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7 ways to improve your social awareness

These social skills activities can help you improve your social awareness.


1. Give importance to listening

2. Make it a practice to repeat what is said

3. Pay attention to the tone

4. Keep an eye on the body language

5. Place yourself in other’s shoes

6. Identify your own emotions

7. Reflect back

If you are looking to develop great relationships and build genuine friendships, you need to work on these skills. Furthermore, it forms great interactions that help build social awareness. Similarly, take ownership of your behavior and ask for feedback. It is also important to notice the behaviors of others that may cause you to respond negatively. 


Additionally, if you receive negative feedback, take it on a lighter note. Make sure you work on it. Work on building your positive traits. Besides, use them to your advantage when you communicate with others. Improving your social skills isn’t an overnight task. It takes consistency, patience, and determination to follow a path. With the right kind of aim and passion, no skill can’t be learned.

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20 Tips for building and improving your Interpersonal Skills

1. Be a good listener – 

2. Accept People – 

3. Be the Happy person – 

4. Don’t be a Complainer – 

5. Encourage People – 

6. Be Positive – 

7. Good communication is a must – 

8. Let go of the Ego – 

9. Appreciating Others – 

10. Constructive Criticism –

11. Team Building – 

12. Taking Initiatives – 

13. Accepting the Blame, Taking Responsibility – 

14. Be Honest – 

15. Speak Up – 

16. Good Verbal Communication – 

17. Tolerance & Patience – 

18. Respect – 

19. Socialize well – 

20. Live and Let Live – 

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Life is like a great movie with lots of ups and downs. Similarly, our lives also have a lot of instances wherein our plans don’t follow our route or don’t work out the way we planned them to. We need to remember that everything is not in our control; various other factors influence decisions. Also, it’s completely normal to have some things way out of our schedule or plan. So what should you do if things don’t work your way? Do you get angry or overstressed? 

Additionally, do you ever give a thought if you are standing in between getting the work done? There can be multiple reasons for that. Stop focusing on the things you don’t have any control over. Instead, what you can do is work on yourself in these pretty stressful situations.

Here are 4 tips to help you do things your way.

– Remember why you are doing it

– Analyze the outcome

– Focus on the important stuff

– Listen to some soothing music


Positive self-talk has a big influence on the way we think, on the way we respond to certain life situations and overall decides the quality of our life.

Positive thinking can be an effective method to deal with stress and related issues. Having a positive outlook on life is sure to give you many health benefits.

Research suggests that optimists have a greater quality of life. If you feel you have very negative self-talk and would want to change it into the positive self-talk,  then start with changing your inner dialogues. It will improve your health and make you a positive person altogether. And who doesn’t love being with a positive person?

Be around happy and positive people, find humor in every situation, try not to be over-critical about every situation, keep your feelings in check and transition slowly into a positive self-talk mode. Give your positive and encouraging affirmations and never let yourself down under any circumstances.

If you don’t have control over your feelings, it will be others who will play around with it which can create quite a havoc. Be patient, be kind, be considerate, and eventually everything will fall into place. 




Stress and sleep go hand in hand. The amount of sleep you get has a great effect on your mood patterns. If you do not get the required amount of sleep, it takes a toll on your body and mind. Your stress levels will be magnified, and your moods will be affected, eventually so will be your day. Try to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep daily to get a new head start to a new day.

The more refreshed you feel, the productive your day will turn out to be. Lack of sleep can also affect your physical and mental health. Try to get a good night’s sleep to be positive and improve the quality of your life.  


Well, the answer to that is simple, anxiety is mostly due to stress, the moment you remove that excess stress from yourself, and you will automatically conquer your anxiety.

36 Tips for overcoming the fear of change at the workplace














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How To Make An Amazing Career Plan.png

Here I have described how you should make your career plan. These are some of those factors you have to do to achieve the goals you have dreamt of. Step by step process to make an amazing career plan


2.) Learn about Leadership

3.) Adapt Critical thinking 

4.) Adaptability

5.) Teamwork approach

6.) Mastery of hard skills

7.) Mastery in Technology

8.) Data Management

9.) Research skills 

10.) Financial Planning 

11.) First focus on short-term goals 

12.) Long-term goals

13.) Write your action plan

14.) Maintain your list

A successful career is like a marathon. You keep running and running. You can meet darkness in your life. Some days may also be full of joy. All you need is to keep going. Because there is no fixed destination for a successful career, it is the journey that gives you everything you have always desired for. 

2 Ways To Be Patient.png

Here are some amazing tips to increase your patience level. 


Some people take a small stroll when breathing doesn’t help them find their calmness.


Meditation is something that is helping people from ancient times to modern days with their life choices. The study says that 10 minutes of meditation each day helps us regain our hidden truth of ourselves. It increases our ability to focus on a single thing. It clears our vision of life. Gradually, you become a calmer person than before. 

Time has come that we practice having a little more patience. Especially in today’s world, it has become an important factor in having the patience to live a peaceful life. Practice. You will be a master in some time.

What is the best resume builder?.png

Resume builders are interactive online resume templates that allow one to fill in erudition and create a cohesive resume. The resumes made using resume builders are more impressive, presentable, and acceptable to the recruiters. 

Further, the steps of building an impressive resume using a resume builder are as follows-


-Search and find a suitable resume builder.

-Keep all your elements and data ready, including resume and the work description of the position you are applying for.

-Follow the prompts from the resume builder you fancy. Determine the prompts that will require a minimum of your effort.

-Last but not least, examine your resume with Job scan to make sure it is optimized for those troublesome aspirant tracking systems! 

A resume builder is technically essential as a resume builder increases your chances of getting selected for your dream job.


It proves to be the foremost step towards the journey of you getting your success in professional life.


Since it is believed that one needs to be unique to stand out from the rest of the herd, to embark on the process of getting invited for an interview. Which tends to be a step in the ladder of landing in your dream organization.

How to negotiate salary in proper way.png

1. Don’t pause to ask for a salary number that feels appropriate to both you and your recruiter even though you are a fresher.

2. If you are In-between Companies:To negotiate genuinely or to show off your offers, make comparisons, and demand the pay. See to it that you don’t go overboard while exchanging the salary proposals. 

3. Know the numbers based on market value

4. Prepare yourself 

5. Be Confident

6. Show the Results

7. Don’t be stubborn with your idea

8. Be polite & strong enough to refuse

9. Do not underestimate yourself to your recruiter/boss

10. People could look for future-value

11. Be Clear and Crisp in Communicating

12. Steps to handle when the answer is No to Salary Hike

i) It’s not a ‘NO’ for ever

ii) It’s not always about your ‘Performance’

iii) Understand what’s going on

iv) You can analyze

v) Start working on yourself

13. Negotiating Salary During the Interview 

In reality, you know your workplace and how your company is functioning. So take these steps as a starter, see what’s going on in the company, analyze how you can bring it to the table to discuss, and see what you can do to begin negotiating the salary proposals that you deserve.

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Hiring a professional will maximize your chances of securing your dream job in the first attempt.

If you follow these tips given below, you will have no trouble in finding the best resume service for you.

1. Choose resume writing service and not clerical assistance

2. Ask for a referral

3. Request your first consultation for free

4. Search out for a reasonable price

5. Have a look at samples

6. Search for targeted resumes

7. Try for a certified resume writer

A resume is the first thing that the hiring manager sees, and everyone wants it to be perfect. 

Resume writing services help you to gain the attention of the best companies in your field.

Job-seekers go out to them and give them their details and all the other information. They sketch your rough resume and send it for fixing. Further, after approval, they start the process of writing the resume.  

Since the resume is a tool of marketing, professionals work on making it look good and impressive. 

Resume writing services offer to guide or job search or various packages and other resources that you can use to improve yourself.

How do you write a good resume?.png

A resume is your very first introduction to an employer. It creates your first impression on the employer. So, it is just not only a document of some pages. It is the first step to prove yourself in front of the employer that you are perfect for that particular job. Your career objective, skills, acceptance all should get reflected in your resume. 

To write a good resume, follow these seven most important things that should get included in your resume. 

Resume Summary

Contact information

Professional expertise

Skills and certification

Education details

Any online portfolio

Your goals

There are some essential factors or components. That should be present there when creating your resume. To write a good resume, focus on the central part.

Here are some central parts of a resume.

Organized Format

Correct Spelling and Grammar

Keywords from the job description

Related job or internships experience

To write a good resume, you need to keep these factors in mind while making a resume. You’ll make a lasting effect on the hiring manager’s mind. 

What is a resume and importance of resume?.png

A resume is a document that lists your education — work experience, skills as well as achievements. Successful resumes attract potential companies. To invite candidates to interview for the post. You will need a resume for almost any job application. Importance of a resume: It’s considered essential information. To give to an employer so they can weigh up whether you’re suitable for a role. And if they want to invite you to a job interview. 

Importance of resume such as

1. Summarize your vocation goal

2. To show your accomplishments

Following are the advantages of a good resume- 


1. To sell your skills

2. To grab an interview

3. To Brand Yourself

4. Quick but lasting first impression

5. To show your achievements

In any interview procedure, the well-written resume plays a significant role. Your resume is one of the essential items for any group. The importance of resume it that clarifies the summary of your previous work experience, knowledge, skills, and training. 

Why Internship is Important for your Future?.png

Taking internship programs will give the confidence to face your professional interviews as well as industry entry-levels easily.  Being a young professional, partaking in internship programs will help you lay down a strong path into professional careers. Successful completion of internships will bring more value to your resume.

20 Reasons Why Internships are Important for your ensuring Professional Success

1. You Stand Out

2. Your Resume looks Strong

3. Internship shows your Commitment

4. You Gain Knowledge

5. Smooth Transition into the Industry with Intern Experience

6. Good Team Spirit

7. Industry-Specific Internships

8. Financial Help

9. Door to Opportunities

10. Easy Entry-Level

11. Easy to move to Full Time

12. Networking/Contacts

13. Interns Learn Real Industry Environment Culture and Ethics

14. Good Mentoring

15. Abroad Internships are added advantage

16. Helps you find your Niche

17. Gain Real Experience

18. Boosts your Confidence

19. Time Management Skill

20. Incorporate Good Personalities

It is a great way to launch a professional career smoothly. The experience you gain from your internship can become a formidable tool to decide your course of action.  This list of ‘why internships are important’ will help you gain a good perspective on how you can shape your career. Especially to jobseeker and college freshers, an internship makes your journey a smooth ride into the big professional world.  

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It is quite possible to take control of our actions and emotions. Emotions are a complex reaction that behaves the way we react to them. Similarly, it all depends on our perspective. If we wish to see things in a positive light, our mind believes the same. On the other hand, if negativity overpowers our minds, we tend to take things negatively. There are many ways we can manage our emotions.

8 ways to manage emotions

1. Learn why emotions are difficult to get over

2. Assign meanings to emotions

3. Don’t ignore your emotions

4. Identify the emotion

5. Ask yourself if the emotion will do you any good?

6. Remind yourself that this shall pass

7. Find the source of emotion

8. Accept the fact

There are multiple ways that you can control your emotionsWork in order to live a life of positivity and harmonies. If you feel you can’t get enough help, try talking out to people and discussing issues. Similarly, be open with your feelings. This will help you gain a new perspective. Additionally, it will help you come out of your bubble. Talk to your parents, friends, or counselor to seek advice. 

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Multiple soft skills are crucial in a work environment. Let’s look at some soft skills examples and types of soft skills. Soft skills in the workplace that are of high importance include communication skills, leadership qualities, influencing skills, interpersonal skills, personal skills, professional skills, and creativity.

These are the seven basic categories of soft skills that have multiple subcategories and types. Some of them include body language, verbal communication, writing, storytelling, visual communication. Additionally, they include humor, storytelling, presentation skills, which are a part of the communication skills.  

Soft skills are personal traits and characteristics of an individual that enhances an individual’s ability to get work done. In other words, the term soft skills are often linked to individuals’ emotional intelligence. Hard skills usually signify individuals’ technical skills to perform a pre-defined task.

On the other hand, soft skills are applicable across multiple industries and job titles. It is a known fact that hard skills may get you a job while soft skills are the ones that help you keep the job.  

How to Be Prepared for Anything : A Scenario Plan.png

Here are some methods that can help you face any situation

Be positive

Always have a positive state of mind.  Focus on positives but also be ready to learn from the adverse outcomes.

Keep your finances in order.

Save for a rainy day.  There is a lot of truth in that statement.  You can face any eventualities, especially health issues or losses in business or funds for a new enterprise if you maintain some savings. 


Another important way to be prepared for all types of situations is to be fit and healthy because if your health goes down and the issue becomes complicated. 

Practice mindfulness

Being mindful means to focus on the present moment,

Understanding your thoughts, feelings, and sensations such as breathing.

Being prepared is the best way to mitigate any eventuality.  For foreseen situations, you can use your experience and advice of others to be ready.  For unforeseen eventualities, you should guess or cover using Insurance.

Whatever be the outcome of a situation, one should keep calm, be positive, be financially sound, and practice mindfulness.  In case you are not able to handle it yourself, it is better to seek the help of a professional person to do so. 

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15 Time Management Strategies

Every individual is different. The strategies, techniques they use to solve their day to day activities vary drastically. But the emphasis has always been on the Time. You manage your Time efficiently; you get things done faster and productive. Keeping that in mind, these 15 time management strategies that are easy to follow. You can either take them as a whole or pick the ones that work for you. In the end, the strategy will help you manage the Time you have easily. 

1. Start your day early

2. Keep your space Clean and Organized

3. Be aware of your Gadget Time

4. Active & Productive Time of the Day

5. Get your priorities straight

6. Focus on what is important right now

7. Practice Bullet Journaling – Have a To-Do List

8. Be organized

9. Don’t procrastinate

10. Take personal breaks

11. Get help when needed

12. Don’t wait

13. Have your deadline

14. Follow simple lifestyle routines

15. The 5D’s of time management 

Make sure that you enjoy the work you do. Remember that none of the time management seems to work if you do not like and enjoy what you do. Use the time management strategies that suit you. It can be one or two or a whole.

how to beat procrastination.jpg

10 Simple & Effective Time Management Techniques to Beat Procrastination

With a simple and easy to follow time-management techniques, you can easily overcome the procrastination habit. 

1. “Active” in Your Spare Time

2. Divide the work into little chunks

3. ‘Short-Time’ things first

4. Get Started somewhere

5. Take Little Breaks

6. Stop Notifications for a While

7. There’s ‘No’ Perfect time

8. De-cluttered Workplace

9. Schedule & Prioritize

10. Better Idea than Avoidance 

Procrastination is normal. You don’t have to feel guilty about it. To beat procrastination, allocate a specific time or a few hours in a day to do the things that you like to do. In this way, you won’t be thinking about them while you are set to work seriously. But, the concern here is if we keep procrastinating, it puts a question on our credibility. We need to draw the line somewhere.

Good time-management skills can help you treat procrastinating habits a lot better. 

What are the best resume templates?.png

The best resume templates are much more than just black words on a white page. It aids you to define your accomplishments: work experience and future goals. And also help to identify educational background. Successfully as well as in the best light.

Whereas choosing the best resume template site. Do not check design plus style alone. Choose a template that is not only striking. But aids you to stand out from the competition. Every word resume should serve a purpose plus. Should support your job target.

Do not make the mistake of thinking. You need to comprise everything about yourself in your resume. When you know your focus. Cautiously review the body of your resume. And eliminate or reframe everything. That does not serve your job target.

Choose a resume template that lines up. With your business and educational background. Substitute its text with your qualifications. And download it toward use right away. You would not consider your resume comprehensive. Until it is completely optimized for each precise job.