160 Self-Care Activities for your Self-Care Plan

160 Self-Care Activities for your Self-Care Plan


“Self-Care is so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow.” – Eleanor Brown

On that note, we like to share about 160 self-care activities to add to your self-care plan.

We are sure it is interesting and worthwhile.

Emotional Self-Care Activities:

1. How you talk to yourself matters. Don’t give voice to your negative inner-critic.

2. Make peace with your past. Let nothing or anyone break you with your past. There is no better emotional self-care activity for you than this.

3. Be authentic and be genuine in your conversations.

4. It’s fine if you don’t trust instantly. It’s okay to take time to give trust.

5. Need to speak up? Do it at that moment. Don’t hesitate or wait.

6. The way you talk contributes to your self-care. Talk kindly, strongly, and confidently.

7. Reduce the “sorry” from your vocabulary. Saying “sorry” can easily become a habit.

8. To a maximum extent, your emotions, words, and actions are in your grip. Don’t lose the grip. Handle them sensibly. This is a key emotional self-care activity we need to take care of in life.

9. Take control of what you can. Let go of what you can’t.

10. Be in your flow. You will love it.

11. Take a day off from everything. Do anything.

12. Not everyone will like us despite being good.

13. Self-Respect is one of the best emotional self-care activities we need to impart in our life.

14. Do things you can today to keep yourself happy.

15. You can’t be good at everything. Accept it.

16. Appreciate what you can, what you have, and what you know. It’s an emotional self-care plan to put things in order in your life.

17. People use angry-ball, deep breathing, scribbling/writing, sitting in silence, etc. To relieve anger. Find yours. Your anger-reliever is a part of your self-care plan for anxiety.

18. Be better than yesterday. Keep this your daily mantra.

19. No need to compete or contest with anyone. This is the best emotional self-care activity for you.

20. People-pleasing is an emotional drag.

21. Cut negative people.

22. Express your emotions positively.

23. Truth sets you free. Being truthful is a great emotional self-care activity.

24. Think first. Don’t react often and quickly.

25. Deal everything with a pause/patience.

26. Enjoy your own company.

27. Being alone for a while is a way of emotional self-care.

28. Listen. Interpret. React.

29. Give what you can to the less fortunate - no best emotional self-care activity than spreading kindness.

30. Maintain a ‘Quotes Journal.’ Every time you come across wonderful quotes, interesting lines from books, or any inspiring words, write it down.

31. Plant a tree or flower-giving plant. Water it daily. Watch it grow. It is also an emotional self-care activity to try.

Self-Care Activities for your Mind:

32. Have a journal with you - Doodle, write your feelings and thoughts - brain dump.

33. Sleep is the best self-care activity you need for your self-care plan. Don’t compromise it for anything.

34. Keep an organic, earthy-mild aromatic roll on with you. They are instant stress busters and mood enhancers for your mind.

35. Listen more. Talk less. It’s one of the best self-care activities you should practice in life.

36. Be in silence for a whole day. Or be silent for a few hours. It’s like fasting. Don’t talk. Don’t think. Just exist. It’s a good self-care activity for your mind, body, and soul.

37. Re-watch your favorite movie clips, songs, funny dialogue videos at some part of the day.

38. Appreciate little things you find interesting and positive from people around you.

39. Spreading positivity in any way possible is a great self-care activity.

40. Things take time.

41. Having difficulty socializing? Need an icebreaker? Talk about interests. Or start with a compliment. But not flattery. It’s an easy self-care icebreaker activity for you.

42. The best self-care plan you need is; be good and do good. What you give comes back.

43. Put it on the table. Honesty is the best part of a good self-care plan in life.

44. Sit-in silence every day for a while. The silence is wonderful for your mind, body, and soul.

45. Miracles happen. Believe it.

46. Have a hearty conversation every day with your favorite person. Talk about the day. Share how you feel. It’s the best self-care plan for anxiety.

47. Be Practical and realistic with life.

48. Accomplish a minimum of 3 tasks from your to-do list.

49. Don’t miss the early morning walk. It’s a live example of good self-care activity for your mind and body.

50. You need friends who don’t mind waking up in the middle of the night for you. Earning good friends is a great self-care plan for your life.

51. Listening to a good audiobook surrounded by flowers and plants. Make it a ‘must-try’ on your self-care ideas list.

Best Self-care Activities for your Body:

52. Feel like indulging in a nice dessert? Do it. Put your ‘diet-conscious’ things aside for a while.

53. You need a balance with food. Don’t starve. Don’t overeat.

54. Carry over-the-counter medicines for basic ailments like headaches, mild fever, cold, accidental minor hand burns, and roll-on. It’s a handy self-care idea for every day.

55. Take a shower. Dress well. Start your day. It’s a self-care activity that radiates freshness throughout the day.

56. For health, diet, self-help, and body-care books, pick the ones that are real, practical, and honest. Self-help books should be a self-care activity for you. Not a magical over-night solution givers.

57. Try fasting once a month. You can either have water or compensate for fruits and juices. Let your body take a day off to repair itself. It’s a great self-care activity for your body.

58. Hydrate.

59. Carry a water bottle with you. You can refill. And you can reduce plastic.

60. Do a foot-soak at night with essential oil salts and Luke warm water. Do it twice or thrice in a week.

61. Listen to your body and eat only when you are hungry. This is a primary self-care activity for your body.

62. Wash your face now and then with cold water. It refreshes you.

63. Buy good bath products.

64. Following good Haircare and Skincare routines are self-care activities.

65. Maintaining good dental hygiene is self-care.

66. No gadgets before bedtime. Kindly do your body this favor.

67. An early rising is a fruitful self-care activity for you and your body.

68. Have at least one meal full of fruits, nuts, and veggies per day.

69. Join fun fitness routines like Zumba.

70. Buy yourself a nice pair of shoes/sandals/slippers.

71. Enjoy fine pastries and delicacies now and then.

72. Thirty minutes daily for exercise is the best self-care activity for your body

Virtual Self-Care Activities:

73. Start your own podcast. Try it.

74. Try audiobooks for the new experience.

75. Don’t encourage harsh roasting and troll content on social media. It’s a virtual self-care activity we need in today’s meme-driven social media.

76. Strictly restrict your social-media/internet time.

77. Commit to posting only positive, responsible things on the internet.

78. While surfing the internet, take a minute of your time to comment, like, and share the good things you came across. It can be a good piece of article, a good blog-page, an awesome Infographic, etc. It means a lot to people who did it.

79. Share the knowledge with people. Share your healthy recipes, life-experiences, skills, etc.

List of Best Self-Care Activities:

80. Generate a second income if you can. It will be great life-support. Add passive-income to your list of self-care ideas for you.

82. Collect miniatures of vintage cars, superheroes, coffee tins, coffee wrappers, motorcycles, beverage bottles, and such. Collect from what you are interested in. It’s a fun self-care activity to try.

83. Customize something for you from local artisans like wallets, bags, cookware, home décor, pottery, etc.

84. Find a signature perfume that reflects your personality.

85. Give a name for the trees/flowers/plants you are about to plant in your home. Call them by name. Nature receives positive vibes. It’s a fun self-care activity for you.

86. Read Haiku. They are amazing.

87. Drive when it’s drizzling.

88. Collect souvenirs when you visit a new place or from places that made you feel good. You can collect a pebble, tickets, stones, flowers, etc. Collecting Souvenir is a fun self-care the idea to pursue.

89. Leave the extra books you have on public places with a stick note saying, ‘Feel free to take it home.’

90. A random act of kindness is a great self-care activity.

91. Learn the science behind everything. The exercises you do, the food you cook, the comfort of morning coffee, and the transport you use are all amalgamations of physics, chemistry, and other sciences. It is fun to get to know how everything works around you.

92. Cooking is like self-care therapy. Learn to cook. Try different cuisines.

93. Photography is a worthy self-care idea to try. Capture beautiful things you can find. Frame the best from your clicks.

94. Your happiness is worth the money you spend on beautiful things you liked.

95. Once in a while indulging yourself in fine things without thinking about the money.

96. Thinking about taking classes like art, crotchet, pottery, baking/cookery, cake decorations, music instruments? Take it now. You can meet your friends. Classes like these are good self-care activities for groups.

97. On every weekend, take half or one-third of what’s left in your actual wallet. Put it in the spare wallet. Hide it. It will surprise you to see a handful of money saved up for you.

98. Add ‘small savings’ on top of your list of self-care ideas.

99. Own a few organic scented candles.

100. Good clothes are good self-care ideas for your self-care plan. Buy clothes that make you comfortable, nice, and confident.

101. Walk barefoot on grass.

102. Curate a movie library. Collect beautiful movie DVDs or make an online library.

103. Avoid plastics as much as you can. It’s a great self-care idea to bring in our life.

104. Start collecting stamps.

105. Learn calligraphy.

106. Send hand-written notes on special occasions.

107. Collect old comic books. The retro vintage artworks are irreplaceable.

108. Sticker your bikes/cars with minimalistic artworks of superheroes, favorite places, cities, quote, etc.

109. Save money and buy a good quality telescope. Stargazing, night sky, and planets are not-to-be-missed wonders. Add it to your self-care plans in life.

110. Swing is fun. Bring one to your home.

111. Donate. Quantity is no matter.

112. Wander.

113. Get a laptop skin from your favorite TV shows, Netflix, Superheroes, etc.

114. Collect erasers of different colors, sizes, shapes, characters, superheroes, etc. Gift it to kids, you know. Making kids happy in any way possible is an example of self-care.

115. Execute whatever you can from self-care activity worksheets.

116. Go bungee jumping. Go for kayaking, forest-walking, or trekking with friends. It’s a great self-care activity for groups.

117. Find a long lost friend from school or college. Reconnect.

118. Try old eateries. That’s been there for decades and still booming with people, quality, and history.

119. Learn a new language.

120. Re-arrange your living room. Give a different look.

121. Smile more. Pick up a friend. Share your lunch. Little feel-good things are good examples of self-care activities we can try.

122. Your grooming staple is incomplete without a nice jacket. Buy a good one. Don’t hesitate to spend a little extra than your budget.

123. Go as natural as you can. It’s self-care for you and our earth.

124. Eat alone in the woods.

125. Always have good stationery with you. You don’t know when it will come handy.

126. Cleaning is an easy self-care activity to pacify your mind and emotions.

127. Skills pay the bills. Find yours. Polish it.

128. Buy a new book once a month. It doesn’t have to be new. You can pick from the old bookstore. Curate your library with all your books.

129. Eat slowly.

130. Try a different ice-cream every time.

131. Your self-care plan comes from a bucket list. Have one for yourself.

132. Listen to lyrics. Enjoy the beauty of words. Not just music.

133. Build a playlist from a different language.

134. Board games are cheerful self-care activities for groups of friends and families.

135. Visit a place from your favorite movie/series.

136. Test-drive your dream car/vehicle if you have the chance. Add this to your list of self-care activities.

137. Build something. You have channels that show you how to build telescopes, leather crafts, wood crafts, miniatures, and such. Try it.

138. Travel. See new places and people.

139. Want to try something new? A new hairstyle? Shoes? Books? Cafés? Now is the time. Try it. Have fun.

140. Don’t forget to put something in the tip jar.

141. Go for a long drive.

142. Visit old bookstores. Support them by buying books from there.

143. Visit Mountain Monasteries.

144. Own any high-quality headphones. The intricacies of a good piece of music can be truly felt with an awesome headphone.

145. Use fountain pens in place of ball-point pens.

146. Hang favorite posters in your room.

147. Support local, home-grown business.

148. Learn guitar.

149. There’s a beauty in dried flowers. Collect flowers. Let it dry. Stick it in your journals/diaries.

150. Get a nice wall hanging for your living room.

151. Plan for an in-house skincare/Haircare services with your friends together. It’s a must-try fun self-care activity.

152. Plan for a solo mini-vacation or a staycation.

153. Have a Bonfire with friends on any mountain spot.

154. Go camping.

155. You should go on a Road trip. Add this as a ‘must-try’ self-care idea.

156. Go on a solo self-date. Dress up. Fancy a good meal. Have fun.

157. Give a break for the ‘online’ activities. Visit your local bank. Walk to your local stores, go for grocery shopping in stores, and meet people. Face-to-face is good compared to our laptops and screens. In a way, this is a relaxing self-care activity for your mind.

158. Make your bed every morning. It gives a pleasant start for the day.

159. Practice any one breathing yoga practice. That’s enough for your body and mind.

160. Self-Care is an everyday process. You elevate yourself step-by-step. Don’t expect things to turn out overnight.

161. Find what ‘works’ for you and what’s best for your mind, body, and soul. This is the complete self-care plan you need in life.

We hope you find some interesting, fun, and good self-care activities to add to your self-care plan. We will be more than happy if you could find self-care activities that you could try this instant.

Start Self-Care!

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