The Ultimate Secret Of What is Happiness?

The Ultimate Secret Of What is Happiness?


Happiness! It is an effortless word to say. It doesn't even take more than a second to speak. But, when it goes to feeling happy, people start finding the reasons to be happy. Is it essential? Is happiness requires any reason? What is happiness for you?

If I have been asked this question, I would say happiness is acceptance. Many times, I have seen that people go into a sad zone. Because they couldn't accept what they have, some complaints about their looks; few have problems with circumstances. If you are born as a human, you will have to struggle to survive. The rule of the universe also says the same, "Fittest can survive only."

I think another reason for being unhappy is comparison. If you keep continuously comparing yourself with others, you will find their life better than yours. But, if someone is happy in all aspects, it means the person has finished the battle. And then only, he is happy. When you are hungry, you will get a served plate in front of you. But, to satisfy your appetite, you have to feed yourself. Likewise, if you want to be happy, you have to struggle.

People can express their anger easily. But, they cannot express their love. Your half problem would solve only by defining love and kindness. Happiness is very priceless. Still, God has gifted us this precious thing without any price. So, it would help if you thought once before denying accepting this.

If you don't want to be happy, you will find many reasons to be sad. But, if you have decided to be happy, a single cause would be enough to make you happy. It would be entirely your choice how you want to live life.

I will tell you a short story.

Once, Rahul was riding the bike. After watching a man going in a car, Rahul felt sad that he won't have a car. Likewise, Praful, cycling, sees Rahul and thinks, "I hope I would have a bike." But he didn't know that Shyam, who was walking on the road, thought of the cycle. Praful had. And Rajat was unhappy, seeing Shyam that he can walk. Because. Rajat has lost his legs in an accident.

What do you learn from the story?

The story shows that everyone in the story is unhappy comparing their life with others. But, no one knew that some other person is wishing to have their experience.

Real-life also goes the same. If you think that you have any problems in your life, someone else might be dreaming of living your life.

Happiness is the ultimate end and purpose of human existence. - Aristotle

If your life is yours, then why to give its command to anyone else. Why would somebody else be affecting you so much so that the person can make you happy or sad? You have got one life. And life is small. So, live life on your rules. Don't let someone affect your decisions and your feelings.

I have noticed it much time, for some people, happiness is just a small moment. They find their source of joy in other's smile. And few people always complain. The occasions also can't make them happy. Such people don't know how to be satisfied. I have covered a few reasons that affect your smile. Please have a look.

Sticking to the Past

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That is why it is called a present."

This one line explains the meaning of life. If you are stacked to your past, you can't be happy. Until you accept your past event, you cannot move on.

What is the past? It the time which is gone by earlier- it won't return the present. And you cannot change it anyhow. And if it is gone by, then why are you still sticking to it. Whatever was the thing, it is gone back. And nothing is left in your hand.

Then take a new move towards the new beginning. Your present actions will not make a bit change in your past incidents. So, don't think of your past and welcome your every coming second with a smile.

Giving Importance to Other People

Mind your business and let people mind their minds there. If you give importance to each person, you won't be able to focus on your work. Many of you spend most of your time thinking about, "what will people say." But, either people say nothing or they keep continuing saying. How does their opinion affect your success?

It is the unchangeable fact that you cannot please everyone. Always and indeed, someone will be left unhappy with you. So, keep doing your work, and don't give importance to others.

Happiness is not pleasure, nor is it virtue. It is the exercise of virtue. - Aristotle

A Habit of Overthinking

Were you thinking of something again and again for a longer time, Right? Can anyone tell me what did you gain from it?

A stressful life, isn't it?

Remember –It is what it is? And will be what it will be?

Trust me; thoughts are lovely things. Then why ruin it by thinking of negative things. You can't even imagine the power of positive thinking. Have you ever experienced your wish for something sometime, and you get what you wished for? This is the power of thought.

So, I recommend instead of thinking about negative things, start thinking about a positive one.

Happiness cannot be achieved until the end of one’s life. Hence it is a goal and not a temporary state. - Aristotle

Cannot Accept Yourself

Accept yourself the way you are. Don't compare your life with others. You are the only version of yourself. Don't try to copy someone by any aspect. Someone already exists, be yourself.

Compete with yourself and find better within you. Until and unless you accept yourself, you cannot shine. Work on weaknesses within you and come up with the new and original version of yourself. Follow someone whom you admire the most, but do not copy the person.

Nobody wants to see a copy. Everyone goes with originality. Comparison kills joy. You are born to be a creator, not to be a copy that already exists. See others as your inspiration and not as a competition. If you are happy, you can make others happy too. And this the real happiness.

Happiness is the perfection of human nature. Since man is a rational animal, human happiness depends on the exercise of his reason. - Aristotle

Keeping Hopes

Whatever you believe you receive. Remember – Your perception is your reality.

Have you ever heard of it? Be hopeless. Expectation breaks the foundation of your joy. As much time you depend on somebody for your happiness, you'll surely get disappointment. Don't give the right to anyone to make you happy or sad. You are the boss of you.

Only you can make yourself happy or sad. And nobody chooses to be worried. Nobody is going to have a single second to think about your happiness.

What I am trying to say is, don't let others control your joy. Everyone wants to become a boss. Then why not starting with yourself. Own your joy. Start running the business of yourself.

Accept the thing the way they are. Don't change yourself to please somebody—live life with your rules. Welcome the challenges with a smiling face. Have patience and courage. You only need to find the potential within you and work to go up.

Happiness depends on acquiring a moral character, where one displays the virtues of courage, generosity, justice, friendship, and citizenship in one’s life. These virtues involve striking a balance or “mean” between an excess and a deficiency. - Aristotle

Comparison with Others

As I said earlier, you never know who is wishing to live a life like yours. Don't compare your life with others. Your life is entirely yours. If you have happiness in your life, it will be yours fully. And if it has any issues, then only you will have to deal with it.

No one will help you in finding your happiness. Instead, no one cares about your pleasure. If you become sad often, you can't be happy ever by comparing your life with others. So, stop comparing it with other's life. And live your life on your principles.

Happiness requires intellectual contemplation, for this is the ultimate realization of our rational capacities. - Aristotle

Surrounded by Negativity

Negativity is the worst. Without your information, negativity can ruin your joy. You become the same character, as per your surroundings. If you are living in a happy and positive atmosphere, you will be happy.

Even though you had any problem, you will be able to deal with it calmly because you are in a positive atmosphere. Your mind is so acceptable. It will accept things quickly. So, if you stay in a negative environment, your character will become the same. Keep yourself away from negativity and also the negative people. You will start finding your happiness.

I have noticed many people claiming the reasons listed above. Blaming is very easy. But, finding your way to being successful is hard. You will not be successful until you find your senses to be happy.

The simple mantras of happiness are-

Live with gratitude

Fill your life with love.

Practice Forgiveness

Never lose your inner child.

Find your purpose

Don't chase material things.

Stop comparing your life with others.

Give time to heal your wound.

Be kind to others

Be kind to yourself

Always smile

And you can see, being happy is not a big deal. You have to follow the rules, and this will be enough to make you happy. And I think, when you find your reasons, this is the real happiness.

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    Hurry! Discover a link between your happiness and success!

    This whole universe is my body; all health, all happiness is mine, because all is in the universe. ~SWAMI VIVEKANAND

    Have you seen any single person who loves to be sad? Who wants to cry all the time?

    No! Never!

    Everyone wants to be happy!

    But, how to do that?

    Before this, we must know what is the purpose of happiness?

    What is being happy?

    Why do we need happiness?

    First, let's learn what is the reason behind it.

    If I talk about happiness, what do you think will be the reason behind our sadness or about not being happy?

    The only reason is that whatever external factors which are not in our control leading us to a situation or, you can say, is a condition of depression.

    But do you think that feeling sorry about something will bring that particular situation in our control?

    No, absolutely not!

    Then why are you worried about that?

    But is this possible for a person to stay happy all the time?

    Is it possible to keep smiling twenty-four hours a day?

    No!... WHY?

    Because we start feeling that the pleasure we are getting from something is happiness.

    Because we believe that a particular feeling keeps us happy.

    Is it true?

    Because of this reason, do you keep flaunting your teeth all day?

    A big no!

    There are some people who laugh a lot but actually surviving with antidepressant tablets.

    This sort of laugh is nothing but show-off!

    I am talking about real happiness, internal happiness!

    (I did not mean that you should stop laughing. No! It is of utmost importance to express your feelings but only for your own reason or cheerfulness, not for people's sake.)

    Is happiness connected to your emotions?

    Is it connected to the beneficiaries of your life?


    These are going to change one day.

    Then for defining happiness, let us first understand what it does not mean happiness!

    One thing is that you are happy and laughing, and the other is you are laughing and trying to be happy. Both the things are entirely different.

    Just in order to stay happy, if you keep on smiling, it means you are dependent on some external factors to stay cheerful.

    Is there any way to be happy in this world which no one knows, which will never change?


    It is our perception that will never change, but only that perception that is based on facts or real events.

    If you understand the reason behind your existence and your life, you will start feeling happy. This perception will lead you to the area of happiness!

    Personal happiness is of utmost importance too! For that, you must try to be positive minded. Positive thoughts will create happiness in your environment. Happiness in life is just like sun rays for a flower to bloom.

    A feeling of happiness will inculcate attractive charisma into your personality.

    ⭕ What is happiness to you?

    What does happiness mean? How will you define happiness?

    These are some questions which you may fight with if you are a keen observer! If you have that eagerness of knowing the nature, environment, the human body, or psychology!

    Let's discuss the definition of happy!

    Success is not happiness; happiness is a success!

    1. Feeling gratitude for what we have is happiness.

    2. Enjoying what we have is happiness. The more and more you thank nature or whatever superpower you believe in, the result of it is happiness.

    Always remember, money can buy you a toy, not happiness. Be it a ten dollars toy car, it is just a toy, not happiness. Happiness is nothing but enjoying the thing you are having!

    3. Happiness is the positive state of our mind!

    Well, let me tell you one incident, an example of happiness, that took place in my clinic. There was a pregnant lady with her husband for a regular checkup. I examined her and informed her about the situation.

    In between that, she started telling me about all the mood swings she is going through, and I counsel her. In a go, in general, I asked whether they wish for a boy or a girl?

    They replied that they already have one five-year-old son, and they would be immensely happy if God would give them a daughter.

    On the same day, one more pregnant woman came to me. She was a laborer at some construction site, just fifth class passed! I asked her too whether she wished for a boy or a girl?

    Her answer shattered me from inside. She said, "Whatever God can give"

    She knows the exact reason to be happy, which many of us do not understand.

    So, our inner beliefs will make us feel happy or sad. Try to make a strong belief! But true one! Happiness is what we believe! Never compare yourself with others.

    ‌⭕ What is happiness psychology?

    Happiness actually depends on various :

    ◆ Circumstances

    This may include your relationship situation or income or your job problems or something else. You may be happy if you get an increment in a month. But do you feel the same happiness even after three or five months?

    ◆ Setpoint

    This might be the genetic reason. Some people are introverts, and they are reserved type of people. They may not laugh all the time, but does this mean they are not happy? No! Your internal mind defines your happiness. If you are calm and satisfied, then you will be happy!

    ◆ Voluntary activities

    Be it dancing or singing or helping a needy one or something else. Stop saying that you will be happy if you get this job or that car or that house, etc. Just feel something that you actually have. And, be happy!

    Happiness is the master goal of almost every goal. Everyone is doing something to be happy.

    ⭕ Why is happiness important in life?

    Knowing the importance of happiness will let us learn about the reason behind our existence in this world. Why is it important to be happy? If this question came to your mind, then you are on the correct path. Let's talk about it! Happiness gives you immense pleasure, and it will attract more and more positivity in your life.

    ● Happiness is the source of success.

    If you are more happy, you will attract success toward yourself. You can achieve whatever you want.

    ● It is scientifically proven that when you are happy, you automatically become healthy.

    When you become healthy, you work harder, smarter, and more creatively to get your goal.

    ● When you are happy, you attract more love to your life. You will be better in your relationships.

    Well, I think this is more than enough to understand that the importance of happiness and get it as the most important in our life.

    ‌⭕ Science of happiness

    The psychological definition of happiness can be understood by knowing about the same mechanism of our brain, or you can say the central nervous system.

    There are some happy chemicals that are released by our body when we are happy.

    They are:

    A. Dopamine

    B. Oxytocin

    C. Serotonin

    D. endorphins

    So, now we can say that being happy is one of the most important parts of our life. Think and decide what sort of people you like around yourself? One who always talks about the problems they are facing or one who loves to spread positivity and happiness in the surrounding?

    One who stays happy! Just like young children! They are full of joy and cheerfulness, which attract us towards them.


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