I good enough?’, but don’t begin to compare your bad with the good in others. Because, when you compare with others and identify with being a low performer, you begin to feel not good. If you observe with keen, both the above statements are the exact opposite, yet result in the same.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t compare under any circumstance. But it is a human tendency. So, you cannot abstain from that act. Therefore, when you sit to compare the good in you with that of others, also, sit and compare the bad in you with the bad in others.

Because all human beings are unique, and each one has an edge in some or the other form over others. At the same time, all these unique pieces of human power are also imperfect in more than one form. Understand this law of life, apart from the answer to the question, ‘Am I good enough?’ and move on in life.

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2. Negativity misguides you.

When you are occupied with too many unnecessary thoughts, they turn into anxieties and worries. With such negative thoughts, you begin to question, ‘Am I enough?’ and during the process, you drag down from within you, the hope of getting better. With discouraging thoughts that wander around in your mind, you misguide your goal.

Understand that thoughts are just thoughts, and they don’t essentially construct a framework that regulates and defines your life. Feeling not good enough at heart, followed by the thoughts of fears and apprehensions, exhausts the positive mindset in you, which forces you to act ruthlessly and unkindly.

Therefore, you have to completely stay alert in terms of the way you think and react. Replace the negative thoughts in you with positive thoughts or push yourself away from those bothering thoughts. Don’t let your mind lie to you and present a wrong opinion, the basis which you act.

3. Trust yourself with integrity at heart.

Spend time alone and talk to your feelings. Do check with them as to, ‘Why am I not good enough?’ Know your strengths and weaknesses in life and explore the opportunities and threats too.

Be honest and candid during this conversation. When you know that you are not feeling good, just trust your inner peace and move on.

You feel great when you begin to deliver acts of honesty from the heart. Thank the not so good feelings in you. Convince them that you will fix a meeting with them, for sure, later, but let them vacate the space in your mind now. Agree upon for a mutual discussion timeframe.

With integrity driving to uplift your mood, you easily tend to overcome the negative vibrations in and around you. You sense the feeling of being right with you. You now self-realize the answers for, ‘Am I enough?’ All these surface up a path with new thoughts that result in constructive ideas and productive actions.

4. Love and let love.

When your mind is in a state of anger and fear, it will automatically route you towards being inferior, sub-standard, and corners you towards a depressive state of thoughts, assuming that you will never be good enough. Therefore, you need to be in the company of loved ones all along.

Live and let others live. Try to sphere your thoughts towards positivity and help yourself live in the moment. With acts of mindfulness, also let people around you live life to the fullest, by assisting with all the necessary skills and resources, to the maximum possible extent.

Be specific in choosing the company of people. External sources certainly cast their share of negative influence over you, cornering you to think that you will never be good enough. Therefore, you have to syndicate up with like-minded people. Encourage the companionship of people who are filled with positive energies.

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Having said all this, one theory on life has to be taken for granted. Life is a replica of a mere mathematics textbook. In the sense that, as you keep turning pages in this textbook, you come across more and more bunch of problems.

Similarly, as you keep witnessing day after day in life, you keep encountering more problems. Each day is a new day in the life, just as each page in the textbook has unique content or different questions. But, understand that, towards the end of this big book, you plot answers to all the questions that you went by in the previous pages.

Therefore, have patience in life and act mindfully by reasoning with your inner voice as to, ‘Why am I not good enough?’ Probe to understand the underlying reasons. Be practical in life. Think and analyze from the ground-level realities.

Make yourself feel good. Because for sure, every problem has a solution. Just that few are under your control, and few aren’t. For all those over which you cannot gain control, time will answer them. Just keep enough patience to turn till the last folio where all your questions are answered and all the problems in your life couple up with their solutions.

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  • vaishali
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    20 ways to overcome the feeling of ‘I am not good enough.’

    We all hit a point in life or even in a day where we feel ‘am I really good enough’.

    So, how to move on from this feeling?

    How to deal with ‘I don’t feel good enough’?

    We will help you with that.

    Here are 20 ways to overcome ‘I am not good enough’ feeling that comes to us.

    Go through them one by one. You can see what you can do and what you can avoid to cross over the ‘I am not good enough’ feeling.

    1. When you lack self-confidence

    It becomes hard to overcome ‘I am not good enough’ feeling when there is no self-confidence.

    This is the first mental block we have to remove.

    Build your self-confidence. Don’t allow it to break at any cost for anything.

    2. You are more than your mistakes:

    Earning a low salary compared to your friends? That’s fine. It doesn’t mean you are not good enough.

    Made a mistake? It doesn’t define who you are.

    Your salary, body type, your accidental mistakes, the place you live, the car you have, the job you do doesn’t define who you are.

    Remember this always.

    3. You cannot be ‘everything.’

    It is impossible to be perfect at everything.

    If you try to be, you will find something missing always. We feel we are not good enough.

    Make progress. Develop into a better self. Be better than who you were yesterday. This is what matters.

    4. The inside reflects on the Outside

    You won’t feel good enough if you don’t feel good from within.

    Build your self-respect and self-confidence.

    Embrace self-compassion and self-acceptance in life.

    5. Set the right tone for ‘perfection.’

    Perfection means different for different people.

    Set the tone of perfectionism for your own life. Build your life block by block. Come with a perfect building of your own filled with happiness and content. This is the best answer for ‘am I good enough’ question.

    Don’t be intimidated by the perfection tone set by other people.

    6. What is making you insecure?

    Your Insecurities are the dominant culprits.

    Our insecurities will make us feel we are not good enough.

    Self-doubt, past failures, uncomfortable in socializing, lack of self-confidence are few common insecurities, everyone faces in life.

    Identify what is making you insecure. You can easily change it.

    7. Accept your Downside

    Accepting that you are not perfect, and you have things to figure out is good.

    In a way, you are overcoming the ‘I am not good’ mindset and moving to ‘I can improve’ mindset.

    8. Set Digital Boundaries:

    Not all the time. But, often, social media is making people feel they are not good enough with what they do and what they have. Somehow, the picture-perfect feeds bring insecurity to people.

    Avoid negative experiences that social media has.

    9. The path for ‘You’ is different.

    We all have a different life. The way we think, act, speak, and perceive life can be different. Then why do we have to look into each other’s path or try to travel in it? We can end feeling ‘my life is not good enough.’

    Let’s travel in our path at our own pace.

    10. You are not alone

    Are you thinking ‘Am I really good enough’? You are not alone in this.

    What makes people stronger and successful is, they get over the ‘I am not good enough’ thought.

    And, they look at the next thing they need to do.

    11. Get Back

    If your inner critic keeps saying, ‘I am not good enough,’ let it say.

    Put your attention to the work you have in hand and not to the inner-critic.

    Focus on where you want to go or what you want to do. Silence the inner-critic saying ‘You are inadequate’.

    Get back stronger.

    12. Acknowledge your little success too.

    Don’t say, “This is nothing” when you did something good.

    Even if it is little, give credits to the efforts, energy, and work you put into it.

    The feeling of ‘I am not good enough will not go unless you make little self-appreciation efforts.

    13. ‘When you feel down, go be a blessing to somebody else.” – Joyce Meyer

    This is by far the best among the 20 ways to overcome the feeling that I am not good enough.

    When you feel like you are not good enough, do whatever you can to be a blessing in somebody’s life.

    A smile, a hand of help, appreciative words, an extra box of food for the homeless on your way to work, etc. are little things that can be a blessing to those who receive it.

    If you are kind, helping and empathetic, there is no way you are not good enough.

    14. Is someone or something making you feel you are not good enough?

    The flipside to ‘I am not enough’ feeling is, it is not always internal.

    Bad relationships, negative people, jealous people, bad jobs can make you feel you are not good enough.

    The next time you feel ‘I am not good enough,’ remember to see if something or someone is making you feel so. Don’t jump right into the feeling of ‘I don’t do anything well.’

    15. You need Failures in Life

    Accept failures. They are like a reality check for you to see where you lag and where you need to improve.

    It’s okay to fail. But it is not okay to let failure make you feel you are not enough.

    16. Is there a ‘Demand’ before you?

    If your family, friends, relationships, and jobs demanding too much from you?

    Too many demands and expectations from other people will make you doubt yourself about ‘am I really good enough’?

    Don’t be held back by these situations. The mistake here is not yours. It is theirs. The ‘Demanding’ people don’t respect and value the efforts we make.

    17. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

    Don’t let other people decide or judge or tell your worth.

    This is a key reason why you and I feel we are not good enough in many situations.

    Don’t let such people get to you.

    18. Take Self-Care

    Dress confidently.

    Always make eye contact.

    Smile confidently.

    Use appreciative words to yourself like ‘I can do this,’ ‘I did a good job,’ ‘well done’, ‘that was good.’

    Be kind, firm, confident, and compassionate.

    Take care of your body language.

    Stay fit. Eat healthily.

    Pursue a hobby. Do things you like.

    These are positive practices you can bring in your life.

    The more positive you feel from the inside and outside, the more confident you become. You easily overcome the feeling of ‘I am not good enough’.

    19. Stop Over-Thinking:

    Every time we overthink, you know where we end up?

    We end up having feelings like disappointment, not good enough, not better enough, what if it happens, what if it goes bad, it is not sufficient; it is worrying, etc.

    When you stop overthinking, you can create a good headspace to think, calmly, and productive. The broken confidence, the doubts, and what-ifs will fade. It becomes easy to get over the ‘I am not good enough’ attitude.

    20. You made it to date, do you agree?

    Ups and downs would have bumped into your life.

    Guess what! You made it this far despite your ‘am I enough’ feeling. Cheers to you to made this far.

    Take care of a few things we mentioned above to overcome the inadequate feeling.

    You are good to go for the coming miles in life!


    The 20 ways to overcome the feeling of ‘I am not good enough’ is more of a kick-starter for you. Contemplate over the thoughts we shared here.

    Louis L. Hay says,

    “You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”

  • oliver
    Oliver Walkerr
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    Passionate about growth

    The feeling of not good can erupt out of the lifestyle you are leading, or it can be the feeling infused from an external source upon you. If you would like to attempt to bring out the feel-good factor in you, simply make your own commitments.

    Come what may just give your best by acting mindfully even when your best is not good enough for display. Don’t try to enact perfectionism, because everybody knows that nobody is perfect. Merely stop thinking about those that make you feel bad and reroute the thoughts that drive the motivation and inspiration in you towards good.

    The feeling of I m good enough might sound morbid, but it stings and hampers your growth. Therefore, be wise to pick up yourself when you fall, by adopting the below course of action.

      1. Imagine worse, to live in better.

      If you want to lead a good life, you first need to have the courage to face the bad phase of life. Imagine being in a worse situation, rather than assuming I m good enough. Then you will no longer feel the bad situation to be really bad. Try to pull out the hidden peace resting deep inside and act wisely with an educated mindset.

      Let go of the worries from your mind. Of course, it is easy said than done. But if you are in a damaging situation, then just recollect from your own experiences, of an even worse scenario that you cracked out well. This will give rebirth to the positivity in you.

      Appreciate where you are now rather than not feeling good enough. Learn to understand that situations are bound to change with the lapse of time. But because you cannot wait for the right time to come, just use your energies to control the situation, by regulating the time to the extent possible.

        2. Join them if you can’t beat them.

        Feelings are very much controllable. The primary reason being, they erupt out of place called to mind, which is very well a part of your whole. Therefore, work out different ways to give the best possible by controlling your senses that, in turn, control your feelings.

        Don’t worry about the results, because the incredible amount of efforts that go into it matter most. So, don’t setback when your best is not good enough.

        When you fail to gain control over your feelings, and you firmly believe that you can’t beat them anymore, better to join them. Set an ambiance of negotiation and compromise with your work for now. Devote time to think about what your mind is thinking. Keep the rest of your work aside and spend time thinking about your feelings for a little while.

        Do this uninterruptedly for about 15 minutes instead of not feeling good enough. Now communicate them that you had already given enough time. Express clearly to your feelings and inner thoughts that you now have other important works to attend to. Close the discussion quickly by bidding them sayonara.

          3. Cross over the speed breakers.

          Understand that obstacles are part of life. When your inner voice says, ‘I feel like I’m not good enough today,’ then simply compare it to a gorgeous rose plant. How common it is for a rose plant that has prickles to its stem, so much so common it is for a beautiful life to have challenges in its path. Hence, to invite happiness, you should be equally prepared to face the hurdles that come pre-packed.

          If you like a flower, you will be tempted to pluck it. But if you love that flower, you will ensure that nobody plucks it. Treat your life too to be a garden of such flowers. Don’t set yourself into a depressive state of mind because of the confrontations that you come across.

          Rather, domesticate them and allow them in your life by saying I’m enough. Now, burn down these obstacles into ashes and keep moving in life. Understand that speed breakers on the road are meant only to pause and find a better approach, not to halt down there itself.

            4. Be determined to tune your life.

            You feel bad because you are not good at everything in this world, and yet keep convincing yourself saying I’m enough. At this juncture, accept the fact that every other person in this world is similar to you.

            Moreover, it is the general human tendency in the sense that no individual is perfect in an all-round sense. You have your own strengths and weaknesses too.

            As per the need of the hour, inculcate new habits and skills in your life. Build up levels of self-esteem. Nurture and take the best possible care of yourself. Carve a remarkable picture of your philosophies and present yourself to the world. Change your life to keep upgrading every day.

            As part of feeling good, you have to feed yourself with all that you like, and yet it is good for your health. Don’t feel bad that you were never good enough and don’t need to care for yourself. Ensure to stay fit and healthy, by both mind and body. Check if you are really sleeping enough. Practice self-care works and revamp your life for good things to flow in.

            Lastly, understand that if you are not feeling good, that’s just because you are unhappy with your mind that keeps taunting, ‘I feel like I’m not good enough.’ So, first, you need to identify the reason which is erupting out the unhappiness in you and causing you trouble.

            Before you react to a moment, and much before you feel unhappy saying that you were never good enough, there will be one or more underlying triggers. Identify these triggers because of which this entire vicious circle is rolling out. Spot all such triggers. Soothe them by bringing to practice the above-quoted behaviors and lead a life the way you want and foresee it to be.

          • charlotte
            Charlotte Smith
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            Awesome Writer

            Blogger I Content writer I Digital marketer

            The feeling in you that says, 'I am not good enough' actually begins the moment you start comparing your performance to those of others. Needless to say, it is not unnatural that comparing is the general human tendency.

            Nobody can be perfect in this world. Because unless you don't quantify an action, it is not easy for you to compare. And there is no end to numbers in this world. Numbers run into infinite. Even if someone achieves an X number, there will be somebody else who has already made it to, or will make it to an X plus a one.

            Therefore, don't get carried away by what others are doing and disregard yourself. Just give your best and overcome the fears in life.

            You can choose to settle with the below-quoted procedures in life, to reveal a better you to the world. With a calm mind, you make wise decisions and direct your life towards recovery.

              1. Present the bona fide you to the world.

              When you compromise and adjust your preferences to suit the demands of your world, you certainly feel not being good enough. Still, you continue being so, without knowing why am I not good enough, just because you feel inferior to present the real you. Therefore, stop feeling that you are unfit and unworthy in life.

              Explore what the demand of the hour is. Work out ways in which you can refine the existing talent and shape up new talent. Attempt strategies to bring out the best in you. Discover new circumstances and build the will power to face new challenges. You thereby enrich both your experience and exposure to the world. Groom the one resting inside you and then present the authentic you to the world with much confidence and resilience.

              Try to be open and honest when talking to yourself in isolation. Cultivate intimacy and feel what your true emotions are with regard to why am I not good enough. Break the barriers lying between you and your inner self. Challenge yourself, learn, master, and practice getting better day after day.

                2. Breathe in the present.

                To lead a happy life and to overcome the feeling of an unhealthy mindset, you need to master the art of living in the present. Live in the moment by giving away thoughts that keep voicing out, 'I am not good enough.' Practice being present by mind and body. Pay one hundred percent attention to whatever task you deliver, for yourself or others.

                Create a healthy environment and a positive spirit to energize your association with the work you picked to deliver. Understand that relationships are not merely between people. A relationship can be between you and your inner self too. Improve it first.

                Strengthen the sense of feeling good by letting out the feeling of I'm not good enough. Soothe your mind and calm it down. Only when you let it say what it has to convey, then will you understand the right kind of road map to pick and play in life. Approve your inner feelings to stay connected to the present.

                  3. Understand your preferences and priorities in life.

                  Know your needs and meet your wants. Chase your passions and question with courage at heart, 'Am I not good enough?' Know why you are not good. Check if you are delivering things the right way or not. Do not postpone your needs. Understand your priorities in life and make commitments to facilitate your personal and professional space. Sustain a balance between either phase of life. Tune yourself.

                  When unwarranted feelings bother your inner peace and set you in a disturbed state of mind, pause from what you are doing, and help yourself. Think if these thoughts really mean or convey something important to you. Realize better to calm them down.

                  Primarily, when your heart says something, and when your mind asks you to do something else, the conflict arises that makes you not feel I'm not enough. You will then end up not valuing yourself. You might even underestimate your ethics. So, don't fall for your mind. Follow your heart.

                    4. Quest for happiness in the smaller tasks too.

                    Love unconditionally whatever you do even if your mind says I'm not good enough. No matter how big or small, how important or insignificant the task be, just love it in the first place. Unless you don't love what you do, you cannot give your fullest. The moment you give your best, your mood automatically uplifts.

                    Understand that every single task, no matter how big it is, can be broken down into smaller actionable chunks of tasks. When you consciously put effort and aim to deliver your finest art, irrespective of whether you achieve the desired output or not, you feel happy for your efforts.

                    By being happy, even doing the petty things in life, you self-regulate your senses. By suppressing the feelings that haunt you saying that I'm not good enough, you are actually turning towards positivity in life. You soon begin to cultivate the art of feel-good factor, no matter what kind of situation you are in. You spread smiles by being happy. Your smiles, in turn, reflect upon your actions. You turn reliable.

                    If you are someone who is not feeling good just because you are hurt by your inner soul or by the external factors, then quickly revamp your mood. Understand the triggers that are causing you to question, 'Am I not good enough?' Because if you wish to have inner peace, you must know how to handle the feelings that hurt you.

                    It is very common that the ego in you turns to its full swing when someone rubs in an unethical manner. It is time for you to act with wisdom, and not show your attitude for the wrong behaviors of others. Master the above techniques in dealing with feelings and sweep off the immoral and wicked in you.

                  • emma
                    Emma Brown
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                    You generally feel I m not good enough either when you are not taken care of by the people around, or you are under extreme observation and scrutiny. Each of us wants to be loved and cared for, but when that doesn’t happen, you get into depression.

                    At times, our behavior makes our loved ones watch us, judge us, examine and inspect us, and even compare to others. This is such a curve where none of us want to be in. At times, no matter what you do, there will always be a person eyeing over you and trying to find fault in you and with your acts. You, therefore, have to mind your actions and drill more to overcome the discouraging feelings in you.

                    Embrace the listed down practices in life. Doing so, you can promise yourself a smooth transition from an ill state of mind to mental peace and harmony, backed by the richness in actions.

                      1. Look at yourself as a spectator.

                      When you don’t feel good, and you can’t turn them to your favor, simply come out of your body. Imagine you are a spectator or an outsider to the mind where your worries are parked. Ask as a stakeholder, ‘Are you good enough?’ Now, the task of giving away countless suggestions becomes much easy.

                      It is a human tendency that suggestions are given away without any pain, but for the receiver, it becomes a tough task to choose whether to neglect them or to follow them. As an outsider, the suggestions you make are to be given importance. Flip the other side of you to list the suggestions coming your way and try them.

                      With an anxious mind, you cannot think effectively. List down the top three answers that you get by asking your mind, ‘Are you good enough?’ With this list in hand, offer suggestions as a stranger. Because when one suggests you, it becomes relatively easy to follow blindly, of course, only when you rely on the other person. Since, in this case, the suggestion maker is you yourself, as a receiver, you will certainly trust and try them.

                        2. Mindset vs. Memory.

                        When your mind wanders around unwarranted thoughts, you feel sick, thinking I m not good enough and are usually unwilling to take up any task, even the simplest one. This is predominantly because you lack focus, dedication, and needless to say, the requisite memory skills needed to boost your performance.

                        Similarly, when your memory is weak, you cannot concentrate on any task. This results in unfavorable and sub-standard outcomes. This, in turn, leads to mental sickness. All these series of activities in you direct you towards the feeling of not being good.

                        Since mental health and memory skills are directly related to each other, to uplift your mental health, you need to attempt more memory training games. Your mind always keeps wandering and keeps uttering, ’I’m not good enough.’ At times like these, you need to carefully invest in more time in tuning your memory by undergoing workshops or playing brain sharpening and memory strengthening games.

                          3. Boost yourself.

                          Recollect all the strengths in you. Dig into your past to list out and memorize all that you accomplished in life. You feel not good enough when you are in trouble. This is the time when you have to recollect your bad experiences along with your achievements in life. Get lost into obstacles and challenges from the past that you ultimately succeeded. Boost your morale with these thoughts.

                          When you feel upset because of a failure, think of failures from the past that you rocked on. Tell yourself that you will expand your skills, and slowly you can come out of this concern. By boosting your esteem and spirits, you drive carefully towards inner peace, a calm state of mind, and harmony.

                          It is fine to connect and collaborate with others to overcome the upsetting state of mind that always keeps proclaiming that, ‘I’m not good enough.’ A simple way to handle this is by spreading a smile.

                          Impart your smile, because it costs nothing. Do invite people with a smile. Invite problems also with a smile. Challenge your thoughts that your mind is busy with other commitments and can’t offer space for domesticating them.

                            4. Change your perspective.

                            Shift your thoughts to confidently communicate that, ‘I am good enough.’ Change the way to think about something or someone. Look at the known world from a varied perspective. Observe the new world with positivity in mind. Adopt techniques to overcome the fears and regulate your senses.

                            Expand your horizons and spread your wings of talent in other aspects as well. This will help you view the surroundings and situations from multiple angles. Try to be a jack of all, so that you can analyze a problem and come up with various solving procedures.

                            To feel good at heart, try to do the same monotonous task differently this time. You feel so refreshed and rebalanced by working out the efficiency and effectiveness of you. You soon declare, ‘I am good enough.’ And with such new and positive thoughts, emerge the new ideas, leading to the presentation of a new you to the world.

                            The fear when you feel not good enough multiplies even further as you keep carrying the feelings of inadequacy and rejections. Never judge your capability just because someone gave you negative feedback. The best thing you could do in such a situation is to accept this negative feedback constructively and give your better version the next time.

                            Not being able to focus at work, failing to give your best in areas of your strengths, surrounded by negative thoughts, etc. to name a few could redirect your life towards the emotion of not feeling good. Therefore, choose righteously the techniques stated above and overcome the mood of numbness. Doing so, you redesign your life in a much better way.

                          • mark
                            Mark Jackson
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                            Believe in yourself. Know your abilities and skills. At the very outset, understand from your behavior who you really are. Spend time in isolation and do something for one whole day. Observe your acts. Make a list of answers you get to think over for the question, 'Why am I not good enough?' Doing so, you feel like doing those things which you like the most, especially when nobody is around. This is your true self. List out all the activities you did, being alone, and under no one's surveillance.

                            By knowing what you want in life, you easily make out the list of the rest doing which you don't feel good. Now, sit and figure out how you can refrain from those acts. Or if they really play a significant role in your life, how can you train yourself in leading life with them.

                            To pull yourself out of the pathetic situation and stay fit and healthy by the mind, you need to pay attention to the below-illustrated techniques and adopt one or more of them.

                              1. Partner with progress, not with numbers.

                              Focus on your work and how much you progress in life. Don't get carried away chasing around perfection, assuming I'm not good enough. Understand that nothing can ever be perfect. Because perfection itself is limitless. Therefore, try ways in which you can move ahead in life.

                              By overcoming the worrying thoughts, and giving up on the feeling of being worthless, the feel-good factor in you, automatically erupts to give your best. When your worries worry you, just give your best in whatever you do and leave the rest.

                              The feeling of I'm not good enough is in itself a feeling that hampers your progress in life. Success isn't everything and nor success is ultimate. Success is not even the end of your journey. All the efforts that you invest in, and the entire gamut of activities that drive you towards peace and happiness, is to be packed and taken in your journey. And that is what exactly counts.

                                2. Practice self-love without any bias.

                                Love yourself to elevate your mood. Don't fall deep within as you face failure or commit a mistake by uttering that I m not good enough. Continue to love all the odds against you. Love your true self, irrespective of the kind of traits, beliefs, and values you inculcate in life.

                                Gulp both the good and the bad sides of you. Your thoughts and actions might violate the standards of the people around you. And you might still want to groom so many areas within you. Still, stand by yourself and carefully work towards improving these grey areas.

                                Love yourself the way you are. Don't let the thought come in your mind that I'm not good enough. Although you know that you need to change a lot for your own betterment. Care and concern crop up when you master self-love. Because you can feel good from within and act good outside, only when you care for the one in you.

                                  3. Give up on addictions and feel better instantly.

                                  You might have one or more addictions in life. Begin to think in giving up on that, rather than thinking I'm not good enough. Try a simple practice. Attempt to give up on that addiction for just 21 days. Start working out on a plan. Write the plan on a piece of paper, and you will instantly feel good.

                                  When your carvings for addiction bother you, and you calm down your senses instantly by picking up on some other good habit, it benefits you by manifold. Your every single step to moving in the opposite direction of your addiction gives you peace of mind and heart full of happiness.

                                  You might start a trial to give up on addiction for just 21 days, and then you will realize very soon that on 22nd day, your mind no more thinks about it. This miracle of 21 days fits any kind of behavior. Practice this technique to master anything in life, of course, giving away your negative thoughts like I m not good enough.

                                    4. Speak to someone and know their health status.

                                    When your inner voice questions, 'Am I not good enough?' don't feel sad, rather, call up an elderly person whom you spoke with, very long ago. Just telephone and ask how they are, and are there any tips they have to offer you. Have a casual discussion to soothe your mind and thoughts.

                                    Speak to your loved ones and gift them your time. Cook up a sense of humor to your conversation and divert your mind. Share your thoughts and feelings of the moment and let the other person make fun of them. Both of you share loud laughter.

                                    Every now and then, you need to check with your mind what it is filled with and how does it react when your mind says, 'Am I not good enough?' Accordingly, spend time to understand the health status of your mind. Speak with it and with the haunting thoughts. Set a timer and flush them off as the stopwatch buzzes. You will now begin to feel a lot better.

                                    To sum up, understand that to feel good in mind, happy at heart, and healthy by the body, you need to smile in life. Embrace all the problems and opportunities in life with a smile and refrain from the attitude that I'm not good enough. Do not be biased and treat them differently. From problems, you dig out solutions. And from opportunities, you carve out a better you. Realize that no time is good to begin something new.

                                    The moment you think of something good, just do it, rather than waiting for someone or something. Accept the fact that no matter what, no one can ever be better than anyone else, in all walks of life.

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