10 Strategies for Building Self-Confidence

10 Strategies for Building Self-Confidence


Confidence is a feeling of trust in self or others. When you are clear-headed and have that element of esteem in yourself, it means you have self-confidence. Therefore, self-confidence is your trust in your own ability to do any task by viewing yourself from not just a positive and realistic perspective but also from the environment perspective. In this process, you will gain the ability to succeed.

At times you fail to succeed because of the lack of understanding in your inner self. However, you can still work out those grey areas of yours and improve your self-esteem and self-confidence by having strong will power and the attitude to never give up. In achieving so, you have to first set realistic goals and also make learning a continuous process in driving home your ideas towards the success path.

Your body language and good posture itself shows how confident you are. Self-confidence is shown verbally without you beginning your first word, by the way, you walk, behave, and smile and by your eye contact as well.

Understand that confidence is a skill that you can build. Here are a few strategies which help in boosting your self-confidence.

1.) The first and foremost strategy for boosting your self-confidence is to be optimistic by looking at things from a positive angle. By thinking positively, you not only be happy, but you also gain emerging hopes in solving a task and reaching your goal.

2.) It is rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. So, keep practicing until you have mastered that job. Do a lot of workouts until you don’t feel that expertise level of self-confidence.

3.) Begin with confidence in mind. Though you may be doing something for the first time, develop the attitude as if you already have the confidence in finishing the task well. With that initial hope in mind, you will start working towards gaining knowledge in that area and do all sorts of research works to accomplish the task.

4.) At the very outset, accept that whatever you do may not come out right at all times. You may fail to reach the desired result. Learn from such situations. Every failure of yours is going to be a healthy stepping stone for your next move. You might make another mistake, which is still fine. But ensure that you do not repeat the same mistake all over again.

5.) Conquer your emotions, feelings, disturbances, and other bothering in life. Arrest them because you seriously got to accomplish your goal. Be more realistic and practical. Do self-evaluation. Act in a way to represent your own viewpoint as to whom you want to be and how you can aim and work towards your ultimate achievement.

6.) Appreciate yourself for all the good times you passed by. Recollect and cherish and applaud yourself of all the rewards, recognitions, awards, certifications, appreciations, and felicitations you gained in the past. This will boost up not just your inner spirit and motivation, but also your self-confidence in driving your present task.

7.) Give up on thinking of being inferior. Understand that everybody is equally capable of doing a task. Don’t think of being lower than others. While it may be difficult to insert that in your mind initially, you can still work towards mastering that mentally equality attitude skill.

8.) Accept and face new challenges. Step out of your cozy comfort zone of picking and working out monotonous tasks. Only when you try something new, your interest levels will spike, and this, in turn, also helps in a great way to boosting your self-confidence.

9.) Work and engage yourself with others who express higher confidence levels in doing the task. With the collaborative effort, it will be easy for you to pick up any kind of task, given any situation, under any rigorous deadline. Soon, you will also be a person whom your juniors would want to look up to work in coordination with. You will also be in a position to offer that kind of cumulative effort to others who are in need of it. Such group activities are sure to yield positive results.

10.) The utmost important strategy is by taking care of not just your mind but also your body. Groom yourself towards good health. Eat healthy food that keeps you fit and strong. A strong body gives rise to strengthening your thoughts. All these will, in turn, boost up your confidence levels.

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  • hrutuja
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    Looking For Ways To Be Confident In Yourself?

    Are you a person with great potential and want to be successful? But you are unable to achieve all you want because you don’t feel confident enough. Or you were making progress but are finding yourself suddenly unsure of yourself or the things you are doing?

    If the answer to the above-mentioned things is assertive and it applies to you then you are in a state where you are no longer confident or have lost all your confidence you had in yourself.

    At some point in our lives, most of us are going to feel this. We are going to experience not being in control of our situations or actions, or not being sure of ourselves.

    Humans at core are vulnerable beings, irrespective of how they are appearing in front of others. And we are going to experience it the most when we are heading towards or preparing for achieving our dreams and success.

    Our minds and conscience are just going to be swamped with so many doubts and uncertainty related to anything and everything. And all hell breaks loose once someone criticizes our work or about us.

    It won’t even matter to us if that person has no business or knowledge of the thing they had made a comment on. It will still deteriorate our confidence. This also happens when we face hurdles and roadblocks in the project or matter we are currently making efforts or working hard for.

    We just begin to think that maybe it is not meant to happen and we must just give up on it.

    All this happens when there is no solid reason to think like that. And don’t even get me started on the critical voice that keeps on pulling you down; making you believe in the made-up nonsense that you are not good enough or you won’t be able to succeed.

    The voice keeps on nagging and repeatedly insisting on all those negative thoughts inducing your mind and consciousness. The nice feeds on your insecurities and doubts.

    The more you feed it, the more it will get bigger. It won’t stop until you stop feeding it and stand up to get your self-confidence and footing back. The psychological term for this situation/experience is called “Imposter Syndrome”.

    This is not going to rid you of itself easily and you will keep on dwelling on the doubts even if your friends and family tell you otherwise. Saving yourself from this nagging voice or imposter syndrome and gaining your confidence back can be really hard.

    It will not take you to fall down the spiral even after collecting enough confidence back in you. Even just a tiny bit of comment or disapproved look is going to blow everything up for you.

    How to gain confidence

    It is really important to hold your self-esteem and confidence, or else you are not going to get anywhere. And in order to do that, here are some steps for you to follow and will be helpful.

    Keep A Track Of Your Achievements

    You must keep retelling and reminding yourself of all the achievements you have had in your lifetime. It will keep your confidence intact.

    Get yourself a diary or a notebook. Jot down every compliment or praise words you have received from others. Also, put down all the nice acts or achievements you have gained over the course of your time.

    It doesn’t matter how big or small they are. You should write them down either way. Especially the smaller deeds. They add up to weigh more than the bigger ones sometimes.

    You are also going to feel happier and better about yourself once you have acknowledged them. Make this activity a habit. And go through them whenever you feel down or doubtful of yourself.

    It also helps in making you realize how far you have already come and there is not much left to the journey as well. And you know you can make it to the end. Doing this will have a pleasantly positive impact on you and will help you in keeping your confidence and self-esteem together always.

    Calling Out To Your Imposter Syndrome

    Imposter Syndrome is really very common in people. The majority of the people in the world are suffering or have suffered from it at some point in their lives. And if they can deal with this and stop it from creating problems, so can you.

    Whenever the voice starts nagging then first of all acknowledge its presence. Do not try to ignore it. Ignoring and not doing anything about it will only make it grow stronger. So first acknowledge it and then try to block it or switch it from you.

    You can literally yell shut up in your mind to it or can also imagine a sign that is associated with a stop indication or something similar. It is one of the lesser-known yet effective psychological tricks.

    However, this will be in different ways for different people. You need to be creative and explorative to find the way on how you are going to achieve it. Counterattack the critics of the voice. Make the voice shut down by tricking it. It may sound ridiculous but it is a great way.

    Helping Others

    Humans are dependable in nature; more or less. No human can live their lives all on their own. We all are co-dependent and need help from time to time.

    So, it is not just about gaining help but also helping others as well. When you help someone and make their life even a tad easier, or bring happiness and joy to them then you are going to feel good about yourself doing so. It also redefines your capabilities in your mind.

    In this process, it may happen that you are going to even learn about yourself more. And it will also make you realize that you are more capable than you think to bring in others' life. Just try to help others sometimes and it will make you feel such bliss that is indescribable.

    Imagination & Visualization

    Imagination is a very powerful tool that is not talked much about. This also goes for visualization. Both these qualities are often overlooked.

    However, people do not realize how much importance they hold. Every great leader who has ever been having imagined themselves as a successful person and have visualized the world they wanted in real or to become a part of. And we do not need to discuss here how it has helped them achieve their desires.

    Also, share your imagination and visualization with someone who believes in you and is supportive of you. More often than not, we do something or achieve something because of some other person who believes that we can do that.

    We achieve things to keep their belief in us intact, even when we ourselves forget to do so. It kind of subconsciously makes you feel responsible to keep that belief going. Or else, you will have a guilty feeling of letting them down.


    Dig into the root cause of the matter and search for the answer to “why”.

    Try and find

    why is this happening to you?

    Why are you feeling like this?

    What makes you think about yourself like this?

    It could be because you are inexperienced related to the thing you are not feeling confident about. Or you do not have enough knowledge of the subject. If this is the case, then you can easily overcome it or find ways to push past or work through these difficulties.

    Stop focusing on what you lack; instead, look out and focus on talent or skills you already possess.

    Preparing Yourself

    Life is uncertain. This is a fact no one can deny or can run away from. There will be things happening in your life that will be out of your control.

    No one can predict the events happening in the future, neither can we control them. The best we can do is to make us prepare to face them and handle them as best as we could. It is more about practicing till perfection.

    When you have a plan map out for all the possible uncertainties then you are going to feel more confident and more in control, even if the situation and all odds are against you.

    Work On Yourself

    One of the main reasons why people are not confident enough about them is when they lack the skills or when they think they are not qualified enough to do something. If it is just in your head then you need to find ways to change that.

    But if it is really like that and you do lack some skills then get up and work on yourself. Not good at communication because of a language barrier? Go and attend classes to learn it.

    Self-conscious about your looks? Hit the gym and improve your looks.

    Learning things will simultaneously increase your confidence levels and skills or/and knowledge. And if you really want to get something then you will do anything in your power to achieve that.

    Positive Mindset

    Try and develop a positive mindset regarding yourself. Keep on repeating to yourself that you have got everything under control. That you have got this and you are going to successfully do it.

    Keeping on praising yourself and reminding yourself how wonderful you are. Do the reverse of what the imposter syndrome does to you.

    Make it a habit and ingrain it in yourself to keep on talking yourself on it, praising yourself, and compliment yourself for your achievements. Pat your own back when you do something good even when no one else does.

    Stop Negative Things

    Pay attention to the negative aspects of your life. Things you do not like, things you are putting up with, things you want to change; all of it. Note them all down.

    Once you did that then brainstorm and think of ways to remove it or minimize them. Surround yourself with positivity as much as you can. And try to diminish the negative factors from your life.

    Begin resolving the issues in your life one by one and bask in the positive after-effects it will bring in your life afterward.

    Push Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    Greater things happen when you challenge yourself and do things that are out of your comfort zone.

    There is a saying which goes like “We only know how much strength our legs pose after we have stood upon it.” We need to challenge ourselves in order to know where we stand and how much value we have.

    It doesn’t matter what the end result is. Important is if you succeed then you are a winner and if not then you are wiser. Either way, you are gaining something. You are gaining experience even if you lose.

    Doing so will not only make you more confident but will also help you learn new things. Eventually helping you in your overall self-development.

    Care For Yourself

    We often forget to care and look out for ourselves when we are cooped up in fulfilling tasks. If we do not manage things properly and won’t take proper breaks then we are going to get stressed and overwhelmed.

    This can result in poor consequences as you will be unable to manage things properly. It can also make you fail in a project. And this can hinder or damage your self-confidence. So in a way you are self-sabotaging your confidence.

    Do not let that happen to take intervals in your work and projects. Take time to unwind.


    These are the few ways you can work on building your confidence. You can also find other ways that can help you achieve it.

    Just remember to take action to do that. Because without you acting upon these steps, they are just useless points and nothing will come out of it.

  • vaishali
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    11 Best Strategies for Building Self-Confidence:

    1. Choice of Words Matter!

    Here’s what we mean by that.

    Imagine how you feel when you say negative words like I am afraid, jealous, failure, anger, I cannot, I failed, I am worthless, etc.

    Same way, utter words like Good, I’m happy, I will try, it’s a lesson, I have enough; I gave my best today, I forgive, etc.

    Even without meaning it, just uttering negative words affects your brain by triggering cortisol stress hormones. When you utter positive words, you become light and the brain remains calm. Have you noticed the difference?

    Choosing positive affirmations and positive words are the best strategies for building your self-confidence.

    2. Encourage Yourself:

    Science says that your subconscious mind will believe and act based on what you feed it. Even if it is not happening, your subconscious mind will believe that it is possible. That is why, offer yourself compassion. Encourage yourself when you fail. Believe that you are enough and capable. Show self-respect. Train your brain to see “what can I take from this” instead of labeling “I failed”.

    3. Be Proactive.

    It is the confident, upbeat attitude that will get you through a tough day. Be proactive. Don’t wait for other people or surrounding to get you into action. To be more confident in life, be more active and put yourself out there. Get involved. Socialize. Smile. Have a hobby, listen to good music.

    4. Power Dressing:

    Good Dressing is among the handful of habits that build confidence both physically and mentally.

    Let’s be clear. Power dressing is not about brands and tags. Clothes that make you feel good, situation-appropriate, and best benefit your emotional levels are power dressing.

    Imagine a formal crisp dressing-set before you. And there is a set of casual wear before you. Which set of clothes gives you the emotional feel of confidence?

    5. Fitness:

    Besides emotional confidence-building strategies, there is one area in life that will tell you how to have more confidence.

    That area in life is “Your Fitness”.

    Fitness is an amazing strategy to build self-confidence. Fitness brings discipline. Spending thirty to sixty minutes a day on your physical fitness will help you become fit and active. Eating healthy foods and adopting a healthy lifestyle enhance your mind, body, and soul. You will start feeling good about yourself.

    Taking care of yourself is one way of building self-confidence.

    6. Say NO when you have to:

    People mistake that “I can do everything. I will do anything or everything” attitude gives confidence. It is wrong.

    Then, how to be more confident here?

    Say no when you have to. Saying ‘Yes’ all the time is not confidence. Don’t accept everything to please or impress people. You are important too.

    7. Explaining Everything? Stop It. It’s killing your confidence.

    The urge to explain everything stems from a lack of self-confidence. If you know this is right and you like to stand by it, do it. Don’t explain with the context of wanting people to like you or agree with you.

    8. Take compliments

    When someone genuinely appreciates you or compliments you, take it. It is a sign of self-confidence.

    9. Overcome Brain’s natural negative bias.

    Though you had a successful day, you focus on the tiny losses that happened. Though you have a great life, you look for things you don’t have. You would have made a great YouTube video, but you focus on one negative comment. The human brain has a natural tendency for negative bias. Recode it. Focus on where you are winning.

    10. Confidence is internal.

    Don’t confuse confidence with rich clothes, fancy cars, college degrees, or big money. Confidence is not an external factor. Confidence is purely Internal.

    11. YES to Success & Failures:

    There will be a success. There will be failures. Focusing only on your success and not acknowledging failures is bad. Same way, if you worry about your failure and don’t compliment your success, it is bad. Flow with success and failures in your life. Bring balance.

    The Takeaway here:

    If you still have the question of How to have more confidence than ever?

    Here’s the ultimate answer for you.

    Build confidence through your failures. It lasts forever.

    If you become comfortable with failures, you will not be intimidated by any challenges in life both personally and professionally. You will get the motivation to do more.

  • dhritikesh
    Dhritikesh Nath
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    How to build confidence

    Finding ways to boost your confidence? Well, you're on the right page. A confidence boost needs immense effort. Overcoming hurdles and extending comfort zones are must-take initiatives. You might find this subject complex to understand. However, this article will ease your efforts. It reveals 10 wise confidence in gaining strategies, you can practice.


    A complete man never leaves his work incomplete. Be attentive and dedicated to your area of expertise. You will face many distractions on your way. But, the resilient one, succeeds.

    Complete your work to set a milestone in your mind. It reveals the true potential by bringing clarity. In turn, this clarity acts as a fuel for self-confidence to prosper. So, how to feel more confident about yourself? Well, completion is the ultimate answer.


    Are you busy on finding self-worth? Then maybe you should develop a progress report. It is an estimate to evaluate your productivity.

    However, productivity and self-confidence are related to boost our confidence. A progress report is instead a numerical analysis of this subjective matter.

    Make a list of things you've done in a particular period. Also, find out the things you are left with. This will let you know how to build confidence.


    Want strong self-esteem? If yes, then learn to overcome fear. It is a parasite that feeds your self-confidence. If not eliminated, it can unleash havoc on our lives.

    Due to excessive stimulation of adrenaline, we get agitated. In turn, this creates the reverberation for fear to develop. It occupies the room of self-esteem by eliminating.

    Being a genetic phenomenon, you can't eradicate fear. It can only be managed by overcoming. In this way, you can create the space for self-confidence to grow.


    To be confident in yourself, you must take your stand. The brother-in-arms concept is too futile. Never rely on others. For you'll be the one in danger. Relying on others may ease of efforts, but it cripples you. In turn, your confidence gets torn into bits.

    Moreover, recovering lost confidence isn't easy at all. People have their own choices during hard times, so do you. Self-belief is the only reliable option of all time. Your confidence comes from within. Never give the privilege of owning it to others.


    For many, victories are rare moments in their lives. To make it more memorable, one should rejoice. When we become ecstatic, every cell in our body gets subjected to joy. This boosts your confidence at an exponential rate.

    Your achievements need not be world-winning. Celebrate even on your smaller accomplishments. Doing this will nourish your self-esteem. But remember not to get overjoyed before the victory. So, to gain confidence, learn the ways to celebrate. And be confident in who you are.


    Are you fed up with critics? You must not. The problem lies within you. On hearing criticism, our minds get congested with negativity. Well, that should not be the case.

    Criticism must be taken as a blessing to be confident in yourself. It avails you the opportunity to modify and update. Several elite icons faced immense criticism in the beginning. But, this didn't lower their self-esteem.

    On the contrary, it strengthened to a greater extent. Similarly, you must use the same strategy. It will lead your esteem to new heights, making it invincible.


    Add variety to your life to be confident in who you are. Doing the same things over again limits our possibility. Later, we take this limitation as a disability.

    Therefore, add new tasks to your to-do list. For instance, you are an excellent cook. Besides cooking, try to do things voluntarily. You'll be able to extend your skills in no time.

    This develops your intellect as well as your confidence. Take it as a self-esteem challenge to an advanced level. You'll notice the gradual rise in your esteem.


    Every showcased your strength? If no, you must do. Showcasing your strength is a confidence-building exercise. It will elevate your esteem at height, beyond your imagination.

    To make that happen, don't let opportunities slide away. Make the proper use of your opportunities to the possible extent. At the same, you must know your limitations too. If you fall on showcasing yourself, self-esteem will explode. With proper care, showcase your talent in front of everyone.


    Some people may be kind to you, while others might not be the same. With this uncertainty, you must be kind to yourself. Being kind is the real essence of how to grow confidence. There will be instances where you'll be fed up with yourself.

    Well, this is the time to hold still. Generate a sense of respect for yourself. Eventually, this respect will turn into kindness. Some people have the habit of blaming themselves. This is not the solution every time. No doubt, there must be realization. But, that doesn't make you the notorious culprit. So, need kind to yourself.


    Last but not least is a smile. The smile has the potential to turn darkness into light, and It reflects the inner nature of your life. Many physiologists treat smiles as a factor to judge personality. Mankind has witnessed many smiley-faced leaders throughout history.

    Icons like Barak Obama and Mahatma Gandhi are the cheerful leaders of all time. They went through the most harsh conditions with a smile. It acted as fuel for them to boost their self-esteem. Still worried about how to build confidence? Put a smile on.


    Building confidence is art. Besides building, focus more on how to feel more confident. Your feelings have a great impact on your thought process. With stiffness in your heart, growing confidence is impossible.

    However, one must prevent overconfidence. At times, it may the root cause behind the destruction. So, you must know your limitations quite well. Following the mentioned ways will be the ultimate solution. Surely, you'll know the art of how to feel confident.

  • pooja
    Pooja Pandit
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    10 ways to build your self-confidence

    Self-confidence is defined as the feeling of knowing your self-worth. It's all about believing in yourself and being aware of your capabilities. If you are low on self-confidence, there are multiple ways you can build your way up.

    In this article, we shall discuss 10 ways to build your self-confidence.

    1. Look at your achievements

    A simple way to boost your self-confidence is by looking at things you have accomplished until now. It can be easy to have low confidence when you feel like you haven't achieved anything.

    However, look at the bright side of things. Take a dairy and write down all of your achievements to date. For instance, it could be cracking a competitive exam or winning a match. Keep this list close to you and add in whenever you feel like you have achieved something.

    When you feel less confident, simply have a look at your accomplishments. This will help you to boost your self-confidence.

    2. Think of your strengths

    Each one of us has our own strengths and weaknesses. When you feel less confident, simply think of your capabilities. Think of what you are good at. Recognizing what your talents are will help you become confident of yourself.

    When you realize your talents, it will automatically boost your confidence levels. Also, be sure to trust your abilities and never let yourself down. Know your worth and never underestimate yourself. Know yourself well and how good you are at the things you do.

    3. Talk positive

    You will never feel confident if your thoughts are negative. Talk good about yourself and be positive. Tell your mind that you are good enough and capable of achieving your goals. When you have a positive mindset, only then will you start feeling confident about yourself.

    Take note of your thoughts. If they are negative, turn them around and focus on the positive aspect. Self-talk has a huge impact on your self-confidence levels.

    Hence, talk well about yourself. Feed your thoughts with goodness, and this will automatically boost your confidence levels. In addition, also replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Never let negativity win. Always look at the positive side of the road.

    4. Get a hobby

    Try doing something that you actually like. It could be anything like painting, dancing, writing, or photography. Try your hand at new things. If you are passionate about a certain hobby, it is very likely that you will be motivated. It will also help you acquire new skills. This, in turn, boosts your confidence levels.

    Additionally, when you learn new skills, you look up to yourself and feel happy about your talents. This is enough to boost your self-confidence levels.

    5. Set goals

    It is essential to set goals for self-improvement, and It is also important to note that set achievable goals or practical ones. You can either set short term goals or long term goals as per preference. Along with setting your goals, you also find ways to achieve them.

    When you are motivated, your self-confidence boosts. You can set simple goals like working out for a week or studying a new skill. These small achievements will help in becoming a better version of yourself. When you accomplish the goals, you start gaining confidence. You are motivated and start believing in yourself to accomplish new things in life.

    6. Groom yourself

    Being presentable is a determining factor of your self-confidence. Simply taking a shower can help you feel great and boost your self-confidence. Your self-image does have a great impact on your confidence levels.

    The better you look is, the better you feel about yourself. Though this might be quite a simple trick, however, it does work to boost your self-confidence. Consider shaving or getting a haircut or taking a shower to look and feel better.

    7. Get to know yourself

    In order to replace negative thinking with positive ones, you need to know your thoughts well. Additionally, you need to learn about yourself as to why you are having these thoughts. You cannot defeat the enemy if you don't know who it is.

    Hence, it is crucial to face your fears and notice your thoughts well. The best way to do that is to write a journal about yourself. Each day writes down about how you felt, or write down your thoughts. This will help you deal with them in a better way. Also, think as to why you are having such thoughts. Only once you know yourself better, can you work on improving yourself?

    8. Be generous

    This is another simple way to boost your self-image, which will then boost your self-confidence. When you help others in need, you start feeling good about yourself.

    When you start feeling good, your confidence levels also increase. You form a good image of yourself, which makes you believe that you are good enough. This works to build up your self-confidence.

    9. Be prepared

    In order to be a confident person, you need to be prepared for all kinds of situations in life. Being confident does not guarantee that everything will work out just fine. There might be failures or mistakes that happen.

    However, be confident enough to face the consequences and work out solutions for the same. When you are prepared enough for an examination, you are confident of scoring well.

    Similarly, when you are prepared for the obstacles in life, you are pretty much confident of facing them all. You learn to face problems or consequences with a positive mind. Besides, learn to look at the bright side of things.

    10. Focus on solutions

    If you wish to build your self-confidence, then learn to focus on solutions. This is one way to boost confidence levels. Focusing on solutions rather than problems helps you deal with them better. This will be one of the best things that you will do for your career and confidence levels. When you focus on the solutions, you tend to save time. In addition, you also are safe away from stress, depression, and anxiety.

    These are some of the things you can try to work on your confidence levels. A habit is not formed within a day. However, you can try to practice them regularly.

    Additionally, there will be days when you feel less confident, which is completely fine. However, never make it a permanent feeling. Being confident is the best thing that you can do for yourself. It changes your perspective and outlook in life.

    You learn to explore multiple new things in life. In addition, you become fearless about trying out things. When you start believing in yourself, you realize that nothing is impossible.

    Learn to be grateful for the little things in life. Being a confident person does not guarantee success at all times. However, it teaches you to conquer the failures and learn from them. It gives you a positive mindset and teaches you to keep going no matter what.

    Confident people always look out for solutions rather than focusing on the problems. This saves a ton of time and effort. In addition, such people are also less prone to stress, anxiety, or depression. If you have been trying to build up self-confidence, remember that it is all about your inner mental state and how you feel about yourself. You are unique, and there is no one else like you.

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