how to fall asleep fast - simple and easy tricks

how to fall asleep fast - simple and easy tricks


When you fall asleep, it means you are losing control over your senses and ceasing to pay attention. Falling asleep also means you are not awake. But to do so, you need to master the trick on how to fall asleep when anxious.

A sound and healthy sleep are extremely important. By giving rest to your body, you are in a way helping yourself to feel good and make your body and brain function more effectively.

A poor sleep throws a negative impact on many parts of your body and brain. You fail to focus on learning and memorizing. You cannot exercise and regulate your senses.

You may experience difficulties in sleeping. Unless you don’t really help yourself understand how to fall asleep when anxious, you probably stay awake almost all night or do not sleep all night long. This shadows a negative impact on your biological functioning as well as your overall well-being.

20 ways on how to fall asleep

Here are 20 simple and easy tricks to escape out of such a sleepless night and help yourself fall asleep fast.

❖ Drink a glass of warm milk before bed. You will soon fast asleep. If you cannot do so, you may alternatively choose to gulp a glass of warm water.

❖ Take a warm shower an hour before going to bed. You will enjoy your sleep better and will also have an undisturbed sleep all night long.

❖ Dim the lighting around and set your restroom ambiance organized. Remove the clutter in and around your bed. Change your bedsheets as well.

❖ Read a bedtime story to distract all the worries out of your head. Do not go for horror stories. Read something that interests you and relaxes your mind as well.

❖ Inculcate the habit of diary writing before setting to bed. By shifting all your thoughts and emotions from mind to book, you will consciously learn how to fall asleep when anxious. You feel far better by mind and body and tend to sleep.

❖ Follow your breath. Inhale from one nostril and exhale from the other. Repeat this multiple times. You will soon fall asleep. Doing so, you will master the key as to how to fall asleep in 10 seconds.

❖ Have your dinner early and give a minimum of one hour gap between your dinner time and bedtime. Stay away from electronics and gadgets as well during this hour.

❖ Exercise a lot during the day. Set a timetable for your daily routine and follow the same. Push yourself to bed and wake up in the morning, on all days, during the timings, that you fixed beforehand.

❖ To enjoy a full night's sleep, avoid naps during the day. This way, you can teach yourself how to sleep faster.

❖ Listen to light and relaxing music. This will improve the quality of your sleep. Listen to music at a very low volume.

❖ Cut your beverages like coffee, tea, or other hard drinks a couple of hours before going to bed. If you have a carving for a beverage, bribe yourself that if you sleep early, you can wake up early and will have a chance to share your drink with your loved ones.

❖ Help yourself understand your tasks for tomorrow. Set a schedule and follow the same. This gives you a sigh of relief and gets you to sleep better.

❖ Recollect moments that bring about happiness. By being happy, your worries are erased temporarily from your mind and you can have a great sleep.

❖ Clean your feet and toes with warm water. Apply a soothing cream or a moisturizer. Pullover socks. This works even well when you are sick.

❖ Clean your face and eyes with cold water for a couple of seconds. Your eyes will soon feel like closing and this will in turn send signals to the brain to take rest.

❖ Spray a room freshener in your bedroom. Let the cool breeze flow in. Adjust your room temperature and change your sleeping position. All these will help you sleep fast.

❖ Try reflexology or acupressure. Pressing on these pressure points will restore your body balance and regulate your mind and body. You will in no time fall asleep fast.

❖ Practice meditation a couple of minutes before going to bed. It refreshes your mind from all the wandering thoughts, emotions, and anxieties and helps you sleep well.

❖ Visualize as if you were sleeping in your favorite spot, like a garden or a beach. Picture yourself as if you were enjoying every moment in that space.

❖ Tell yourself that you are really tired. In fact, work in a way that tires your body and mind pretty much. By doing enough workouts and stressing your body, you will soon master the art of how to fall asleep faster at night.

Finally, if you do not have sufficient sleep, you feel frustrated about getting along with your life. This impacts your daily routine and your goals in life as well. You tend to fail in maintaining an equilibrium between life and profession. It is therefore important that you follow the above easy tricks and carryout good personal and social life.

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    Best Ways to Help You Fall Asleep Easily with Relaxation Techniques

    If you are one of the millions of people who have trouble with falling asleep faster, or rather insomnia, you may find yourself tossing around in your bed with your mind racing. What you need is a full night's sleep.

    By cultivating the right approach, you can easily fall asleep within a matter of minutes. One of the key things to help you sleep faster is relaxation.

    Numerous research shows that the relaxation process is a physiological process that affects your mind and body.

    The relaxation process helps you to drift off to sleep peacefully by reducing stress and anxiety. A step-to-step guide of relaxation method has proven to help with insomnia and sleep problems.

    Best Relaxation Methods to help you sleep better

    For decades, relaxation has been a core focus of many spiritual and cultural practices. Permitting a sense of calm and connection with the surrounding world and oneself.

    There are four key relaxation things to do to help you sleep at night more peacefully.

    1- A quiet environment:

    Quietness does not always have to mean complete silence. Calming sounds and music are beneficial. Whereas loud or abrasive noises can be disturbing.

    2- A focus of attention:

    To help you draw your attention and reduce thinking about external concerns, try to use a mental image, a word, phrase, mantra, or breathing pattern.

    3- A passive attitude:

    For you to accept that it is normal for your mind to wander allows you to remain at ease. And it draws your attention back to the object of your attention.

    4- A comfortable position:

    A good position can play a major role in having a good sleep. Naturally, when you start relaxing to fall asleep, the recommended position is lying in bed.

    The four key methods are ways to achieve the desirable sleeping outcome. So that you can calmly fall asleep. Remembering these basics allows you to adjust these methods to your liking.

    Once you are all set and lying comfortably on your bed, try one of these relaxing techniques to ease yourself and sleep soundly.

    - Controlled breathing:

    Controlled breathing is a series of slow, deep breaths that enables a sense of calm. This method is also known as pranayama breathing. And is believed to reduce stress in the nervous system and prepare the brain for sleep.

    To practice controlled breathing, you can try ;

    1- Counting breaths

    - Through your nose, inhale slowly and gently.

    - Through your mouth, exhale slowly and gently.

    - Then count up. You can either count each breath or each cycle of inhalation or exhalation. Whichever is more suitable to you.

    2- Dr. Andrew Weil’s 4-7-8 method

    - Place the tip of your tongue behind your front teeth and hold it in this position throughout the exercise.

    - Inhale through your nose slowly and keep your mouth closed. And while inhaling, count to four.

    - Hold your breath and count to seven

    - Exhale through your open mouth while counting to eight.

    - Repeat this cycle three more times.

    Controlled breathing is perfect for those who have just started using relaxation methods. Or who have a hard time using other methods of focus like imagery or mantras.

    Meditation and Mindfulness:

    Mindfulness is focused around slow, steady breathing and the present moment. It has been found to have numerous health benefits, such as help to reduce insomnia by reducing anxiety and stress.

    One easy way to perform mindfulness meditation is the body scan meditation.

    - Focus on your breathing by inhaling and exhaling at a comfortable pace.

    - Try to focus on the position of your body on the bed.

    - Notice any good or bad sensation in your legs or feet.

    - Continue to scan your body from your legs to your head—each sensation. The goal for you is to stay present and observe your body, and then letting each part of your body relax.

    - After scanning, let your whole body relax.

    Meditation is great, everyone. But to get used to it takes practice. It works best for people who can invest at least five minutes per day in allowing themselves to get comfortable with it.

    Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    PMR slowly tightens and releases the muscles throughout the body with controlled breathing. Resulting in creating a calming effect.

    You can do this technique by doing the following;

    - Breathe in and out slowly while your eyes closed.

    - Tense your muscles, starting with your face for 10 seconds. Then release your muscles and take deep breaths in and out for several seconds.

    - Tense your shoulders for about 10 seconds and then relax and breathe.

    - Continue this method of tensing and relaxing the following body parts. Skip if necessary if any area causes pain;

    1- Shoulders

    2- Upper arms

    3- Lower arms and hands

    4- Back

    5- Stomach

    6- Buttocks

    7- Calves

    8- Feet

    PMR has been found to help people with insomnia. And when done properly, it may also be beneficial for people who have arthritis. Though, this is not recommended for those who have heart problems.


    Imagery is sought to be the easiest technique of relaxation. It imagines a peaceful image from your past or any image that you find soothing that can divert your attention to have relaxation.

    You can achieve relaxation by doing the following;

    - In a comfortable position, with your eyes closed, think about a place or a situation from your past that relaxes you. or any imagery setting such as a quiet natural garden.

    - Study the details of this setting and how it looks while slowly breathing in and out.

    - Continue doing this by adding details that relate to your sense, such as smell, taste, or touch, and experience the calmness of this mental image.

    This is great as a bedtime relaxation for visual thinkers who can easily recall past scenes. Or any soothing memory.

    All these relaxing techniques are positive things to help you sleep at night. It takes time to get used to it, but they provide the best outcome. Try to take it slowly and practice whichever technique suits you the best.

    6 Top things to help you sleep quickly

    Aside from relaxation techniques, some pre-bedtime tips prepare your mind and body to fall asleep easily.

    - Relax for at least half an hour before bedtime. It can be done by either reading, light stretching, or any other relaxing techniques. Doing these activities are ideal during this time.

    - Switch off your close-range electronic devices. Such as laptops, phones, or tablets because they stimulate your brain, which makes it harder to fall asleep.

    - Dim your bedroom lights to help you relax your eyes. And makes you are wearing comfortable clothes.

    - The cooler your bedroom, the better. So, make sure it is set to a pleasant temperature.

    - Use a calming scent like lavender oil that generates a calming effect.

    - Before bed, avoid big meals, spicy foods, caffeine, or alcohol.

    - Have a consistent sleep schedule. Do the same wake-up time every day, including the weekends. This helps your body to fine-tune and adjust to more regular sleep.

    - Do physical activity. Regular exercise maintains and benefits your body on so many levels. Getting better sleep is one of them.


    Sleep is an important part of our lives. We need sleep to survive. And to have a healthier lifestyle. We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. So, if you are not getting a sufficient amount of sleep each day, then it can affect your health generally.

    To achieve that, one must relax. Relaxation is as important as falling asleep. There are many relaxation techniques and pre-bedtime techniques for you to try. They are natural things to help you sleep faster and better.

    It's never too late to try.

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    5 Scientifically backed Simple and Easy Tricks to help you Fall Asleep Faster

    A lifestyle that gives you a good night's sleep of 6-8 Hours is the best medicine you can have these days. Nothing else heals the body than a good night's sleep.

    For a good night's sleep, here’s our share for you. We have discussed scientifically-backed easy-to-follow tricks that will help you fall asleep faster at night. We hope you will consider them.

    1. Quality of Mattresses and Pillows:

    Do you know you can fall asleep faster if you have the right mattresses and pillows?

    A good mattress and a good pillow support good sleep. It supports your body to relax and fall asleep faster and comfortable.

    There are different types of sleepers like the ones who sleep on their back, on their stomach, sideways, and in a curled-up position. I am pretty sure we all have any one of the above sleeping position. We can choose mattresses based on sleeping positions too.

    For instance, those who sleep on their backs will prefer little firmness instead of too soft. Those who sleep sideways will need a soft mattress and an aligning pillow. Irrespective of sleep positions, you need a good mattress and a good pillow to make sure you get a comfortable sleep.

    Try investing in a quality mattress and pillow.

    You have different types of mattresses like a firm, soft, snug-fit, special designs for leg-pain, back-pain, and neck-pain, etc. Pick mattresses that give you comfort while sleeping with the back or sideways.

    2. Better Sleep Positions will help you fall asleep easily:

    In what position do you sleep? Have you noticed it?

    Do you sleep on your back or sideways (left/right) or on your stomach or in a fetal position?

    If the answer is either back or Sideways, it is good. Falling asleep faster can become easy because your body can relax easily in these positions.

    But, if you have the habit of sleeping on your stomach or in a fetal position, you have to start changing it. These positions offer more uneasiness to you.

    Maintaining a good sleeping position is a scientifically-backed tip to help you fall asleep faster.

    Here are good sleep positions ideas for you:

    If you like to sleep sideways, then sleep on your left side. It is a preferred sleeping position that gives comfort to your body and helps you fall asleep quickly.

    If you like to sleep in a curled-up, fetal-like position, you have to make it as free and comfortable as possible. Don’t coil too tight. Make sure your curled-up posture is comfortable, airy, and allows free-breathing to fall asleep easily.

    If you sleep upside down by lying on the stomach, kindly change the habit. It is the least preferred position according to sleep researchers. This position adds unnecessary strain to muscles and organs in the body. Your breathing flow is made uneasy here.

    Bring the habit of sleeping on your back. It is always good. It gives you the chance to relax from head to toe. You can spread your legs and arms freely. Make sure you are loose, comfortable, and not too stiff.

    Relaxation, comfort, and to fall asleep faster is the base for good sleeping.

    Make sure you prefer sideways and on the back. If you are sleeping position in a curled-up, and on stomach position, change it slowly.

    3. Achieve 90% darkness in the Bedroom:

    An easy tip to fall asleep faster is to bring your bedroom to nice darkness. Make your bedroom go nicely dark.

    There should be no artificial lights from your laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets. Make your bedroom a gadget-free zone. Leave everything in the study room. Or, if you are putting it in the bedroom make sure you put them in a drawer and close so no light comes.

    The idea here is to hide even a small trace of blinking lights from any digital gadgets in your bedroom. This will help you become sleep-ready and fall asleep sooner.

    Next, get rid of noises as you get rid of the lights. Noises from AC, fans, or other gadgets will hinder the sleep.

    You can wear eye-masks to get complete darkness if your room can’t achieve the total darkness.

    Dr. Jade Wu of Duke University is a renowned circadian and sleep researcher. Jade says we have to set our bedroom to total darkness like a cave. This dark setup becomes a natural signal to the brain to automatically slide into a ‘This is the bedtime’ mode. Our brain develops a reflex to relax and sleep when there is a dark bedroom setup. Eventually, falling asleep faster becomes easy now.

    4. Do you nap in the Day time?

    If so, it’s good.

    A short nap of 20-30 minutes will help you re-energize and refresh. That too, when you take a short nap between 1.45 PM – 3 PM, you are doing it right.

    An extended nap time of over 45 minutes will affect your nighttime sleep. It becomes difficult for you to fall asleep quicker in the night as soon as you hit the bed.

    If you nap during day time make sure you keep it short within the right time.

    If you are wondering why you couldn’t sleep fast at night, your extended nap can be a reason.

    5. Follow these 10 Lifestyle Routines:

    Your lifestyle routines play a significant role in making you fall asleep faster and easier. Do you know how? The way you start your day, what you do in the day, and how you end your day matters.

    If your day is filled with tensions, stress, unhealthy food, then your goodnight sleep is going to go away.

    If you try to add happy activities like taking healthy foods, a snack break with friends, a call to your loved ones, etc. you can make the best out of a bad day.

    “The positive you go to bed, the easier it becomes for you to fall asleep quicker.”

    Prepare yourself with simple routines to fall asleep quicker like:

    Don’t wear tight clothes to sleep in. Wear comfortable clothes for good sleep at night.

    Strong fragrances from room sprays, insect repellents, personal perfumes, aromatherapy, etc. will alert your brain instead of putting it in a calm state. For some people, this could be the reason behind all the tossing and turning in the night.

    If you like a little bit of fragrance for calmness, go for lavender or other mild ones.

    Maintain a gap of at least half an hour between your dinner and night sleep. Hitting the bed as soon as finishing your dinner affects your sleep significantly.

    Don’t take a heavy dinner. If you do so, take it before 8 PM. After the dinner, have a slow walk for 10-15 minutes. Relax. Then go to sleep. This is a scientifically-backed easy tip to fall asleep faster.

    No processed beverages, sugars, caffeine, alcohol, and other items for dinner.

    Healthy food like banana, warm milk with cardamom, black pepper, saffron strands, and turmeric at night induces good sleep faster.

    Read a book at bedtime. You can try journaling to relax entirely. Listen to mild instrumentals, jazzy music. It all helps your brain to slide into a bedtime mode.

    Let your bedroom be cool. Not stuffy. Not hot. And, let it be clean. The clean bedroom supports a relaxed mindset to fall asleep.


    These are 5 scientifically-backed simple and easy tricks to fall asleep faster for you. These easy tips will not give you a hard time adapting. They can make a difference in bringing a quick good night's sleep.

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    15 Best Tips to help you fall asleep faster:

    Sleep is not just ‘sleep.’ Sleep is where your mind and body align in peace. Good sleep is where your body restores and corrects itself from whatever that is going on wrong.

    To achieve good sleep and to fall asleep faster is a

    To help you, we like to share 15 best tips to help you fall asleep faster. These tips are little everyday things that we tend to forget to do.

    Let’s discuss them.

      1. Natural light:

      Allow the natural light in the bedroom at day time. Allow the natural cool air during the night in the bedroom. Keeping it closed and not letting natural air in can make your sleep place an uneasy one.

      Open your windows and let the air in. Let natural air circulate. You can close the windows after some time. This is the easiest among all other 15 best tips to help you fall asleep faster.

      You can feel the difference in temperature dropping down when there is natural air circulating in the bedroom. Cool natural air is a quick sleep inducer.

        2. Clear your mind:

        To clear the mind before bed becomes a Himalayan task for us all right?

        Don’t you worry!

        Here’s an easy tip.

        Instead of lying in bed and worrying about the next day’s tasks, meetings, to-do’s, or unwanted thoughts, take a journal and write it down.

        Dump the thoughts in the notebook. Don’t let the worries take in. Let them out by writing them.

        You will feel relaxed as if a weight is being lifted off. You can easily fall asleep.

        Many successful do this.

          3. Information you are absorbing impacts your sleep:

          Problem clearing your head at night?

          This is another issue you have to resolve if you want to fall asleep faster.

          It comes from your day time habits.

          All the information, pictures, views, and details we absorb from surroundings, TVs, your favorite Netflix shows, a work email, social media feeds, etc. during the day time impacts your sleep.

          All the data keeps your brain engaged, even when you try to fall asleep.

          Bits and pieces of what you watched heard and read keep coming up in mind and keep the brain awake, right?

          That is why; stop gadget use before sleep. Give a break.

            4. Breathing techniques:

            Before you go to bed, relax. Sit and do simple breathing exercises.

            Slowly inhale and exhale your breath. Keep your focus on the breath that comes and goes. This is one way of being in a meditative state.

            It will ease your mind and body. Breathing calms the agitation. You can prep your brain for a sleep mode.

              5. Aromatherapy Diffusers:

              Essential oil diffusers are a good way to set the bedroom for a relaxed, soothing mode. There are different sleep blends from essential oils to use with the diffuser.

              Make sure you buy a diffuser and essential oil blends from reputed and certified brands.

              Try it!

                6. More physical activities.

                Take the stairs if you could. Walk whenever you can. Go get your lunch and coffee by walking to the cafeteria.

                Bits and pieces of physical activities in a day can help you fall asleep faster.

                Instead of ‘sitting,’ to get up and move around as much as possible does the trick.

                  7. Relaxing Music:

                  You can try meditative music, nature sounds, mild instrumentals, jazz; melodies can soothe your mind. A good piece of music is one way to fall asleep faster.

                    8. Try Imagery distraction:

                    Imagine your favorite place. You can imagine a waterfall, rain, sounds of water flow, scenic autumn mornings, etc.

                    The point here is to distract your brain from wandering off into thoughts and worries. Engaging in imagery distraction helps you fall asleep faster compared to those who had general or no instructions.

                      9. Don’t read a Non-Fiction Novel to your Bed:

                      Non-fiction and real-time books can put your brain in a problem-solving, calculating, and thinking mode. The biographies can even make us feel overwhelmed with lots of emotions. This makes our brain to think of many things.

                      But, a fantasy, humor, mystery, or sci-fi novels will ease your brain into an imaginative comfort.

                      Your brain will be in a space where it is bound to have ‘no emotional or worrying thoughts.’ it’s like a happy place.

                      It will help you fall asleep faster.

                        10. Don’t go to bed in an empty, hungry stomach:

                        Wondering how to fall asleep faster at night?

                        Don’t go to bed on an empty stomach.

                        The tossing and turning in the middle of the night, the uneasiness, the growling in the stomach are because of an empty, hungry stomach.

                        Have a glass of milk. Or, you can at least take a fruit or nuts.

                          11. Give Support to your Lower Back:

                          For some people, sleep positions could be the real trouble maker.

                          The tensions in the lower back can put us in an uncomfortable, restless sleep.

                          Try placing a soft, less-thick pillow under your knees. It will support your body. It allows your lower back to adopt its natural curve. You can relax into the mattress easily and fall asleep quickly.

                            12. Nice Bath with Essential Oil Bath Salts:

                            A long day’s wear and tear can make it difficult for the brain to settle and compose itself. It can hinder sleep mode.

                            Here’s an easy solution.

                            Take a warm bath at night with soothing essential oils. The aroma soothes your mind. The warm bath composes your body. You relax instantly. This is a simple yet effective tip to help you fall asleep faster.

                            You can use bath salts, bath soaks, aroma bath kits, bath bubbles, etc. that have soothing essential oils in it.

                            You can try lavender, rosemary, patchouli, sage, chamomile, and other earthy tone essential oils.

                            The earthy aromas are known to induce quick sleep. You can try them.

                            Depending upon the climate, you can choose either hot/cold/Luke warm bath.

                            Warm water, a soothing fragrance from the bath salt, and the overall aroma will settle your brain.

                            Step into comfortable clothes. Hit the bed. In no time, you will fall asleep quicker than you thought.

                              13. Mental Counting:

                              Count from one to a hundred or vice versa.

                              The counting will gradually calm your brain and stops the brain from wandering off with thoughts.

                              Some people have bead strings of count 100, 200, etc. They keep counting the beads as they sleep and soon fall asleep.

                              Mental Counting is a widely used trick to fall asleep easily.

                                14. Documentaries/Audio Files:

                                This idea can seem a little different, but it is worth a try if you ask us.

                                Listen to audio files of lengthy documentaries, historical events, big speeches, forecasts, articles, etc. The monotonous pace, slow and soothing tone will lull you. It will put you to sleep quickly.

                                Remember, don’t keep validating or thinking about the audio data. Just go with the flow and just listen. Don’t gather anything.

                                Of all the other 15 tips to fall asleep faster, this one is a sure shot. You have to give it a try if you have a hard time falling asleep.

                                  15. Do you have any unfinished tasks?

                                  Unfinished tasks can keep you up all night.

                                  If it is within your reach and comfort, try to finish it. If not, you can do something to initiate the task. In this way, your mind will compose itself from worrying about ‘nothing being done’ about the task.

                                  Checking off items from your mental to-do can help you fall asleep easily.


                                  The 15 tips to help you fall asleep faster are easy ones. You will not find it difficult to put in your daily life.

                                  Don’t take your sleep time for granted.

                                  Sleep is key to resolve all the issues going on with our body and mind.

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                                  THESE ARE 8 WAYS TO FALL FAST ASLEEP

                                  Insomnia is one of the most serious copies of chronic ailments. During the past few years, this disorder has been observed to rise rapidly. Many drugs claim for a solution. Well, it may provide temporary results, but none provides a permanent solution. Insomnia is a consequence that shows up when something in your system is wrong. Issues like high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure give rise to such disorders.

                                  Keeping everything in account, we shall provide 8 ways on how to fall asleep.

                                  1. REGULATE YOUR ROOM TEMPERATURE

                                  Not all of us are tolerant of heat. Many elderly people and even youngsters can't sleep in a hot environment. When it comes to taking a nap, you can't even think about that. Therefore, you must regulate the room temperature before you sleep.

                                  Well, you may not afford an air conditioner, but there are hacks that you can use. Before going to bed, wash the floor with a wet cloth. Keeping in rubbing by pouring more water, and open the ventilators. The heat will get evaporated in no time. So, want to know how to fall asleep fast? Just regulate your room temperature.

                                  2. WASH YOUR FEET BEFORE SLEEPING

                                  If you want a deep sleep, wash your feet before sleeping. Your feet bear your weight all day long. Besides, it is solely responsible for your locomotion. Therefore, keeping your feet in good condition is your responsibility. When the resting hours arrive, try to cool your feet. Wash them with a mild soap before going to bed.

                                  We recommend you to use an exfoliating scrub if possible. On laying down, you'll feel refreshed as ever. So, how to fall asleep faster? Wash your feet before sleeping.

                                  3. PRACTICE YOGA REGULARLY

                                  One of the most probable reasons behind your sleeplessness is low physical activity and lethargy. You may not be aware, but lethargy might invite depression and anxiety. So, to resolve such issues, yoga remains in ideal practice. There are several exercises in yogic science to improve your physical activities. The most important are the early morning stretches. Spend 15 minutes of your valuable time, and practice it daily.

                                  You'll be benefited by an oxygen upsurge that will help you to sleep faster. So, how to fall asleep fast? Make a schedule and abide by any means.

                                  4. WALK AND RUN

                                  Try to attain a habit of walking and running daily. Our body is designed for locomotion, not to remain idle for long. Therefore, don't just sit idle, do something exhilarating. Take a walk to the nearby park or the beach. Start your trip by walking slowly with short steps. After some time, increase your speed by taking longer and faster steps.

                                  We don't recommend you to run from the beginning, as it will lead to muscle cramps. Also, remember to exhale as you catch up speed. Do this, and you feel tired easily. It is one of the ways to fall asleep.

                                  5. PRACTICE MEDITATION REGULARLY

                                  Mediation is the solution to every problem. Our perception of life is in our minds. Therefore, to bring calmness, we need to practice mindfulness. In that case, mediation is the most effective way. It transcends your perception more dynamically. Sit in a cross-legged posture, and turn your chin upwards by closing your eyes.

                                  On doing this, you'll have a natural focus between your eyebrows, which is very important. Now take deep breaths, and concentrate on it. Notice the nature of your breath with utmost observation. Mediation is an ultimate guide on how to fall asleep fast.

                                  6. DON'T SLEEP DURING THE DAY

                                  Don't sleep during the day. Sleepiness is a consequence when feel tired. Being a necessity, don't fulfill it too early. Night sleeps are more important than a day's sleep. Taking naps in the daytime can delay your night's sleep. So, you'll be waking up for a long time. The next day, you'll feel an incomplete night's sleep. Eventually, this becomes a habit, forming in circles. Sleep is just like hunger.

                                  If you do heavy work, hunger and sleep are mere consequences. If you fulfill them early, it won't be any use in time. So, not sleeping during the day is one of the ways to fall asleep at night.

                                  7. MAINTAIN THE HABIT OF READING

                                  Have you wondered why reading makes you sleep? Well, reading triggers the sleep hormone. An engaging story can make you fall you to fall asleep fast in no time. But, you must have the proper selection of books to acquire the benefits of reading. Without proper selection, things won't work the way you wish.

                                  For instance, a moral story will make ease of your sleep. But, if you read a horror one, you'll be up all night. And even if you sleep, there will be horrific nightmares that will haunt and wake you up. Once you are awake, it might be difficult for you to regain sleep. So, if you want to know how to fall asleep fast, practice reading.

                                  8. MAINTAIN YOUR SLEEPING POSTURE

                                  Want tips on how to fall asleep faster? Well, maybe you should adjust your sleeping posture. An improper posture can lead to incomplete sleep. You might face issues like neck strain, body pain, and other uncomfortable issues. Therefore, we recommend you to always sleep straight. Face towards the ceiling, and add a gap between your legs. Relax and keep your hands on the bed at your sides.

                                  On doing this, you'll fall asleep faster than you could even imagine. Besides, your spine will remain erect without any uncomfortable issues. This sleeping posture is recommended by many doctors and therapists. So, make it a habit of sleeping straight.


                                  Sleep is a consequence. If you want to sleep, you must not think about sleep. Taking care of several factors will make you sleepy. Lack of proper sleep may invite anxiety, depression, and even hallucinations. Thinking consumes calories too. So, it becomes a necessity to provide rest to yourself. On taking care of these 8 factors, you'll know how to fall asleep fast. For better results, maintain it a habit.

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                                  7 Best Guidelines to follow to fall asleep faster!

                                  So get this. An Irish proverb says, 'A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.' Not just it. Even the Dalai Lama says, 'Sleep is the best meditation.'

                                  We couldn't agree more, right?

                                  We know how important sleep is. But, what we do is, we take everything for granted. We do everything off-sync with our natural mind-body. And, finally, we worry about why we could not sleep faster.

                                  To fall asleep faster, you have to make little lifestyle adjustments and routines. That's enough.

                                  To assist you in getting quality sleep, we like to share 7 best guidelines for you to follow to fall asleep faster.

                                    1. Foods for Boosting your Serotonin and Melatonin Levels:

                                    Serotonin and melatonin occur naturally in our bodies. They act as messengers to our brains. They calm down our mood. Makes us relax and prep us for sleep.

                                    Consumption of foods rich serotonin and melatonin aid in promoting sleep as well as make you fall asleep faster.

                                    Apart from foods, there are other lifestyle routines you can follow. Taking a morning walk, getting early morning sunlight, a positive mindset upon waking and going to sleep, maintaining clean gut from healthy foods are few. These healthy routines naturally enhance the production of serotonin levels in our bodies.

                                    Bananas, warm milk, pineapple, plums, seasonal berries, eggs, grapes, nuts, turmeric, etc. are foods rich in serotonin.

                                    Nuts like almond and walnut have melatonin in them, which regulates your sleep cycle. Consuming these quality nuts will increase melatonin in the bloodstream. It aids you to fall asleep faster.

                                    Foods that produce amino acid tryptophan like quality cottage cheese is also good. The tryptophan is said to enhance serotonin levels in the body.

                                    You can take soothing teas like chamomile, mint, peppermint, ginger, turmeric, etc. They can help you get into a calming state to fall asleep faster.

                                      2. Medications impacts Sleep:

                                      You probably have known this by now. Some medications will make you drowsy instantly, while some can make you all pumped up.

                                      Especially, vitamin D, calcium, and other health supplements may affect your sleep cycle considerably. Or, if you are taking any other medications at night time, they could impact the sleep cycle too.

                                      If you want to fall asleep faster, avoid taking your medications too close to your sleep time.

                                      Take your night medicines at half or one hour before hitting the bed.

                                      Take your medications at the correct time prescribed by the doctor.

                                        3. Healthy Food Choices:

                                        According to Ana Krieger MD, Medical Director of the Center of Sleep Medicine, NY, "Eating healthy food means your body absorbs the essential nutrients needed for its function. These nutrients are responsible for providing a chemical environment in the brain to produce the neurotransmitters responsible for aiding adequate sleep".

                                        Falling asleep faster can become easy if you change your food habits. Make healthy alternatives.

                                          4. Don't Exercise Before Bedtime:

                                          When do you Work out?

                                          Is your answer 'I don't have time, so I do it in the night'?

                                          If so, then you might want to reconsider the fact.

                                          Exercises and physical activities will jack you up. They will pump up your body with energy, refreshment, a sense of alertness, resilience, and stamina you need for the whole day.

                                          But when you do it in the night, falling asleep quicker becomes difficult. Physical exercises and even mild workouts will put your body in an alert state. You can't slip into a relaxed state both physically and mentally.

                                          What's the solution here?

                                          Finish all your workouts or any other exercises three hours before your bedtime.

                                          You need to give a gap between the three things here.

                                          After your exercises, you have to settle your body. Relax. You can take a nice shower. Then, you can take a light dinner. Let it all settle. Relax. And, when you hit the bed, you will fall asleep quicker in no time.

                                            5. Have Regular Sleep-Wake schedule:

                                            It sounds cliché, but there's a wonderful truth in it.

                                            Our body's circadian rhythm becomes regulated when you sleep and wake up the same time every day. The best is, hit your bed by 11 and wake up by 6 or before.

                                            Your body adjusts itself for a proper sleep cycle.

                                            You will find it easy to fall asleep sooner at that fixed time. Also, you don't need an alarm clock in the morning. The body's biological clock wakes you up automatically at the same time in the morning.

                                            This is the best everyday routine that will make you fall asleep quicker.

                                            Remember, don't compromise the regular sleep-wake time for anything.

                                              6. Respect the Sleep Space you have:

                                              Your bedroom is the place where you get to end your day and start your day. How you care for it is important.

                                              Keeping the sleep space clean, airy, comfortable, and respectable is a key to relaxing and falling asleep faster sleep.

                                              Its true guys!

                                              Imagine your mindset when you see a messed up bed?

                                              And, what happens to your mind when you see a clean, comfortable bed? We become ease and straightway get into sleep mode, right?

                                              But What we do instead?

                                              We eat. We play. We do our work, and we do everything sitting in the bed. This goes for all of us, right?

                                              We have to change the habit.

                                              Respecting the sleep-space and making it a distress-free zone is important to get a nice good night's sleep in no time. This is another best guideline you need to follow to fall asleep faster.

                                              Try to maintain a respectable sleep space free from the hustle and bustle of our daily day.

                                                7. Digital Detox Before Bedtime:

                                                Science is coming strong with more and more evidence on how blue lights and digital gadgets are robbing our sleep.

                                                Do you know what happens when you check your social media before going to bed?

                                                Your brain becomes alert. The constant need to check the phone to see notifications, likes, shares, and messages in the day time continues in the night time too, by checking your phone.

                                                This 'need to see' and 'need to know' habit stimulates your brain to look for new things. In turn, your brain ignores the 'sleep' signal and picks up the 'stimulating signal.'

                                                A lot of things happen in your brain without your knowledge when you use digital gadgets at night.

                                                The best way to fall asleep faster is to get rid of digital gadgets an hour before bedtime.


                                                We hope you can understand what we are trying to say through our 7 best guidelines to fall asleep faster.

                                                Our Lifestyle is the significant key we need to take care of to get a good night's sleep. And to fall asleep faster. The next thing is our mindset.

                                                Healthier lifestyle and a positive mindset are the recipes to fall asleep faster. Keep this in your thoughts!

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