Life Hacks for Making Your Life Easier

Life Hacks for Making Your Life Easier


Make life easier is to work towards simplifying your life. It also means to improve your life. You can do this by employing life hacks that can put you in a comfort zone. Daily tasks that appear complex do not last long if you use your common sense and simple tricks.

Life hacks are such simple tips and tricks that save an incredible amount of your time. They improve your productivity and help you find quick fixes to annoying situations.

21 Best life hacks

21 life hacks are narrated below to help you make your life easier.

1. Every morning as you wake up, you wake up lazy generally. You carry that laziness for quite a length of time. Just come out of the room and the house and feel the cool fresh breeze for few minutes and your laziness is out and over. You jump back to work re-energized.

2. Make life easier by using baking soda to flush off a clogged sink or to unblock a blockage of water flow.

3. Take the help of magnets to display your most essentials in the kitchen or dining area. Just stick the magnet to the window or iron frame or the unused side of the fridge. Keep hanging lightweight items. This helps you in picking them back easily and also saves your space.

4. Sharpen a blade or a knife by rubbing it against an old and unused jeans cloth. This saves a lot of your time and helps you in your kitchen activities and in the garden area too.

5. When you hang clothes and fall short of clips, use safety pins or binder clips that are kept idle at home. And when the clothes swing by the breeze, tap them closed from the sideways too. This way your clothes do not fall down nor are you investing in anything extra.

6. Most ready-to-eat food items like chips, nuts, and others come in small to large packages. When you open and eat, most of the time you are still left with some quantity in the package. Make life easier by just clipping it up with an airtight clip or a binder clip to retain the freshness.

7. Use empty water bottles to decorate a flower vase. Decorate and ornate them with paints and colors and other stickers to make them look more beautiful. You can also choose these bottles for indoor plantation as well.

8. When you or someone around you falls sick, cover their nose and mouth with a napkin or new and unused socks or by a tissue towel. Arrest the virus from being spread to others.

9. Increase the shelf life of the perishable green leafy vegetables. To do this, just clean them up after cutting and wrap them in a newspaper, and store them in the fridge.

10. Stitch male-female stickers to pillow covers to keep the pillow intact and not come out of the cover.

11. When there is no power at a place, use the torch that is on your phone. To increase the intensity of the lighting, reflect the light to the roof or to a mirror.

12. Fresh fruits like bananas are rich in potassium and are good for the growth of the plants apart from being healthy for humans. If you want your plants to grow really fast, feed the roots of the plant with banana fruit.

13. If your phone is dying and wants a quick recharge, turn off the Wi-Fi and charge it up. Alternatively, you may also try to put the phone in airplane mode and charge it up. You will be surprised to see the rapid fast pace with which it gets charged up.

14. When you want to heat some leftover food on the stove, just put the container in a cooker with water underneath the container. Your food gets heated up without spoiling.

15. If you want to drink cool water on a hot day without a fridge at home, then try this. Fill a bottle of water, cover it up from all sides with a wet cloth. Now expose the bottle to sunlight. Within a few minutes, you notice the water inside has become cool.

16. When you heat food in a microwave, to retain the fluffy ness, also put a glass of water next to the food. This is one of the simplest life hacks while cooking.

17. Cover up your ice pack in a zip lock cover so that the melted ice doesn’t flow off when you use the pack.

18. The outer cover of the muffins when opened takes the shape of a plate for you to grab on even while traveling.

19. Turn the wall calendar to use the backside as a chart for your kids to scribble as a board and learn from it.

20. Make your shoe waterproof by layering wax all around them.

21. To break open the shell of a boiled egg easily, add rock salt or baking soda while boiling.

Finally, get your brain working all day long. As petty obstacles keep coming your way, crack it up and find a way out. The more tweaks you face, the more tricks you get to chase and implement in life.

At the end of the day, life hacks help your creative thoughts get to work. Life hacks, in turn, support you a lot in living comfortably in this busy world, which is the need of the hour.

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    A life hack is a trick or a shortcut to get things done easily and efficiently. Our everyday tasks can be difficult to get done, and it takes a lot of time. Life hacks save your important time, as well as gets you creative. Below are 100 easy and simple life hacks that will surely improve your life.

    1- Never press the snooze button in the morning; this leaves you unmotivated throughout the day.

    2- Start your morning with a warm glass of lemon juice; this helps maintain your body's pH levels.

    3- To save wrinkly shirts, throw them in a dryer with some ice cubes to steam them.

    4- Place newspapers in shoes to prevent stinking odors.

    5- To clean silver, use toothpaste.

    6- Sprinkling salt on ice makes it last longer in the cooler.

    7- Chewing an apple in the morning helps with bad breath.

    8- Using citrus candles will make your house smell good for hours.

    9- To open a stuck lid, run hot water over the lid for a minute or two. Then open it.

    10- Use a straw to remove strawberry stems.

    11- Use a dustpan to fill a bucket that does not fit in the sink.

    12- Use paper clips to organize your cables.

    13- Start the day by completing your most important task.

    14- Use lemon to remove cloth stains.

    15- Use a pillowcase to dust fans.

    16- To empty email inbox, schedule emails to three times a day.

    17- Use peanut butter to remove gum stuck on a hair.

    18- Use magazine racks to organize your papers.

    19- Use hanger or laundry clips to reseal a bag of chips.

    20- To wake up without caffeine, hold your breath for a few minutes, then let it out gently.

    21- Use seltzer water to clean jewelry.

    22- Use a can opener on a blister pack.

    23- Leave out a circle in the middle while cooking leftovers.

    24- To prevent hardening of brown sugar, put marshmallows in with brown sugar bags.

    25- Use soap to clean the burned pan. Fill in the pot with water and dish detergent, and gently simmer it; this allows the burned part to get soften.

    26- Keep a Ziploc bag with you to avoid crease on documents.

    27- Use nail polish to cover up scratches on the car.

    28- Put a binder clip on the end of toothpaste to get every last bit.

    29- Place your glasses in between your socks for protection when moving.

    30- Add frozen fruit to your tea instead of ice.

    31- Preserve fresh herbs by freezing them into ice trays to last them longer.

    32- To make an ice-cold drink, wrap the drink bottle in wet paper and place it in the freezer for 15 minutes.

    33- Use leftover coffee and place it into ice trays to freeze it.

    34- Rub lemon or orange onto the skin to remove body odor.

    35- Place a wooden spoon across a boiling pot to prevent overboiling.

    36- Put pancake mix in a ketchup bottle to have no mess.

    37- Use a hanging shoe rack to place cleaning supplies.

    38- Use binder clips to organize your desk cables.

    39- Use a hair clip to organize long wires.

    40- By putting a straw into the tab of a drink can stop it from rising out.

    41- Store your dry pasta in a pringles can. This allows more room to place more items.

    42- Use unscented floss to cut soft food cleanly.

    43- When ironing a button-up shirt, flip it inside-out to iron it more easily.

    44- Tie a bright-colored ribbon on your luggage handle to quickly find it.

    45- When moving houses, use suitcases with wheels for heavy items instead of boxes.

    46- Use foil to transform any cooking pan into a perfect size.

    47- To make enough room in the microwave, use glass to heat two plates at once.

    48- Use a lint roller to clean dusty screen doors.

    49- Burn a crayon during an emergency blackout.

    50- Roll your clothes to have more space in the cupboard.

    51- Use a hairpin or paperclip at the end of the tape to find it instantly.

    52- To get rid of dirty, salty hands after eating chips, use chopsticks instead of hands.

    53- To find tiny items, put a stocking over the top of your vacuum cleaner.

    54- For efficiency, carry lotions or cosmetics in a contact lens case when traveling.

    55- Use dampen bread to pick up small broken glass pieces to avoid getting cut.

    56- To clean a foggy mirror, use shaving cream.

    57- Sleep on your back. This allows even blood circulation.

    58- Clean your bathtub with grapefruit.

    59- To polish any furniture, use essential oils.

    60- To remove small scratches on furniture, use toothpaste.

    61- Instead of scrapping, use ice cubes to remove table wax.

    62- To remove crayon marks off the walls, use a hairdryer.

    63- To get rid of sticky mark residue, use cooking oil.

    64- Use vinegar to remove odors from the microwave.

    65- For cleaning your blinds, use towel-wrapped tongs.

    66- With a clothespin, hold your toothbrush off the sticky countertop.

    67- To prevent the bags from sticking, drill a hole in the bottom of your trash can.

    68- Use boiling water to kill weeds.

    69- Use clear nail polish to fix a hole in a window screen.

    70- Use rubber bands to prevent doors from locking.

    71- To store excess paint, use mason jars.

    72- Cover your furniture with aluminum foil to protect it from your pets’ claws.

    73- Freeze your pillowcases on a hot night to have relaxation.

    74- To not get confused between the same keys, paint them differently.

    75- Use a magazine rack to store your styling tools.

    76- Wrap each banana stem with a plastic wrap; this keeps them fresh long enough.

    77- To soften butter quickly, put a warm glass over it.

    78- To remove bits of food or grime on your keyboard, run the sticky part of the post-it note over it.

    79- By putting a rubber band around the open paint can remove excess paint from your brush.

    80- Use floss to cut perfect cinnamon rolls.

    81- To leave no streaks on walls, wash them from top to bottom.

    82- Use ketchup to polish copper.

    83- Wear headphones to stay more focused on the task at hand.

    84- To avoid wet waste bins, place a few old newspapers at the bottom of the bin.

    85- Try a pants hanger for a cookbook holder for a cheap alternative.

    86- To get rid of garlic smell on hands, wash your hands with soap and rub them on a spoon.

    87- To quickly and discreetly call 911, just rapidly press the iPhone home button five times.

    88- Attach soda tabs to hangers to create extra hanging space.

    89- To know if someone is interested in your conversation, fold your arms. They will make the same gesture if they are.

    90- Applying lemon juice on the freckles fades them.

    91- Pay for things in cash to save money.

    92- To reduce the stress of being late, always be ten minutes early.

    93- Make your old cassette cases into a smartphone holder.

    94- Eat your almost finished jar of Nutella with an ice-cream.

    95- Grape juice can help relieve severe migraines.

    96- For lighting candles, use a spaghetti stick

    97- When traveling, put the soap in your dirty laundry.

    98- To organize your bags, use curtain shower hooks.

    99- Use old glasses case for holding make-up

    100- Muffin tin is a perfect vessel to serve condiments at BBQ.

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    Life hacks are trickier ways to handle tasks. In life, we spend too much time in performing essential tasks. As time passes, we are facing more shortage of it. To increase efficiency, there are certain tricks. Unfortunately, many are not aware of these tricks. Therefore, this post reveals 10 amazing life hacks that will change you forever.


    Our day begins with the toothbrush. Brushing is an essential task that ensures freshness. After waking up, there is still sleepiness. To get rid of it, we brush our teeth. Add a pinch of salt to the toothpaste. This must be done when applying the paste on the brush. Brush your teeth slowly in all directions. The added salt will help you to remove the yellowish texture of your teeth. This will illuminate your teeth by making it whiter than ever. Besides, salt contains chlorine, which eliminates all germs. Doing this will keep your teeth in a good state, extending its life. So, never this idea to add salt to your paste.


    Some things are of great value to us. Things such as earrings, rings, keys, etc., are elements of daily use. Losing them might make us face several issues. On losing, you must've been in great distress. However, you need not be. For every problem, there's a solution. Do you have a vacuum cleaner in your house? Well, you must have. Tie a piece of cotton cloth, covering the mouth of the suction pipe. Make sure you tied tightly so that the cloth doesn't get sucked in. After that, turn on the switch. Insert that pipe to places where you might lose your items. For instance, insert the suction pipe under your bed. For you might find an old missing ring. This trick is worth a try.


    Your house is unhygienic if the toilet is unclean. An unclean toilet will degrade your status. Your guests won't like an unclean toilet for sure. Well, you might not let that happen. What if your guests are arriving soon, and the cleaner is empty. Relax, for there is a solution. You won't expect that an alternative cleaner is in your fridge. Yes, the bottle of Coke will serve you right. Pour the bottle at the rim of the toilet. This will allow the fluid to roll down the commode. Leave the commode unflushed overnight. The next morning, flush the toilet with mild soap. Hence, watch the trick work.


    Imagine you are getting ready for a trip. You are putting your favorite shirt on. However, you encountered a slight problem. The button of your shirt is loose. So loose that it might fall off. It would be very embarrassing for you to miss wearing your shirt. Don't worry, for there is a crafty solution. All you need is nail polish. Apply the nail polish on the thread holding your button. Now, allow the polished thread to get dry. However, you don't have to wait for long, as it dries quick. Doing this will make the thread more coarse. This will help your buttons from falling off your shirt.


    Batteries are an essential commodity in our lives. Due to the rise in mobile electrical appliances, batteries are in demand. It is a powerhouse for many shavers, remotes, etc. However, there is a huge scam in the battery industry. To save you from being a victim, here's the trick. Take a battery in your hands nearly 6-7 inches from the table. Now, drop it. If the battery gets bounced more than once, it's a foul one. Otherwise, there is still power in the battery. You can try this out in no time. This trick is unknown to many. So, to check one next time, drop it.


    Have difficulty in peeling a boiled egg? If yes, then this trick is just for you. Many people don't have the exact idea to peel a boiled egg. Due to this, the egg white comes along the outer calcium covering. To get rid of this, you just need baking soda; after boiling, wash the egg in cool water. As the egg remains hot, it may cause burns. Then, rub the egg with a pinch of baking soda. The carbon dioxide released in the process will ease your efforts. This trick is also helpful to many bachelors, at the beginner level. So, before messing up with the egg, grab the powder. Try this now!


    Smile is the biggest asset you can gift your face. It is an everlasting ornament. A realistic smile will add an incomparable beauty to your face. Unfortunately, many smiles are fake. And a fake smile is easy to detect. So, here is a trick to look more genuine. When you smile, narrow your eye-lids. Your eyes reveal your mood and mentality. When you are taking a pic, this becomes more effective. Focus at the center of the lens with narrow lids. Also, remember to smile, showing your teeth. Doing this will add extra glam to your smile.


    Some accessories are used daily. It goes through wear and tears easily in no time. Therefore, it is our responsibility to handle those items with care. One such thing is your charger. The most wearable is the mobile charger. Without proper care, the cable gets torn out easily. Here is what you can do. Take out the spring from an unused click-pen. Uncoil the spring to extend its thickness. Then, recoil the spring at the USB port junction. The spring acts as armor, preventing wear and tear. This can help you extend the life of the cable to some years.


    People get frustrated by doing daily tasks over and over again. The work process becomes very lengthy. As a result, the individual starts to lose interest. To tackle this issue, there are many life hacks. Life hacks are tricks to make daily work more easier. It reduces our efforts by making our works simpler. In turn, these tricks save a lot of time and energy. Above are the 8 most popular life hacks of all time. So, try these out today.

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