how to practice self-love and be good to yourself

how to practice self-love and be good to yourself


Practice self-love to believe in yourself. You love yourself and consider to be a valuable and commendable person. You have a positive opinion and judgment in your own self. You believe in self-confidence and set a place for self in this vicious world.

Compliment yourself. Congratulate and applaud for your merits. Console if need be. But respect yourself and love more day after day. You will certainly meet, the better you in no time.

You are the best person to take care of yourself. By caring for yourself, you also care for the world around you. Because your thoughts and actions are not just cast a shadow on self, but also on the people around.

15 ways to practice self-love and be good to yourself are listed below.

1. Spend time with self, all alone. Understand your inner feelings. Listen to your heart first. And then act in the right direction.

2. Spend sufficient time each day for your own self. List down all those things that make you happy. Sail towards the direction of your happiness.

3. Play your favorite game. Set your records and beat your own records. Excel in whatever you pick to do. You will fall in love with yourself and work out things that do well to you.

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4. Wear your favorite outfit. Enjoy your favorite dressing style and hairstyle—Pullover all your preferences. Prepare yourself mentally to face the world. Exhibit and even further practice self-love, you will soon begin to execute things that are good not just for self but for others as well.

5. Whenever you achieve a task or outperform at something, you feel on top of the world. Now is the time to take a pause and list down your best accolades and accomplishments. These would be wonderful reminders for you later on in your life, to reckon and love yourself more.

6. Have a positive mindset in the first place. Think from the other person’s point of view. You will feel a lot at ease handling situations that are most unpredictable.

7. Pull out your favorite hobby from the past, which you have missed for quite a long. Spend time, and you will experience happiness at heart, without your very conscious involvement.

8. Tour to places to love to go. Treat your inner self to be your loved one—travel along with your inner voice. You find life is so beautiful inside out.

9. Be creative. Spare some time to bring something best out of idle resources that you have at home or office. Express yourself with what strikes your mind at that very moment. You are not in competition. And that, there is neither right nor wrong. Just keep carving out your creativity.

10. Love yourself by helping yourself. When you locate a needy person around and offer help without being asked, you feel so excited for your unanimous help. You also feel having achieved something big and great in life. So is the case with the one who is resting inside you. Offer help to your inner self. Help yourself and investigate ways to get rid of a problem in a given situation. You will love the directions you both take in unison.

Help yourself -

11. Set aside your daily routine. Take a break from work. Just do what comes to your mind all day long. Eat what you feel like, play what interests you, watch your favorite shows, and rest whenever you want. Explain to yourself that it is your very own day. You are the boss, and you are, above all.

12. Go healthy today. You may not like all that you eat. You may not eat all that you like. But go healthy and plan for healthy diets. Follow the course and help your mind understand what you have gifted it with.

13. You must have committed mistakes in life. Most of your mistakes were probably because of the negative energies that surrounded you inside and outside. Be broad-minded and carry a brave heart. With courage and integrity, forgive yourself and yet be good to yourself. Explain to yourself that it is ok to make mistakes as you are still a human.

14. Get rid of one or more bad habits or addictions you have in life. Every day is a new day. Every moment is a gift. Therefore, don’t hang on to your addictions. Come out of your space and look at the world around. You have incredible things to explore. Your very first step and attempt to arrest your addiction marks the beginning of a new life you are gifting yourself.

15. Be honest and reflect on yourself to the world. Treat others with love, respect, and gratitude. You will get them back in your life, don’t worry. However, do not expect anything in return for what you have ever done to anybody. Make yourself feel better and always try to bag the upper and the winning hand.

Understand that you have one very special person in your life, whom you should always adore, and this is you. Get in touch with your happiness and stay connected with your well-being, you will surely gift a rewarding life to yourself that will truly shine.

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  • vaishali
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    Practice self-love and be good to yourself

    Do you know what people say when we talk about self-love?

    We hear 'Hey, it is easy for you to say' or 'it is easier said than done.'

    These are the common phrases we pick up with practicing self-love.

    So, why practicing self-love is challenging? Have you thought about it?

    The answer is simple. There are a few things you have to let go of in life. And, few things you have to accept in life. Only then, you can align your mind, body, and soul to show self-love.

    5 things to 'LET GO' to practice self-love in life:

    Number 1: Let go of 'Perfection.' You don't have to be a perfect individual to show self-love.

    Number 2: Let go of the "Comparison" habit. It covers everything like your education, jobs, success, lifestyle, things, behaviors, etc.

    Number 3: Stop being a harsh inner-critic in life. If you keep degrading yourself for everything, you lose self-respect.

    Number 4: If people can't see the good intentions you exhibit, it is their problem. Not yours. If people ignore you despite bringing good, it is not your problem.

    So, let go of phony people.

    Let go of "People Pleasing'" Habit.

    Number 5: Stop "self-Neglect" behavior. You have your talents, skills, abilities, and life-choices. Give the respect for it.

    5 things to ACCEPT in life to practice self-love:

    Number 1: Accept that we are prone to making mistakes in life. To err is human. What matters is, learning from mistakes and not committing it again.

    Number 2: Get comfortable with your skin. This is the first step for self-love. Don't let Instagram stories, picture-perfect filters, or TV' s/magazines make you uncomfortable for who you are and what you have in life.

    Number 3: Find 'Acceptance' in everything. Hurtful things happen. People leave you. People can betray you. Good people can come to life unexpectedly. Life is a bag of mixed goodies.

    Number 4: Find your passion. Pursue it. Or find something that interests you. Make it a part of your life. Doing things you love is one way of practicing self-love and being good to yourself.

    Number 5: Remember that Self-Love is Dynamic. Practicing self-love is a step-by-step life process. It evolves as we move to different phases of our life. Self-love doesn't come overnight or change overnight.

    With that being said, let's get into simple habits and practices that will help you bring self-love in life.

    8 Best Ways to Practice Self-love:

    1. Self-Honesty:

    Be honest with yourself and with your emotions.

    Numbing the feeling of sadness, stress, depression, and irritation is bad for you physically and mentally. Everyone goes through these feelings in life. So be honest in accepting the emotions. Constructively overcome them.

    2. Nourish your mind, body, and soul:

    A wholesome food nourishes your body.

    Exercising, yoga or any physical activities every day will nourish your body and mind as well.

    To nourish your soul:

    @ Nurture the habit of reading every day.

    @ Show empathy

    @ Offer kindness

    @ Surround yourself with good people.

    @ Most importantly, be forgiving.

    3. Gratitude:

    Start your day positively. Count your blessings. Appreciate yourself every day for coming this far in life. Praise yourself for overcoming challenges in life. Practice a gratitude journaling habit. These can seem cliché to us. But there is a lot of truth to it.

    4. Trust in yourself:

    Learn to listen and interpret your mind and heart. It will show you what is right. Trust in your instincts. They somehow know what you want.

    Follow your instincts and trust your gut feeling. It will never leave you astray.

    5. Watch Your Tone:

    If something bad happens, what will you do?

    # Do you insult yourself by becoming a negative inner-critic? Or do you take it subtly in an understanding tone?

    When mistakes happen, what will you do?

    # Do you self-loath? Or will you take it in a learning sense and move forward?

    Adopting a positive, understanding tone in life is a self-love practice we need to follow.

    6. Celebrate your wins:

    Success is a success. No matter the size. Celebrate it. It's a way of showing self-love.

    7. Brain Dump negative/unnecessary thoughts:

    Write down unnecessary negative thoughts. Scratch it out or burn it. Get it out of your brain system in this way.

    8. Self-love is a Biological process:

    By practicing Self-love, do you know what happens biologically?

    Our brain puts the body into a state of emotional safety and relaxation. The body's threat-response deactivates.

    In turn, the cellular regeneration and healing process speeds up. The inner-positive feeling boosts immunity leading to quick recovery from physical and mental pains.

    Summary is:

    Kindly remember that practicing self-love is the first step towards a positive life. We hope you can implement a handful of 8 best ways to practice self-love in life.

  • pooja
    Pooja Pandit
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    Rising Star

    We all know how to love others and express the feeling, but how many of you know how to love yourself?

    Though it seems quite simple, practically, it can be difficult to follow. Self-love is not just a concept or a theory. It is about releasing negative feelings and embracing yourself as you are. We all have our own positives and negatives. But that does not mean you rate yourself on this basis.

    Lately, a lot has been spoken about self-love and how to love yourself again. We are always taught how to look or care for others. But are we ever taught how to care for ourselves? Probably not. This is one of the major reasons why people lack self-love. If you don't care for yourself, then how can you be of any help to others? This article shall discuss simple ways to practice self-love.

    Here are some tips on self-love that will help you bring about a change in your life.

    1. Buy yourself flowers

    Who doesn't love some fresh flowers? We all do. So why not start by pampering yourself with lovely smelling flowers. Flowers have instant magic that can brighten up your mood. Additionally, it also makes you feel as happy as ever. Occasionally, treat yourself with some colorful flowers to show self-love. This can be a good start to practicing self-love. You can also order flowers online and get them delivered to your home. This can be a know it all surprising that you will love.

    2. Make a list of fun activities

    The next thing you can do to practice self-love is to indulge yourself in the things you love to do. Grab a pen and book to write down some fun activities. Every week you can keep a day for yourself to do these activities. In addition, this also gives you a chance to spend with yourself. This will show you a new side to life. Besides, you will understand the importance of self-love when you spend time with yourself.

    3. Start your day with something positive

    As soon as you wake up, say something positive or think something good. The thought should be a positive one, which makes you feel confident about yourself. For example, you can simply state how pretty you are or how good you feel about starting a new day. You will notice how positive you feel the entire day when you start the day on a positive note. A change in thought can change your life.

    4. Follow your dreams and passion

    Don't give up your dreams for anything in this world. If you have something that you love, ensure that you accomplish that dream. This is an excellent way to practice self-love. This way, you are connected to yourself and doing something that makes you happy. It is always important to prioritize your happiness. That does not mean you block away people.

    However, self-love is all about keeping yourself above others. When you work on yourself, only then can you give others your best.

    5. Forgive yourself

    We are humans, and we are bound to make mistakes. But that does not mean you always make yourself feel guilty about the same. Leave things in the past and move on. It is very important to forgive yourself. Let go of those feelings. Mistakes happen and know to see them as learning opportunities. This will reduce your guilt and help you love yourself. Also remember, if you did one wrong, you have ten rights on your side. Think about the positive side rather than thinking about the negative.

    6. Stop comparisons

    In this highly competitive world, there is comparison everywhere. You need to let go of comparisons and be happy with yourself. As discussed earlier, look at your positives rather than the negatives. No matter what you do, you will always feel others are better than you. Keep aside this thought and be secure with yourself.

    The day you are content with your inner being, is the day you will truly find happiness. Remind yourself that you are unique and that is what makes you special. There is no one out there like you, which is why you love yourself.

    Self-love is not just about loving yourself inside out for just a day. It should be a feeling that is always a part of you. In addition, ensure to stay away from negative people. This will help you to find peace. Those who don't celebrate life don't need to be a part of your journey.

    Be with like-minded people who will encourage you to love yourself the way you are. Do not change for anyone. That is the biggest mistake you will ever make. Keep people close you love you for your actual self. Self-love takes time, but it isn't impossible. Work on yourself today to bring out the best in you. Learn how to be good to yourself, and this will change your life for the better. Follow these steps for self-love and fall in love with yourself.

  • oliver
    Oliver Walkerr
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    Passionate about growth

    What is Self-Love, and how to be good to yourself?

    “Self-love means you are your own best friend and that you love, accept, consider, encourage, care for, and believe in yourself.”–Doe Zantamata.

    To begin with, let’s get a clear understanding of what true self-love is and what is not.


    ◉ Is not being narcissistic

    ◉ Is not hedonism

    ◉ Is not being selfish

    ◉ Is not instant gratification like eating a favorite food, wearing a favorite dress, etc. They all make you feel good for some time.

    But, self-Love is a lifelong good feeling.

    ◉ Is not thinking you are the only talented and smartest.

    ◉ Is not the Ego.

    According to Doctor Kristin Neff, the author of the book ‘The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself Self-Compassion,’ self-love is:

    ► Accepting yourself.

    ► Accepting your weakness.

    ► Appreciating the goodness.

    ► Accepting the short-comings you have.

    ► It is about taking a balanced approach to our negatives and failures.

    ► Balancing our emotions, so we neither exaggerate nor suppress.

    ► Treating yourself kindly like you treat others.

    ► Giving positivity to your mind and body.

    ► Following practices to nourish yourself.

    We hope you have a clear understanding now.

    3 Scientific and Psychological Benefits of Practicing Self-Love:

    To make things clear, here is a proven psychological and scientific benefit of practicing self-love in your life.

    1. Increased Resilience in Mind and Body:

    Resilience is how well we get back and handle challenges and troubles in life. Self-love benefits us in building this resilience higher.

    The reason is, Self-love develops ‘self-compassion,’ and ‘positive self-validation’ is us.

    These attitudes are scientifically proven to help our brain move out of stress/threat/fear space.

    When the brain is in a safe space, it thinks, logically, and positively. In turn, strong mental resilience develops in the brain.

    2. Higher Parasympathetic Activity in Brain:

    Hans Kirschner from the Institute of Psychology, University of Magdeburg, Germany, published an article in February 2019. The article is about studying the benefits of practicing self-love habits.

    The article concludes that,

      ☞ Self-Love shows reduced psychological responses like anger, fear, failure, stress.

        ☞ There is a considerable increase in the parasympathetic activity of the brain.

          They both give the feeling of being safe and connected.

          3. Increased Oxytocin Levels in the Body:

          Habits of Self-love, Self-compassion, and Self-acceptance put your brain in a safe state.

          Scenario 1: When there is harsh self-criticism, self-loathing, and comparison

          Your brain thinks it is actually under a physical attack, even though you are experiencing these negative feelings mentally.

          To safeguard itself, the brain goes into a flight or fight response mode. This increases stress hormones like cortisol in the bloodstream.

          Scenario 2: When there is Self-Acceptance, Understanding, Self-Love, Self-Compassion

          It brings the mental feeling of safe, connected, warm, and secure.

          Happy and Feel-good hormones like Dopamine and Oxytocin levels increase in the bloodstream.

          By practicing self-love, you are taking care of both physical and mental life elements like your mind, body, and soul.

          How to practice self-Love?

          Quick Tips to Practice Self-Love Every day:

          1. Start your day by uttering a simple phrase, “Thanks for everything I have.”

          2. Spend some time every day talking to your friends or with positive people.

          3. Keep your surroundings clean every day.

          4. Wear comfortable clothes that suit your personality.

          5. Don’t force yourself into anything because of peer pressure.

          6. Respect yourself entirely. Don’t degrade yourself for what you don’t have.

          7. Make time to do things you like and love in a day. Don’t think you are wasting time. Actually, you are investing in quality times. This is self-love.

          8. Start healthy food habits. Give your body the physical fitness it needs.

          9. Be more understanding and less judgmental to yourself and with others.

          10. Don’t rehash your past mistakes.

          11. Remember, every day is a fresh day to wipe the slate clean. Start it positively.

          12. Don’t worry about pleasing people.

          Practicing Self-love is a process that needs work every day. So, start following the habits you like to follow from the above. It’s okay to start slow.


          Self-Love interconnects everything.

          Self-love habits make you look at the bright side, and this positive outlook is good for the brain. Your brain functions well. Health is improved because of good brain function and mental wellness.

          Take care of yourself in every way possible. It is the best way to be good to yourself.

        • dhritikesh
          Dhritikesh Nath
          287 pts
          Quick Learner


          Self-love isn't a milestone; it's a necessity. The lack of self-love is the most unjust happening one's life. At times, we grow fond of the personalities of our choice. Slowly, they become icons in our lives. We begin to sense a strong feeling of love towards them. So, this is how life proceeds. Except for ourselves, we find everyone and everything interesting. Seeing the mirror turns to be hateful.

          The art of how to be self-loving is lost from our lives. To regain the lost love for yourself, we bring you 8 exercises for self-love.


          As your day starts, compliment yourself after waking up. A positive review of yourself is a great way to start the day. Compliment something like, "You feel cool, mate." Yes, you are your best friend. So, treat yourself like one. Doing this will gradually generate a strong feeling about yourself. We recommend you put a smile at the same time. It is the primary step to understand self-love. Besides, a self-compliment strengthens self-esteem. Moreover, there are different ways to do that.

          A positive review of yourself -


          Your empty stomach is the portal to your heart. Start the first meal of the day with good vibes. Therefore, we recommend you to prepare your breakfast. After a healthy selection, serve the dish to yourself. Also, remember to finish your self-served breakfast without leaving anything behind. It is one of the most crucial steps on how to practice self-love. Besides, you'll be responsible for your fitness. Treating yourself well in the morning has a tremendous impact on your personality. So, try to make proper use of it.


          Life is stranded with wins and losses. A large proportion of the masses dig themselves in disappointment, thinking about failure. This increases the region of hatred for ourselves in our hearts. Therefore, we must never lose the opportunity to celebrate our victories. Being a rare moment, it seems to be momentary. However, it can be turned into a memorable one with utmost engagement. Move on this journey to be good to yourself.

          4. BE A LEGAL ADVISOR

          Been a legal advisor sometime? It feels good, doesn't it? Of course, it does. Being legal has its essence. If you are on the right path, obstacles can't hinder your objectives. You will feel an aura surrounding your back. Sounds spiritual, isn't it? However, there is a healthy addition. Be a legal advisor. It will benefit you in two ways. Providing sound advice raises your self-respect. Moreover, you'll dynamically boost your self-esteem. Therefore, to be good to yourself and practice the art of legal advising.


          Probably, the most important thing missing from our lives is an adventure. Without an adventure, you can't taste the essence of life. Pack your back with accessories and go out for an adventure. However, you don't have to enter a dragon's cave for that. Simply approach a low-steep hill, and start climbing. It is also important to choose an adventurous location. Taking the necessary safety precaution, stay for a night. On doing this, you'll be out of the box. The life you knew will not be the same, and neither will you. So, going out for an adventure in one of the self-loving activities you can perform.


          Did you have a love affair? Have your ex-lover betrayed you? Well, here's a fancy trick to be good to yourself. Write a love letter to your ex-lover with all your heart. Wait, don't just get red. For there is a twist in the plot. After writing a long love letter, don't post. All you have to do is to burn it. On doing this, all the bitterness in your heart will burn along with the letter. Now, there will be enough space for self-love to enter.

          Moreover, this will help you from not getting screwed up again. It might be hard for many individuals, but it's worth trying. Perhaps, there isn't any other way of loving yourself more. Loving yourself is the safest love-affair.

          8 exercises for self-love -


          There is no shortage of social works. Grab the information about social works in your society. Contact the authorities and start volunteering. Only a few people might know that volunteer is the synonym of willingness. Your activities will be of great benefit to society. On volunteering, society will remain indebted to you for ages. Slowly, the volunteering will find expression for self-love. It is one of the most effective self-love exercises. Answering how to love yourself, volunteering will make you a true human.


          Chocolate is seen as a symbol of sweetness, and It strengthens your cardiovascular activity, extending your lifeline. To express self-love, buy yourself quality chocolate. Sit in a lonely space under a tree and start munching. Slowly, the sweetness will melt your heart with love. This is how to start loving yourself. Try to do this often, but not every time. Daily consumption of chocolates may cause tooth decay. So, it's better if you don't end up in a dental clinic for self-love. However, you can do this once a week. It's one of the best random acts for the kindness you can perform.


          If you can't love yourself, you're an incomplete human. On the other hand, you can never expect love from others. Human well-being is a wide-researched subject, and self-love is one of its foundations. Our hearts remain wide for others, but never for the self. In this way, the true essence of love can't be found. Finding love in yourself is an art, we'll help you to master. This article is an ultimate guide to practice self-love and self-care. From buying chocolate to burning love letters, we bring you useful hacks. When times fail, people leave our sides. In such challenging times, only one person can love you. And, that's you.

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