14 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

14 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence


Confidence is having belief. You can have that sense of confidence either in yourself or others. If you have self-confidence, that means you totally trust your thought process and have the feeling that you can excel in anything. If you have confidence in others, it means you feel the other person is so much reliable that you are willing to share your private matters with that person.

However, you may lack self-confidence at times for various reasons, better known to you. Here are a few methodologies that you can imbibe to build levels of confidence in your own self.

1. Think positive. Understand that whatever happens, happens for good. Always express a positive attitude in whatever passes by your way. This way, you will be mentally more stable and will be able to control your anger and stress levels, in turn boosting your confidence.

2. Prepare yourself for the worst in life. If you can tackle a painful situation smoothly, it means you are capable of handling the rest of such pain areas far better and with much ease.

3. Dress up in your favorite attire. This boosts your confidence whenever you look back at yourself. Your strength in self is what you show to the world.

4. Spend time in solitude. Every day, make it a point that you spend time talking to your inner self for at least a few minutes. Your inner thoughts are what actually lead you to some action. Understand what you feel inside and what you are actually doing. Bridge the gaps in case of any differences. Know yourself more before you know your outside world.

5. Take a lot of selfies. You refrain from taking your pictures if you are not confident about yourself. So, groom yourself in such a way that you take more snaps of yourself. This will, in turn, boost your confidence.

6. In a situation when you are not that confident to present or when you are not really aware much about something, speak at a slow pace. Search for relative words and be diplomatic. Don’t let others know that you are inefficient. Talk slowly but talk continuously, until you drive home the presentation.

7. Stop comparing your work to those of others. You compare only when you feel inferior. Understand that you are your best competitor. You are the one worth comparing to yourself. Try to work out day after day to get better today than yesterday, and to get better tomorrow over today.

8. Express gratitude. It is okay to say sorry or thank you as per the situation. If you make the world around you feel at ease, it will spin back to you, and you will also feel high on your emotional intelligence levels and will be able to work out things more smoothly.

9. Learn to probe into areas where you are not so well knowledged. The more questions you post into the subject, the more you will get to know more about it. The more you understand something better, the more will be your confidence in that subject matter. And soon, it will be a cakewalk for you to present yourself on those lines.

10. Learn that no task is too big to achieve. When you feel so, divide the so-called complex job into smaller actionable chunks of tasks and work along. If you adopt the policy of divide and work, you can commit to working with dedication and much confidence with greater ease.

11. Make a list of bad habits you have. Pick one and start working towards getting rid of it. By doing so, you will feel far better. From your very first step to arresting that bad habit, you will make a significant difference to the levels of confidence you have, and this, in turn, boosts it up on a large scale.

12. Begin with an end in mind. When you know that by doing so, you get so and so results that largely pave a positive path to self and audience, your confidence levels automatically boost up.

13. Always make it a point to carry a smile on your face. A smile responds to a smile, which in turn makes a difference to your self-esteem.

14. Exercise regularly and do enough work out to stay fit and healthy by mind and body. Eat healthy foods. Rejuvenate yourself. Doing all these will certainly make you feel better and empowers you to stay active and do tasks actively for quite a length of time.

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