What is the Meaning of Life? To give life meaning

What is the Meaning of Life? To give life meaning

LIFE! A quickly spoken word, but hard to understand it's meaning. Those who understand the importance of life have lived life in reality. But many people don't understand the importance of life. Thus, they can not enjoy it.

I would say life is a journey. And the peoples are travelers. When you start a journey, till your destination, you find many obstacles on the road. The path is not the same all along. You have to take many turns to reach your goal. So, even the route is not the same, then thinking of life going easy is stupidity—the journey of the experience is so long.

As you know, nowadays, especially youngsters, are in a state where they can not handle the mental stress. And they try to finish their lives. As per the National Crime Records Bureau, i.e., NCRB, every hour, a student commits suicide. So, the suicide rate is 28 students per day. Why would this be happening?

I sometimes think what a person might be going through when he thinks of committing suicide? What would be that feeling? The journey of life is indeed not fair. You will find many ups and downs across the way. But, stepping towards finishing your life is the worst decision of all.

Nowadays, not only youngsters but the suicidal rate is increasing along with the children too. Based on this study, we can conclude that mental strength is essential in the present condition.

If you are born in the world, it means you have some purpose in your life. The creator of the world does not create anyone without any reason. Everyone has a meaningful life. What you have to do is finding your purpose.

What is life?

You can not say life is a period between birth and death. No, it's not! You can say life is a book that has all the blank pages in it. Two pages are written - the first page is registered with the birth, and the last page is death. All the remaining pages are blank. And throughout your life, you have to fill those pages with positivity.

When it comes to life, it will indeed have problems. At the same time, life will offer you many opportunities too. What you have to do is, identifying those opportunities and work with focus.

Until you find your life's goal and start working on it, your life does not have any meaning. What important is, waking up early in the morning and work on your goal. Try every way to achieve your aim. If you make excuses for your failure, you will not achieve anything in your life.

What is the meaning of your life?

When I was a kid, I use to watch a show, "Power Rangers." The show was about saving the world from the monsters. Of course, at that time, I was not a bit of understanding that nothing exists like a monster in the world. But, I made my mindset of my life that I want to be one of them.

The creatures do not exist in physical form. But, it grows virtually in the mind of the people. For you, the monster will be your failure. No one wants to be a failure. Either, no one wants to face the loss at all. But, the purpose of the failure is to make you stronger.

You can not be successful without any failure in your life. When you put an obstacle in front of an ant, what she does? She takes a turn and continues to move. As many times you add the obstacles in her way, she will do the same. If the small ant doesn't lose hope, then how can you?

However, there is no comparison between you and the ant. But, you can learn courage from her. She teaches you to continue your work without attending to those obstacles in your way. One day, you will be successful.

I think everyone lives their life with the same purpose. All want to be successful. But, everyone has a different definition and the struggle in their life.

Also, everyone should know that they have some responsibility toward society too. You should know that you have to pay back to the community again.

You work hard, and you achieved everything that you have dreamed of some time. But, if you see someone searching for food and don't understand his/her hunger, you are not successful.

You go out, seek people who need your help, and make them smile. It would help if you were the sponge that absorbs all the negativity and spread the positive vibes. Then, you can say, your life and your purpose in life is achieved.

- If you don't have the time, then wake up early in the morning.

- You don't have money, spend less money.

- You don't have Knowledge, start reading.

- If you face failure often, try to find the reason behind it, and work on it.

There's a solution to every problem; only you have to find it.

There is one more reason for your failure, and it is your negative thinking. Even science has proved that things will go on, the way you think.

You might have experienced this many times, that you thought about something, and it happened. No matter how much time it took. But it will happen indeed.

This is called the power of your subconscious mind. Whatever you think, it got saved in your subconscious mind. And, you know, the subconscious mind did not sleep. Right! So, it keeps working on your thoughts continuously. So, if you think negative, things will go wrong. And, when you think positive, everything will go right.

Positive things may take a little more time. But, they will go right ahead. You have to keep working and working with full strength.

We human beings are so concerned about knowing the meaning of life. Though, till now, no one could find the exact answer to these questions. All people will have a different definition of life. And, they could say that, because they have experienced those things. So, you can say, life is an experience. It could be good or bad.

Various Meanings of the Life

I would say life has no meaning. It is we who have meaning in life, and we make our lives meaningful. So, it is a waste of the question when you are the answer to the problem.

The meaning of life is to give importance to the experience. The purpose of energy is to be happy and make others happy.

If you had a smile on your face, seeing others smiling, your life has meaning. And, if you could be the reason for other's happiness, you have added value to your life.

Life does not to be easy; it is intended to be lived. If you sit waiting for something to happen well in your life, it won't make any difference. You will sometimes find life easy; sometimes, it will be too harsh. But, this sequence of ups and downs makes you live worthy. Difficult roads always lead to beautiful destinations.

Find love, spread love. The happiness of your life entirely depends on the quality of your thoughts. If everything were supposed to be perfect in your life, you would never be grown up.

Every night has a beautiful morning. Likewise, every struggle has excellent success. Take risks. Risks will make you introduced to your potentials. It is essential to find the inner potential.

You make any decision, and it goes wrong. Such situations are the exam period for you—your one wrong decision to take your life on the wrong path. But, it would help if you found the right way from the wrong decision.

Life is not making the right decision and making them suitable. But, your life will get the values, when you make any wrong decision, and make it right. This is life. Life is not so complicated. It is we who makes it tricky.

If you learned to tackle the difficulties, no one could stop you from going ahead. It is we who can decide how our life is supposed to be.

Someone has said,

"If you are born poor, it is not your fault. But if you die poor, it is your fault."

What he means to say is, birth and death aren't in our hands. What we have is the duration between these two incidents. How we do and how we utilize the time between birth and death is life. In this whole world, nothing can trouble you as much as your thoughts.

When life is serving you hundreds of reasons to cry, show her that you have thousands of reasons to smile. Dream, as you will live forever, and live as you will die today. It will help if you are the creator of your life. Don't let affect your life anyhow. Life is so precious. Everyone has got it without any price, so respect your life and make it meaningful with all your efforts. Your life will get meaning when you add some meaning and happiness to other's life.

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    What is the point of life?

    Hey, how are you, people?

    How is your life going on? This is the commonest question we ask if we met someone, isn't it?

    What is the purpose of this question? What do we mean by this?

    What is life? Why does life exist? Why are we alive? How life is so important?

    If you have all these questions, then welcome!

    Of you are wondering "How To Make Your Life Rock"? Read This!

    Let us start!

    ‌⭕ WHAT IS LIFE?

    Life is like a zone of war! It is quite difficult to understand it. But, once you get the essence of life, its importance, then this question will not arise in your head that how you can win this war.

    In general, on the ground of war, we actually know that this particular person or group of people belongs to the category of your enemies. And you have to fight with them. But in the game of life, you do not know your enemy. Everyone is with a rose in their hands and pretending that they are super happy in their lives. This is not true!

    Each and every one of us has different problems different issues to be dealt with.

    You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.
    ~Albert Camus

    But truly speaking, losing this war or winning this game is not the solution to it. At present, you are surely running towards something you do not have, probably towards the higher aspect of society. But have you ever thought that you are actually far away from success?

    Or is it just that you feel so?

    For you, you might be poor, but for one who does not have even the stuff you already achieved, you are richer than him or her. Your situation or condition might be the goal for others!

    Each and every one of us is behind the path of knowledge about how we can gain whatever we want. Many of us visit various saints or astrologers to know our future; why? Because we just want to know when and how we will get what we want.

    We are in a misconception that if we complete our goal, then only our life will be meaningful.


    If you achieve your goal, then your mind or say, the so-called society will set a different aim in life.

    Imagine your childhood. Was there any sort of confusion when you were born? No! As you grow, older many misconceptions get settled in your mind.

    So, I just want to tell you that life is not what you actually thought of. Life is definitely a war but not a place where you have to pass or fail. You have to play this game faithfully and happily too. Also, in a manner, you want to live.

    In this life, you believe me or not, we are either suppressing others or we ourselves getting suppressed by one who is superior to us. Is it right?

    For example, there is a boy who got selected for a particular entrance. He is damn happy for it, distributing sweets to people. But do you think that he will have this thought of what about thousands of students who did not get their selection this time?

    Of yes, then will you explain the reason behind it?

    And, if no then do you feel that this is wrong?

    Share your opinion if you wish!

    So, one thing we understood is life is a path to live happily with all your efforts.

    The main goal of your life must be to know how to deal with the problems in your life. You will be attacked by a different group or situation or something else. You must know how to tackle the issues.

    Let us learn this through an imaginary situation. Imagine a girl from a village who went to a school in a metropolitan city. Now in the school, there is a group of three to five girls who tease that poor girl daily. She got upset and try to remain quiet.

    This girl has to path to follow; it is in her hand what she wants to choose. Either she can stay quiet, keep crying or ask her parents to leave that school, or she will go and confidently tell those girls from that group that how and why she took admission to the school, what education is to her.

    What do you think she must choose?

    The second path, right?

    This is what life is! You have to tackle the difficulties. You will always get two paths and have to choose one. This depends on your upbringing and mentality what path you acquire.


    Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.
    ~Joseph Campbell

    This life shows us a lot; sometimes it shows sadness, sometimes happiness, but we do not understand why we work so hard, yet we do not get our goal. And because of this, your attitude starts changing towards life. Am I right?

    Some people get upset by this defeat and then get very sad; they do not understand what to do; next, it is because they do not have enough power to fight these deficits.

    They do not have enough strength to pick them up and take them to success beyond defeat. Once said by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam that dream is not what we see in sleep; a dream is something that does not let you sleep.

    So, life is nothing but your dream, which you must be passionate about it. It should be your dream to live this life to the fullest. Life has a beautiful meaning to it. The only thing for us is to understand it and try to inculcate.

    Life is like a present to us, a surprise gift. We must accept it and love it too. Try to use it in the right way.

    As quoted by William Shakespeare,

    The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.


    Let us give an insight into this question! Don't you think that it will be amazing if there is no purpose there is nothing to fulfill, you can just live? But all of us want a purpose, right?

    Well, I am just kidding!

    Yes, life is important. Here I by the life I do not mean your family or your friends, I am talking about you. You tell me, life is around you or within you?

    A world of nature exists for you because you are. If you are not there, it won't exist.

    Imagine you have a purpose and you fulfilled it, after that what you will do?

    Bored, isn't it?
    Life is so phenomenally complex that even if you spend thousands of years clearly understanding the meaning behind it, you won't.

    ◆ Helping others

    This really helps you to stay happy.

    ◆ Doing good deeds with full passion.

    This will attract more good towards you.

    ◆ Stay happy

    Believe me, if you have this purpose in your life, then ever the people around you will stay delighted. Coz smile is contagious, isn't it?


    This is of utmost importance!

    1. Stop expecting

    Your expectations drop you in the well of griefs. The more you expect, the more you feel bad if you do not meet up to the expectation.

    2. Do what you feel is worthy

    Doing things that are important to us will drag us on a path of passion, and we start doing it with compassion.

    So, at last, let us conclude what we understand by "LIFE."

    Life is a journey where we do not have to win or lose but to live it fully, happily. We must have a purpose in our life but should not expect a lot! Life exists because we do!

    "Do everything you have to do, but not with grief, not with ego, not with lust, not with envy but with love, compassion, humility and devotion."
    ~Lord Krishna

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