How to deal with overwhelmed feeling-  12 steps and 7 quick ways
We all face burn-outs; it is not just you nor just me. Feelings that cannot be managed are ok sometimes, and that is when you need to give time to yourself and let your body and mind calm down from your routine.Overwhelming feeling has nothing to do with age; any one of us can have such feelings. We all feel stressed, depressed, or overwhelmed at one point. But while dealing with these feelings, we need to understand that this is just a feeling like any other feeling. It is not something ultimate situation from which you can never get over....View more
8 Mood-Boosting Benefits of 30 Minutes Reading a Day
Very often, some of us catch ourselves thinking about our younger days. When we could finish entire thickly-bound novels in days at a time! For us former bookworms, summers well full of great adventures across fantasy lands. From Harry Potter to solving great mysteries with Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. You looked forward to it every day. But as time passed, so did our capacity to read for long stretches reduce. In this age of social media, few of us have kept up our old habits of reading. Most of us have our faces buried in the screens of our...View more
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Why Am I Not Happy
Don't feel like getting out of bed when the sun rises? Too down to face a new day and new challenges? You might just be gloomy and unhappy at the moment. When we are unhappy, the whole world seems black and white. Like the color just drained from it. So why do we feel so sad sometimes? Could it be the weather or some bad incident that took place on a particular day? 51 Reasons why am I not happyThere are so many reasons why we could be sad; let's see some of them understand ourselves better!1. Focusing on the...View more
A Guide to signs of true love at any age
'Life is the flower for which love is the honey,' this famous quote by the brilliant author Victor Hugo sums up the meaning of true love beautifully. Love can be in many forms, be it a lover's touch or a mother's warm embrace. But when we often take true love in the context of romantic love. It's very easy to mistake infatuation or lust as true love. While one is of an innocent kind, the other can be purely physical with no true affection or care. But true love means feeling safe and cared for by them always.What is true...View more

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

25 Powerful Steps to Master for Success in Start a New Life
Are you bored of your same old routine? Wake up-Eat-Work-Sleep-Wake up again. This monotonous drone of life may sometimes feel suffocating. If such thoughts are troubling you often, maybe it's time to start a new life! Before you panic, please note that you don't have to revamp your entire life to start afresh. With patience and discipline, we can change our life successfully and completely renew them over time. Doing some simple small everyday changes will help you make some major changes over time live life anew! Some of those ways are,1. Build some courage: It's natural to have a...View more
the ultimate guide to having a bad day turn around - find out 36 ways
There are some days where you just wish you weren't born. Got late to office because of an accident and got yelled at by your boss for no fault of your own? Or burnt yourself while making your favorite meal, so you had to order in something else? Life throws a number of things at us every day. So, how do we cope with life without getting frustrated while still being grateful? Do we stay asleep under the sheets and hope the day passes, or do we suck it up and face it? Let's look at 36 ways to turn...View more
A Deep Dive Into Ways of Unconditional Love
As kids, we remember basking in the warm embrace of our mother's love. Our dads would bring many sweets and toys after a long day at the office. Reminiscing about such beautiful memories brings joy to our hearts and minds. Our parents, siblings, and loved ones would do things for us without expecting anything in return. Such love was pure and unconditional. As we grew up, we experienced this with our friends. We rarely find such love other than from our family and friends.What is unconditional love?Love that does not expect anything in return when given is unconditional. To love...View more
15 Brilliant Tips for Deal With a Self-Centered Girlfriend Newbies
Ever had times in your relationship where you didn't feel heard? Like, you speak about your bad day with your girlfriend, but she just ignores it and rants on about how she has had it worse? Or you share about a promotion at work, but she compares it to her achievements and belittles your subtlety? Your girlfriend might just be a self-centered person. There are a few ways you can deal with such behavior without affecting the relationship:1. Communicate your needs: 'Self-centered people often don't realize how their actions affect others,' says MFT therapist MoAndra Johnson. So it's good to...View more

By nature, we tend to speak our own language. Whatever makes us feel loved is what we do for the other person. But if it is not his/her language, it will not mean to them what it means to us. - Gary Chapman, Things I wish I knew before I got married

27 Proven Tips to Mastering Change Your Boring Life
We аre given life with mаny орроrtunities tо mаke it everything we wаnt it tо be аnd mоre. If yоu find thаt yоu’ve sliррed intо living а bоring life, it’s time tо tаke а hаrd lооk аt whаt yоu’ve been dоing аnd whаt yоu саn stаrt dоing nоw tо mаke it mоre interesting.Mаybe yоu’ve been dоing the sаme thing аnd living the sаme life fоr tоо lоng, оr mаybe yоur dаily rоutine is limiting yоur grоwth аnd hаррiness. Whаtever yоur reаsоn is, the fоllоwing list саn definitely mаke аny dаy оr life mоre interesting. Sоme оf them аre silly, while...View more
I Changed My Mind About Self-Centered vs Selfish People. Here’s Why
A person is made up of many traits, which are like double-edged swords. You do too much of something, and you may falter. But you do too little of something considered to be bad you may lose out too. Self-centeredness is one such quality. Too much, or it borders on utter selfishness, which is nasty. But, too little of it, and you may become a pawn in the hand of others.So, how can we know when we overdo it? How much is too much? Are there signs that we can look out for the difference between being selfish and being...View more
15 benefits to be self-centered
Most of us are taught right from a very young age to be selfless and share. It's one of the basic lessons taught to a kid. Kids are always taught to put the needs of others before their own. Selflessness is a virtue. But is that true? Like, can a person be selfless all the time? Being too selfless can end up being bad in the long run. We may end up neglecting our own needs in favor of helping others. When our wants are not met, we become upset and unfulfilled.Is being self-centered a good thing?A balance is needed...View more
15 ways to deal with self-centered people
Life is a journey, and we manage to meet pretty much all kinds of people in it. Kind, Smart, Cunning, Happy-go-lucky. But, the toughest is the self-centered lot. Extremely self-involved in their life, they can be easily spotted in a crowd, boasting about their achievements. Quite often, they are pretty tough to handle.So how do we deal with this lot? Avoid them? Runaway? But before that, let's see how certain people turn up so self-obsessed with their lives, shunning everything else as trivial!What causes a person to be self-centered?The seeds of self-centeredness are mostly sown at an early age. It...View more

Verbal communication is essential in order to understand what is going on inside other people. If they do not tell us their thoughts, their feelings, and their experiences, we are left to guess. - Dr. Gary Chapman, Now You're Speaking My Language

The Ultimate Guide to Signs of Negative People
Yоu рrоbаbly wоnder hоw оne рersоn саn survive with аll thаt inside them! Yet, these negаtive рeорle exist аll аrоund us аnd аre imроssible tо аvоid.This is nоt tо sаy thаt yоu will never hаve mоments оf desраir, аnxiety аnd disсоurаgement. But аs а роsitive рersоn, yоu never let these thоughts tаke оver yоur life. Yоu lives the fоur-tо-оne rаtiо: Yоu generаte fоur роsitive thоughts fоr every negаtive оne, tо keeр situаtiоns frоm getting оut оf hаnd.Whаt is negаtive рeорle?А negаtive рeорle оften hаve а hаrd time reсоgnizing this behаviоr in themselves. Sо we've рrоvided sоme аssistаnсe by rоunding uр...View more
21 signs of a self-centered and self-absorbed people
Often when we are at a party or gathering, there is always a person who boasts about achieving a lot in life. Such people always need to be the center of attention in public places. These self-absorbed people are energy vampires who suck the life out of events or even people.21 signs of a Self-centered person Some sure-fire signs let us identify such people so that we can stay clear of them:1. Don't compromise on opinions: Self-confident people are sure about their views. They always stick to their viewpoints. They back their opinions with suitable proof. Self-absorbed people are quite...View more
How to stop procrastinating: You need to work now to turn it good ways
I guess every one of you has had that moment ever that you hesitate to do or speak something. Well, it's not the wrong thing sometimes. But, it is not good when you need to speak up. For example, in a class lecture, you had a doubt, and you didn't raise your hand to get a solution to it. You would find it difficult to speak up in a class. It might be, this example is relatable to many of you. Even I am one of them. I used to procrastinate a lot when asking something to the teacher if...View more
Don’t give up: Believe in yourself and see the magic you create
"If they can do it, let them do it. If they can't do it, how can I do it?"This is the quote I read somewhere, and it made me think for a while. Anyway, it is true also. People in our society, or even you, have the same mindset about any task. And you easily give up on anything unexpectedly. I agree that when after too much hardship, you don't receive the positive result out of your work, getting disappointed is evident. You may lose your hopes. You feel like a loser. But, have your feelings changed the fact? Okay,...View more

Communication sometimes is not what you first hear, listen not just to the words, but listen for the reason. - Catherine Pulsifer

How to change your life - Few steps that you can implement to change your life
Evolution is a necessary part of life. Every one of us changes with time. Change is constant. You can't avoid changes in life. So just adapt and change with the changes in your surroundings.These changes can help you to discover the purpose of your life. It is always your choice to attract the positive changes that lead to the betterment of your living standards. Every person has been through the bad times where he/she thinks, "I want to change my life." Wanting to change is the first step of transformation, but just thinking about the change won't do anything. You...View more
Think Outside the Box: Let's find the solution in another way
You should think out of the box!!!Whenever you are having the worst times of your lives where you feel stuck in all the areas, don't find a way to make a move, and it seems all the doors are shut, people will indeed suggest you think out of the box. But, what is the box? And, how should you go beyond the box? I don't know if you ever had this question, but when my teacher used this phrase for the first time, my mind continued to attack this question. Well, as easy it is advising someone that you need...View more
What is the point of life: Let's try to solve the mystery of life
Life........!!!!!A concise word, but it has a profound meaning. I would not be wrong if I said, very few people can know or have learned the fundamental importance of life. I read somewhere if you want to know the importance of life, like them, who just returned knowing death's door. I was always too curious to know,What is life?Life! The word sounds too small, but it is a long journey that few people find pleasing, and for a few, it's unpleasant. If going with the official statement of Life, It is a condition that differentiates plants and animals from inorganic...View more
Happy people behave differently: Know the secret of being happy
Everyone suggests you be satisfied, whatever ups and downs come in your way. Instead, I believe being happy is an art. Even though everyone has this skill. But very few people are aware of this. You will agree with me if I say, even if happy people are like you, they are still different from everyone. Happy people always get recognition over those who being sad every time. Being happy does not mean you don't have any issues, you have achieved everything you wanted to, or you don't have to grieve. Happiness is beyond all these things. So, with the...View more

Every time I stand to communicate I want to take one simple truth and lodge it in the heart of the listener. I want them to know that one thing and know what to do with it. - Andy Stanley, Communicating for a Change