How To Improve Self Awareness tips and tricks

How To Improve Self Awareness tips and tricks


What is Self Awareness?

Self-awareness is a quality that can be learned with the right exercises and habits. Being self-aware is having an accurate realization of your personality, strengths and weaknesses, beliefs, and ideas. Similarly, being self-aware improves your relationship with the people around you.

If you are self-aware, it becomes easier for you to judge others. Additionally, it helps you perceive them in the right way. However, a majority of people assume they have the right self-awareness skills. Yet, it is always better to improve your knowledge. Before we find out how to Improve self-awareness, we need to check out some benefits of self-awareness.

Can we control our emotions?

If you learn the skill of being self-aware, your perspective and interpretations will automatically be transformed. Additionally, this change will also increase mental and emotional intelligence. This will pave your path to success. To be self-aware, you first need to point out what your emotions and passions are.

Similarly, decide on how you would like your life to turn out. When you are aware of your thoughts and beliefs, you can able to make the necessary changes. In addition, when you are self-aware, you can change the direction of your future. You can also learn how to deal with emotions better.

Self-awareness comes as a result of wanting to change your life for the better. In other words, if you plan to become self-aware, you can take control of your life. Additionally, you can make better use of your emotions, knowledge, and skills. It is the first step in creating your future and directing your life. When you become self-aware, you can keep a check on your thoughts and emotions.

Similarly, it allows you to take control of your thoughts, actions, and behavior. However, it isn't a skill that develops overnight. You need to work hard to improve self-awareness and be patient.

Benefits of Being Self Aware:

There are multiple benefits to being self-aware. Some of them are listed below.

- Better and healthy relationships:

It can be quite tricky to decide on what we want and what we need in a relationship. Especially if we aren't sure of what they are. However, the less self-aware we are, the higher are the chances of us being defensive in relationships.

In addition, this can be a disaster if we do not review or analyze ourselves. For instance, you can't keep fighting for something if you aren't sure if that's what you really want. Hence, if you want to build healthy relationships, it is crucial to be self-aware. The better we know ourselves, the better the relationships we can build.

- Improved Moods:

Our mood patterns are highly dependent on how we feel about ourselves. In other words, our actions, thoughts, and behaviors have a huge impact on our moods. When we improve our relationship with ourselves, we tend to have better moods. Additionally, it becomes much easier to regulate our moods and feelings.

- Effective Communication:

Being self-aware is known to improve your communications with people around you. Similarly, this helps in genuine relationships. Even if they are a friend, or a spouse, or simply a co-worker, you can effectively converse with them. Additionally, the better we known ourselves, the communication becomes simpler.

How can you improve self-awareness?

1. Pay attention to what bothers you in people

It often happens that we tend to dislike someone for their activities or behavior. Pay close attention to them. It may so happen that we tend to dislike the qualities we have ourselves. In other words, the reflection of some qualities we hate in others is present in us.

However, we all have characteristics that we aren't so proud of. So the next time when someone's behavior bothers you, think to yourself if it a reflection of your qualities.

2. Use the power of meditation

Have you ever heard of mindful meditation? It is the practice of focusing simply on your breath. Additionally, it requires you to cut your mind from distracting. However, it will be quite possible for your mind to get distracted, yet try to focus back. Mindful meditation has been known to improve your mood patterns, treat depression and anxiety.

In addition, it is a great way to be aware of your thoughts. For instance, one reason we aren't self-aware is that we think too much. Regular practice of mindful meditation will give you a new perspective. Additionally, it will open your eyes as to how your thinking works, and it helps you to improve self-awareness.

3. Know your strengths and weaknesses

A great way to be self-aware is to know your strengths and weaknesses. In addition, it will help with coping with life situations. Every individual out there has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, it is a good way to know your true potential to shape your future.

However, it can be some of your weaknesses that stop you from taking risks or trying out something new. Hence, the more self-aware you are, the better you get with your life.

4. Listen to feedback

If you are a defensive or critical kind of person, you might not take this well. However, it is vital to have your feedback and take them in a good spirit. Similarly, your weaknesses can limit your dreams.

For example, choose a person with who you have a strong relationship. They can be your parents, best friend, or spouse who can be open enough to point out your weaknesses. Sit them down and ask them for feedback. Additionally, positively take criticism to improve yourself. No matter how bad the feedback may be, choose to tackle them.

5. Know your emotional triggers

There are multiple ways to control your emotions only if you are aware of what sets the mind working. Additionally, being self-aware is closely related to emotional intelligence.

If you have been thinking about how to improve your social skills, first up, learn to identify your emotional triggers. Similarly, catch yourself reacting to emotions. This is one of the best ways to improve self-awareness.

Developing the art of self-awareness takes time, effort, and patience. However, if you master the skill, there is no stopping from reaching the heights of success. As a result, you will live a life of quality and healthy relationships. Similarly, motivate yourself to do the right thing. Even though it may be hard, get up and get it done. Practice meditation and see how it changes your life.

Additionally, take new experiences and don't limit yourself from anything. To take charge of your life, you will need to bring about some changes. Dreams are limitless; chase them with the right heart.

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