15 awesome confidence building activities and exercises

15 awesome confidence building activities and exercises


Confidence is the feeling of having a belief in yourself. You are ready to exhibit your skills and perform given any situation under any circumstance. You believe you have the desired talent to deliver results even on an ad-hoc basis.

You have a clear head of the state of affairs. With confidence at heart, you act in the right direction and make the right decisions. But this is not the end of it. You need to work out various other strategies and activities that essentially build confidence in you in your weak areas as well.

15 such confidence-building activities have been sorted out and listed down below for your ease of use.

1. Deliver your strengths more.

You have skills and talents that are your strengths. Pick relevant tasks and work to deliver your strong areas more. This way, you will increase your self-confidence.

2. Converse with individuals who exhibit self-esteem.

Have the courage to share a chat with individuals who have the confidence to perform. By being in their group, you will also learn to build upon your confidence levels.

3. Begin with a positive mindset.

Always consider, evaluate, and respond to things from a positive spirit in mind. Circumstances will always not remain the same. So you need not react hard. Sooner or later things will fall into your confidence curve by mastering positivity in mind.

4. Set realistic and actionable goals.

Create goals that are not just realistic in nature, but those that you can really perform with your skillset. As you keep reaping the desired results, your confidence also keeps building on itself without your very active intervention.

5. Work in groups.

Single, you may achieve. But in a group, you succeed and flourish. Work in groups to spike up your confidence levels even more. You get to see the circumstance from various perspectives giving rise to varied ideas. You are driven more in groups than working in isolation.

6. Turn around your mistakes.

Identify the odds you experienced in the past. Learn from them and turn your mistakes to spin such forthcoming odds in your favor.

7. Counsel yourself and warm up your mind.

Understand that success and failures are part of life. Accept this fact of life. Build a belief in yourself that you can do it. Rest your mind for a while and begin to think about the task from level zero. As you move up the thinking and working ladder, your confidence also keeps on building in itself.

8. Accept challenges and work out strategies.

Try to face a new challenge. Prepare yourself mentally and skillfully. Work out ways in which you can approach and bring out fruitful results. New challenges give hope to new ideas and visions in life, thereby building confidence levels.

9. Listen to inspirational and motivational lectures.

Self-confidence improves by external influences such as listening to others. Listen carefully to the inspirational and motivational guidelines downloaded by renowned personalities. These lectures are sure to cast an impact on your self-esteem.

10. Present yourself with a pleasing image.

Dress up in your favorite style. Spend time looking at your mirror image. Brush your hair in your style. Rollover your favorite cosmetics. Showcase your trendy style. Please yourself first. By grooming up yourself in your loved attire, you tend to build up your confidence levels involuntarily.

11. Groom your body language.

With a pleasing personality and a positive mindset, it is now time to tune your gestures. Train your physique with body postures that exhibit an exemplary attitude. Your attitude marks your personality. Your personality defines your level of confidence. Therefore notice your body language.

12. Cherish your praises from the past.

Recollect the happy moments that energized your confidence in the past. Retrieve these moments from your memory and work similar strategies out now. Capitalize on boosting your confidence today for your better tomorrow.

13. Study your environment.

Before you actually jump into the situation, understand the environment. Know the subject, know the ambiance. Seek more information. With all the necessary groundwork done, you can now push yourself to yield better results than expected, with higher levels of confidence.

14. Burst out your diversions by laughing aloud.

Drive to a deserted or an extremely noisy place. Burst yourself out in laughter. Let you reach out to the top of your pitch. Laugh out loud. This way, you will trigger the positivity in you. This in turn helps you build confidence levels as you drive back towards your work.

15. Bribe yourself.

Envision success. Visualize your celebrations. Bribe yourself with all the gifts you choose to offer self, for helping you succeed. Such a self-activity boosts up your confidence levels to an unmatched stage.

Therefore, for you to attain self-confidence and boost your confidence-building process, you need to support yourself adequately. Encourage and motive yourself in working towards the desired path. Work with a positive mindset wearing the hat of creativity. By executing the confidence-building activities, you tend to grow confident and stay motivated in life.

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    15 Awesome Confidence Building Activities and Exercises:

    1. Stop Rumination:

    Rumination is, processing your negative-thoughts or sad-emotions repeatedly. Negative thoughts occur. Sad things happen. They are all part of life. If you keep processing them frequently, you lose total confidence.

    The best solution is “Brain-Dump”.

    How to do it?

    1. Take a small notebook. Name it “My Brian-Dump”.
    2. Every time you are into rumination, take your “Brain-Dump” notebook and write everything you feel into it.
    3. Writing will help you slow down your emotions.

    Keep following this “Brain-Dump” exercise. You can slowly overcome Rumination.

    2. Book of Mistakes:

    Imagine “confidence” as a third floor. To reach it, get past two floors. The first floor is, accepting your mistakes and failures. The second floor is, overcoming mistakes. The ‘Book of Mistakes’ is an effective confidence-building exercise that improves your performance overall.

    How to do it?

    1. You can take a paper or a notebook.
    2. End of the day, write key things you did. Write about how your behavior today was.
    3. You will know how you performed with people and how you handled things or if you did any mistake.

    At the time of happening, we might not know if it’s a mistake. When you retrospect calmly, you will know right and wrong.

    3. Gratitude Journaling:

    Every day, write three to five things that you are grateful for in life. Gratitude journaling is one of the best activities for building your emotional confidence.

    4. Sentence-Completion Exercise:

    It’s a simple activity that you can do every day.

    How to do it?

    1. Take a notebook.
    2. Write down incomplete sentences. Ex: If I keep worrying, then? If I keep complaining I am losing me? If I have given a try it would be? I didn’t do it today because? Etc.
    3. Write genuine answers.

    Analyzing your emotions and thought process improves confidence.

    5. Self- Appreciation Chart:

    Write all the good things about you, your good routines, habits, character traits, your skills. Use your imagination to make it look good. Stick them where you see them every day. Self-appreciation builds confidence in individuals.

    6. Positive Word of the Day:

    Near the date in the calendar, write one positive word about how you did today. Do it daily.

    Ex: May 20 – Helpful. May 21 – Worked Hard. May 22 – Highly Motivated.

    Write one positive word to summarize yourself. This activity is a strong confidence builder.

    7. Self-Value Questionnaire:

    Do you need the best answer for how to get confidence? Focus on the inside. Know yourself first. The best way to do it is to write a self-value questionnaire and answer them genuinely.


    1. Things I am proud of
    2. I am good at
    3. I can handle challenges because I am
    4. I am grateful for
    5. My strengths etc.

    8. Rewarding Yourself:

    The celebration is not just for big success or victory. Celebrate your little achievements too. You will become more confident.

    9. Self-Help Books:

    Read self-help books. By learning the world through different minds and perspectives, there’s a good chance of boosting your confidence and morale.

    10. Surroundings:

    Keep your surroundings clean. Have a clean and neat workspace. Respect and empower your surroundings. Even little things around you should reflect positivity.

    11. Face your Fears:

    Face your fears head-on. That is how you can become confident in yourself.

    Haven’t tried it? Do it now. Haven’t spoken yet? Go speak now. Fear of rejection? Do it anyway.

    It’s better to try than do nothing and worry about failures. This is the secret to build confidence.

    12. Spending one hour:

    It can be for your favorite sports, hobby, things you like, to meet people you like. Learn new skills during that hour. Gradually, cheerful things you do boosts self-confidence.

    13. Bring a Self-Care Regime:

    Self-care is the best self-confidence builder. Take care of your health. Eat healthily. Follow an active lifestyle. Be mindful. Ignore negativity.

    14. Core-Belief Challenge:

    What is your core-belief in all aspects of life?

    Write them down. Analyze it. See what changes you can do to enhance it and make you strong. When your core-beliefs align with positivity, courage, and inner-strength, confidence boosts.

    15. Positive Small Talk Exercise:

    It’s an easy trick to make your mind take confident steps. Try saying “I will process” instead of “no. I don’t like to do this project”. Say “let’s see what it takes” instead of “there will be failures and rejections”.

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